This could be a better investment than college. And you own the dorm…
By Kevin Bloom - September 27, 2019

If you read the first piece in this duo, “Neighbors Suck? Try These Ones Instead!” then you’ll be up to speed on the Fort Galt project, located on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean not far from Valdivia, Chile.

One of the founders, Gabriel Scheare, has designed his own combination of start-up incubator, business co-working sphere, and digital nomad housing–all in a compact and low priced option.

Called “The Shrugout”, it contains two buildings. The “Creation Dome”, pictured above, and “The Dormitory”. Both are pictured here:

The Dormitory, to the left, has a partially enclosed and partially open garden. Although you can’t see it in this drawing, it also has a rainwater collection setup. There are 14 individual units on the outside of the Dormitory, while inside is the plumbing and electrical system, plus laundry facilities, storage, and the big staircase that goes to the rooftop garden.

Both The Dormitory and The Creation Dome will be built on a residential lot at Fort Galt. Scheare plans to begin construction before the end of this year. The units look like this:

The “Creation Dome” is intended as a workspace, with movable desks, an auditorium, and also a cafe–which can also serve as the kitchen for the individual modules. Meals will be available at cost to members. The Shrugout as a whole is intended to be a business camp, startup incubator, and company retreat. Sounded pretty already, but then I read the following from the website:

Our residential building includes fourteen living modules, each of which are connected to memberships that entitle their holders to 1/14th of all income derived from the rental of living quarters and workspace for camps, retreats, and special events. Memberships are transferable so that their holders can sell, trade, give, or will them away as they please. Members are also entitled to participate in board meetings and may advertise their business through the Shrugout website and other communications channels.

That sounds even better! The purpose of using transferable memberships is a very innovative way of saving money on real estate transfer fees, and also a big timesaver in Chile where the Notarias take a long time and more money.

Scheare is also planning, through the business camp, to help members draw up online business plans, and create new projects. If you’re into creating workshops, seminars, and/or corporate retreats, this might be a great opportunity for you. Overall, it sounds like very much a group effort. You could live and work in a community that’s very much oriented toward individual and financial freedom.

There are 3D walkthroughs of the units available, you will need Sketch (a free download) to open a couple of the files. Others you can see without the software. You can get the Google docs address by contacting Gabriel Scheare, and you can get his contact info from the web page, Shrugout.

Pricing on the first seven modules is graduated to encourage early sales, the first three have been sold. There is a USD 1000 discount for using Bitcoin, and payment plans are offered. The last seven modules are planned to sell at USD 30,000.

Note: the first article about Fort Galt identified Cristobal Tornero as one of the founders. In fact, he was the architect.

Please go read the first article if you haven’t already!

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