All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars: Horrible to Watch How False French World War Begins
By Daily Bell Staff - July 27, 2016

Le Pen’s niece enrolls in the ARMY as she calls on France to ‘kill Islamism’  … Marion Le Pen has said she will enroll in the French army reserve Marion Le Pen announced on Twitter she would join the French Army reserve after a spate of Islamic State-inspired terror attacks in Europe.  The 26-year-old also blasted the “ineffective” French army as the country reels from the murder of 84-year-old Father Jacques Hamel by two teenagers who said they were ISIS “soldiers”. –UK Express

The horrible murder of Father Jacques Hamel in Rouen France by “ISIS soldiers” has further inflamed French anger against radical Islam and fundamentalism.

This is how wars begin.

In this case, France – and the West generally – are being whipped up against 1.5 billion Muslims around the world.

Additionally, as we pointed out recently HERE, Islamic Turkey has joined forces with Russian, creating the prospect of an even bigger world war.

More from Marion:

In another Tweet, she added: “The army is ineffective.  “I am going to sign up to be in the army reserve in my constituency.”  Mrs Le Pen, the granddaughter of National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, warned on Sunday: “Either we kill Islamism or it will kill us again and again.”

The “children’s crusade” has begun.

The original Children’s Crusade supposedly took place in 1212 to expel Muslims from the Holy Land. There may have been several such crusades, with at least one led by a child. The crusades ended in starvation and despair for participants.

There is no evidence that results will be any better today.

As for this most recent church horror – even before we read details, we were sure that at least one of the attackers would be known to the police, because that is the way these attacks usually work.

And we were fairly sure the attackers were dead.

We were right on both counts. The attackers were shot and one of  them had been under observation from French police.

In the US, in fact, many terror attacks have been carried out by individuals known to the FBI – and in fact encouraged by them. This has led to accusations that the FBI is actually generating these attacks.

In France, the last two terror attacks are at least questionable.

There are questions and false statements surrounding the Paris terror attack. In the case of Nice, the white truck that killed 80-plus people has no blood on it and French authorities are trying to destroy tapes of the event.

Take a step back and look hard.

Anyone who examines the history of modern warfare must conclude wars are being created by those who use the violence to build a more global society.

The most prominent opponent to World War One was Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria who was killed on June 28 1914 in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip.

Not much later, Rasputin was stabbed in Russia. Rasputin was the main opponent against the war in Russia, HERE.

This second attempted murder is almost never discussed because it shows clearly that secret forces were behind the beginning of the war.

The Internet, meanwhile, has explained in detail how Hitler was funded by the Western banking community HERE before the start of World War Two.

World War One ended with the creation of the League of Nations. World War Two ended with the creation of the United Nations and the economic outlines of international finance: the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

John Maynard Keynes even wanted to create a global currency after World War Two, the bancor. That was deemed a step too far. But wait …

World War Three, if it comes, may create Jerusalem as a world capitol and usher in a faux debt forgiveness that will ease the transition to a more global regime, one that might include a world central bank and currency.

And if war does come between the West and Islam, the French among other countries will probably get what they deserve.

Increasingly they are willingly giving in to hate rather than confronting the obvious governmental forces involved in their manipulation.

In World War One they were sent in their millions “over the trenches” to die in ten or twenty seconds as a result of machine gun fire. This happened not for days or weeks but for years.

Metaphorically, anyway, this may happen again.

The idea that any of this is merely the inevitable, spontaneous result of “radical Islam” is ridiculous. ISIS like Al Qaeda before it is a Western invention as we and others have reported many times:

Globalists created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State…

You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia…

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terrorism…

CIA Agent Admits Obama Created ISIS To Invade Syria…

The cold-blooded banking community now fomenting this next war shows no sign of reducing the violence. The banking community through its (truly insane) monopoly central banking system  has created a global depression and now needs a war to distract people and to create ever-closer globalism.

As we wrote recently, these terror attacks are part of program – a kind of neo-Gladio promotion. Eventually, sooner or later, it will succeed not just in whipping up France but also the agitated and repressed Algerian population in France that is being manipulated into violence by Western forces.

Conclusion: Even the alternative ‘Net media is not covering these events properly, blaming “Islam” for what is obviously a manipulated conflict. It has happened in the past century at least two times before and engulfed the world with madness and flames. If it happens a third time, people who do not speak out and explain what is really going on will have only themselves to blame.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Cynthia McKinney PhD

    My gosh, I’m so glad you see through the propaganda! Alternative “Net” media are silent because ultimately they go along with the official narrative. And tolerate France asking the city of Nice to destroy the video evidence, just like the physical evidence at the Twin Towers was destroyed.

    • Is very sad. But thanks …

      (Cynthia McKinney Ph.D is a former US Congresswoman.)

    • Je Suis Le Pen

      Pardonne mon français… Police religieuse française comme l’Arabie Saoudite? Sans blague… La religieuse police vous arrêter pour avoir critiqué les juifs et les musulmans…

      Nous vous remercions de parler contre les sales Juifs!

      Juifs le banquiers inondent l’Europe avec les musulmans et l’Amérique avec Tiers Monde Trash.

      Satanisme est un juive cile…

      Le juive occupé gouvernement français emprisonné Jean-Marie Le Pen pour avoir critiqué l’islam! La liberté d’expression en France? Taureau-merde!

      Vive le Front National!

      • Pardon my French … French religious police like Saudi Arabia ? No kidding … The religious police stop you for criticizing Jews and Muslims …

        Thank you for speaking against the Jews dirty !

        The Jewish bankers are flooding Europe with Muslims and America with Third World Trash .

        Satanism is a Jewish cult …

        The Jewish occupied French government jailed Jean-Marie Le Pen for criticizing Islam! Freedom of expression in France? Bull – s–t!

        Long live the National Front !

  • “BLOW BACK” is a bitch!

  • Greenbean950

    Franz Ferdinand didn’t oppose WWI… His death is what caused it. He was already dead when WWI started. Hard to oppose a war from the grave.

      • Greenbean950

        He opposed a war, started because of his death, before he was dead? Perhaps he wasn’t as enamored with war as much as some of the other royals or politicians of his day, but your assertion is logically impossible.

        • Read the link.

          • Greenbean950

            A war against Serbia is much different than a World War we call 1.

          • ϟϟ Meine Ehre heißt Treue ϟϟ

            Jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmung Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte Welt Papierkorb.

            Wer bombardiert Orthodoxen Christlich Serben für die Muslimen?

            Nördlich Atlantik Terrorist Organisation!

            Leute dummerweise denken, dass die Germanen nur in Deutschland zu finden sind … Ich habe Neuigkeiten für Sie!

            Sobald die NATO Besatzer vertrieben werden, werden wir eine weitere “Nacht der langen Messer” haben, merk dir meine Worte!

          • Jewish bankers are flooding Europe with Muslims and America with Third World Trash.

            Who bombed Orthodox Christian Serbs for Muslims ?

            North Atlantic Terrorist Organization !

            People foolishly think that the Germans are found only in Germany … I have news for you!

            Once NATO occupiers are expelled , we will have another ” Night of Long Knives ” , mark my words !

        • Don Duncan

          I think you must be confused. What DB says is not impossible, but probable. If you’re planning a war, and you know you need a spark, and you could “kill two birds/one stone” by making the spark be the death of an detractor, then it’s logical to do both at once.

  • Praetor

    You really begin to wonder is there a way out. I have surmised, ‘no’, as a society. But on an individual bases, ‘yes’, I can survive these crazies. The past proves humans will survive.

    The question remains, how do we get rid of these crazies and stop this cycle. Being this time is different, because we are talking about a real ‘One World Government’ in control of the entire plant and to survive will be a bigger challenge.

    Individual human action will not stop what is coming but it could help keep you alive. Preparation should be the individuals number one goal!!!

    • Don Duncan

      I agree. But I am probably in denial of my mortality. At 73, and in poor health I probably have about 5 years. So prep is useless.
      For younger, longer life time expectants, I would recommend saving yourself first, and humanity second. If both can be done simultaneously, without comprising either, as with Jeff Berwick, then so much the better. However, I cannot help but support and admire Larken Rose more, both financially and spiritually. I asked him why he stayed, knowing he was at so much risk, and he told me he just couldn’t give up yet. His “individual…action” has touched countless lives. Can anyone say it’s too late, no matter how bad it looks? We don’t know. Maybe if a “Larken” had stood up in 1930 Germany, WWII could have been avoided. (And yes, I know about the “White Rose Society”)

    • MetaCynic

      Unfortunately the masses have throughout recorded history been eagerly willing to identify with and rally behind their psychopathic oppressors to kill and die in the oppressors’ wars. This has been true of all religions, races and nationalities.

      Despite our sophistication in manipulating science, technology and information, modern man is still the same herd animal that his distant ancestors were and can easily be stampeded over a cliff out of fear of the other. In every way imaginable, most humans simply conform to whatever their peers are doing. Few are able to stand out alone to think independently of the herd and to do what is in their interest and not what is expected of them by others.

      Group think is a fatal flaw hardwired in human psychology and will probably be around forever. The general run of humanity simply doesn’t have the intellectual horsepower to see through the scam of collectivism’s demands for the individual to sacrifice himself for the good of the “whole.”

  • Rollie

    Who is ” Daily Bell Staff”?

    • Don Duncan

      People with an opinion you want to denigrate by using the “argument ad hominem”? Why else would you care? Address their argument.

  • There is, though, this little thing known to many as The Law of Unintended Consequences. The harder the globalists push, the more nationalism they provoke.

    As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote:

    “There is a crack in every thing God has made. It would
    seem, there is always this vindictive circumstance stealing in at
    unawares, even into the wild poesy in which the human fancy attempted
    to make bold holiday, and to shake itself free of the old laws, —
    this back-stroke, this kick of the gun, certifying that the law is
    fatal; that in nature nothing can be given, all things are sold. ”

    The financial globalists have entered into an unholy alliance with their useful idiots, the progressive left globalists, the “world citizens”, the anti-nationalists who think that a bigger and better government is not only possible but desirable, the fools.

    They pursue globalism for vastly different reasons, but they fire with equal enthusiasm on the same enemies; us.

    Both have fallen prey to their own hubris, the suicidal belief that human affairs progress in a direct linear fashion, like a train on a track. Whereas the simple truth is that human affairs are more akin to a pendulum or an elastic band, and the further the globalists push our political systems from the point of equilibrium, the faster and farther will reach the inevitable snap back.

    Which we already see coming, in the increasing popularity of political personalities whose success was unthinkable even two years ago. The speed with which circumstances change when every element is already under severe stress, will test the mettle of us all; we and our political masters included.

    We really do live in interesting times.

    • Very good, thanks.

      • Nasjonalsosialistiske

        Ingen land kjører sitt eget løp under denne invasjonen, for det hele er en politisk agenda som ledes av FN, og som pushes frem av jødene og deres nikkedukker (politikerne).

        Derfor er vi maktesløse og kan ikke gjøre noe fordi folk flest vil ganske enkelt ikkevite eller forstå at dette er en politisk agenda?

        Noen klarer imidlertid å forstå at politikerne bevisst jobber for å importere muslimer og skifte ut folket, men der stopper det, de er som en computer som ikke kan gå videre fordi programmet ikke tillater det.

        Vatikanet og Westminster stole på opium smugling, menneskehandel, og hvitvasking… FNs sjef for Migration er styreleder i Goldman-Sachs bank… Jødiske bankfolk er oversvømmelse Europa med muslimer og Amerika med tredje verden søppel.

    • Don Duncan

      No govt. is good govt. The bigger the govt. the more wealth it destroys. So, a world govt. would destroy itself and the world economy.

      But economic globalism, one world time zone, one language, one measuring system, one currency, would make life better. Just not with a WWG.

      Govt. and the politics that give rise to it must be replaced by a new political paradigm, one based on voluntary social interactions, individual sovereignty, and no coercion. This means, no rulers, no ruled, i.e., no masters, no slaves.

      • Bill the Cat

        “Government” is another word or organized crime. If you don’t pay your vig (AKA Taxes), they seize your assets without using a gun.

        As long as you understand this and don’t let it get too large, it’s manageable.

        • Hitler was right

          “Looked at from this point of view the apparent insanity of our government’s foreign policy is revealed as a piece of shrewd calculating logic, put into effect in order to promote the Jewish idea of a struggle for world-mastery.” ~ Mein Kampf, The Right to Self-Defence

        • Don Duncan

          Once you “understand” (accept?) that theft is inevitable you can’t draw a line. You have no principle to draw the line by. You have conceded that your right to property is no right at all, but a privilege. But you conceded that when you accepted (made no moral argument and did not resist) the claim that you both 1.Deserved to be ruled. 2. Needed to be ruled.
          Taxation is collected using a gun. It’s not drawn because it doesn’t need to be, as long as it’s a threat you know they are willing and capable of backing up.

          • Bill the Cat

            Whether or not you like it the government exists, is going to continue to exist and I consider it a necessary evil.

            Folks who fantasize about not having government would probably be some of the first robbed and killed, so be happy you’re wrong.

            The NWO yobs, for the most part, could cock up a fire in a brewery… and have; but the people yapping about armed revolution are idiots of the first water or agent provocateurs being paid by the NWO yobs.

            If you really are 73, you’re old enough to stop believing your own BS. Give some thought to it, before you get some young dickweed killed for being stupid and listening to you.

            Best wishes in 2016, though.

  • Tim Hadfield

    The horrible murder of Father Jacques Hamel in Rouen France by “ISIS soldiers” sounds like an Israeli MK Ultra type of operation to me.
    Same goes for the raid on the German nudists.

  • FreeOregon

    What if all modern armies are superbly equipped and trained to fight the last war, not this one?

    What if nation states are incapable of protecting their citizens from a threat they created?

    Do we want to live in 3rd world countries with soldiers on every block? I recall them in the Dominican Republic. Ineffective.

  • Tom B

    This article is totally correct.Ever since a Rothschild existed they were behind every war as instigators for profit playing both sides as fools.


    Когда Библия упоминае Самсон убивающий одну тысячу Мещане с ослиной челюстью, что это не говорит об этом разглагольствуя мудак Джон Керри.

    Евреи нечистые бесы, как турки… Мамоне и большевизм являются еврейские сводные сестры.

    Еврейские банкиры наводнили Европу с мусульманами и Америку с третьего мира мусора.

    Украина должна забыть о Крыме и НАТО… НАТО бомбили христианские сербов… власть на Украине находится в сговоре с олигархами, им никто не противостоит.

    Армия Украины обстреливает мирные города. Мирные города не обстреливает ополчение и тем более армия России. Украинская армия убивает мирных жителей… и это факт.

    Съ нами Богъ!

  • We believe the City is behind both Israel and the wars. And we have a hard time seeing the connections between Luciferians worth $500 trillion and the average Jew. We admire Mr. Rivero’s website, however, and the general thrust of his perceptions.

  • Bill the Cat

    “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” S. Freud and others.

    It’s difficult to deny that Islamists are murdering people in Western Countries; given that, what is one to do?

    They will have to be forcibly repatriated and that is going to be blood, sweat and tears… no matter how it’s done.

    Will the banksters profit? Undoubtedly… but it still has to be done.

    • Ha ha ha


      ✡ Bolsheviks ((( Bernie Sanders )))… VS.

      ✡ Mensheviks ((( Debbie Wasserman-Shultz )))

      • Bill the Cat

        You forgot Jill Stein and the Green Party :>)

        • Dirty Kíkes

          ✡ (((Jill Stein)))

          • Stop with the name calling please.

          • LOL

            Il Vaticano ha una politica “diffondere l’altra guancia” di i loro chierichetti che.

  • LULZ

    If the Iranians nuke Israel, the Palestinian scums also die in the fallout… win/win situation… peace at last…

  • Thanks for commenting. However, we do not believe the “average” Jew is a “cult-like” Mason necessarily. And it is the Jewish GOVERNMENT that is oppressing Palestine, not individual Jews.

  • You could say that about Americans too. Governments are evil all over the world …

    • Don Duncan

      We must be careful to not fall into the collectivist mentality. “We” meaning “we voluntarists”. We are not part of the government. We are resisters. We are the voice of reason. We want the NAP.

  • Thanks. We also have trouble with the constant use of “Zionism.” The City “did” things to the Germans including the creation of Antisemitism.

  • FalconMoose

    ….And dared to speak the truth! Thanks.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    Amen DB!

  • You misunderstand. The City CREATED it. And hides behind it.

  • Every German was responsible for Hitler? What about the Americans and British who funded him?

    Israel is creating nothing. “Israel” is lines on a map.

  • EDD

    Concerning the one considered the father of modern day banking: “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

    History shows Amschel Rothschild was not Jewish but took upon himself a Jewish background in order to do business in the country of his residence. Over the last few hundred years, we have seen birds of a feather, etc. Get a neighbor to throw a rock through his other neighbor’s window. Then supply both with the funds; win-win situation. Neighbors or nations; makes no difference because the results are the same.

    There is no conscious empathy with these individuals, therefor the cost of human lives is indifferent to them. Instead of just throwing rocks, the art of manipulation has progressed whenever certain individuals put into words or print their ideas. Example: Hegelian dialectic. They play it like a well tuned violin. Except the internet revolution has distorted the violin.

    Instantaneous news breaks every time there is a disclosure. Can’t put the genie back into the bottle. DNC has suffered because of release of emails supporting Clinton over Sanders at the beginning of the primary season. (It’s kinda funny since the RNC was relatively dissension free in comparison.)

    DB: ” Even the alternative ‘Net media is not covering these events properly,
    blaming “Islam” for what is obviously a manipulated conflict.”

    Very true. In reading comments after an alt net media story, I have seen the yapping of an angry audience. Name calling and swearing, but thankfully kept to a minimum on this site. However, the result is a very dissatisfied citizenry. The veneer is wearing awfully thin. People can see through an almost transparent veneer. 2016 may prove to be the beginning of the end for TPTB.

    • Good, thanks.

    • Hi, EDD,

      I concur, with particular and peculiar regard to “There is no conscious empathy with these individuals, therefor the cost of human lives is indifferent to them. Instead of just throwing rocks, the art of manipulation has progressed whenever certain individuals put into words or print their ideas. Example: Hegelian dialectic. They play it like a well tuned violin. Except the internet revolution has distorted the violin.“, and everything else too thereafter in your post, for that matter.

      And IT and AI are making the future not to be at all like the present and beholding to the past, and in awe and/or in terror of failed Grand Masters of the Great Game, who when failed and failing then be reduced to rank administrator of nothing worthy, and to be worthy targets themselves for summary elimination from future events if nothing worthy morphs and descends into something designedly unpleasant and nasty.

      The following is worth amentioning here again and it fully agrees with your own expressed sentiments, does it not?

      And …. as words create, command and control and collapse worlds …… so all doom and gloom merchants are obvious enemies of the free state to be eradicated/permanently removed from any office of remote influence ….. starting with those basic brainwashing building blocks will naturally design and present a better beta future for exercising new life in.

      IT and mainstream media manipulation of the ignorant masses with crazy stories to be believed for the delivery of a smarter portrayed bigger picture reality with secret elite and elite secret hidden agendas aint difficult rocket science, is it, whenever such has been practising core source principles with both prime and sub-prime drivers for ages now, although as the evidence of the litany of recently past and current tales shows, is it increasingly difficult and not easy to get right if one is to avoid the chaos and madness and mayhem of failed programming systems in the Systems Project.

      IT Command and Control is the global game changer, not an hysterical Hillary or other puppet leaders.

  • We agree with you with two caveats. 1) Israel is not a person and 2) There are plenty of Jews who do not act on negative Biblical admonitions just as many Catholics do not act on Old Testament commandments.

    And thus it is not “all” Jews but “some” Jews. Which is why we object to generalizations …

  • Dave

    I practice 4-5 days a week. I carry a .45 acp pistol. I live in the US. I would hope that no one in my area walks into my church and tries that with our Pastor. He will find out that I can hit what I am pointing at. This is the difference between how a free people and a not so free people live. We will not allow indiscriminate murder of anyone by any fanatics. We are free.

    • James Clander

      Hey Rambo !

  • JosephConrad

    Two nations are pariahs on this planet – THE U.S. & ISRAEL. Their sole reasons for being appear to be to initiate FALSE FLAGS, genocide MUSLIMS, be Racist & Fascist in their dealings with Non-whites and WREAK THEN PLUNDER MUSLIM NATIONS.
    EVERY MASS KILLING EVENT in the last year has been a CIA-MI6-MOSSAD event !

  • If one doesn’t more fully recognise and effectively engage with the true nature of virtual reality programming for the purpose of creating broad shared bands and multiple levels of existence, is one extraordinarily rendered as no more than a spectator to the Great Game Plays of others, practiced and practising in the art, for of course is the art, and ITs role in Future Building, a novel and quite noble enobling work in constant progress, with all subject matter experts merely beginners in a magic world of free enterprise franchises. To imagine oneself as any sort of Master of the Universe in such shenanigans is to out oneself as truly confused and a clear and present danger to all and any system connected and/or connecting and networking with its principals.

    And arsenals nowadays have a whole new range of absolutely fabulous fabless weapons/virtualised NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive ICBMissiles/SMARTR Missives ‽ . 🙂

    Of course they do. I Kid U Not.

    amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Jul 08:20 [1607280820] …. asking a serious question of and on

    BASIC User Help to Operate Base Missions ….. Upping the Ante and Bounty on AntiTerrorism

    Would you like to work for an organisation which pampers and panders to the elite wishes of a failed executive order program and collapsed fiat capital system of administration and share with them, for their exclusive use, novel intellectual property with explosive expansive capabilities to render their utilities more effective and destructive/creative?

    Surely that would be akin to Project Programming New Orderly World Orders AI for Dummies …. in Live Operational Virtual Environments ‽

    And …. as words create, command and control and collapse worlds …… so all doom and gloom merchants are obvious enemies of the free state to be eradicated/permanently removed from any office of remote influence ….. starting with those basic brainwashing building blocks will naturally design and present a better beta future for exercising new life in.

    IT and mainstream media manipulation of the ignorant masses with crazy stories to be believed for the delivery of a smarter portrayed bigger picture reality with secret elite and elite secret hidden agendas aint difficult rocket science, is it, whenever such has been practising core source principles with both prime and sub-prime drivers for ages now, although as the evidence of the litany of recently past and current tales shows, is it increasingly difficult and not easy to get right if one is to avoid the chaos and madness and mayhem of failed programming systems in the Systems Project.

  • timamac

    I don’t get the DB’s making excuses for Islam. Not everything is a conspiracy. Islam is a deadly virus.

  • Jason

    Hey, if you look at the world through a crack in the door, you all you get a door-crack view of the world. This article looks though a crack in the door.

    What’s happening in Europe is only the latest chapter in a war that started 1,400 years ago in a ravine of Aqaba just outside of Mecca where Muhammad obtained a pledge from 75 people that they would wage war against “all and sundry” who rejected him and his religion. This is called the Pledge of Aqaba, and it laid the ground for Muhammad to escape to Yathrib (Medina) before the Meccans could kill him for undermining their way of life. It also laid the groundwork for Islamic wars. What’s in the Koran about jihad came next.

    All wars involving Islam started at that moment, and Muslims have largely succeeded because Muhammad exploited the energy of the dark side of human nature to advance his cult. Muslims have always succeeded because they have been more vicious than their opponents.

    I don’t even want to spell out here what will be necessary to spare the world from this plague that a deluded maniac started 14 centuries ago, but basically it involves becoming (temporarily) more inhuman than Islam. Because if you don’t get rid of Islam, sooner or later it will get rid of you.

    Which do you prefer?

  • lnsk

    I’ve had a front row seat also, though by adoption as a newborn. My family (reform practice) always intimidated me as a child/young adult. My empathy for all people (and animals!) would have me scorned and belittled. “We take care of our own”, “never forget!”, “stupid goyim”, “schvartze”, these were commonly repeated, but only within the “circle” and not publicly. Gaining more understanding throughout my adulthood and with truth on my side, I started to speak up more forcefully. “Self-hating Jew” was added to the list. Their utter hatred for Palestinians turns my stomach. Try as I might, a brick wall is erected the second I mention anything controversial to their “beliefs”. My experience has made it perfectly clear to me that it is a cult. If others could be a fly on the wall they would understand, as outsiders really can’t. I truly admire Gilad Atzmon, Anna Baltzer and other Jews that are speaking out. Christian Americans are not much better as many have swallowed the “must protect Israel” mantra.
    A good number of Americans have no idea that “we” are included in the 4 levels of government. Generations of public education is showing its fruits.
    Nice to see a kindred spirit:)

    • Thanks for commenting on an important and difficult issue. But let us put our question in the strongest possible terms. Please don’t be offended.

      Here it is in several parts …

      Are you claiming that “all Jews” or “all Jews that live in Israel” believe the “stupid goyim” ought to be exterminated as necessary and Jews are a superior race with the privileges that arise from that? Additionally, if you can “cheat” the goyim, this is commendable and if you live outside of Israel, your first loyalty is to Israel, nonetheless, etc. etc? Are you saying “all Jews” are secretly disdainful or all non-Jews and are content with a future that includes a regional or world war to expand and secure Israel and to make Jerusalem, potentially, a world capitol? The death of millions or billions of goyim is perhaps an inconvenience but not a tragedy so long as Israel is further secured and Jews generally are made more prosperous?

      We find it hard to believe this is the stance of “all Jews.” We are incorrect?

  • Nguamlam

    Reading this is very sad and I wonder why human beings are so predisposed to hate.

    Is it something built in that allows are brains to be easily misdirected and see a red overpowering unthinking anger that takes us over rendering the brains frontal lobes useless. All animals seem to have this characteristic but few kill their own kind on our scale.

    I am beginning to think that our bacteria have more to do with this than we know now. Bacteria feed on life and death and those in our bodies outnumber all of our other cells by a considerable margin and our cells need bacteria – it is quite feasible that bacteria influence the way we think and can shut down our powers to be discrete, see things clearly and think logically. Just like certain bacteria in mice can lay dormant until later in life when they activate and make the mice take risks so that they get caught and eaten by cats where the bacteria proliferate before being transferred to mice again via cat faeces. Bacteria like us, evolve for their own benefit and survival.

    Maybe it is time that we took a hard look at what really makes our bodies work as the idea of us being intelligent and capable of independent thought is clearly wrong – except for you and me, obviously:-)

  • Danny B

    I have an alternate view. The islamic conquest of India involved the killing of 80 million. This is the tried-and-true formula for world conquest. Fundamentalist religion is incompatible with an intelligent and informed populace. The madrasas are central to the spread of Islam because they spout the “party line” at the same time that they promote general ignorance.

    There is unlimited reading, proof and research to show that Islam is a political system rather than a religion.

    Israel is just BAD REAL ESTATE. They know very well the danger of islam. During operation ‘Cast lead”, 1160 palestinians were killed. 1220 were born in the same time period. The West just doesn’t realize that the penis is a weapon…. In spite of what Sean Connery proclaimed in Zardoz.
    Islam proposes to bury the West with high fecundity. Israel has long screamed about the dangers of islam. They have long tried to warn the West.
    They even knocked down a couple of buildings in New York and blamed it on islamic terrorists. Israel will be over run eventually. Just as Dearborn has been over run,,, and dozens of other cities.
    The jews are trying to speed up the realization in the West that islam is a danger to the whole world. Soros is doing his part.

    I’ve travelled by road around the Middle East. While I originally sympathized with the Palestinians, it is obvious that they receive a LOT of outside funds to maintain their VERY high birth rate.,
    There is much speculation that the upcoming financial collapse was purposely engineered. This is true. the West doesn’t have the “stomach” to execute jihad against islam. The financial crash will precipitate a massive famine that will do the job.
    Islam has over run many States BUT, it is a retarding force. We financed the rise of islam with oil money but, this is turning very toxic.

    Since islam is anti-intellectual (ex Iran), it is always losing ground to more-informed populations. The jews have a very low birth rate and will be overwhelmed eventually.

    The Christians are routinely being destroyed by islamists. Read “project open door” Reportedly 100 million Christians worldwide are being persecuted.

    The jews are trying to wake up the West to the fact that they are under siege by islam.
    Modern day France is the extant example of what the “game plan” is in the minds of Islamists. Marseilles is the extant end product.
    Previously, I was VERY much against the actions of israel. The destruction of the West AND intelligent society was proceeding with little fanfare. It is time to wake up.

    • Much of the spread of Islam occurred 1,000 years ago.

      Today, it is said that fundamental Islam is being pushed forward by the Muslim Brotherhood. This is a CIA funded operation.

      • Guest

        Not Muslim Brotherhood. They don’t like the Muslim Brotherhood only Qatar did and they were reprimanded by Saudi and the UAE. The Muslim Bortherhood are nothing more than useful idiots.

        The Muslim Brotherhood came into power in Egypt but were only a figure head. And when the time came Sisi came into power through a coup with the blessing of the USA. Yes they made slight whimper that democracy should be respected but nothing else. Since he came into power number of people killed and imprisoned has ballooned. Egypt is failed state now.

        It’s not the Muslim Brotherhood but mercenaries and and disgruntled and uneducated Muslims. People still kill people for money. Nothing has changed.

    • Guest

      Islam is a religion that rules by their interpretation by Gods law as Christianity did at one time.

      80 million in India by whom and where did you get that number? You do know they were always the minority. For around 800 years they were still the minority and spoke the local language, inter-married and now you cannot real tell the difference between the two in terms of looks. For people that wanted to commit genocide they sucked big time. I doubt it is true. According to Hindu Scholars the biggest killers of India were the British due to famine and mass killings. Islam first came to India by trade and inter marriage. Later on and mainly after the Arab rule fell did huge parts of India fell under Muslim rule.

      As you treat all Muslims (Arab, Mongol, North African, Turks) as one, let us do the same with Christians. Well even before the advent of Islam, what Christian Rome did would make what the Muslims did pale in comparison.

      Then after the breakup of Western Rome and the atrocities that occurred during the period is still greater. And from the renaissance period onward what they did in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa is the definition of human barbarism. From ~300AD onward conversion was done by the sword (boiling water, oil, torture instruments etc). Portuguese used all types of torture in the Americas to convert the locals. The Spaniards, Dutch, French, Belgians and British all did the same. The first concentration camps were done in Africa by the Europeans.

      What the Belgians did in Congo is evil. All for money and power. And when it was finally given freedom the Western
      Christian Europeans did a coup. Not the only coup they did in Africa.
      Only democracy they like is one the is sub-servant.

      Greed was defined in the Anglo-Zionist partnership. Highlighted by the evil and immoral Opium Wars which is back and running. CIA has been caught time and time again with drugs in South America and now back in Afghanistan. America now is the new Anglo-Zionist Empire

      The Rwanda Genocide (Christian vs Christian) was a proxy war that killed
      800K people in 3 months; a war between America and France. One wanted in that other wanted
      to remain in power. Now the US has a proxy state in Rwanda that has been destabilising its neighbours.

      The West stomach for debauchery is fine as history proves. From direct and proxy wars in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It has shown a disposition to be quite inhumane. What is happening in the ME is due to the funding of whom? Who created this mess? How many Western coups have occurred in the ME? How many puppets do we own? Who destroyed Iraq on lies?

      Give me a break. Israel a problem, but the main issue the West is an Evil Empire. You can tell by the way the demonize Putin at every turn. The West is Bankrupt, it’s needs a war to reset its debts and until then it must have nations it can rape and force them to remain using the dollar.

      • Thank you.

      • Danny B

        Almost everything that you write is true. The British Raj killed 10 million in one “purge” after the Sepoy revolt. England maintained the population of India at 225 million for 100 years by holding rotating famines, et al, et al.
        There is a pecking order with the society that has the best technology conquering the less technological society.
        India and Rhodesia are just 2 examples of primitive societies that received great technology benefits from their conquerors. They ADVANCED.
        Compare that to Islam, ” Tourist naked photo shoot atop Malaysian peak blamed for earthquake”
        Islam as an operating system depends heavily on IGNORANCE. It is a retarding force that drags everything down. Marseilles being the prime example.
        Humans will continue to compete and the stupid will lose out. We sent $ trillions to those nut-case Wahhabis and they are having their day in the sun. Islam promotes and depends on stupidity.
        Africa will have genocide with or without Europeans. The Hutsus and the Tutsis proved that.

        • Guest

          The Tutsi and Hutsi war is the Rwanda War and the West was involved. Also history place an important part. So killing millions is fine if you bring tech? Or it is fine because they (Africans) were going to do without us anyway (maybe?).

          Technology was not brought over to India out of love, the British didn’t care. It was a side affect of them building a system that exported all the goods in a most efficient way. Still evil. Tech was going to get developed anyway, humans build knowledge on other people knowledge and with the greatest human invention of it’s time, the printing press, knowledge was going to spread.

          Tech makes right is a sell out.

          Iraq lost its tech and was sent back to the “Stone age” like the Americans said they would. Iraq had the higher literacy rate than America and one of the world highest doctor to population ratio. It was destroyed with DU and over a decade of sanctions. I have a great hatred for such weapons as it is evil incarnate. America is the only empire that keeps on killing after the war. From Nuclear weaponry, to Agent Orange, to DU.

          Iran is developed and developing but it has had sanctions for a long time and threat of destruction by the civilised West for longer. And yet it keeps on developing.

          Islam keeps people backward? That’s not right and history has shown that. The Muslim empires fell because like every other empire it has a cycle. We came at its decline. It is as simple as that. As to it not rising now, because simply we do not allow it. Egypt has been America’s puppet state for around 40 odd years. Iraq same until we no longer wanted it. Libya one of the most developed nations in Africa was destroyed by the West. At to the Gulf states are states we created and help prop up.

          Turkey same for a long time has been appeasing the West, until Erdagon (maybe). A most detestable fella but he has lifted his nation.

          The West does not like developed Muslim nations. It does not like a
          highly developed Africa that would challenge it’s resources.

          Also one has to look the way the economy is geared in our favour. Feat money is pure evil. What backs it in the end is a military system, control of media and nothing else. It allows us to live beyond our means and to rob and destroy other nations with impunity as we can finance wars beyond our means. However this pyramid scheme of fiat money, fractional banking and speculative markets is coming at an end.

          > Humans will continue to compete and the stupid will lose out.

          You assume it is a fair playing field or there is justice in the world.

          > We sent $ trillions to those nut-case Wahhabis

          You got that wrong. What keeps us afloat is their money. What keeps the American life style at the top of the World was due to Saudi selling itself short. The Petrodollar kept the America afloat when in reality it was bankrupt and dead long before USSR. We should be grateful to Saudi. They are a bunch of idiots, because financially they could have ruled the world with their own currency if it wasn’t for one thing, it would have been seen a declaration of War. Saudi is a vassal state and anyone can see that. The fact we think of ourselves as civil is delusional. We still go to war over greed. Humans have not change at all. America is an empire with bases across the globe and in many Muslim nations.

          Now on a pretend, let us say that the rich Gulf state is 100% pacifist forever and we can grantee that. They start demanding gold for their oil or maybe a new fiat currency that they create… what do you think the West would do? It is obvious, it is time for regime change. And that is what defines us. We do not play fair. We like everything in our favour.

          > Islam as an operating system depends heavily on IGNORANCE
          > Islam depends on stupidity.
          Irrational statements based of ignorance of history and humanity. Islam does not depend on stupidity. No empire rises due to being stupid. History can allude to that. It was sacking of Muslim Spain that brought about the renaissance. Most of the Muslim Brotherhood members are highly educated just powerless. Because not only do they have to fight internal enemies but external enemies. I do not like them but one has to acknowledge that they are educated.

          The truth to your statement is the other way around. Empires depend on keeping their vassal and enemy states stupid and in a chaotic state. Now that is accurate and that is what is happening. For a nation to develop highly it cannot be a puppet state and it cannot be in constant fear of trying to appease a world tyrant. Right now the World tyrant is well known.

  • Steve

    The dividing line is not Jew, Gentile, Muslim, etc. The dividing line is natural law, and in civilized societies, 3 big ones come to the front: do not steal, do not defraud, do not initiate violence. Blessings and cursings hang upon the individual decisions of each person regarding these laws. Either we respect the humanity of others and live by voluntary exchange, or we prey upon others. Having said that, if 20-50 % of Muslims believe in initiating violence against “infidels” rather than using defensive violence only, how does one proceed? I am not willing to condemn the innocent. To do so is to again violate these same natural laws.

  • Steve

    OC. What a particular Jew says about Jews is his view. No one is qualified to speak for everyone. Again if 20 -80% of Jews are as you describe (who knows the percentage) there still remain those who respect the laws of nature with regard to civilizations. You are aware of the work of Jewish born Norman Finkelstein? He learned the evil of the genocide practiced against his family to such an extent that he would not tolerate Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. If you refuse to take every person as an individual how can you avoid aggression against the innocent?

  • Steve

    If one is to begin to understand the birth of all evil on Earth, maybe a person should start by looking deeply into the mirror? You make your choices and so you create. What do you choose to create? Let justice be done though the heavens fall. I will not condemn the innocent.

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