The Four Stages to Create a Self-Sufficient Free Community
By Joe Jarvis - September 30, 2022

I want to create a free community that can one day declare sovereignty.

But to do that, I know I need to start small, and build in stages:

  1. The Academy: Bring together young folks who want to learn some skills from experienced mentors to build a self-sufficient property– food, energy, and housing.
    • Once the infrastructure is in place, expand to bring more students and mentors together to teach a wider range of marketable skills, focused on growing the parallel economy. That means separating ourselves from reliance on current governments, corporations, and supply chains.
    • Create media to show what we are doing. This will be the revenue stream– not charging the students. In fact, they will earn their room and board by working on the property.
  2. The Village: Expand to welcome digital nomads and remote workers who want to live on campus, and participate in building parallel economy businesses.
    • In this stage, revenue is made from rent charged for housing in an amazing communities with great amenities.
    • Another revenue stream will be to sell memberships to people who want access to the facilities, to book vacations to stay on the property, to network with other members, look for investments, or spend time there before deciding to move.
  3. The Special Economic Zone: Hold a contest to have jurisdictions, and the people living there, compete for our business. We will choose a destination willing to set up special political, regulatory, and tax benefits for our members, which can also benefit the local community involved in the project.
    • At this stage, membership becomes even more valuable. And the media we create becomes even more interesting.
  4. Sovereignty: Here we will build on the strong foundation we have created through a decade of building self-sufficient freedom-oriented communities and businesses in the parallel economy. We will come to the negotiating table as equals with a government who wants to sell us sovereignty. By this time, the world will look quite different, and governments will be ready to offer these concessions for a price (see another video I mention below).

Does this raise more questions than it answers?

Check out the 40-minute video on my Locals page (like Patreon, but against censorship), The Step By Step Plan From Community to Country, where I dive into much more detail about each of these stages, and how it will all work.

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You’ll be able to watch this exclusive video: The Step By Step Plan From Community to Country, as well as two other exclusive videos:

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