Techno-Cows Bioengineered to Squirt Insulin From Teets
By Ben Bartee - May 22, 2024

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Techno-cows bioengineered to squirt insulin-laced milk from teets

The dairy techno-cows of the future will emit pharmaceutical-grade insulin from their udders in a remarkable achievement for The Science™.

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Via HealthDay News (emphasis added):

“There may be an unexpected fix for ongoing shortages of insulin: A brown bovine in Brazil recently made history as the first transgenic cow able to produce human insulin in her milk.

Mother Nature designed the mammary gland as a factory to make protein* really, really efficiently,’ explained study leader Matt Wheeler, a professor of animal sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. ‘We can take advantage of that system to produce a protein that can help hundreds of millions of people worldwide.’

His team, which included scientists from the University of São Paolo, described how they developed the insulin-making cow in a report published March 12 in Biotechnology Journal.”

*This is exactly how technocrats view all lifeforms, including humans: as “factories” to produce biologics for some pharmaceutical or industrial purpose — at least until AI figures out how to achieve the same production capacity without them. Then they become utterly useless.

The Public Health™ authorities, of course, could simply advise the serfs on their techno-fiefdom to not consume 500 grams of refined carbohydrates per day to solve the diabetes epidemic, but where’s the profit in that? Where’s the fun? Where’s the gleeful, satanic destruction of the planet’s genome in that?

Via Biotechnology Journal (emphasis added):

Using transgenic animals as bioreactors to produce proteins of pharmaceutical interest has been proposed as an efficient alternative to increase protein production while decreasing costs. The mammary gland is a tissue where posttranslational modifications are possible for large-scale recombinant protein production. The first step in this process is to produce transgenic animals containing a transgene that drives recombinant protein expression in a tissue-specific manner in the mammary gland. The vector constructed in this study was evaluated for gene expression of hINS by induction of transduced and nontransduced MAC-T cells cultured on polystyrene using lactogenic hormones. Mammary epithelial cells have been used as a model for mammary gland function studies and can produce milk proteins…

The combination of gene transfer mediated by lentivirus and SCNT methodologies used in this work successfully generated a transgenic calf that contains the gene to produce human proinsulin in milk.”

Economy-shattering AI replacement of human jobs to usher in the dystopia

Via RTE (emphasis added):

“Minister for Finance Michael McGrath has said a study by his department has concluded that up to one-third of jobs in Ireland could be at risk in the future from artificial intelligence.

He was speaking at the inaugural Global Economic Summit, taking place in Killarney, Co Kerry.

Mr McGrath said the Department of Finance and the Department of Enterprise are currently finalising joint papers on the impact of artificial intelligence on the economy and on the labour market.

He said those studies estimate that AI will affect around two thirds of employment in Ireland.

In some cases, the effect will be positive, but in other cases, jobs will be at risk.”

Many skeptics of these kinds of stories/predictions will point to the Industrial Revolution as an analogous economic paradigm shift — as millions were pushed off of farms into factories to fuel the industrialization of the modern world — as evidence whatever is coming won’t be so bad, as humanity is still here, and in fact it furnished an increased standard of living worldwide.

First of all, the Industrial Revolution totally disrupted the global society and economy, ushering in the genocidal regimes and world wars and child sweatshop labor that characterized the first half of the last century; it’s a miracle humanity skirted annihilation via nuclear holocaust. It was not a benign, painless process.

But the real point is that the coming AI revolution — what some might also call the Post-Industrial Revolution — will be nothing like the 19th and 20th centuries for a variety of reasons, not least of which that AI, unlike a Model T factory, possesses the capacity to think, if not in the sense of being sentient (although that’s a possibility) then at least in the sense of processing information more quickly and more accurately than the human mind is capable of. The Model T factory still needed workers to man the machines and oversee production; in the AI techno-fiefdom, humans will be extraneous. The technocrats designing this future call cut to the chase and call them “useless eaters.”

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“’It is the case that up to one third of employment could be at risk from the deployment of AI, but it doesn’t mean that those jobs will be lost,’ Minister McGrath said.

‘They may well change and there will also be other jobs created by the enormous positive potential of AI.

‘Some roles will change, some roles will disappear in the future because we are now going beyond technological automation. We are into the space of cognitive ability being presented by AI and that will change the way that we work into the future.’”

Meanwhile, in glorious China…

“China is going from door-to-door to install QR codes on citizens’ homes. So everyone can instantly check the homeowners’ social credit score by scanning this QR code.”

…To be followed by external locks installed on the doors to shutter the non-compliant peasants inside until they have accrued sufficient Mao Points for good deeds like hacking a U.S. nuclear plant or pledging their kidneys to the state.

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