Taking Aim at Iran
By Staff News & Analysis - June 02, 2010

The violent interception of the flotilla of ships seeking to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza … blew off the front pages reports of Iranian efforts to preempt new demonstrations on the anniversary of last year's disputed presidential elections. The New York Times' Nazila Fathi, quoting Iranian Web sites, writes that authorities have arrested high-profile detainees let out on leave for the Persian New Year. Iran has also ordered at least two million members of the paramilitary Basij into Tehran. The Basijis are to arrive in time to lock down the capital before the twenty-first anniversary of the death of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. In the past, Iranian reformers have used regime holidays to stage massive protests. However, the regime succeeded in preventing demonstrations February 11—the anniversary of culmination of the Islamic Revolution—by deploying security forces throughout Tehran. Khomeini's successor, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (left), is scheduled to address Friday prayers in Tehran on June 4 for the first time since millions of Iranians demonstrated against the purported reelection of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last year. One doesn't have to be an Iran expert to predict that Khamenei will spend considerable time attacking Israel and its patron, the United States. Already, Iranian officials such as Ahmadinejad are accusing Israel of "inhuman" behavior. Supporters of Israel have to wonder once again why their leaders have inadvertently given new ammunition to Israel's most implacable foes.- National Interest OnLine

Dominant Social Theme: The Israelis – who rule the world – have shown their true nature once again.

Free-Market Analysis: A recent article of ours about "evil Jews" caused a bit of a stir. We were roasted for referring to Jews as evil (even ironically) and we were also basted on the other side by those who were upset that we didn't come right out and admit that Israel generally and the Mossad in particular were responsible for all of the world's calamities. Because our perspective is controversial and not generally discussed we will review it again in this article – in light of this latest sociopolitical and military confrontation. Let us, first of all, present our point of view as succinctly as possible:

• Jews are victims of the power elite. They have been for many, many years.

• The Jewish state was set up (among other reasons) to cause a maximum amount of toil and trouble.

• It is doing its job, just as the elite intended.

That reminds us … we also came in for flack about the power elite. Since we didn't mention the Rothschilds in particular in our article about evil Jews, we were essentially accused of covering up the Jewish nature of the power elite. (Either that or the imputation was that we didn't know about the Rothschild intergenerational banking empire.) While the power elite itself is certainly not only, or entirely, Jewish, there can be little doubt that Israel is a creation that has received a good deal of Rothschild support. The Rothschilds were instrumental in its founding and apparently paid for the Knesset and Israel's strange Supreme Court building.

It is also helpful from a power elite perspective to have a Jewish state as a distraction from the real functionality of the system. As long as people believe that "Jews" are behind the world's ills, the mechanism of elite control is obscured. Additionally, when it is examined, it may be scrutinized, as we have pointed out, through a racial prism that devalues the analysis for many who might otherwise be more receptive.

But let us continue with a logical examination of Israel – one that is especially timely given this latest difficulty regarding Gaza. The Rothschild banking empire, along with the other major banking families of Europe, has (at least in the past) profited immensely from war. It is therefore likely to the advantage of the power elite – which certainly includes the Rothschilds – to have readymade military triggers. Israel, embedded in the Middle East like the pin of a hand-grenade, is surely one of them.

Certainly, the Jewish state has served as an irritant in our view, one that has caused much trouble in the Middle East and has provided an ongoing, unforunate Causus belli – cause of war. In fact, if looked at from that perspective (one of the power elite's), the creation of Israel has been a success. It has been the proximate cause of endless wrangling, ongoing moral and military atrocities and a number of regional military conflicts.

High on the list these days, in fact, is a threatened war with Iran – possibly nuclear. We firmly believe that the Bush administration had this war in mind – along with the Israeli elite military-industrial brain-trust. It was only Bush's miserable lack of popularity (and certain courageous Pentagon generals) that stopped yet another war from coming into being in the last days of the administration.

There are other reasons why the power elite needs war – and creates eventual causes of war. The economic structure inflicted on the Western world by the power elite is inherently unstable and degrades over time. During a period of maximum troubles, when economic chaos looms, war may be a necessary prophylactic, turning attention away from the system's terrible failings and focusing long-suffering citizens on outside enemies – the Other – that must be dealt with.

Of course from the point of view of Bell readers, including our Jewish readers, the above statements will probably cause another inflow of vituperation. But we are convinced of the credibility of our analysis. The world would be immeasurably better off if Jews had simply moved back into the Middle East without trying to create a Jewish theocracy in the middle of many Muslim states. There are in fact plenty of Jews who feel as we do – that the erection of Israel places emphasis on land and race rather than on religious spirituality.

Has Israel made Jews safer throughout the world? Israel seems to be a focal point of increased opprobrium. Most Jewish people may not see it that way, of course. They believe what the elite wants them to believe – that the creation of Israel is a great triumph. But just go on the Internet.

Increasingly, Jews are blamed for every earthly woe and economic and sociopolitical disaster. The Mossad itself, surely no more competent than any other state run security/intel operation – is blamed for a broad gamut of nefarious activities. The state of Israel is regularly said in the United States to have a chokehold over both Congress and the presidency. Many otherwise sophisticated and worldly people will declare without hesitation that Israel runs the world – that it is the de facto controller of the Anglo-American empire and the decider of its fate. In fact, this view must inevitably hold that there is no Anglo-American power elite (not even one that existed – certainly with "Jewish" elements – long before Israel).

We have a good deal of trouble with this argument, obviously. An Anglo-American power elite DID exist before the creation of Israel. It exists today. We don't believe that Israel alone runs the Western world anymore than we believe Goldman Sachs is the secret ruler of the American government. As we pointed out in a previous article about Goldman Sachs, the control of that firm regularly shifts – not every decade but every few years. Thus, operational responsibility for ruling the world cannot reside within Goldman, unless each CEO is, serially, the Anointed One. On the other hand, it is certainly possible that operational control resides OUTSIDE Goldman Sachs. And we would argue the same holds true of Israel.

Thus we can now answer the question posed in the article excerpt at the top of this analysis: "Supporters of Israel have to wonder once again why their leaders have inadvertently given new ammunition to Israel's most implacable foes." We DON'T have to wonder. Israel has given ammunition to its foes because that is what it is set up to do. The power elite has once again used the Jewish people, at least in part, as an aggregate pawn for its own militaristic and wealth-gathering purposes.

After Thoughts

Again war looms in the Middle East. Israeli military planners are worried that Turkey will escalate tensions regarding Gaza. Middle Eastern powers are generally up-in-arms over the way that Israel has behaved. Israelis believe that they are clearly in the right to protect themselves and their tiny country. And over all of this looms the specter of nuclear war with Iran – a war that travels closer fitfully with every imposition of further sanctions. It is ironic, from our perspective that the West decries the Gaza blockade while placing a chokehold on Iran that is far more dangerous and could result in a truly global crisis. But, again, we are not surprised. The elite's house of cards is tumbling down. A really good war may furnish an apt distraction.

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