RFK Jr. Goes to Legal War With Google
By Ben Bartee - August 16, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

2024 presidential candidate RFK Jr. – arguably the most censored man in American history, even surpassing Trump by my reckoning – has launched a lawsuit against Google for working to censor him in a capacity as a “state actor” in collusion with the Brandon regime and the intelligence community.

Per RFK Jr’s campaign site, “[the presidential candidate] alleges that Google worked with the federal government to develop and enforce ‘misinformation’ policies to censor the government’s political opponents, including Kennedy, who is running against President Biden in the Democratic primary. Such actions violate the First Amendment when, as here, they result from a public-private partnership that relies on government sources.”

And therein lies the crux: the constant refrain from the corporate state is that when an entity such as Google suppresses speech, it is not a violation of First Amendment protections because Google is ostensibly a private sector actor, and the Constitution only constrains government censorship per se.

Via Independent (UK):

Robert F Kennedy has claimed* his anti-vaxx interviews are being censored by YouTube and Google in a new lawsuit which accuses the big tech behemoths of being ‘state actors’.

The presidential candidate filed a 27-page complaint in California on Wednesday alleging the sites had caved to pressure to “silence” him by the federal government and his Democratic primary rival President Joe Biden.”

*Note the intentional use of the term “claimed,” used here in order to establish doubt at the outset about the veracity of Kennedy’s claims, which are readily verifiable were The Independent interested in doing actual journalism rather than obfuscation on behalf of the technocracy.


“Mr Kennedy’s lawyers alleged in the court filing that his misinformation about Covid vaccines was being censored through “overt and covert” means.

‘Under these circumstances, YouTube is a state actor and it violated Mr Kennedy’s First Amendment rights by engaging in viewpoint discrimination,’ [the suit states].”

In the modern era, there is no longer any meaningful distinction between the multinational corporations that run the US government – in concert with multinational organizations such as the WEF and “nonprofit” multinational NGOs – and the government itself. For all intents and purposes, they are one and the same – the textbook definition, incidentally, of fascism, per Benito Mussolini. Google is the government, and the government is Google, no matter what the diverse White House Press Secretary or Ayn Rand fans say to the contrary.

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