These 3 Censored News Stories Were True All Along
By Joe Jarvis - March 27, 2022

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Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was True All Along

In the months before the 2020 presidential election, The New York Post broke a story about a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden containing evidence of corruption.

In response, most media outlets ran headlines like this one from Huffington Post: “More Than 50 Former Intel Officials Say Hunter Biden Smear Smells Like Russia.”

Twitter suspended the New York Post’s account for two weeks for spreading misinformation. It also blocked any user from sharing the Post’s articles about the laptop.

Facebook announced it would use its algorithm to bury the story.

At the time, The New York Times wrote, “The laptop prompted concerns about Russian disinformation because the intelligence community has warned for months about Russian attempts to influence the election, including by spreading disinformation about the Biden family.”

But last week the New York Times quietly admitted the laptop was authentic, and had absolutely nothing to do with Russia, or any attempts to sway the 2020 election.

In fact, what likely swayed the 2020 election was the extreme media bias in burying the story, or reporting the false narrative about Russian disinformation.

Because what the laptop truly revealed were corrupt business dealings involving Ukrainian companies which rewarded Hunter Biden with a board seat and equity for access to his father, then Vice President.

To correct the record, the New York Times ran the boring lackluster headline: “Hunter Biden Paid Tax Bill, but Broad Federal Investigation Continues.”

But 24 paragraphs into the story, it admits it had authenticated the emails used for the story which had come from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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