5 Articles About the State Taking Parent’s Rights
By The Daily Bell Staff - July 21, 2017

The state is deciding who is fit to be parents, keeping parents from treating their sick kids, and arresting parents if their kids skip school. Oh but don’t worry about that smart device in the home. All that info it’s collecting on your kids could never fall into the wrong hands.

1. State Decides If You Are Smart Enough to Keep Your Kids

Parents in Oregon have had two of their children taken away by the state. There is no evidence, or even accusation, of abuse or neglect. But the parents have low IQs. So the state can take your kids if they decide you are too dumb.

2. Charlie Gaurd’s Parents Still Fighting– U.S. Dad Speaks Out

The psychopaths in the British government are still trying to prevent a baby with a rare disease from getting treatment in America. The U.S. Congress has granted the child citizenship in order to circumvent British authorities. Now an American dad of a child recovering from a similar condition speaks out.

3. California Court Makes it Easy for State to Take Kids

If your child faces a “substantial risk” of injury or illness, the state of California can take them away to protect them. So that just about covers everyone. Of course the all knowing state has a perfect record of keeping children safe… right?

4. Parents of Truant Children Told to Turn Themselves in to Police

The Mobile County Sheriff’s website alerts the public to an elderly home invasion, a body found in the trash, and a murder suspect on the loose. On another page, they list with pictures the parents of “truant” children. Parents are being told to turn themselves in for their crime of failing to send their kids to school. The Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook to shame and intimidate parents.

5. Media Selling Smart Speaker as  Perfect for Entertaining Kids

So with all the risks, the state poses to parents, why on earth would anyone introduce a smart speaker into their home? Already a smart speaker has called police during a domestic disturbance. Is it an innocent play thing that makes parenting easier or a spy device that could be used to assess your parenting?

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • jacob

    The state is becoming increasingly intrusive because it’s expanding its franchise. Government is a crony payoff and citizen control racket, posing as a public service by delivering public services that people could voluntarity organize and provide for themselves at lower cost and with more humanity . We need to agitate more against these socialist criminals trying to expand their franchise.

    • Boysie

      Why write such K*** – when it is quite clear – YO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SOCIALISM IS///

      • jacob

        You ask about my personal contribution to the state, and you claim I have no idea what socialism is. You seem to think the state is worthy of “contribution.” Why? Re socialism, what is your definition, and why do you think that system deserves respect. Explain your positions.

        • Boysie

          Very sorry – But I am an old guy, ok – I have much better things to do with my brain than to discuss a non-event – Capitalism is a completer failure – hence the fact that in the richest country in the world – many of it’s citizens live in the woods – almost 100 million out of 300 million do NOT have a job,,cannot feed themself – / 50 million . on food stamps / etc / etc / etc /// so I make a deall with you – Lrt us Move ON – OK – Much appreciated

    • Boysie

      You are very quick to Blame The State –



    • Bill Ross

      What franchise?

      Not a single private citizen has the moral or lawful right to interfere in the peaceful behavior, freedoms, rights or property of their fellows.

      “Somehow” (new math) ZERO power to aggress times N voters EQUALS absolute power to aggress for states.

      blowback is here:

      …evidenced by global social / economic collapse and “war of all, against all” (entitled versus productive)

      end heresy…

  • dsaulw

    Let’s not forget that governments all over the world are working on measures to punish parents who don’t vaccinate their kids according to their specifications. This has already happened in CA and is in progress in Europe and Australia. It is only a matter of time that these measures come to the rest of the U.S., despite massive protests and valid reasons for opposing them.

    • Boysie

      In my country Children are NOT allowed in school unless they are vaccinated – But ANY resulting problems as a direct result of the vaccination – and there is absolutely NO HELP available – and equally CRIMINAL is the fact that – as soon as there is another VIRUS outbreak – everyone MUST be vaccinated –

      Then COMES GMO FOODSTUFF These Nefarious Crimes Against Humanity ORIGINATE in America –

      The WHO and The UN are the conduits – the officials in my country Hide Behind the two organization – They never take responsibility for anything ,,

      • dsaulw

        Well, this tyranny will soon be global. Some countries are legislating large fines and other penalties for parents who don’t vaccinate.

        • Boysie

          IN my country – on any day of the week – if it is a court day – you will find several persons / men / women at the court house – waiting to pay their fine – because their child did not attend school for some reason or another

          In my country children goto school from the age of (3) years – and yet at age (8) – many cannot read and most do NOT understand what they have read – still there is NO SANCTION against these useless teachers…

  • Justice League

    Soon there will be no parents with any rights. Lab babies are the “Nouveau” Just place your order and get free shipping.

  • Rosicrucian32

    You need a license to fish, but all you need to have children is DNA to share…….
    I know no one wants anyone telling them how to raise their own children. I get that, but in Detroit there are many that shouldn’t have been parents in the first place. This is evident by families that are generationally raise on state subsidies with no one EVER holding a job. The teenage and early adult males impregnate self conscious females to raise their status amongst their peers. The adolescent teenage girls are getting impregnated so they will have someone to “love them unconditionally” because the teenage boys they are mating with leave. Quite a vicious circle taking place. It is Orwellian or at least dystopian to consider generating licenses to have children, but at the current rate ghetto and sharia mating practices will exhaust any contributions that the taxpayers are making. The people paying taxes cannot keep up with the population that is indiscriminately having babies. Socialism works as long as you have people to pay for it, the ones currently paying for it are amongst the lowest birth rates in the population, while those collecting entitlements breed like rabbits but for all the wrong reasons. Either the population increase will kill us all (lack of food and resources) or the “peace” promised by our incoming refugee population will.

    • autonomous

      You see some of the problem, but the answer is not giving more control to government. The ghetto and its practices are due to the actions of governmental policies; more of those policies can only make matters worse. The ghetto is the mirror image of the reservation. In order to enslave people, a government will offer to feed, clothe and house them, but only if they will disarm themselves and huddle together under the watchful eyes of their rulers. The roots of the ghetto are even older than the granaries of Egypt that resulted in the slavery of the Jews to the Pharaohs.

      • Boysie

        Why does the Jews have to be attached to this argument – Can you not see that the Jews have turned your country / America / into SWISS CHEESE – and these are the very people that you worship..Just How Dumb Can You Get,,,,,

        • Mark Belk

          At least you are right on one thing.

          • Boysie

            The other point is that the Jews have cornered the market as far as MONEY is concerned – They have it all – No one else is allowed to have any – There are numerous ways of relieving you of whatever little you have – not matter how small

            And yet even with all the money in the world – They continue to STEAL the property of the Palestinians and what they can’t phsycally steal – they destroy – so very very strange –

            How this type of conduct can be tolerated – for so many decades – is totally beyond my comprehension

            And yet the Jews wish to be considered as

            The Children of God

            What a God!

          • Mark Belk

            The “Jews” are not the chosen people of God, they are not true Israel. The Bible tells many ways to recognize true Israel and the Jews do not fit any of those indicators. The Caucasian race fits each and every one of them and most before 1900 knew that.

          • Loyal_Opposition

            Hey Mark, (if that is your real name) how many times are you going to cut and paste the same nonsensical jew hatred conspiracies? I think you have about a dozen or so of these and you post them (possibly under multiple profiles) on nearly every story. No matter the content of the stories (like here on an article about parents rights), you and a several other profiles especially on “Breitbart disqus” steer nearly every story into people of color or jew hatred! Like the one yesterday “I hear Starbucks is a Mossad front”…well of course they are, I mean everybody knows that…but…where did you hear that nugget of truth?…was it at talking out my ass dotcom?

          • Mark Belk

            Yep, that’s my real name, what is yours, afraid to put it out? People have been brainwashed into believing all the politically correct garbage put out about the things I post on but they have started coming out from the fog of political correctness and liberal propaganda in the last eight years and it is about time. The people aren’t buying the lies anymore and that is a good thing don’t you think. Or are you going to write me another book? :-))

          • Loyal_Opposition

            There we go, another non-responsive post with some repackaged vague rhetoric with no specifics that can be substantiated. So let me ask you for a third time to back up your previous “propaganda”. I’ll cut and paste (your M.O.) my question from a previous query…I’m still waiting for you to enlighten me by naming a few of “the over abundance of ‘dual citizenship’ jews in high positions in our government”…Out of the 535 members of congress, how many have duel citizenship with U.S & Israel? Since there’s an over-abundance, this should be easy for a biblical/political scholar such as yourself.
            I asked for 10 but just give me 5? How about 3? Ok 1 give me 1??? What’s wrong my self professed racist friend, klan got your tongue? (theme from Jeopardy plays quietly in the background)…time’s up, now please Mark for the 3rd time answer my (what ought to be an) easy challenge in the form of….an answer!

          • Loyal_Opposition

            Mr. Belk, you keep making this and other rather idiotic and preposterous pronouncements regarding the state of Israel and the jewish people as if these are some kind of established and undisputed facts…that ”the Caucasian race…is the true Israel”. So, since you keep spewing out this revisionist history, it should be easy for you to enlighten all of us “brainwashed” folks and cite the multiple, credible, and reliable theological and/or historical sources you are relying on for these fantastical claims.
            Try not to evade or dodge my quite reasonable inquiries (as you have so many times before)…I’m sure you’d love to help the rest of us come “out of the fog” and “take off the blinders” to see the objective truth about the jewish people and the state of Israel…then maybe the (your) truth will set us free! We eagerly await your response…

          • autonomous

            Where were you in WWII?, a supporter of Goebel’s?

          • Boysie

            I very sincerely wish that you had some idea of what you wee talking – You hAVE no idea who Goebels was – because You have NEVER read any history – only knowledge you have is the mindless rubbish from your daily Cartoon News Network,, – Talk to me – when you know something – ok

          • autonomous

            Your response reveals your own ignorance. My error in my response to you was to assume more evil in your comment and less ignorance.

          • Boysie

            ok, granted, I am – and to prove that I am ignorant and

            (a) since ignorance is relative – it must refer to to some object and

            (b) I have admitted to being ignorant –

            but of what?

        • autonomous

          I think you attached the Jews to my argument. I’m not sure how dumb I can get, certainly not dumb enough to be anti-semitic like you.

          • Boysie

            Listen very carefully – I will NOT be abusive to you – OK< But tell yourself – "When is an Act Against Another Human – a Crime Against Humanity" – Please do NOT label yourself – (Anti – Anything – Only Americans do that sort of thing,,,ok)

          • autonomous

            An act against another human is a crime against humanity when it is criminal. This is not arguing in circles. An act is a crime in being aggression, violating the natural rights of another human. As such, it becomes a threat to every other human being and, thus, a crime against humanity. For example, denying the natural rights of a group of humans on the basis of unfounded claims about them.

            I am not pro-Israel, nor pro-Jewish beyond being convinced that they are as human, and therefore, have the same natural rights, as I. A few of the rapacious bankers, business owners are Jews, but their rapaciousness is individual, not genetic.

      • RED

        You are quite correct! Democrat Lyndon Johnson and his so called “war on poverty” destroyed the black urban families (and others) by making them dependent upon government programs with restrictive “rules” for obtaining the subsidies. (Result, no fathers in the household). Socialism / Communism / & Marxism are a horrid state of affairs.

      • Rosicrucian32

        No doubt the progressive agenda is labeled as assistance and exists precisely for the reason you mention. To enslave and control constituents.
        How do you propose the change take place? How would you suppose that someone would go about convincing someone who has collected free stuff their entire life as did their parents and grandparents before them to fend for themselves. To put down the pipe, and the forty, and get a job?
        I don’t have an answer for that. Role models such as dr. Ben Carson are marvelous, but only those that are working recognize folks like him. He has been trying to turn around children with rough upbringings his entire life. He has been successful however the conversion density is too low. There are too many being added to the rolls of assistance compared to the phoenix rising above.
        In Michigan past Governor Engler cut off assistance when people who were on welfare had additional children. The people said that he was trying to control their reproduction when in fact all he was doing was refusing to pay for it when they had already proven they couldn’t pay for it themselves. Granholm came in afterwards and gave it back so she could get votes.

        • autonomous

          Cutting off the breadline won’t be easy, but eventually it will happen. Less than half the population supports the rest now; as the minority of workers shrinks, there won’t be a sufficient tax base to support the ever-increasing hoard of leaches. Just remember the reaction of Hillary supporters when the democrats’ spread the lies that Trump would reduce welfare–riots. Even the powerful Roman empire committed

          suicide by buying support with bread and circuses.

    • Boysie

      It is perfectly NORMAL to BLAME the VICTIMS – Welcome to the Reservation Americans – Why is it that Americans are always ADDICTED to SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST – Why is it that Americans have NO SOUL – Why is it that Americans Practice Evil – But Blame the People that They Have Enacted This Evil Against,,, Why do’t the People that Pay Taxes / COMMIT SUICIDE / That most certainly would solve all their problems –

      • Seriously, this has to be one of the most deranged & imbecelic social assessments that has ever been my misfortune to read.

        • Boysie

          Listen, I would NOT DEGRADE myself – by responding to your verbal carnage –

          Old Sport – The difference between you and me / I – is that I do NOT have to resort to VERBAL ABUSE to make my point

          Which is something quite beyond your intellect –

          • Just stated a fact. That you would incoherently mutter such complete nonsense & consider it to be taken seriously is utterly rediculous.

          • Boysie

            OK, I think I should explain something to you that you probably do NOT understand –

            Verbal Abuse is due to a number of factors
            1) – Mental Abnormality
            2) – Mental Sub-Normality
            3) – Mental Retardation

            4) – The ingestion of too Many GMO products
            5) – Life Long Mental Damage due to Vaccination(s)
            6) – Drinking Fluoridated Water since Birth
            7) – Inherited Genetic Abnormality Passed on From

            8) – Pre- Ageing Senility
            9) – All of The Above
            10) – The Clear Result of One Generation of (IN****) too
            many – (hope you can spell)

            Old Sport I am a Gentleman, so can I very politely suggest that you chose all that apply from the (LIST) above,

            Please be generous with yourself – it is a very worth cause…

          • Bill Ross

            Verbal Abuse does not exist. Lawfully “Abuse” requires physical / material damages.

            The “concept” was created to punish the truth oriented when they attempt to tell the deluded what they do not want to hear.

            In other words, attempt to enlighten the deluded, stupid and misinformed: You are an abuser and, they will attempt to make you extinct.

          • Boysie

            Rubbish – sorry

          • Bill Ross

            So; this is also false?

            Sticks and stones can break my bones BUT, words can never hurt me.

            A bit of knowledge that once was and is no longer taught to children.

            I will agree with you if you can prove that meaningless exhaled modulated wind can cause physical damage.

            Words can cause damage ONLY if they are believed and acted upon:


          • Rosicrucian32

            Dude you can block that d-bag in the thread and all others. He is a waste of space troll. He is in his parents basement doing God knows what in the dark. He will never get a job and will never amount to anything but a troll under the bridge. Keeping that in mind your life will always be awesome and he will be talking to the water heater and old paint until he wakes up, or passes on

          • sherrysopinion


      • sherrysopinion

        OH GOOD GRIEF! REALLY? Go back to your “safe space” Besides, if all the tax payers kill themselves, who do you propose pay for all the government “goodies” that the “victims” are enjoying at others’ expense?

        • Boysie

          How is it possible for (1) country to produce so many ?

    • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

      right on if I ever have the power I should have u will at least b one of my counsels if not in my cabinet, god bless u!

    • Mark Belk

      Do away with government/communistic social give away programs and you will be surprised how quick people will get a job and go to work.
      Jesus said if you don’t work you don’t eat. Hunger is a great motivator and some will be motivated to steal instead of working. That is when the purging of the gene pool occurs and things get back to “normal”.

  • Rog

    The state doesn’t “own” your kids. It owns the person created by the birth certificate your mother signed. 2. When you applied for and got that marriage license you will note the “product of this marriage belongs to the state,” printed on the back or somewhere. Again, the state owns the person created by the birth certificate which was created by the event of the birth of a child. A marriage license brings a third party to the table. Why would anyone believe they need permission from government to get married? It’s all paper tomfoolery, legal fiction shenanigans, legalese la la land.

    • Praetor

      The STATE is at war with Nature and Natural Law as created. That is why the state will lose.!!!

    • Mark Belk

      We didn’t ask permission from the state when my wife and I got married and my son doesn’t have a birth certificate, he is a free man.

  • Bill Ross

    There is only one FIT parent in the opinion of the Nanny State: THEM, Real, fit parents are competition, in opposition, teach children that actions have consequences and personal responsibility (AKA: ABUSE).

    • Praetor

      Nice to see you are still breathing. And you are correct as usual.!!!

      • Bill Ross

        Ancient history: DB (new management) PO’d me with their “no link policy”, so I exercised my freedom to “not associate”. Apparently, they have reconsidered, so I’M BACK

        • Praetor

          The war continues. May be one day people will fully realize government is a total waste of energy.!!!

          • Bill Ross

            That’s the whole point. Make a HUGE commission by enslaving the productive in servitude to unproductive idiots, stopping and reversing our collective evolutionary (adapting to REALITY) pursuit to excellence.

  • Bill Ross

    By the way; I take issue with the concept of “parental rights”, which implies that children are property, part of early socialization to servitude.

    Children are a consequence of parental actions. People are responsible for the consequences of their own actions.

    Parents (or anyone else, states included) have NO RIGHTS over children or any other human being. They have responsibilities to care for, feed, teach children how to be personally responsible, civilized, able to be productive members of a peaceful division of labor civilization.

    • dsaulw

      Parental responsibilities are surely part of it, but I would say that “parental rights” is more of a shorthand for parents having the latitude to decide how responsibilities are to be carried out, that they should be able to decide how their children will be fed, educated, cared for health-wise, etc.

  • Doc

    When my first was born I received a letter from the evil monopolistic overlords saying that I had to report a name for my child within two weeks or they would attach a name to the newborn little servant, to put alongside the number they already had given him.

    I will never live there again. Ever.