Will AI Free or Enslave Humanity?
By Joe Jarvis - March 21, 2023

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Joined by The Daily Bell writer Ben Bartee and corporate security expert Nicholas Creed, we discuss AI and transhumanism.

I take the role of the Devil’s advocate to figure out if Artificial Intelligence is really more likely to usher in a dystopian hell than hand the tools of independence to individuals.

00:00 The Problems with AI
13:52 Is there a solution?
23:41 AI replacing human labor
30:49 Is AI generative? Standing on the shoulders of giants
35:00 Transhumanism– humans merging with machines
40:59 Is the tool the problem, or those who misuse it?
44:35 Most powerful weapon we have is story, narrative
52:57 Biden Executive Order to institutionalize Transhumanism

Short Clips from the Video:

Learn more about how I’m fighting back:

Ben Bartee on Transhumanism

Nicholas Creed on AI’s nefarious uses

Links we Mentioned:

The Science Delusion by Rupert Sheldrake

What is Man by Mark Twain

Brave New World by Alduous Huxley

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Biden Uses Executive Order To Institutionalize Eugenics, 

OnlyFans Creators Asked What They’re Thinking About AI-Generated Porn

Fed Announces Launch Of ‘FedNow’ Real-Time Payment System, Sparking Debate 

Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda 

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