Too Bad: Trump Backs Down on Public Accusations of Judicial Bias
By Daily Bell Staff - June 09, 2016

Under fire from Republicans, Trump says he’ll stop talking about judge … Bowing to pressure from fellow Republicans, Donald Trump said on Tuesday he would no longer talk about a Mexican-American judge after U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan denounced the presidential candidate’s criticism of the jurist as textbook racism. -Reuters

Trump’s recent decision not to pursue his charges of bias against the judge presiding over his fraud case is in line with our predictions regarding his candidacy.

We believe that at the largest level, the Trump candidacy is being manipulated to bring the North American Union back into play.

We predicted, for instance, that Trump’s anti-Mexican rhetoric would give way to various compromises that would tend to move a potential union forward.

You can see our more recent article HERE.

And now, on this particular issue, this is just what’s happened. Trump made some fairly specific charges about the judge presiding over his fraud case, U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

While he has not necessarily recanted those statements –  specifically that the judge was biased because he was Mexican and Trump wants to build a wall separating Mexico from the US – Trump is not going to publicly pursue the matter.

Apparently, Trump’s new position has been generated  by intense public criticism from Republican officials who branded his remarks as racist.


With greater scrutiny of Trump now that he is set to formally win the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s July convention in Cleveland, there are concerns about the party’s ability to maintain control of the House of Representatives and Senate.

“Trump’s continuing missteps, punctuated by his outrageous and indefensible comments about Judge Curiel, make that goal much more difficult to achieve,” said Lanhee Chen, a senior adviser to former presidential candidate Marco Rubio and a senior fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution.

Trump’s sudden lower-key approach was evident in a recent speech he gave to supporters at the golf club he owns in suburban New York.

Breaking with his usual practice of speaking off the cuff, Trump read from a teleprompter and left without taking questions from reporters.

In fact, Trump’s remarks were not racist. “Mexican” is a nationality not a race. Even “Hispanic” is not a race but a disparate culture.

Trump’s larger point was a fair one.  The law firm bringing the action against Trump has donated some $700,000 to Hillary Clinton and is on record as wanting the fraud trial to proceed in November – in the middle of the political season.

Additionally, the judge presiding over the case belongs to the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, that claims to represent Hispanics including illegal aliens.

Trump has been accused of confusing the Lawyer’s Association with a more radical “La Raza” group. But in fact, there do seem to be some informal associations between the two groups.

Here, from the New American:

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over a class-action suit against Trump University, has long been associated with the San Diego La Raza Lawyers’ Association [which is a member of] the La Raza Lawyers of California.

Though the California organization is not officially affiliated with National Council of La Raza (NCLR), which has a long history of radicalism and which has organized protests at Trump rallies, an indication that the California group does regard NCLR favorably is indicated by the fact that it has a link to NCLR on its webpage.

The NCLR is a truly radical group that wants to carve out a large chunk of the Western US including California to either build an independent state or to expand Mexico itself.

Meanwhile, the lawyers’ association has given out academic scholarships to youngsters who are evidently “illegal” – not living in the US with the requisite documents.

The  judge is also a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association, which has issued a public call to boycott businesses with which Trump is affiliated.

Curiel is a Democratic appointed of the Obama administration  that is very obviously anti-Trump and pro-Hillary. And he has already acted in ways that seem biased against Trump.

For instance, a leading plaintiff, Tarla Makaeff, attended Trump U ’s three-day “Fast Track to Foreclosure Workshop” in 2008, and even recorded a video praising the Trump program.

When the law firm found out, they appealed to the judge to remove Makaeff from the case. The judge granted the request but instead of throwing out the case, he allowed it to continue.

To summarize, the judge is a Democratic member of a group that gives out scholarships to Hispanic illegal aliens.  He is also a member of an association that has called for a boycott of Trump businesses.

And he has already made questionable decisions regarding the case that have disadvantaged Trump.

Trump seems right about the judge’s biases. In fact, Trump could have gone a lot farther.

The US judicial system, both civilly and criminally, is intensely corrupt.

Prisoners, for instance, are considered slaves and treated as such. US incarceration includes 25 percent of all prisoners in the world.

The civil branch of American justice is very simply a racket for lawyers.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to have an honest discussion about what’s going on in the US because those who participate in the discussion are politicians. Politicians are afraid of offending constituencies that might then vote against them.

One of Trump’s refreshing qualities was that he didn’t seem frightened about speaking plainly.

If he becomes too cautious, he may reduce the attractiveness of his candidacy.

Conclusion: Trump’s self-censorship is in line with our larger perception. As stated, we believe that the polarization that Trump is creating between Mexico and the US is going to give way to “compromise” that will actually advance a union between the two countries. Time will tell.

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