How Government Agents Troll Online to Divide and Confuse
By Joe Jarvis - December 13, 2017

The real story of online deception isn’t about the Russians. Sure, the Russians certainly have their own programs to disrupt and steer online discourse. But how quickly the public has forgotten about the U.S. government’s own internet troll program.

Edward Snowden leaked documents used by the “Five Eyes” alliance of governments. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia–basically Oceania from 1984–get together to spy on each other’s citizens. That’s how they cleverly get around laws against spying on their own citizens.

The leaked documents included a presentation about how government agents should disrupt online discourse.

There is a lot of overlap between these tactics, and often more than one are used simultaneously. For example, there has been a big push by the media to convince you that the end of net neutrality is a bad thing. They are masking the true nature of net neutrality–it really gives the government power to regulate aspects of the internet. And then they repackage net neutrality as necessary for freedom and open access to the internet.

When deploying government sponsored trolls online, the agents will mimic real commenters in order to sound more believable. They gain credibility since people are more likely to trust those they perceive as similar to them.

Sometimes government agents invent a crazy story and attribute it to a movement. This discredits the movement. Think Flat Earth Theory. Those primed to believe conspiracy theories get sucked in. Then all the true conspiracies are grouped in with the bogus one.

If a true conspiracy theory comes out, they invent 100 others to obscure the real one. In order for the truth to be lost among the falsities, they invent various levels of “conspiracy theories” from the slightly believable, to the absurd.

Hillary Clinton really is a corrupt psychopath. But she is not a shape-shifting reptilian alien.

From the evidence, it seems the United States government was in some way involved in the 2001 attacks on the twin towers. But did they use holograms of the planes, and fire a laser into the towers? Probably not.

The conspiracies become too unbelievable to some, and they throw the truth out with the government manufactured lies. For those that do believe the false details of a true conspiracy, they walk away with an inflated sense of how powerful and all knowing the government really is.

This also works to the government’s benefit. The over-the-top conspiracy theories become the decoy. They can then exploit those beliefs to create cognitive stress, which is another tactic of control.

Trump is the ultimate manifestation of their tactics to control attention. Trump is a big move which does a lot of masking the small moves. The media pays attention to his tweets, not his actions. When he does push for legislation, like a repeal of Obamacare, and it fails, attention drops because that seems to be the end of that.

And every time this happens, vigilance wanes. Another tweet, another legislative failure, another snub? We get it. But do we really get it?

Repetition. By now we are so used to misconduct by government officials, we just don’t pay attention anymore. Yet when the story about Pizzagate came to light, it was grouped in with conspiracy theories. No need to investigate. We were primed to put that story into the false category. But the new cue is sexual assault, and we are primed to believe any accusation, regardless of the evidence.

In efforts to demonize Bitcoin, many of these tactics are used. I’m not saying Bitcoin is beyond criticism. But I’ve seen commenters claim it was created by the CIA. That is just silly.

More likely, the government exploits the distrust libertarians tend to have in government in order to cast doubt on the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. That means fewer people will adopt technology that has the potential to bring down the worldwide banking cartel and free people from the shackles of government monetary policy.

White Nationalists and AntiFa are right out of this playbook. Each exploits the beliefs of the “other side.” The left is primed to assume anyone who disagrees with them is secretly a racist white supremacist. And the right is primed to believe the left is full of violent fanatics who want to implement a communist coup.

To be sure, some of these people exist in the real world. So government agents seize on this and magnify it with their own agents. By doing this, they cause unsuspecting citizens to join the fray. Behavior is influenced by our peers. So the perception that something is widespread or normal makes people more likely to follow the crowd.

Notice how they mention Cialdini in there? Robert B. Cialdini wrote the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. I recommend reading it, not so that you can manipulate others, but so that you can prevent yourself from being manipulated.

He describes how to trigger shortcuts people use in their mental processes. For instance, a higher price usually means higher quality, so often people assume a higher priced item will be better made. But this works in many areas. People might assume a southern accent makes someone a racist, or USDA approval means healthy.

Cialdini also goes into how people are influenced by social proof, gift giving, making commitments, and a sense of inclusion. It is no surprise that the government would use these advertising and sales tactics to push their agenda online.

An Obama policy adviser, Cass Sunstein, wrote a paper in 2008 which suggests using these tactics.

Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence, and the existence of such theories raises significant challenges for policy and law. The first challenge is to understand the mechanisms by which conspiracy theories prosper; the second challenge is to understand how such theories might be undermined… Because those who hold conspiracy theories typically suffer from a crippled epistemology, in accordance with which it is rational to hold such theories, the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups.

Sunstein later went on to serve on the NSA review panel.

But finally, here’s the real head spinner.

The documents mention a Haversack Ruse. This ruse involves planting false information by making the enemy think you accidentally lost it. The target thinks they got their hands on your actual plans. But in reality, they acquired fake plans.

For instance, was Edward Snowden really a leaker, or was he told to drop all this “evidence” in order to distract from what is really happening?

In such a case, the intelligence officers would be laughing their asses off. They had the balls to put the Haversack reference into a fake document that was intentionally leaked as a ruse. This fits with the elite’s serial-killer-like tendency to leave hints of their true agenda in plain sight.

That means one of two things.

Either these documents are not part of a ruse and everything in them is true.

Or, these documents are part of a Haversack Ruse. But why would the government leak these damning documents which prove their lies and untrustworthiness?

Only if the truth is so much worse.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Judy Cross

    Catherine Austin Fitts opined that cryptocurrencies are “Mr. Big” working out the details for when they disappear currencies.

    • Number 6

      Sum the letters of the following using their alphabetic order for example ABC = 1+2+3 = 6

      Money 13+15+14+5+25 = 72
      Bitcoin 2+9+20+3+15+9+14 = 72

      Quite a coincidence wouldn’t you say. They practice gematria, which is essentially coding numbers into words its a religious practice, they believe doing things by the numbers stitches their ill doings into the fabric of reality, Im betting Bitcoin is their intended one world currency

      PS I wouldn’t trust Alex Jones if I were you, see my other post on this page

      • Judy Cross

        I don’t trust him either, but I do trust C.A. Fitts.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    Washington and Robert E. Lee pulled this trick a few time as and the idea wasn’t original with them or with the Haversack guy. Old trick.

  • Nobody

    The immunity to all of this disinfo is the learning the common law. The common law is grounded in equality, logic and reason with identifiable elements that prove whether something is true, false or unknown. There is no authority in common law because its entire exercise is one of holding each liable for their own actions and voluntarily bound duties. Investigations are logical and driven by rules of obtaining evidence and corroborating that evidence founded in logic and reason.

    The real reality about disinfo is that you have to be paying attention to it prior to obtaining logic and reason for it to be able to confuse you. If all of you were studious in the common law everything you see in media would simply go into the hearsay bucket in your brain because that is exactly what it is – it does not constitute admissable evidence. You would then free yourself from the hearsay and focus on defending your rights for anyone you come in contact with who attempts to deprive of your rights. The tv would go in the trashbin and the 1000 years of common law case files would begin to fill up your bookshelves. The ‘government’ would be brought back into line intrinsically because you would be driving the narrative not them and definitely not bar attorneys.

    The tyrants would simply run out of time from everyone defending their rights that would be like flood waters consuming every bit of their time and breath from every direction until there is no more time for tyranny because them initiating tyranny upon anyone more would simply become another drop in the flood that drowns them even faster.

    The common law is the answer. Figure it out otherwise you they might confuse into walking right into the showers in their camps.

    • Keepit

      Is this trolling?

      • Slinky

        Doubt it, Nobody has a point about common law being “better” than corporate law if you are human. But common law will not solve the fundamental issue of human stupidity upon which every last social, political, religious and economic system/theory tried on the planet has foundered.

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          By its use of logic applied to facts, common law provides a method that enables stupidity to be identified as such and refuted.

    • Grace by Faith

      While this is a common law country practicing only equity/admiralty law, like Canada and maybe the UK, and just a few other nations, and while most of Europe has lost common law completely to equity or civil/admiralty law, we’re still all under martial law rule now, and martial (military) law supersedes common law.

      There are common law remedies you can use in court if you know your stuff and can flip the court legally back to common law, but you’d be hard pressed to find a clerk masquerading as a judge who’d honor his oath and serve the common law for free, because in common law, he has no way to make money from you. The police are military, they have captains, lieutenants, and sergeants, and are now dressed like military and trained to kill, so it’s really a no-brainer, even more so when you research it a bit.

      The gold fringe around the flag is a military flag designating martial law rule, and the specific rules about martial law rule can be found on the yt channel “sovereignliving” in the video he posted today. Also google: Get That Gold Fringe Off My Flag!” for legal citations, case law and congressional record.

      Just a bit of evidence we’re under martial law rule, there is much, much more: “As we have said, the Federal Personal Income Tax is collected under a military venue within a martial law jurisdiction. Federal Reserve Notes are Military Scrip circulated in a Military Venue. The problem is the people don’t understand how the entire United States is in a Military Venue. … Under the Social Security Act [1933] there was brought into existence Ten Federal Regional Areas. These Ten Federal Regional Areas [sounds a lot like FEMA regions] are the same as a military base [gold fringe around the flag]. It is not unconstitutional to circulate “military scrip” on a military base as the base is considered to be a military venue.

      “Military Scrip” cannot circulate in the civil jurisdiction of the United States. To get around this Constitutional bar the Congress created Ten Military Venues called Federal Regional Areas. The problem the Congress realized was, while Congress could restructure the Government agencies into these Federal Regional Areas, the people could not be identified to be [see: jurisdiction, they tricked us into it!] within this Military Venue but by their own consent [a commercial contract]. Dyett v. Turner, 439 P2d 266 @ 269, 20 U2d 403 (*1968*) The Non-Ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment by Judge A.H. Ellett, Utah Supreme Court.

  • Slinky

    This is a good one!

  • northernraven

    Eye-opening article! Thanks, DB.

  • Number 6

    If you happen upon a troll just type “Oy vey the goyim know” that seems to shut them up. they don’t want too much truth spilled in the ensuing confrontation. Its like light to vampire.

    • miro

      Ask them if they are paid to post, and often, they will brag about it. ” Hell yes I’m paid; and life is good…I’m proud to make a living spreading the truth”. Then, they link all of “you people” on “this website” together as not getting paid; and run another big victory lap.

      • Number 6

        I suspect they are paid surprisingly little, religious fervour can get you a lot of cheap labour. Many of them for example of Israeli students, another one which sends them running for the hills is “Whats the weather like inTel Aviv today ?” 😉

  • Number 6

    Have you ever wondered where the “Conspiracy” theorists get all their ideas from, or have you ever wondered why the US Government calls Area 51, Area 51 or where the phrase “Tin foil Hat” really comes from ? and no it isn’t an obscure 1926 short story by Julian Huxley that hardly anybody has ever heard of let alone read.

    Operation “Mocking Bird” was a CIA operation to manipulate the US media for propaganda purposes, which they pretended to discontinue and declassify. Lets sum the following clearly conspiracy related words using their alphabetic order, for example ABC = 1+2+3 = 6

    MockingBird 13+15+3+12+9+14+7+2+9+18+4 = 105

    Alex Jones 1+12+5+24 + 10+15+14+5+19 = 105
    Info Wars 9+14+6+15 + 23+1+18+19 = 105
    Nine eleven 14+9+14+5 + 5+12+5+22+5+14 = 105
    Zionism 26+9+15+14+9+19+13 = 105
    Masonry 13+1+19+15+14+18+25 = 105
    Pyramids 16+25+18+1+13+9+4+19 = 105
    Ferguson 6+5+18+7+21+19+15+14 = 105

    Note the 5 and the 1 its single digits that count in numerology. To see whats going on here, lets quickly learn another cypher, Reduced or Pythagorean as its sometimes know because Pythagorus invented it. In reduced every letter must be reduced to a single digit so for example R is the eighteenth letter 1+8 = 9

    Conspiracy 3+6+5+1+7+9+9+1+3+7 = 51 reduced
    tin foil hat 2+9+5 + 6+6+9+3 + 8+1+2 = 51 reduced
    Reptilians 9+5+7+2+9+3+9+1+5+1 = 51 reduced

    Well that explains Archetypal Conspiracy theorist and Thelema worshiper David Ikes obsession with the plural of little green men. and clearly why they’ve trained everyone who questions government of being a “Tin foil hat” wearer
    Or why conspiracy theorists have been presented with the idea of Pyramids on mars

    Pyramids 16+25+18+1+13+9+4+19 = 105 Ordinal
    Mars 13+1+18+19 = 51 Ordinal

    Its all way beyond coincidence, its a jewish practice, you know the people who disproportionately own the banks and the media its called gematria. And we are being “Mocked” with it !

    • Number 6

      And don’t forget its the American Government and the CIA which named Area 51 the centre of all things conspiratorial Area 51, so clearly its them or rather their banking masters who are behind this.

    • john cummins

      Number 6, What we want is information.

      • richardwicks

        I am not a number! I’m a free man!

        Who is number 1?

      • Number 6

        In – Formation

        Formation = 36+90+108+78+6+120+54+90+84 = 666 Sumerian

        In Sumerian all letters are multiples of 6 for example
        ABC = 6+12+18 = 36

    • miro

      I’m not saying they don’t wallow in mysticism or gematria; but the problem with gematria is assigning numbers to the letter order of an alphabet. Translate to Mandarin and the math holds up with 2000+ characters? Translate “mocked” to Portuguese; it’s still 51? English and archaic Hebrew only; or French too?

      • Number 6

        It centres around the English Language primarily, the modern version of the English language is radically different from old English, the Alphabet for which has 33 letters, its different to the point that our whole accent changed over a radically short space of time, post Shakespeare. “Life” for example used to be pronounced “Leaf’ in old English.

        This new version of the English Alphabet was established around the time as William Shakespeare 1564 – 1616 and about the same time the first masonic lodge was established in Edinburgh Scotland in 1599, then we had Robert Cawdry and His Table Alphabeticall 1604 defined the modern Alphabet the same year they started writing the King James Bible 1604 – 1611. Freemasonry is most certainly a Jewish construct and its probably the freemasons or “Minions” as hollywood calls them, were used to subvert countries, and promote this new version of the English Language.

        There numerous examples of how the English Language was planned by the numbers but a few notable examples

        22 / 7 = 3.14 or PIE very Important to the gang cycles and circles write out “twenty two divided by seven” = 314 in Ordinal

        317 is the word LIE flipped upside down

        “The word LIE flipped upside down” = 317 Ordinal

        That clearly cant be a coincidence, its man made.

        Every word inevitably has a value obviously it doesn’t mean its significant, Also You can use too many cyphers and you can assign significance to too many numbers reducing the odds, to the point where it becomes inevitable you will hit a number, so you have to be careful not to abuse it. But where the odds start to increase beyond the inevitable and then beyond coincidence is when lots of strongly associated words start to have the same values, or in incidences like the above two examples.

  • Tony Nobaloney

    Hillary is not a shape-shifting reptilian alien?

    And how can you be so sure?

    I smell a conspiracy here.

  • Garry Compton

    Been commenting for years and I’d say the majority of the trolls are US , Israel and Ukraine/East EU. 4 years ago we could have normal comment discussions, even MSM, but now its been wrecked by these manufactured liar countries. Thank God for normal Alternative discussions.

    • Most all of it comes from right here in USA from the many blue groups that pay for it all. Mostly Soros, DNC and the Clintons.

  • Don_in_Odessa

    …and then there are government sponsored, semi and actual, anti establishment, web sites; created to draw out and categorize those who need to be marked for observation and possible future restraint. In fact, web sites just like The Daily Bell. Not that this web site actually is fly paper for the disenfranchised and discontented. But be careful what you say and how you say it. No matter what, someone is watching.

    • NobodysaysBOO

      be very scared of your government pukes, they are in kahoots with JEWS?

    • Who cares if someone is watching ? they already know everything you say and do. Far better to say the truth of many matters and be done with it

      Other wise you are playing their game by their rules and giving them even more power over you. Wake up and live or be the whipped dog, its a choice !

      • Don_in_Odessa

        Oh, I’m not concerned for myself. I was writing disapproval letters to the “swamp” 40 years ago. I’m already tagged. I bear it as a badge of honor.

    • Great point. It is hard to discus these things without thinking of the conspiracy within the conspiracy. That is why it is good to be aware so that you don’t fall for any traps, and otherwise pursue individual freedom on your own terms.

  • chris

    what is reality then? i don’t think anyone knows any longer.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    proof is how they never catch any real criminals like the 911 krew or the trillions in our stolen money,tells EVERYTHING!!

    • Indeed a giant criminal; enterprise any more and nothing less. Most people are afraid to admit that to themselves so of course it continues !

      • Occams

        “Presenting the patient with truth and facts is a threat to their identity eliciting anger and resentment” ~ Sigmund Freud

        • Indeed , but we would have been far better off as a society to have followed C. Jung instead of Freud the drug addict fool !

          • Occams

            Could explain why much of the world is insane

          • Lambrecht Albert van Marion

            Your world

          • It is an intrguing thought process to be sure when you compare

      • Exactly, it is too much for most people to handle. They would rather pay 50% of their income to keep pretending.

  • miro

    One I have dealt with recently had some useful techniques. They posed as one human but couldn’t keep it consistent. They attempted to be black while trolling people they called rednecks; yet were completely tone deaf for either. They tried to sound snotty/american by constantly quoting Howard Zinn…then scolding…”See you people don’t even know your own history”.
    They did the necro thing: edit their old argument, so that your answers seem daft. One of the epic battles we had; they went in to Discuss and erased my most damning arguments from an hour earlier , while rewriting their earlier comments, arguing with me, and doing a full crash on my end. Full crash meaning a sudden, multi colored rainbow flash, followed by the Black Screen of Nothingness. Cold reboot, go back in…can’t post comments on that website. Only. Next day; magically cured itself. One time only. “Just a glitch folks”.
    Then, there was the persona being “born again” Christian and constantly cussing people out. Not cussing in a warm, congenial way we so often encounter online , but abusive and personal with lots of old testament cultural references. Weak sauce when you argue back without the abuse; highlighting the points they just tried to bury.

    • almost sounds like their posts went down the memory-hole from 1984. They really want to make sure no constructive discussions can he had.

      • Nobody

        You know something about memory holing info. How many times have you done that regarding winning tactical strategies posted in the comments???

        There are actual solutions to the nightmare we are submerged in but you need to let the information flow so that 1) the good people can realize there are tactics we can each participate in that even this monstrosity of full spectrum dominance tyranny can’t handle, 2) those tactical discussions freak the tyrants out and draws them out of their holes into action so that we can find them.

        It takes balls but the question is, do you have any???

        You took down the names and sites of the people actually doing something who have been attacked. That is memory holing and from all evidence you did it.

        • olde reb

          Allow me to assure the Daily Bell, they have NEVER memory
          holed a “winning tactical strategy” posted by you.

  • Praetor

    What a strange brew created by strange people. The destroyer nihilist’s of the leftist revolutionary is just bloodsport. The elites sitting around collecting their digital money and drinking their champagne, will find their misfit revolutionaries subjugating them too, like Lenin, ” We will ask the man, where do you stand on the question of the revolution? Are you for it or against it? If he is against it, we’ll stand him against a wall.” How all revolutions end.

    The other side wants restoration of only natural rights, a life free from arbitrary power. Restoration not Revolution.!!!

    • Nobody

      How are you going to restore without revolution? There are ‘amendments’ in the Constitition that have never been lawfully ratified that the courts acknowledge as ‘precedent’. Without permanent imprisonment or death penalty for every ‘judge’ and ‘prosecutor’ as well as nearly every ‘law’ enforcement ‘officer’ in the US to reset the precedent I don’t see any viable pathway to restoration. The people are too stupid to do it through juries otherwise it would have been done over 100 years ago. I still think we should give the jury thing one last great push hoping for remedy but fully prepared to let that push be the final notification that remedy will come from juries or extreme prejudice upon the tyrants individually, the latter being revolutionary restoration.

      • Praetor

        Every generation dies off! Every tyrant dies! Where is the revolutionary, Lenin. Where is his revolution today. The change takes place in the mind of the individuals. Restoration is free and liberated. Restoration is revolution. It does not mean violence.!!!

        • Nobody

          A jury finding the tyrants guilty of the capital crimes they are committing and sentencing them to death is not violence, it is proper lawful justice.

          • olde reb

            Two comments above this one, you want to kill any law enforcement officer that disagrees with your political conclusions. You want to usurp the position of law enforcement so you can ‘purify’ society to your concept. Lenin had the same goal.

          • Nobody

            The police, judges, prosecutors and bureaucrats are committing multiple capital crimes everyday ( among many many other felonies), 1) treason- they are levying war on the US and US law by applying statutes to the people and using violence to enslave us to their rules, 2) they are being paid in an unlawful tender that is a violation of Article 1 section 10 of US Const and that tender that they force upon us via taxes and fines is a devaluing (debased) tender thereby violating the Coinage act of 1792 that prescribes death penalty for that crime.

            You are the one bringing politics into law. I want the law actually upheld. If the law is upheld they die for their crimes.

          • olde reb

            you are the person that said statutory law did not apply to citizens […treason …. is “applying statutes to the people and using violence to enslave us to their rules.”]
            Why should I not conclude you are advocating anarchy and, since no laws apply, you will have no grounds to object when I borrow your automobile for a few months ?

          • Nobody

            You obviously know nothing about the law or where it came from. Do you think that the crime of theft (or any other crime) didn’t exist until a statute was passed? The common law discovered and labelled crimes determined from accusers claims of actual injury over the last 1000years until less than the last century. It was discovered that certain types of injury had very defined elements and when those elements were present the crime was labelled not by statutes but by Juries.

            You are operating withon a scenario where criminals overthrew the government, removed law from themselves, applying law of their capacity to you (as a person) so that they can write up ‘law’ to make lawful activity a crime so that you become their slave through statutory control. That is exactly what happened and is exactly why statutes (that don’t violate the Constitutions) is their law and common law is the people’s law.

          • olde reb

            how long have you been in a state hospital ???

          • Nobody

            Genius seems crazy to morons. Why do you think America is so screwed up? The answer is because we are drowning in morons. You know what lenin’s communists did to geniuses who saw through the lies? They claimed they had mental problems and locked them into mental institutions. You are ine of the communist m9rons destroying America, look what your statutes wrongly applied to the people have brought us, papers to move around, permits to enforce crony craptialism, ‘legalized’ theft, legal kidnapping, legal unlawful tender, ‘tax’ rate that in reality is over 100%, incarcerating innocent people, over 50,000 pages of new ‘laws’ annually, this list of legal crime and insanity is endless. I guess you think in order for a judge to never tell you “ignorance of the law is not a defense” means that we all have to read more than 50k pages statutes every year to know what laws we are violating. I suppose this is all to maintain ‘precedence’ right? I suppose if you don’t work at Walmart their board issued rules apply to you too…

            You have lost your mind. You are the communist. I am the one who is perfectly clear here about the proper application of law and what precedence actually means.

          • olde reb

            Lenin did not say it any clearer

          • Nobody

            Every form of tyranny we have comes from applying statutes to the people by an ‘authority’ with no liability for their actions.

          • Col. Edward H. R. Green

            Anarchy means “without a ruler”; it does not mean “without rules”. The rules or laws that govern in an anarchic society are common laws that prosecute and punish real crimes, i.e. actions that violate legitimate individual rights, e.g. murder, theft, rape, kidnapping, fraud.

          • olde reb

            The distinction appears to suggest the “wild west” was utopian. That seems hard to swallow.

          • Nobody

            It’s called self-goverance and equality ya dummy…

          • olde reb

            Its called the law of the bully.

          • olde reb

            I am certain that you are aware statutory law, which is used to replace common law, has the purpose of establishing consistent applications in various venues.
            Statutory law also is used to apply standards of conduct upon government, such as the keeping of government records and emails, obstruction of justice, open records, etc. It is the enforcement of these statutes that is lacking. Removal of the statutes allows an unbounded tyranny.

          • Nobody

            The statutes apply to them in their givernment capacity. Statutes have no application to the people. No one said anything about removing statutes. Applying statutes to the people IS levying war on the United States because they expand statutes beyond the common law and unlawfully apply those statutes to the each of the people enabling them to steal, extort, defraud, human traffick/kidnap all while claiming its legal. The distinction from common law is obvious. Under common law there is no such thing as a victimless crime, there is no such thing as subject matter jurisdiction without an accuser, there is no such thing as paying ‘fines’ to a court or anyone else but a victim who was actually injured, no such thing as authority, no such thing as seizure or arresting objects, no such thing as id requirements, no such thing as an agent without a liable principal, no such thing as a representative without a presenter, no such thing as a judge entering a plea for a defendent

            Every statute they ever apply to people without an accuser identifying the elements of a valid cause of action requires them to commit all elements of at least one crime and in reality they almost always end up having committing no less than 5 felony acts by multiple conspirators. Their claims that statutes abrogate common law is actually an overthrow of the government, a treasonous act with every intention by them to use color of law as a weapon where they can criminal injure us for their own gain in the name of ‘law enforcement’. The statutes were NEVER intended to have any application to the people which is EXACTLY why statutes do not even claim to apply to man/woman/men/women/people they only claim to apply to “person”. Person does not equal man and them trying to equate these two words is the prime source of their criminal fraud and treason.

            Applying statutes to the people as persons is a power play by criminal men falsely claiming to be government to be authority ie above others ie above the law.

            Your failure to delineate the meaning of person from man/woman/people is the source of your confusion and that confusion was an intentional act of criminal fraud created by the bar associations “legal products”. Read what the bar offers from their own publications, they offer “legal products” not law – their word mishmash is because they are a criminal gang of fraudsters who have overthrown the entire judicial branch of the US government- the bar is the true ENEMY of the United States with the intent of converting US from a common law country to a civil law country. Wake up dude!! Common law is not my interpretation it has thousands of books and a thousand years of case law behind it -it is unchanging precedent that never had room for fines paid to courts, drug war, authority or any other form of tyranny that could be written up by a few hundred people and change the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

          • olde reb

            A jury without a legal structure is a vigilante

          • Nobody

            I am talking about Law. The only intetpretation of “legal” I see in the US is the bar association and the bar members are the conspirators levying war. I am talking about a lawfully seated jury in our courts.

          • olde reb

            courts are established by statutes. If, as you contend, statutes should not be applicable to citizens, the courts have no jurisdiction over trials of citizens.
            You are totally confused.

          • Nobody

            Statutes are the law for the government capacity, the Constitutions limit the bounds of the Statutes. Constitution and Statutes is THEIR LAW, Common law is the people’s law. People don’t work in the government capacity, persons do; that is exactly why the Constitutions and Statutes claim applicability to persons and nowhere claim applicability to man/woman/men/women/people. A person is a man or woman inside a contractually defined capacity aka on the clock. They are violating their law and common law. The entire purpose of the Constitutional capacity is to serve people. If no one has requested their services then they should do NOTHING. Imagine if the fire department acted like the police, hose your house down when there is no fire, it wouldn’t make any sense just as police ‘arresting’ someone who has not harmed anyone (all elements of kidnapping – a crime committed by psychopaths who are suppose to be servants waiting for one or more of the people requesting their services). Same with courts, if there is no accuser from the people then there is no jurisdiction because no one has requested their services. I have gone to grand jury to have the cops and ‘judges’ criminally indicted for their violations but the prosecutors obstruct justice by blocking access to the people’s grand jury which proves they have overthrown the government- treason a capital crime. They are suppose to be there to service upon request but instead they apply their law to us and have removed themselves from their own law. I have already proven this and have the names of everyone of those criminals in my locale but I have also noticed others around the country were actually arrested and thrown in jail for trying to access the grand jury to bring them to justice. The ‘judges’, prosecutors and cops have conspired and actually overthrown the government and for that they should be convicted of treason and executed.

          • MountainMan

            A government which becomes destructive of the ends of liberty is worse than a vigilante.

          • olde reb

            I can certainly accept a vigilante before I would accept the brutal Shah of Iran which Allen Dulles, Kermit Roosevelt and the CIA imposed upon the Iranian people after deposing popular elected Mossie so Wall Street could acquire possession of British Petroleum oilfields that had been nationalized in 1953—paid for by the U.S. taxpayers.

          • olde reb

            But what Nobody is wanting—after all legal structure of law is obliterated–is to be able to control the masses and KILL anybody who objects to the unwritten laws which HE uses to govern society. That is tyranny which comes straight from Marx’s Manifesto.

          • MountainMan

            Your description fits our country NOW; no need for hypothetical allusions to what MIGHT be in the future.

          • Nobody

            You have lost your mind. Where did I express any desire to “to control the masses and KILL anybody who objects to the unwritten laws which HE uses to govern society.”???

            I want the traitors executed for levying war on the US by enslaving the people to statutes that do not claim to have application to the people and nowhere in the Constitution was government ever authorized to make law applicable to the people. The criminal psychopathic judges, prosecutors and ‘law’ enforcement are the one’s who “control the masses and KILL anybody who objects to written laws which they use to govern society.” They were never authorized to injure or control anyone yet that is exactly the only thing are doing for their own gain. I want our juries to convict them and sentence them to death because that is the proper remedy from their never-ending injury.

        • Nigel

          Were it so we wouldn’t be in this mess. Tyrants have families, servants, allies and belong to exclusive clubs. The ones that don’t show up in history books, they are your carriers of tradition.

          It’s the traditions we have to dismantle if you want to pull out the roots, the ideologies that build and concentrate wealth, that inform racist, tribal attitudes and vendettas.

      • olde reb


        Revolutions ?? Perhaps we could reflect on the review of historical political changes listed by Benjamin Ginsberg in FATAL EMBRACE; ‘bankers’ AND THE STATE that were not as violent as advocated by Lenin.

        Ben identifies several European eras during which a nation was economically exploited by a banking group with the assistance of compliant rulers (who received benefits). The general populous was left in impoverished straits. The uprisings by the people included seizing of the bankers’ assets, physical abuse, and expelling from the nation.

        One incident involved London financiers inducing King John to invade Normandy which led to a revolt by the Barons and the Magna Carta. King John complained he was left only with a crown; the era of Rights of the People began. Exile of the offenders and seizure of estates occurred decades later under King Edward. It is funny that school books do not dwell on this advancement of society.

        It has been theorized that the Federal Reserve embezzles funds for Wall Street bankers using a Ponzi scheme inherited from Europe that is inherently designed for bankruptcy with a fraudulent debt that can never be repaid. Ref

        A continuing theory is the embezzled funds have been used to impose economic oppression internationally with Wall Street control of the IMF and WB. The methodology centers on imposing a national debt on targeted nations that can never be repaid—such as we have seen in Greece.

        Greg Palast has written of an internal Wall Street memo that identifies collection of the US $20 trillion national debt to be their “ultimate goal.”

        Donald Trump ran up large loans from Wall Street bankers before filing for bankruptcy. Russian money, alleged to be hot, funded recent Trump operations. Mnuchin budget proposal expands deficit spending (far beyond media publication) to perpetuate the Wall Street/Federal Reserve scheme.

        How much will the people tolerate ??

        • Nobody

          The federal reserve is bad but the judges and ‘law’ enforcement are way worse because if they did their jobs they would have already shut down the federal reserve fraud, the tax fraud and they would have shut down the crony capitalism so that free matkets could reign which would have already brought the natural redistribution of wealth necessary for us to thrive.

          Every judge and prosecutor along with every ‘law’ enforment ‘officer’ in this country who has ever applied statutes to any of the people should be immediately indicted for treason and sentenced to death. When that happens we will have the freedom we need to reformulate everything away from the federal reserve and finally bring them to justice too.

          • olde reb

            Here you come with your subtle anarchists goal again;
            i.e., destroy any enforcement of the law and no people are subject to statutory law. Where do you come up with such s*it?

  • Please8834

    You mean like recommending buying the book, “Psychology of persuasion”As a good read? Truthfully why buy a book unless you’re so dumbed down you can’t see because of the blinders , if anyone wants to see through the rubbish, they must see the field as it really is, obscured. This is not a new tactic so now all the lies are liking firld with landmines everywhere, someone always trying to point the right way to where all the spew is coming from…

  • olde reb

    It is written: “I’ve seen commenters claim (bitcoin) was created by the CIA. That is just silly.”

    Would you accept the creator might be financial centers, perhaps on Wall Street [or “Worldwide banking cartel”], that will run up the value but prevent any cash-in until they maximize their profit before collapse ?