Foreign Affairs Confronts Trump’s ‘Populism’
By Daily Bell Staff - October 26, 2016

The Globalization of Rage  Why Today’s Extremism Looks Familiar … Militant secessions from a civilization premised on gradual progress under liberal democratic trustees—the kind of civilization that D’Annunzio and his peers denounced as feeble and corrupt—are once again brewing within the West and far beyond it: and as before, they are fueled by a broad, deep, and volatile desire for destruction.    –Foreign Affairs                             

This is the single most important article we’ve read in Foreign Affairs in years. It grows out of the “populism versus globalism” meme we’ve been tracking regularly.

We believed from the beginning that this meme would prove extremely important. The idea was that populism would be contrasted unfavorably to globalism and that this would be developed via directed history.

We tend to think Brexit is an example of this. It still doesn’t make sense that Brexit passed when British electoral facilities are controlled by globalist elites. In other words, Brexit’s passage may have been purposeful.

The idea, for instance, would be to ensure that Brexit has a broad array of negative consequences for the British. Paint Brexit as “populist” and  then paint its negative consequences as occurring because the wise precepts of globalism were not adhered to.

This is how elite propaganda works. Create a dialogue and then enforce it with the economic, legislative and military consequences – all of which are controlled by the dialogue-makers.

Global warming doesn’t exist, or not in fashion represented in the popular media. But global warming has been acted upon economically and legislatively throughout the world.

Likewise, “populism versus globalism” is a meme – a rhetorical construct – not a reality.

But there can be little doubt now that those behind the meme intend to make real. We can see the rhetoric heightening.

The consequences of a “populist” Brexit are going to be determinedly negative. If the “populist” Trump is elected in the US, the consequences will likely be similarly disastrous – and blamed on his populism.

Foreign Affairs is the magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the elite sister of the elite-controlled British Roundtable. Foreign Affairs magazine enunciates elite banking policies.

In this case, we would do well to pay heed to an emergent meme that will define the next decades.

It is not enough to suggest globalist remedies. An entire argument must be constructed around globalism if it is to be fully implemented.

And since the preferred device is Hegelian – thesis and antithesis giving way to synthesis – one needs to establish two sides. Globalism is the thesis here. Populism the antithesis. The synthesis will be a more fully emergent globalism.

In the highly charged rhetoric of this Foreign Affairs article, we can see just how vehemently this emergent meme is being pursued.

In reality, today’s malignancies are rooted in distinctly modern reactions to the profound social and economic shifts of recent decades, which have been obscured by the optimistic visions of globalization that took hold in the aftermath of the Cold War.

Notice the language. Globalism is optimistic. Its alternative (populism) is “malignant.

Then there is this:

Behind all these developments lies the fact that globalization—characterized by the mobility of people, capital, and ideas and accelerated by the rapid development of communications and information technology—has weakened traditional forms of authority everywhere, from Europe’s social democracies to the despotic states of the Arab world.

It has also produced an array of unpredictable new international actors that have seized on the sense of alienation and dashed expectations that defines the political mood in many places.

The extremists of ISIS have exploited these changes with devious skill, partly by turning the Internet into a devastatingly effective propaganda tool for global jihad.

You see? It is not enough to characterize populism as malignant. It must be conflated directly with ISIS. Trump, for instance, is not merely misguided. He is part of a larger terrorism.

And populism is to be conflated with “conspiracy theory” as well … actually a CIA-developed meme. In fact, populism – so the article informs us – is responsible for “lynch mobs and mass shooters.”

Populist and extremist attacks on reasoned debate and evidence-based analysis have made it easier for conspiracy theories and downright lies to spread and gain broad credence. Lynch mobs and mass shooters thrive in a climate where many people think of others only in terms of friends and foes and where sectarian loyalty or nativist hatred override civic bonds.

The article goes on to blame some of today’s disturbing violence and aimlessness on major media.

Of course, the article doesn’t tell us that most major media is controlled by a handful of individuals who run them to benefit the goals of the globalist elite.

Here’s the duplicitous characterization:

The world seems beset by pervasive panic, which doesn’t quite resemble the centralized fear that emanates from despotic power. Rather, people everywhere find themselves in thrall to the sentiment—generated by the news media and amplified by social media—that anything can happen, anywhere, to anybody, at any time.

The pervasive panic the article discerns is further complicated by the continued failure of globalism, which is disordering people “spiritually.”

In places where globalized capitalism has not fulfilled its promise of opportunity and prosperity, culturally and spiritually disorientated people have become increasingly susceptible to demagoguery and extremism.

The consequences of globalism, should it continue to fail, will include the disenfranchising of the world’s youth.

The inheritance of modern youth will include “racist nationalism” that will remove or reduce “freedom and prosperity.”

The sudden and rapid success of racist nationalists and cultural supremacists ought to make liberals wonder whether the millions of young people awakening around the world to their inheritance—which for even the richest among them includes global warming—will be able to realize the modern promise of freedom and prosperity, or if they are doomed to hurtle, like many Europeans in the past, between a sense of inadequacy and fantasies of revenge.

Generally speaking, populism is to be feared as the worst of all results, should it grip the world more pervasively in its icy clutches.

Militant secessions from a civilization premised on gradual progress under liberal democratic trustees … are once again brewing within the West and far beyond it: and as before, they are fueled by a broad, deep, and volatile desire for destruction.

This is a broad and ringing affirmation of globalism, which as we recently pointed out, is at root a religion.

It is an evil religion however, proposing the gathering together of the world’s population under a single ruler (or group or rulers) who will have near-absolute control over the world’s billions.

All the negatives attributed to populism in this article are actually properties of globalism. But the rhetoric justifies the ascension of globalism and the removal of populism.

Conclusion: Populism is painted as malignant, exploitative, racist and violent. These are not opinions either. This article is proposing a broad gamut of properties that the wise solons of globalism will have to act against and eventually remove. You may wish to consult the Georgia Guidestones for the human costs involved.


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  • Demonocracy

    The two dichotomies just prove that governments don’t represent the will of their citizens as they claim. Populism is the governments worst nightmare. In a corporatocracy, globalism is the key to their survival. This is why the neocons are so desperate in AmeriKa to rig these elections for the queen of globalism.

  • Scott

    Georgia Guidestones, fify.

  • northernraven

    I love the smell of globalist panic in the morning.

    The ass media attacks on Trump are growing more shrill the more they fail to unseat him. Our saving grace is the deluded elites couldn’t run a lemonade stand. They’re too psychopathic to understand their own shortcomings.

  • timothy price

    “It is an evil religion however, proposing the gathering together of the
    world’s population under a single ruler (or group or rulers) who will
    have near-absolute control over the world’s billions”
    It isn’t that a global governance is necessarily so bad, it is the evil satanic nature of its present ethics. It is based upon control by any and all means. it is based upon greed for the few. It uses deception rather that truth. It places no value upon human life or dignity.
    The Declaration of Independence, an American document from which the Constitution was to embody into law, contains the Bill of Rights. These two documents represent the highest achievement to date of social contract. America, humanity, should not relinquish this, but further refine it for all the world’s people to enjoy if they wish.

  • JimSmith

    Spectacular analysis as always. Almost makes we wonder if Trump is part of the ruse. Even if he is not, and wins, the globalists no doubt intend to unleash hell and blame it on the rejection of their evil nostrums. Keep up the good work. Foreign Affairs and CFR are officially the home of evil in America. We need to keep exposing these freakish ghouls.

  • Bernz

    A theme maintained by the Global Elite is that the American president is “The leader of the free world”. This is only supported via the puppeteering applied to the position when held by the chosen applicant. Things get interesting when the applicant is unapproved by the GE. Kennedy was such a candidate as Trump would be also. But no need to fear for Trump’s survival. Kennedy was murdered to initiate a radical change agenda via mass traumatization. Similar to 9/11.
    No doubt the GE wants Hillary. The “skids are greased” as they say. The GE would rather continue down the current visible path to despotism via a social cataclysm which could more easily and sooner be affected via a Hillary win. However, they do not fret a Trump win and as your excellent article points out they will use it to their advantage early and often. How much power do you really think the “leader of the free world” will actually have if the GE instruct the rest of the apparatus to stand down? Things will go south quick and the GE will be back on track in no time.
    Foreign Affairs states;
    “Lynch mobs and mass shooters thrive in a climate where many people think of others only in terms of friends and foes and where sectarian loyalty or nativist hatred override civic bonds.”
    Correct from their perspective and easily illustrated via false flag events. Sadly, I expect a mass shooting by a purported Trump supporter at a Democratic rally before the election. This may help derail Trumps chances and if not it will at least provide cover for leftist agendas if Trump were to still win. Also, expect the “weapon retrieved at the scene” to be the ever popular AR-15.

    • apberusdisvet

      You forgot to include that “the purported Trump supporter” will be found living in a trailer park in Texas and have a framed picture of Putin over his bed.

      • hoss2013

        Remember this one,
        “Over 21 days in October 2002, the pair ambushed 13 unsuspecting strangers, killing 10 of them, in the Washington area”
        because this is what came to my mind after reading your comment. And it all happened so close to 2001 and the last names have such a ring to them 🙁

    • Astromoney

      You may want to read The Yankee and Cowboy War by Carl Oglesby. “The astonishing link between the JFK assassination and the deposing of Nixon” “Conspiracies from Dallas to Watergate and Beyond” 1976-77

  • windsor1

    Foreign Affairs is the magazine for the CFR. CFR is all about globalism and one world government. These folks have their own vocabulary For example:
    nationalist = extremist
    Radical left = progressive
    pro constitution = potential terrorist
    conservative = racist, old fashioned
    In reality Globalism means mass immigration, trade policies that favor third world nations, de-industrialization, wars, terror, false flags, lies, death of activists, tainted vaccines, fluoridated water, GMO foods, financial fraud and bank bail-ins, higher taxes, higher deficits etc.
    A whole new language has evolved to justify programs that destroy life in the West. A rip off trade agreement become “Trans Pacific Partnership”. It is so beneficial to Americans that it has to kept secret. SPP is security and prospertiy partnership. Security and Prosperty for whom.
    As the globalists destroy the west they try to couch onerous and disastrous programs in innocuous sounding terms to disarm the public.
    In its endpoint Globalism creates a feudal society; a privileged elite and a neo-feudal serf class with nobody in between. In the process the consolidation opportunities that result from knocking down borders creates swaths of redundant human beings. There is no kind face to globalism only propaganda, rhetoric and lies. It is prosperity for the Establishment and war, destruction, loss of life and feudalism for all others. All humanity will live at the same level of misery searching for the poverty that eludes them.

    • Wrusssr

      Can’t be said a whole lot better, W1. I would add only one word to your line ” . . . there is no kind face to globalism, only propaganda, rhetoric, lies . . . and death.” Hence the Guidestones.

      Globalists are coordinated by a handful of historical banking families located in The City in the middle of London; to which the CFR answers and coordinates. They own the Bank of International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland, along with the 150 strategic nations of the world through their 150 (+/-) central banks located in those nations that dispense fiat ‘money’ to corrupt government ‘officials’ and politicians. For these paper money ‘loans’ that come with un-repayable interest in perpetuity, the bankers require their corrupt ‘officials’ to put up their governments’ hard assets–gold, silver, minerals, oil, gas, water, land, etc.–as collateral for these banker ‘loans’ (soon to be replaced with financial cards/chips/data with their hand on the on/off switch). When nations can no longer pay interest on these ‘loans’, the bankers foreclose on their assets; their end game being to own/control all of earth’s resources, including jobs, people, and hope; retaining only those people they deem ‘useful’ or ‘necessary’.

      The City’s bankers profit from human misery and death–war being one of their most lucrative endeavors–and are without, heart, soul, or conscience. They deal in multiples of trillions, and are thought to own/control at least two-thirds of the world’s financial wealth. They’ve worked toward this end for centuries; their philosophy being there is no wall so high it can’t be breached with a donkey loaded with gold. Hence their control of government officials and politicians and by fiat, nations.

      These Bankers’ funded the Bolshevik Revolution, the Bolshevik’s killing of the Czar and his family for his fortune, and the subsequent killing of at least 60 million Russians, with some estimates putting that number beyond 100 million–earth’s real Holocaust–this from researchers evaluating Russian archives that have been opened so far. This is the unwritten message for humanity on the Georgia Guidestones.

      During the ‘Cold War’, these bankers traveled freely back and forth to Russia while the rest of humanity hide beneath their desks and built fallout bunkers fearing the Russkies and their bombs. (This, too, was a lie.) What they were doing, IMO, was seeing how the people fared under Bolshevik communism, whether or not they were producing enough scientists, doctors, engineers; the people had enough food, clothing, a place to live, etc.; this while their leaders rode in limousines and vacationed at their Dachas. IOW, the killers, thieves, and liars wound up at the Apex. A crude but effective modern day example of this are the drug cartels that run Mexico. In both cases, killing was/is essential for the retention of power.

      Turn the Constitution rock whichever way you like, but its authors had seen or experienced ‘Royal Decrees’; knew of these bankers maneuverings, dealings; their funding of both sides of Kings’ wars throughout Europe, and so wrote the Constitution accordingly; specifying only the congress, for example, could coin or print America’s money. It is not a ‘living document’. It has provisions for amendment. And it has been usurped by these bankers and corrupt politicians and officials.

      That these bankers prefer central control is evidenced by the fact they’ve chosen the UN (which they also own) for their central government’s bureaucratic base; the funds for which will come from nations’ ‘contributions’ to the UN for “climate control”; another preplanned lie and deception. Prior to the Internet, these bankers controlled the world’s information outlets that told people what to think about. Thus it was an easy task selling wars with Attila the Hun, the sinking of the Maine, the ‘surprise attack’ on Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin ‘provocation’. The list is long and transparent now.

      The Internet became/has become/may it continue to be a serious threat for these financial demons.

      Who TheBankers Are

      How They Funded Their Agenda in America

      • James

        Just the other day I was reading about how the slaves in Haiti handled their masters way back in 1804. Maybe we could learn a lot from them?

    • WinChll

      Well stated.

  • ICFubar

    Superb article outlining the modus operandi of the globalists. My only regret is not having stumbled across the Daily Bell sooner than a week ago!

    In regards to Trump being a populous figure, if one understands his platform in total and views his advisers and appointees then one is left with the impression he holds many of same beliefs as the globalists. Those on the right wing political spectrum are but different shades of laissez faire capitalists, one shade trying to stop what capitalism has evolved into. The ‘left’ has all but disappeared in any organized political form as a counter balance in either ideology or policy substance, dissolving any centrist point of view along with it. In effect we have two right wing points of view battling it out, old style conservatives versus new style fascists, if we are to believe there is any battle actually taking place, or what some would call political theater as de rigueur.

    • Hey, thanks.

    • James

      You think there are 2 right wings because you don’t understand what the Left is all about. I think there are 2 left wings because I have no idea what the hell the Right is all about. What I mean is, all kidding aside for the moment, left/right is a scam and a ruse meant to confuse us, to baffle us with bullshit, if you will. All policies empower the crooked banksters, whether they are called Left or Right.

      • ICFubar

        True enough. Political ideologies mean nothing to the bankers. They ‘care not who makes the laws.’

        I understand what the left [not the liberal class] should be about and understand those of that persuasion have no political representation that have any political clout. When legislation is written by the corporations that will be affected by that legislation and continually passed by a majority of political sycophants the public’s interest will not served but you and I both know whose will be served.

  • autonomous

    Whether global or local, subjection to the rule of others equates to the denial of individual freedom. America is a perfect example of an attempt to limit government. The initiation of the constitution provided the re-entry of the very tyranny that the declaration of independence sought to free America from. The DOI would have more force if it had said, “I Declare that: When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for someone to dissolve the political bands which have connected him with another and to assume equal station to all other individuals on the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” Such a declaration, then, could honestly been signed by any and all residents, then and now instead of a handful of representatives signing for all.

    Indeed, the fatal weakness of the DOI was the statement that “We, the people” hereby declare. The We gives rise to socialism, collectivity and fascism.

  • Framing in false dichotomies of targeted appeal so as to offer a fake synthesis is the leveraging of guilt and fear to short circuit or deny a genuine communication – or indeed perception.

    The idea of two seemingly opposed views reaching a transcendent third way is premised on the willingness for communication.

    The determination to disrupt communication, so as to control and frame the narrative uses fear to disrupt – with the call to war or for protection, and guilt to invalidate NOT doing so or challenging the narrative.

    This pattern is intimate to human consciousness because our own minds work on such principles behind the scenes unless we have awoken to the patterns of hate, fear and denial as the ‘protective’ and assertive sense of control over whatever is feared, denied, hated or lusted after in sense of deprived disconnection.

    One may say that mostly we don’t know what we do because it runs on default conditioning and our narrative justifications do their assigned task of maintaining continuity despite or regardless of whether such are grounded in integrity or operating a private agenda of dissociative nature. But there is always some awareness of a wish to assert control or power from a separated sense of judging others.

    The devices being exposed in the maintenance of collective ‘reality’ control are rarely seen as the way to renounce and be free of false power. More often the reaction is to study and use the same tactics back – which effectively operates a contagion of corruption – for we become the thing we hate and do the thing we think to defend against – and yet are the last to know.

    The attempt to control outcomes by deceit and coercion reveals the mind of which it comes. It also baits or incites an equal and opposite reaction. NOT taking the bait but staying awake to the nature of deceits allows a perspective upon what is going on that is nether pro nor anti but embracing of elements of any polarised division as a practical expression or communication.

    Elitism is the belief that only a small group of powerful or influential people are shaping our world – or are fit or equipped to do so – by presumed right or asserted might and of course the guile to use the minds of others to operate one’s own agenda. But is it a ‘group’ or in fact a hierarchy? Sharing power is an integrative willingness that is absent from top down hierarchies unless sacrifice can be inspired or induced under threat.

    ‘Silencing Whistleblowers’ illuminates something of this
    But having or making ‘dirt’ on anyone of influence is another – as Hoover was known to operate – long before the Internet of surveillance.

    • Astromoney

      “Awoken” is one of those phony changed words in our language to make it easier for foreigners to learn it. It’s still “awakened” to me!

      • Yes awakened reads better.
        But the sense of ‘unless we have awakened’ still posits as if a personal capacity – where on rereading what I wrote I would prefer to just say ‘unless there is an awakening to’ or ‘conscious recognition of’.
        The personal sense is the mind-controlled sense where an intimacy of being is a direct appreciation. An intimate sense of the nature of hate is its cost – and its meaninglessness. But once accepted as justified – the cost is being paid as a loss of true presence for a mind locked into its past.
        Glad you are awake enough to offer clarification.

  • Brabantian

    The Daily Bell may be missing the real, deeper cabal strategy here, in that ‘populists’ co-ordinating with one another, may be precisely the new form of ‘globalism’ … a very clever ‘anti-globalism’ globalism, globalism 2.0 that will be much more effective than the hated 1.0 version

    1930s Europe showed the success of this ‘co-ordinating Nationalist’ route: Mussolini in Italy, Franco in Spain, Hitler in Germany, Horthy in Hungary, Pilsudski in Poland, Stalin in Moscow etc … all were fascistic, all working together, before certain war factions played their urgent cards in 1939 … if FDR & Japan had joined with the above, with all maintaining co-ordination, they would have locked up the world 70 years ago

    Certainly the Daily Bell has been very sharp in pointing to less-well-known truths that the ‘alt’ community is missing … the manifold NWO ties of Vladimir Putin, who may be ‘fake opposition’ to the West … ditto China … ditto something else the Daily Bell discussed, the well-known-to-governments CIA frauds of US-Israeli agents Julian Assange & Edward Snowden, both of whom are linked to the Rothschilds etc

    ‘Populism’ is the New World Order 2.0, & it is having a very successful launch … Brexit will continue to be a success as the UK escapes the EU banking / euro currency collapse … Trump Nov 8, Marine Le Pen in France next year …

    The cabal has learned that supra-national organisations like the EU, are far too clumsy & collide with natural human tribalism … The time is now ripe for the globalist wave of alleged ‘National Sovereignty’ leaders, who are more clearly tribal … who push very effective psychological buttons for ‘their people’

    These ‘National Sovereignty leaders’ can co-ordinate with each other very nicely in a more clever NWO: … They join in ‘fighting Islamic extremism’ … They join in being ‘friends of Israel’, as are nearly every ‘nationalist’ party in Europe, plus Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin etc

    Tools of surveillance & control today, are much better than in 1930s-40s Nazi Gestapo days … But at least we can be oppressed by our own fellow tribesmen, our very own ‘National’ leaders

    • James Clander

      “… ditto something else the Daily Bell discussed, the well-known-to-governments CIA frauds of US-Israeli agents Julian Assange & Edward Snowden, both of whom are linked to the Rothschilds etc ”

      What a total rubbish statement – which part of your anatomy did you pull that totally made up BS? How about backing it up with proof – you clown.

      — – and ditto for your comments re Russia & Putin in particular. Double clown.

      • What is Going On with Wikileaks? Assange MIA, MacFadyen Dead and the CIA Honeypot Trying to Tank the Clinton Campaign? What Gives?


        I’ve been asked on several occasions about what I think is going on with Wikileaks and all these document dumps they are releasing trying to derail the Hillary train, at least in terms of appearances, when in fact we all know that Wikileaks is a CIA honeypot designed to:

        1. aid various regime change propaganda as needed by influencing the more left-wing of the alternative media outlets

        2. serve as a black hole for real leaks from real whistle-blowers when they make the mistake of trusting Wikileaks and sending something to them

        Wikileaks was established in 2006 at a time when real whistle-blowers like William Binney, Russ Tice, Mark Klein (Room 641A ) and a few others were starting to make things really difficult for our glorious leaders who had a totally different world in mind for us to live in. You may also recall in 2004 the story of Abu Ghraib broke complete with leaked photos depicting horrific torture being conducted by our troops who were running the detention center.

        So in 2006 something needed to be done in order to keep real whistle-blowers from getting their stories on the front pages of every news paper and website in the country and thus, Wikileaks was born. The idea of a honeypot was hatched.

        Wikileaks: a big dangerous US Government Con Job”

        by F. William Engdahl


        The story on the surface makes for a script for a new Oliver Stone Hollywood thriller. However, a closer look at the details of what has so far been carefully leaked by the most ultra-establishment of international media such as the New York Times reveals a clear agenda. That agenda coincidentally serves to buttress that of US geopolitics around the world from Iran to North Korea. The Wikileaks is a big and dangerous US intelligence Con Job which will likely be used to police the Internet.

        Who is Behind Wikileaks?

        Originally published in December 2010

        “World bankers, by pulling a few simple levers that control the flow of money, can make or break entire economies. By controlling press releases of economic strategies that shape national trends, the power elite are able to not only tighten their stranglehold on this nation’s economic structure, but can extend that control world wide. Those possessing such power would logically want to remain in the background, invisible to the average citizen.” (Aldous Huxley)

        Wikleaks is upheld as a breakthrough in the battle against media disinformation and the lies of the US government.

        Unquestionably, the released documents constitute an important and valuable data bank. The documents have been used by critical researchers since the outset of the Wikileaks project. Wikileaks earlier revelations have focussed on US war crimes in Afghanistan (July 2010) as well as issues pertaining to civil liberties and the “militarization of the Homeland” (see Tom Burghardt, Militarizing the “Homeland” in Response to the Economic and Political Crisis, Global Research, October 11, 2008)

        In October 2010, WikiLeaks was reported to have released some 400,000 classified Iraq war documents, covering events from 2004 to 2009 (Tom Burghardt, The WikiLeaks Release: U.S. Complicity and Cover-Up of Iraq Torture Exposed, Global Research, October 24, 2010). These revelations contained in the Wikileaks Iraq War Logs provide “further evidence of the Pentagon’s role in the systematic torture of Iraqi citizens by the U.S.-installed post-Saddam regime.” (Ibid)
        . . .

        From the outset, Wikileaks’ geopolitical focus on “oppressive regimes” in Eurasia and the Middle East was “appealing” to America’s elites, i.e. it seemingly matched stated US foreign policy objectives. Moreover, the composition of the Wikileaks team (which included Chinese dissidents), not to mention the methodology of “exposing secrets” of foreign governments, were in tune with the practices of US covert operations geared towards triggering “regime change” and fostering “color revolutions” in different parts of the World.

        The Role of the Corporate Media: The Central Role of the New York Times

        Wikileaks is not a typical alternative media initiative. The New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel are directly involved in the editing and selection of leaked documents. The London Economist has also played an important role.

        While the project and its editor Julian Assange reveal a commitment and concern for truth in media, the recent Wikileaks releases of embassy cables have been carefully “redacted” by the mainstream media in liaison with the US government. (See Interview with David E. Sanger, Fresh Air, PBS, December 8, 2010)

        This collaboration between Wikileaks and selected mainstream media is not fortuitous; it was part of an agreement between several major US and European newspapers and Wikileaks’ editor Julian Assange.

        The important question is who controls and oversees the selection, distribution and editing of released documents to the broader public?

        What US foreign policy objectives are being served through this redacting process?

        Is Wikileaks part of an awakening of public opinion, of a battle against the lies and fabrications which appear daily in the print media and on network TV?

        If so, how can this battle against media disinformation be waged with the participation and collaboration of the corporate architects of media disinformation?

    • Rick

      Food for thought! I for one, am always wondering what layers we are not seeing, as we all get trapped in a dialogue that seems to be scripted to keep us looking in the wrong direction.

  • Praetor

    Good analysis of today reality, DB.

    If the Georgia Guidestones are their guide to some future outcome, how do they know they will be apart of the 500 million left to rule the world? What they be like moles scouring underground because the dogs are chasing them and that’s the only place left to hide.

    The doomsday death cult of the globalists may fined they are not the ultimate power. They may one day realize this, but it will be to late for them. They be fools of the highest order!!!

  • Jonathan Halsey

    You know what…the globalists are grasping and this essay doesn’t play with an awakened humanity.

  • Samarami

    “…It is an evil religion however,
    proposing the gathering together
    of the world’s population under
    a single ruler (or group or rulers)
    who will have near-absolute control
    over the world’s billions…”

    A couple days ago I commented here at DB regarding the nickel comic books when I was a lad (nearly 80 years ago), and an ubiquitous, diabolical character poised to take over the world — foiled by Superman or Captain Marvel at the midnight hour.

    DB has done an excellent job revealing this psychopathic phenomenon I could never have understood at age 10. I think I sensed we might be dealing with religion at the time, because Roosevelt’s warm fireside chats over the radio sounded a lot like the priest at enforced (but detested) mass. But little did I know those nickel comics would come to life in my dotage.

    Superman! Where art thou??? Sam

    • Praetor

      The doomsday cult has been weaving their tale to the people for quite some time. Millennia in fact. Hard to understand why many can not see it.!!!

  • Ernie Hopkins

    Another Grand Slam DB!!!

  • Bruce C.

    The good thing is that this globalist dialectic that the DB continues to painfully explain is so complex and convoluted and absurd that most people aren’t going to get it.

    Who is going to convincingly represent the globalist perspective that tries to pin all the problems with “globalism” on “populism?” The MSM? Western governments? Who? As far as I can tell nearly ALL the problems and gripes in societies are being blamed on globalism. It’s too late to blame them on populism because populism is the antidote. If this sounds confusing then you understand my first paragraph.

  • Richard Burns

    It is the globe itself that is the main lie here.

    • nathenism

      lol everything we see looks much smaller when far away and much larger when up close…if the earth were flat the sun would follow this unbreakable law of perspective, which it doesn’t, thus proving the earth is not flat…you guys need to give up this ridiculous fantasy

  • Douteux55

    Talmudist reasoning through and through.

  • No More Neos

    The opposite of globalism isn’t nationalism, it’s rationalism. These are very irrational people who will pervert science, discard international law, etc., to align with their ill-fated agenda.

    Actually, globalism hijacked the original intents of Internationalism, which was borne out of the Bretton-Woods conference in 1945.

    There are moments when Putin’s words serve as cold water splashed on the feverish faces of this globalist cabal, for instance this fresh blast of truth regarding their incremental attack on the health of US citizens (which is pretty obvious to those with cognitive abilities still in tact).

    The attached article, released by Your News Wire, a click bait site (but hey, even Fox news gets it right on occasion), is taken from a purported SCRF (Security Council of the Russian Federation) report:

    “We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug.”

    “We must fight this. A physically and intellectually disabled population is not in our interests,” the report states.

    The Security Council report comes just months after the Kremlin announced a stop to the production of all GMO-containing foods, which was seen by the international community as a major step in the fight against multinationals like Monsanto. Russia continues to lead the way in the realm of natural, organic farming.”

    Closest proof to verify this report: