Yemen the Key to Middle East Uprisings?
By Staff News & Analysis - June 01, 2011

Foreign Office urges Britons to leave Yemen while they can … Anyone with British relatives or friends in strife-torn Yemen is being urged to contact them and plead with them to get out of the country while they still can. The emotional warning issued by the Foreign Office yesterday is another sign that the credit that Yemen's long serving President has in Whitehall has run out. – UK Independent

Dominant Social Theme: Who cares about Yemen anyway. It's poor and it's hot and it has no oil.

Free-Market Analysis: We have written about numerous countries in the Middle East and Africa that are now enmeshed in social unrest and regime changes. Yemen is one such country, and it may provide us with clues to the most puzzling aspect of what is going on, which is what the Anglosphere power elite is trying to do. Here is one such article you may want to peruse before reading the rest of this one: Yemen Crisis to Block World's Oil?

Yemen's destabilization, as we wrote previously, can lead to problems with shipping of oil through the narrow reaches of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden and thus much higher prices. It could also lead to the destabilization of Saudi Arabia (as it sits directly below Saudi Arabia) and this in turn, may destabilize the dollar-reserve currency.

Yet the Anglosphere elites are apparently willing to tolerate continue unrest in Yemen. They could likely remove President Ali Abdullah Saleh with a word, but they haven't done it yet. They are waiting because Saleh was to be a Western point man in a renewed effort on the war on terror and it is likely they don't have anyone to replace him.

Of course, we are fairly skeptical about both al-Qaeda and the "war on terror" itself. We think to some degree it's a phony war, designed to provide cover for additional authoritarian centralization on the way to a New World Order. Just a few days ago, Saleh claimed that a town in Southern Yemen had been taken over by al-Qaeda. Though a highly suspect claim in our view, this shows nonetheless how things ought to have gone.

Of course, Yemen is only one of some 600 cities, towns or countries enmeshed – embroiled – in some sort of protest or regime change. A lot of the unrest apparently has to do with rising food prices, again possibly engineered by the West. In some cases, the fine hand of the West's self-interest is easy to see. This is certainly true of the Ivory Coast where the French literally ripped the former president out of his basement, where he was hiding, and installed their own man in his place. But there are so many areas of instability now. Two of the most obvious are Egypt and Tunisia, both supposedly destabilized by the US – its State Dept. and CIA.

Will Yemen end up as an Islamic Republic or a Western-style regulatory democracy? Will its new ruler, not yet selected, prove amenable to Western influence or will Yemen's famous tribes shrug off Western control and proceed with their own forms of government. And there are other options. Yemen could become what is called in the West a failed state. From what we can tell, that simply means that the West has failed to install its own kind of regulatory democracy.

One option that is most unlikely is that Saleh will stay. British Foreign Minister, Alistair Burt, has issued Saleh a "veiled warning." If his troops continued killing civilians as he clings to power, he could face trial in an international court. The British foreign office also urged British citizens to leave Yemen as soon as possible. "The urgency of the Foreign Office advice suggests that Yemen is now classed alongside Libya and Somalia, where civil government collapsed 20 years ago, as one of the three most dangerous places in the world."

Burt had a clear (as opposed to veiled) message as well. "The Yemeni government and security forces must exercise restraint and fulfill their responsibility to protect the Yemeni people, and the fundamental rights and freedoms they are entitled to. They must hold to account those responsible for excessive use of force. The reach of international justice is long, and the regime should note this. We and our partners in the Gulf region and elsewhere have repeatedly called on President Saleh to sign and implement the Gulf Co-operation Council agreement. He must do this, if Yemeni lives are to be saved, and if the country is to have a chance of orderly transition." (However, just yesterday, the GCC ended negotiations with Saleh, which won't make Burt any happier.)

We suggest that whatever occurs in Yemen will give us a much better understanding of the level of control that the Anglo-American elites have over this burgeoning worldwide unrest. Of course, if Bahrain or Saudi Arabia were to fall, we would have our answer as well. Or Qatar or the United Arab Emirates for that matter. These are all important Western allies that the Anglosphere elites do NOT want to see destabilized, unlike Libya and Syria.

Editor's Note: Gold hoax story linked to Ron Paul Fed hearings? We reported that "Putin Said to Believe No Gold in Fort Knox." We wrote: "Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin believes former International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged and jailed for discovering that there is no gold in America's Fort Knox. The bizarre news story (hoax?) is all over the Internet, though not at deadline reported by the mainstream press."

We added we didn't know what to make of the story. "Maybe a spoof? A hoax? … we’ll know better later today … " In fact it appears to be untrue; it has emerged that CIA-disinformation Avatar Sorcha Faal is involved along with several notorious disinformation websites. The CIA, Pentagon, MI6, Mossad, FBI, etc.,are constantly planting fake stories on the Internet in addition to employing large numbers of employees to clog threads of alternative news sites with disinformation. The bottom line is all these agencies support Money Power and evidently and obviously take direction from elite power groups we call (metaphorically) the City of London.

A hoax-story such as this does NOT mean there is gold in Fort Knox; in fact, phony gold may circulate among central banks because the US is on the edge of running out of gold. No one knows for sure, until Ft. Knox is openly audited. What is of almost as much concern however is the disinformation programs run by Western Intel.

That this is tolerated at the highest levels of Western government only illustrates the ongoing war (Internet versus Money Power) against normal citizens. The "law enforcement" in which these individuals supposedly are engaged, "national security, etc." … these rationales are nothing more than ruse to hide deeper Money Power agendas having to do with protecting the central banking economy, sustaining fiat money, Anglo-American military power, etc.

Congressman Ron Paul is holding hearings today in an attempt to understand why the American Federal Reserve loaned trillions to select foreign banks. The Putin/Fort Knox story seems to be an attempt to degrade the credibility of the alternative press in advance of these hearings. Ron Paul is apparently hitting a nerve. Here is what Fox News wrote about the hearings yesterday:

Rep Paul to Fed: Tell us Everything, or Else

The chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees the Federal Reserve demanded Tuesday that the Fed fully disclose details of billions — perhaps trillions — in secret emergency loans it made to almost every major bank in the U.S. and overseas during the financial crisis or face a congressional subpoena for the information.

In an interview with Fox Business, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), chairman of the House Financial Services subcommittee on domestic monetary policy, said he wants to know “how much, when, where and why” from Fed officials when they testify about the loans at a subcommittee hearing Wednesday.

“We’re going to get to the bottom of what the Fed did during the big bailout a couple of years ago,” Paul said. “We have some precise questions. I imagine we won’t get all of them answered tomorrow because they’ll do a little bit of stonewalling, I’m sure.”

“If they don’t answer, they’ll hear from us,” he said. “We can use the subpoena power and say, ‘Look, you have to bring us the records.’ ”

After Thoughts

If the Palestinian issue begins to spin out of control, that will be another indicator of the difficulty the West is having in these regions. But Yemen, located directly under Saudi Arabia's soft oil belly and beside a critical body of water is a key. Its fate, in our view, will provide us with considerable insight into what is now occurring and how much control the West has or is able to exercise.

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