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Verizon-Yahoo Deal Shows Once Again the Need to Remove Intellectual Property Rights
July 26, 2016
Today, in the technology arena, we are increasingly exposed to the maneuvering of giants like Verizon and Yahoo. These very large entities have accumulated the clout, funds and leverage to dominate a once-entrepreneurial industry. ...
French Should Expose Government Not Islam Over Neo-Gladio Provocations
July 25, 2016
In much of the post-war 20th century period, the CIA and other intel agencies prosecuted Operation Gladio, which manufactured terror incidents purportedly generated by leftwing forces. Has a neo-Operation Gladio been started? ...
Anthony Wile: Brexit Is Part of Internet Reformation Building Around the World
July 25, 2016
The tribes of Britain were the first to make the jump back into fuller nationhood. But there will be other countries trying as well. It's a great day for Britain and a good day for The Daily Bell that has had as one of its main missions analysis of the "Inte ...
More Nuke Questions: Lies About Trident, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Now Bikini, Too  
July 25, 2016
There are many videos on Youtube portraying nuclear test fakery. We've been apparently lied to about vaccines, global warming and the efficacy of central banking. Is it not possible we've been lied to about elements of nuclear weapons info? ...
Golden Arrow Resources Takes Booth at the Natural Resources Symposium
July 25, 2016
Rick Rule, President & CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc. has put together the top-rated experts from mining companies, resource stocks and precious metals. He writes, “At the 2016 Natural Resource Symposium, you’ll hear information you won’t get anywher ...
Brian McEwen on the Chinchillas Opportunity Amidst the Rising Price of Silver
July 23, 2016
In just four years we have grown what was basically a grassroots exploration project to one of the largest new silver deposits with the potential to be a significant mine in the near-term. Since the day I came on board with Golden Arrow I have been of the op ...
Trump’s Truths Make Him Popular – Even on Hillary’s Responsibility for ISIS
July 22, 2016
PolitiFact, like many mainstream facilities, won't provide a broad-enough viewpoint. Trump in many ways is willing to. This is one reason why the "establishment" is having such a difficult time cooperating with him or covering his campaign. ...
Musk Hypes New Master Plan to Support Increasingly Ambitious Promises
July 22, 2016
Musk’s primary business method seems to be to find companies favored by the US federal government. He then buys the companies and approaches fedgov for money. As an entrepreneurial tactic, it’s reprehensible. As practical matter it seems to have worked ...
Lt. General Michael T. Flynn Calls Muslims ‘Peacemaking’ and Isolates ‘Radical Islamists’
July 22, 2016
The current economic depression in which the entire world is embroiled is not a coincidence. It is a result of purposeful central bank policies. You cannot consistently debase money and expect to create wealth. The second inevitable, element of the current p ...
Is CIA Secretly backing Erdogan to Marry Islam to Russia and Create a Wider War?
July 21, 2016
We see the emergent creation of “sides” of a new, wider war. On one side a marriage of Islam to Russia via a resurgent Ottoman empire. On the other side, the US, Britain and NATO. ...
Hillary Clinton Declared Guilty by GOP Convention, but Story Is Even Bigger Than That
July 20, 2016
In a normal society Bill and Hillary Clinton would not have been able to amass the power they have. They would have been long ago stripped of their credibility and exiled from positions of power – and maybe driven from the country. ...
As Predicted, Wise Globalism Trumps Populism but Doesn’t Explain the Chaos to Come
July 20, 2016
“Failure must not be accepted. Our civilization itself is at stake.” That’s a hefty statement of course, and the solutions provided by the article don’t in our view, go very far toward rescuing either globalism or civilization. ...
Hillary Says Trump Is Most Dangerous Presidential Candidate Ever – But She Is
July 19, 2016
Clinton, in an interview with CBS News' Charlie Rose, believes Donald Trump has "no self-discipline, no self-control, no sense of history, no understanding of the limits of the kind of power that any president should impose upon himself." All of this could b ...
Trump Is Said to Be Ignorant About National Security, but Maybe That’s Good
July 19, 2016
Political solutions never work as planned and marketplace environments inevitably produce better results. Those who work in government know this, of course. That is why they are constantly trying to manufacture domestic and international tensions and worse. ...
Golden Arrow Options Antofalla in Argentina’s Catamarca Province
July 18, 2016
Below, see news from our sponsor. If you have questions about Golden Arrow, you can reach representative Shawn Perger at 1-800-901-0058 or 778-686-0135. This article will be printed next week by Northern Miner. Golden Arrow Resources (TSXV: GRG; US-OTC: GA ...
If Trump Tries to Remove ISIS, Will He Be Removed?
July 18, 2016
When Russia began to bomb ISIS, its officials said that the Pentagon had been lying about its attacks on ISIS. Officials maintained that the US bombing was really aimed at Syrian infrastructure and thus at destroying the current regime rather than terrorist gro ...
Bloomberg Editorial in Support of Inflation Misses the Point
July 18, 2016
The article makes the point that it is the volatility itself that makes the difference. If inflation is at two percent or four percent, it really doesn’t matter so long as prices are not volatile. ...
Hillary Wants to Overturn Citizens United – Why Not Corporate Personhood?
July 17, 2016
Thomas Jefferson and other founders feared corporate personhood above almost all other sociopolitical manifestations. They had seen the horrible ruin caused by the British East India Tea Company. ...
Manipulative Idiocy of New Gingrich’s Attempt to Demonize Islam and Make War
July 16, 2016
Does Gingrich not understand that the City is ultimately behind Wahhabism? Does he not understand that Sunni Islam is fairly democratic, participative and peaceful? ...
Negative Mainstream Media Articles on Gold and Silver Don’t Tell the Truth
July 16, 2016
The mainstream media is a bankers' medium and bankers control economies via fiat money and central banking. This is inevitable and endless reason why gold and silver in particular get constant negative coverage. When fiat money is finally so debased it won't ...
French Attack: Media Focuses on Aftermath Instead of Asking Relevant Questions
July 15, 2016
There are people behind these attacks. And there are people in the West who created the groups now said to launch these terrible attacks. Additionally, there is plenty of conflicting evidence over who is developing and prosecuting these sorts of attacks, bot ...
Atlantic Article on Hollywood Misses Powerful Points About CIA Control
July 15, 2016
These superheroes fly high in the sky fighting “bad guys” and determining whether or not the world will be safe and function properly. The resemblance to the coming implementation of technocracy is undeniable. ...
No Liberal: Hillary Is Pro Multinational and Pro Military-Industrial Complex
July 14, 2016
When you examine Clinton’s policies closely, you will see they do not depart from Obama’s or even Bush’s. She intends to fully support the two pillars of elite American imperialism: Transnational corporations and the military-industrial complex. ...
Newsweek Is Back and More Liberal Than Ever
July 14, 2016
Both these articles are extraordinary for their pro-Hillary tilt, and would seem to leave Newsweek open to the same problems it faced before. Once 'Net reporting became available, readers ceased believing in its leftist perspectives. They felt they were be ...
The Trend Is Higher as Silver and Gold Move Up Once More
July 14, 2016
Central banking is built on currency debasement. And removing value – and thus prosperity – cannot logically create additional wealth. Accumulating gold and silver is an alternative to central bank madness and those who are doing so will be well-rewarded ...
Finally, China Pushes Too Hard and Rare-Earth Mining Begins Elsewhere
July 14, 2016
And this is just the point: Almost nothing is really “rare.” Not oil, not water, not even food. If the price is right, the supply will always be adjusted to fulfill the demand. It’s called “supply and demand” and it works. But in this modern era, ...
More Questions About Skewed Hillary Polls Based on ‘Younger’ Voters
July 13, 2016
Pro-Hillary Clinton polls don’t make sense. In fact, polling with such tiny samples doesn’t make sense anyway, but coming on the heels of other questionable polls favoring Hillary, this widely quoted ABC poll only seems to raise further questions. ...
Elon Musk and Tesla Are the Face of Bubbling Stock Market, but Maybe Not for Long
July 13, 2016
It’s one thing for government agencies to promote “clean” energy. Many are immediately suspicious. But Musk’s overriding talent is to make federal authoritarianism seem positively sexy. He is the rock star of alternative energy. ...
UN Move Toward World Government With First-Ever Globally Televised Leadership Debate
July 12, 2016
The UN is moving faster now to become the empowered body of world government and this mimic of a democratic election is just one more piece of the puzzle. The Xinhua News Agency is the official press agency of the People's Republic of China, and we have no r ...
Now Media Celebrates Sanders’ Financial and Historical Illiteracy
July 12, 2016
The kind of socialism that Sanders offers is basically bankrupting Europe. Once you allow politicians to spend money countries doesn't have, the spending goes up – and never stops. When you give governments enormous monetary power, it will eventually be a ...
BoE Set to Save the Day, But the World’s Banking System Is Set to Fail
July 11, 2016
Dillian's article provides us with a good analysis, but neither article says what really ought to be said at this point: The system is not merely bad, it is probably purposefully so. After more than a century of furious central bank expansion, it is surely i ...
Election Narrative Solidifies: Trump is Racist and Media Demands Hillary Rebuild Nation’s Trust
July 11, 2016
Trump is a bigot, a racist and a buffoon. When the media does give him coverage, it will be mostly to reinforce those messages. Hillary is going to provide the drama. Will the nation fall in love with her again or will it continue to mistrust her. ...
Governments Are Authoritarian Monopolies That Cannot Encourage Social Creativity
July 11, 2016
Within this context, it is hard to imagine that government can do much to foster innovation. Almost everything government does, or wants to do, involves setting up additional controls to insulate the leaders from those they lead. ...
Golden Arrow’s Strategy in a Re-Emerging Mining Market
July 11, 2016
The Company wishes to announce that it has entered into an option agreement to acquire a 100% interest in the Antofalla project, a silver and base metals project located in Catamarca Province, Argentina. Antofalla hosts similar styles of geology and mineral ...
Increasingly, Soros Is Seen Behind the Break-Up of Europe
July 10, 2016
Is Soros behind Brexit too? He made financial bets that seem to indicate he believed Brexit would win. Of course, he’s also tried to confuse the issue by making public statements that Brexit was responsible for a financial-market crisis. ...
Hillary Won’t Hold Press Conferences Because Media Is Sexist
July 09, 2016
For Hillary defenders, the lack of press conferences is part of a larger strategy of self-preservation. The press is seen as invasive, and it’s questioning unfair and relentless. ...
Media’s Fevered Rhetoric Aimed at Gun Confiscation
July 09, 2016
The article finishes: “The country is now clearly divided among those who want the killings and violence to stop and those who don’t. In the words of the old activist song, which side are you on? “ Apparently Gopnik has forgotten that governments kille ...
TIME Suggests Another 9/11 Is Necessary to Re-direct American Anger
July 08, 2016
CNN is asking us to “close our windows” and not listen to people who are “angry” about the state of America’s politics and economy. TIME is hopeful that this anger can be channeled into some horrible, outsized event that will turn American anger in ...
The Secret Behind Trump’s Troubles With the GOP
July 08, 2016
Over and over again, the politics of the United States create a false narrative that serves no one well but the Pentagon, the CIA and a handful of vast military contractors. A more valuable and valid conversation would be one that dealt with the endless dest ...
CNN’s David Gergen Says US Well-Served by Diligent FBI: Is He Mentally Ill?
July 07, 2016
David Gergen, a senior political analyst for CNN and “White House adviser to four presidents," has written an editorial explaining why the FBI’s decision not to prosecute Hillary was “diligent and fair.” ...
Big Chilcot Report Clarifies Little About Britain’s Expanding Middle East Wars
July 07, 2016
Issuing the report does make the British government, which is growing steadily more authoritarian, look as if it were determined to figure out exactly what went wrong with in Iraq. It seems to be a democratic act, in other words. The idea is that people will ...
LONDON, UK - SEP 27: Financial district office buildings in street on September 27, 2013 in London, UK. London is the world's greatest foreign exchange market with major trade conducted in district.
Brexit Is Blamed for Inequality, but That Is Just an Excuse for Top Elites to Strip Others of Wealth
July 07, 2016
We don’t really believe the top men at the City are concerned about a widening wealth gap. They are simply taking advantage of an opportunity to further consolidate wealth among a very few. It’s propaganda in other words. A dominant social theme. ...
Mexican Silver-Miner Makes $2.2 Billion in June
July 07, 2016
The golden bull must follow its path. Gold and silver both must grow stronger – until finally the buying fever sets junior miners on fire. Prices will go up - and up - until they cannot. And then the market will implode as it has before. This may take mont ...
Declaration of Hillary’s Innocence Jeopardizes FBI Credibility
July 06, 2016
There are many media outlets and individuals who expected the FBI’s clearance of Hillary, and believe it to be justified. But there are others – a good many – that believe the US justice system itself has been compromised. ...
The Fed’s Real Challenge Is Its Loss of Credibility, Not How It Handles the Next Downturn
July 06, 2016
Ten years ago, or even five, a mention of Austrian economics in the feedback section of a major daily publication would have been most surprising. But one reason that central banking has come under fire in the 'teen 2000s is because more people are aware of ...
As Metals Continue to Perform, Brexit Is Not the Only Driver
July 06, 2016
Bloomberg believes the gold and silver rally has to do with the uncertainty caused by Brexit. Not so fast. We’ve pointed out that some of the metals manipulations may have fallen away and that, in any case, the larger positioning of metals in the world eco ...
Trump Could Win With Innovative Policies Attractive to Sanders Voters
July 06, 2016
There are ways Donald Trump might be able to win the election even though the electoral map seems to favor Clinton. Yesterday, we pointed out that the FBI’s declaration of Hillary’s innocence would probably mean that she would win. (See related story, th ...
BREAKING: Hillary NOT Indicted, Ready for Presidency
July 05, 2016
This FBI decision will not just involve a probable Hillary presidential victory, it will also ensure that the sociopolitical instability of the US will grow. There will be a dramatic expansion of US debt, an explosion of regulatory activity and, most likely, ...
Warmonger Hillary Now Being Portrayed as Political Peace-maker
July 05, 2016
There is little about the US government these days that seems to conform to what many Americans actually want – less war, less regulations, less centralization of power. But this New York Times article is presenting the thesis that Hillary will be forceful ...
Faced With Central Bank Dysfunction, Media Focuses on Individuals, Not the System
July 05, 2016
India’s economic performance was in the hands of one man. Since he has left, India must search out someone else just as competent. It is a clever equation. The onus is on the man not the structure. ...
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