These Socialist Memes Actually Have a Shred of Truth
By Joe Jarvis - October 23, 2022

The problem: an ounce of truth in certain socialist memes makes some people believe the whole idea.

One asks:

The socialist point: Everything is luck– your connections, your skills, your whole life situation.

The shred of truth: We all use “social structures” to attain a higher standard of living…

Reality check: Social structures don’t have to be created or maintained by governments. A rich society offers the best social structures for upward social mobility. Centralization and socialism (and government intervention in general) impoverishes societies.


The socialist point: The rich should pay more taxes, and be happy about it.

The shred of truth: The rich in ancient Athens did spend their own money on public works projects and infrastructure…

Reality check: They weren’t FORCED to, and when they did, they maintained control over the project, and were HONORED for it…

Today it doesn’t matter how much the rich contribute to society. The socialists will still call them evil.

This could be the way society functions… but it’s a two way street.

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