Mainstream Media Implodes Over Trump Sex Comments
By DailyBellStaff - October 08, 2016

Caught on tape making shockingly crude comments about a married woman he tried to seduce, Donald Trump reeled under widespread condemnation Friday … Donald Trump declared in a midnight video, “I was wrong and I apologize.” Yet even as he did so, he claimed the astonishing recording was “nothing more than a distraction” and argued his words were not nearly as egregious as former President Bill Clinton’s marital affairs.  -ABC

On the Internet, a great deal of testimony exists regarding Bill Clinton’s cocaine dealing in Arkansas and his serial rape attested to by numerous women, but sexual banter by Donald Trump that occurred in a private conversation more than a decade ago is front page news – and Trump is supposed to resign because of it.

Republican politicians are making the request, as we learn from this ABC article, and other mainstream media coverage as well. To the best of our knowledge neither the mainstream media or many top Republicans have focused on the panorama of accusations regarding Bill Clinton.

Nor are they emphasizing Hillary Clinton’s questionable statements and behavior as presented in numerous emails that have been leaked over the past week.

One can imagine that many in politics are intimidated by the Clintons, but that doesn’t explain the attacks on Trump. True, he made statements in terrible taste about sexual issues and women in general, but these are, nonetheless, words, not actions.


On Friday afternoon, The Washington Post and NBC News released a 2005 video on which Trump describes trying to have sex with a married woman. He also brags about women letting him kiss and grab them because he is famous. “When you’re a star they let you do it,” Trump says. “You can do anything.” He adds seconds later, “Grab them by the p—-. You can do anything.”

Within hours, the shock of the video led to widespread condemnation from inside Trump’s own party. House Speaker Paul Ryan said he was sickened by Trump’s comments, while a one-sentence response from GOP’s chairman was devastating. “No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever,” said Reince Priebus, who had stood by Trump through his past provocative comments.

Ryan added tartly that Trump was “no longer attending” a joint campaign appearance set for Saturday in Wisconsin. Trump himself later said in a statement that he would be preparing for Sunday night’s debate instead. Other Republicans, painfully aware of Trump’s possible impact on their own political fates, were quick to chime in.

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who is locked in a close race, called his comments “totally inappropriate and offensive.” Republican Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, facing a tight reelection campaign against Democrat and U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth, condemned the remarks on Twitter. He also called from Trump to drop out of the race.

Trump didn’t bring up the Clinton’s sexual history during the first debate with Hillary, and said later he had decided to forego that kind of attack because the Clinton’s only child, Chelsea Clinton was in the audience. Ironically, there are rumors about Chelsea’s paternity as well.

But larger, sustained reports featuring drug-dealing and sexual abuse in Arkansas during Clinton’s governorship have long haunted Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton has been drawn into the reports as someone who defended  her husband and tried to intimidate the women that her husband reportedly attacked.

These reports are well known and yet have mostly gone uninvestigated by the mainstream. In evaluating reporting, one should recall that mainstream media publication Newsweek made a determination not to report on Monica Lewinsky, and her story was finally published at the alternative news site,

This pattern of selective reporting has existed for decades, throughout the 20th and 21st century, in fact. But with the advent of the Internet and now Donald Trump’s campaign, the contrasts are becoming increasingly marked.

As we’ve pointed out in the past, the polarization of this current presidential campaign means that over 50 percent or more of “conservative” American voters are increasingly aware of purposeful mis-reporting in the mainstream media. That’s probably up to 75 million who are noticing  the clear bias when it comes to reporting on this political campaign.

Again, this is a long-term bias, but it has never been so clearly presented as now. It constitutes a virtual implosion of mainstream media credibility, one unfortunately abetted by GOP participation.

The libertarian campaign of former congressman Ron Paul first exposed GOP hypocrisy and manipulation when it came political issues. Ron Paul was in many ways an ideal Republican candidate if one accepted GOP rhetoric about the primacy of the market and the benefits of private enterprise.

But Ron Paul was virtually driven from the presidential race, his followers attacked and his prospects dimmed by underhanded voting tactics that finally crowned the uninspiring Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee of choice.

Now, again, the same sort of pattern reoccurs, only this time on a much bigger stage. From reports going back to Clinton’s governorship to the FBI coverup of Hillary’s email manipulations, it is shockingly obvious how manipulated mainstream media reports have become.

GOP credibility is in tatters; mainstream media provides evidence on a daily basis of its not-so-secret bias. The result is a nation-state with tens of millions who believe little or nothing about politics or the news (except perhaps what can be viewed on certain ‘Net websites).

Equally disturbing, one can speculate that this destruction of credibility is no coincidence. It is very clear that powerful forces want global governance to substitute for the influence of nation states as soon as possible. Throughout the West, cultures are under attack. Since the US has little in the way of tribal culture (absent the AmerIndians), the best way to degrade the American state is to destroy the credibility of its institutions.

In fact, it’s hard to believe that those who make up the behind-the-scenes American leadership were unaware of Hillary’s health issues and ensured her candidacy nonetheless. This is only feasible if there was an intention to degrade the viability of the political process itself.

Day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, millions of Americans watch the political and media process unfolding around them with growing astonishment. The nation itself likely will not recover from this spectacle, nor is it supposed to in our view. No matter who wins the election, underlying elite goals have likely been accomplished.

Interestingly, as we were approaching deadline, we noticed an article in the American Thinker, entitled “Trump’s dirty talk versus Hillary’s corruption.” This report made some of the points we’ve made above. In fact, the writer observes, “I have never seen a media so in the tank. The media show every day their bias by what they report, how they report, and especially what they choose not to report. Our freedoms are in danger.”

This is a true and acute observation. We’d only re-emphasize that the destruction of freedom is a deliberate one, not meant to be hidden anymore. As a result, millions now believe neither in “America,” nor its mainstream news or political process.

Conclusion: This is part of a larger destruction of Western culture and values and it is ongoing. What’s taking place is not happenstance, not in Europe, nor in the US. Freedom is being destroyed, but in a deliberate manner, to send a message and increase polarization. Many currents are swirling beneath the surface that make this presidential campaign an epochal one.





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  • timothy price

    Moral of the story: locker room talk should be confined to the locker room. Rape, on the other hand, is a criminal offense that no one, especially a former President, done anywhere at any time, can hide from.

    • ThomasJK

      Imagine a country with no national government and NO NATIONAL POLITICIANS. Utopia! Nirvana! Espana? Sheesh! Click the link for a vision of a future in a country where and when maybe hopey/changey has been implemented — And it is working, don’t you know?

      • Praetor

        Yes, Spain is interesting. Read this story the other day, 18 months no gov real interesting. Now if we can stop giving them money!!!

  • Praetor

    My gawd, politics in the U.S. is the biggest joke on the planet and full of hypocrites!

    How far back do we have to go, Egypt to see how perverse the leaders of nations can be. JFK comes to mind. Bill Clinton should be on the sexual predators list.

    This story is from 2005. Trump has been divorced two time, married three time. His present wife he married in 2005, could be the guy was looking for a wife and he found one 11 years ago. The guy obviously likes women. The comment is defiantly juvenile and sound more inline with a college dorm..

    This story is more about how far the U.S. society has fallen into hyperbole sexuality and perversion of sexuality.

    This is more a soap opera than a election. We can blame the MSNewsMedia!!!

  • ThomasJK

    “Borrowed” from elsewhere on the internet — I couldn’t say it this well, so why not “borrow” from someone who can?

    Liberals are Prudes – Who Knew?


    By Jim ONeill —— Bio and Archives October 8, 2016

    20 Comments | Print Friendly | Subscribe | Email Us

    Recently much ado has been made of some crude comments that Donald Trump made some years back. Media mavens are all aflutter with outraged disgust. I do not know what convent these shocked sisters came from, but I have heard similar male braggadocio my entire adult life. Perhaps they need to get out more.

    Apparently many of the pundits we watch on TV have been closet Puritans all this time – who knew? Many of them are the same ones that informed us that displaying Christ crucified in a jar of human urine is art; that murdering fetuses in order to harvest their organs is not obscene, and who insist that our children be taught the ins and outs of fornication at younger and younger ages (pun noted)—so one can be forgiven for being somewhat surprised by their air of affronted prudery. Poor dears, one does wish them a speedy recovery – hand out the smelling salts please.

    So Donald Trump has feet of clay—guess what? I like him that way! I am so sick of polished, slick talking, glad-handing, backstabbing, dishonest corrupt politicians that I could scream. I’ll take the real deal—I’ll take Trump with his rough edges and sharp elbows, warts and all, over any of the oh-so-refined thoroughly corrupt bought-and-paid-for globalists being shoved down our throats. Now they are disgusting.

  • billybob

    A supposedly private talk that was recorded means sooo little. Contrast it with Hillary”s trashing all the “bimbos” surrounding her husband, followed by her assertion that all women who make rape allegations should be believed, heard, and supported. Which is worse?

  • L.C. in Texas

    I will be voting for Mr. Trump. We all know how men talk, it is in our face everyday (sports, television, music) most are aware of how it looks in public and don’t care. They think it makes them manly (locker room talk)! When our elected officials (Biden, Hillary, Bill & ect. including some judges) in their official position make comments on mikes and to reporters it is different then a business man a decade ago.

  • Judy Cross

    Since when are Thought/Speech Crimes equivalent to real crimes, like stealing from the poorest people in the world, Haitians. Bill was at it again:

    • June

      You failed to mention the billions in the “Clinton Foundation”. The donors are mostly from foreign countries. Doesn’t anyone wonder why? Or exactly what this “foundation” really is?
      Because the corrupt Clintons are behind it, I know it will be used for something criminal.

      • Tanya Bower

        There is hardly room to mention everything the Clinton Family has done.

  • Libertarian Jerry

    LBJ ,60 years ago,was a foul mouthed,rude,womanizing,adulterer,thief,corrupt warmongering megalomaniac yet he gets a pass because he brought us the modern Federal welfare state with his “war on poverty” Great Society. The limousine liberals and Mercedes Marxists in the Main Stream Media and elsewhere are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They’ll do anything to keep Trump out of the White House. The sad part of the story is the voters who will propel Mrs.Clinton into the Presidency will clutch onto any negative to not vote for Donald Trump. These voters cannot think for themselves and have to have the leftist press do their thinking for them.

  • Wade House

    This is where the Media tries to discredit Trump so no one is surprised when their Prize Gal Wins! Saw it coming months ago.

    Now keep in mind that American’s wouldn’t vote either of them in, really, Hillary the Hoax or Trump the Bankruptcy King.

    This is all just an illusion to support the person “they-TPTB” chose years ago. And keep also in mind, who ever was/is selected will be nothing but a pawn.

  • MetaCynic

    I don’t see how the implosion of American MSM credibility is playing into the hands of globalists. The resulting vacuum is being rapidly filled by the much more trustworthy alternative internet media. What’s wrong with that? The handful of group think media giants are sinking into the tar pit of their lies, misinformation and manipulations. Hordes of independent internet investigative journalists are already scampering around dancing on the giants’ graves. This is an example of decentralization at its finest.

    I doubt that Trump will be hurt by this 11 year old revelation of crude locker room talk. Ordinary voters already assume that men of his wealth and social stature make passes at women. There is nothing surprising here. Clinton’s legions of male Hollywood supporters turbocharge their careers by shamelessly and openly womanizing for publicity in the tabloids. One can safely assume that her Parkinson’s Disease has entered the dementia stage if Clinton is stupid enough to try to exploit this for political gain. She may hurl a few rocks at Trump, but, in the end, her glass house will be crushed by an avalanche!

    • Sam Fox

      MetaC, good thoughts & observations about net media. I am curious though, as to how the 0blameUS net give away will affect alternative news.

      Yeah, Trump will ride this out. The ego tripped HillSuperPAC fringe media always gets all gloatingly egotistical & over plays their hand.

      You are right IMO about Hilldebeast’s payback. She has a HUGE load of payback coming. I have a feeling the timing of her long overdue comeuppance will be as if it was an act of God the Almighty.

      To see that wicked-evil witch fall is way up on my ‘bucket list’. 😀


  • apberusdisvet

    Anything to distract the sheeple from the omnipresent war mongering against Russia. With Hillary you get WWIII. I was in the real estate development business for decades, and I have never met a builder, like Trump, who is for war; builders are creators, not destroyers. With Obama the psycho neocons had a willing accomplice for global regime change, while Obama himself did his best to destroy America through the marxist Cloward-Piven strategy. Our destruction will be complete with Hillary, a champion of open borders and the North American Union, central memes of both Alinski and those who wish the economic destruction of the US.

  • Heywood Jablome

    pish tosh, locker room, hunt camp, golf course, banter, engaged in by probably 95% of the male population between the ages of 18 – 50 at some point in their lives, regardless of their marital status, kind of like girls night out, popular among a certain age group of married women, you would be amazed not only at the conduct but the verbal exchanges, is it important, well I guess if you are socialist psychopath, who has an fixation on getting an avowed liar, duplicitous harridan, an enabler for her rapist husband, and a person of questionable fidelity with regards to her daughters provenance elected. The people supporting this woman must have the same standards of principles and ethics, but then most rabid leftists are sanctimonius in their belief that they are always right, and their codes of behaviour should be adopted unequivocally. Trump is no saint, and not the sharpest tool in the shed, except where his business finances are concerned, the rest is a learning curve, anyways, I mean look at some of the people who have occupied the highest posts in the land, Dan Quayle, Joe Biden, George Bush, all mental lightweights…

    • Praetor

      Reminds me of the British tabloids. The globalist are trying to distract from the economic storm coming!!!

      • Sam Fox

        Praetor, and behind that manipulated storm is a cashless world money system replete with our very own RFID chips.

        Gee, I can hardly wait!


  • Ernie Hopkins

    Great piece! Thanks for the Spanish article link ThomasJK from the Misses Institute. The fact that MSM is ignoring the Spanish situation is another sign of the selective reporting. Last word I had was some of the provinces were wanting to secede, but never fear, the Spanish central government was going to crush them. What amazes me is that not only is Trump’s talk typical world wide male banter, his comment regarding women’s behavior toward “stars” is spot on. Or has no one ever heard of groupies before? Bu now we are supposed to be offended? But Bill, who by many accounts has committed rape and had his wife cover it up, gets a free ride? I agree DB, it is in our face to tear down the remaining alternatives to NWO.

  • Randell Young

    Are you one of those poor
    souls still arguing about how to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic? Isn’t
    it time you came out from under the ether and acknowledged the obvious?

    The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave is Gone With the Wind.

    Welcome to the Peoples’ Republic of Norte Mexico (Land of the Freeloader, Home
    of the Handout-Seeker)… a once free and prosperous nation now paralyzed by
    Stockholm Syndrome even as it’s plundered by Fascist Functionaires and
    terrorized by the Federales Nortenos.

    Do you really believe a population so deluded as to allow a government so completely
    corrupt, incompetent and despotic that it amasses $20 trillion in debt without even
    a single public works project to show for it; allows and even encourages
    (through the militarization of local police) more than 80,000 SWAT raids per
    year on the homes of citizens virtually none of whom are actual dangerous
    criminals; and spends $100 billion per year on a so-called Department of
    Education (and guarantees $1.3 trillion in student loan debt) when it would
    only take a one-time investment of $1 billion to put all university-level
    courses online and available for free to all citizens has any chance whatsoever
    of turning around the sinking ship they are riding into the abyss?

    Wake up! The USA is DEAD and STINKIN!

    If you keep trying to rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking ship, you’ll
    regret it… maybe not today… maybe not tomorrow… but soon and for the rest of
    your life.

    Let it go. Not your desire to be free, just your desire to be free in a country
    which no longer values or respects freedom. You will feel better almost

    “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” – Benjamin Franklin

    In this crazy, mixed-up world where the alleged Land of the Free has the
    highest incarceration rate of any country, the inhabitants of Prison Planet cry
    out for some small corner of the Earth where health, wealth and happiness might
    be pursued unburdened by the Dictates of Oligarchs or the Tyranny of the

    That land, that dream, that nation, we call… Libertalia!

    Rejoignez la résistance! (Join the Resistance!)

    That’s us…

    • Praetor

      Well you said it! Mixed-up world!!!

    • Marten

      Very well said and with passion…Res Ipsa Loquitur
      Political Parents and the perpetual Citizen Child….Gov. commands require obediant Individual

    • Nguamlam

      We are all (not just America) in the midst of an intellectual repressive social conformity. overblown emotional rants and facebook acceptability replaces fact and investigation. This leads directly to fascism.
      The MSM is ‘dead and stinkin’ – burn the books, wipe the discs – give them 6″ headlines.
      Unfortunately for them the basis of wealth, the fake money accumulated by scrooges is slowly but steadily going out of circulation. In spite of the headlines people do know when they have to scrabble to survive.

  • Bruce C.

    There is a lot to deconstruct here.

    First of all, none of the MSM blather for the last month or so (at least) will do anything to dissuade Trump supporters, and he may actually be gaining support as the last remaining “conservatives” capitulate.

    Secondly, the hypocrisy is so thick it’s obvious to everybody. Nothing that Trump said in that video is anything new at all to any one but the most closeted or willfully ignorant. Comments like that are so common especially among Washington politicians. Even if one wants to say that it’s “inappropriate” for a President, then take note that Trump said this 10 years ago as a business man and celebrity, NOT a politician. The military – and especially the Navy – is teeming with scumbags and sexual perverts at the highest levels. Congressmen are “famously” the greatest purveyors of “high level” prostitution known by anyone close to that industry.

    The bottom line, however, is that none of this is going to hurt Trump but it will hurt Hillary as it becomes increasingly obvious that the MSM and the Washington establishment opposes a Trump Presidency. Americans like underdogs and especially the “Davids” against “Goliaths.”

    As far as American institutions breaking down purposefully to inure Americans to globalist “solutions”, that isn’t happening, IMO. The Washington power establishment and status quo may be breaking down but that is actually being welcomed by many/most(?). Most people are pretty clear about the difference between what America is supposed to be (its founding ideals) and what the leviathan government has usurped.

    Why would people be so surprised by the public display of injustice and unequal treatment under the law (e.g., Clinton’s “pardon” by Comey) when one of the major social issues today is the injustice by the police and legal system towards blacks and minorities? Trump promises a RETURN to the rule of law, and anyone who is troubled by the current breakdown will vote for him.

    It won’t take long to right the ship, especially if he has the political mandate that I think he will have. We could see the elimination of sanctuary cities almost over night, for example, and agency regulations by the EPA, et al completely revoked as unConstitutional (which they literally are.) There are so many ways things can reverse.

    This DB article focuses on “conservative” Americans becoming disillusioned, but they are just one subset of many others who are as well mainly through the internet and alternative media. There may be some turmoil, but the strategic mistake the “elites” and shadowy PTB are making is that the destruction of institutions is not the same thing as the elimination of political ideals. The (perhaps purposeful internal) breakdowns that we’re seeing are a welcome alternative to a physical revolution. “Everyone” who is interested in these issues know that the government has grown too big and corrupt (as warned by the “Founders”), and many other issues as well, and so it actually provides an opportunity to reestablish a Republic as outlined by the Constitution. At least that blue print still exists, and its validity has been vindicated by witnessing the results of deviating from it. The globalist elites have no such “blue print”, but only suggestions and solutions that are anathema. Woe to people who would go even further away from the “Founding” principles, and I think most Americans know that.

    • timamac

      What are the “injustices” toward blacks and minorities by police and justice system?

      • Bruce C.

        I don’t necessarily subscribe to this, but some/many(?) would say that legal “justice” is for sale. Minorities, etc. can’t afford good legal protection so they become fodder for the “corrections” industry. Clinton, et al got off because she had the political power to “buy” that. It’s sort of the flip side of the same coin.

        • June

          If you can’t afford a lawyer, the state provides a Public Defender free of cost. No one goes to trial without a legal representative.

          Perhaps minorities are the greatest % of inmates but that is NOT because they didn’t get a fair trial. It is because they chose a jury to decide their fate instead of a judge!

          Jurors can be prejudiced or unaware of the laws! Some jurors are angry at having been forced to serve so they quickly cast their vote without actually weighing the facts. They want to be dismissed as quickly as possible!

  • Samarami

    Why anybody who reads these words would ever get themselves involved with “registering” and “voting” is a mystery to me. Abstain from beans, my friends:


    • Nottoobrite

      There is not a man woman or child ( including Sam ) who has said things in private that would be in the same position as “the Donald ” when some idiot with a tape recorded taped your conversation.

  • mary

    What’s most interesting is that everything that has happened in this campaign has undermined the legitimacy of voting. Voting has been the hallowed sacrament of the religion of the state low these many years. What happens when everybody knows that not only is the voting rigged, but that the selection season is nothing but a shadow play? What new sacrament will replace it? If the cult of the politician give way to the cult of the expert/scientism, how will we all be “involved”?

    • concerndcitizen

      What happens? Financial collapse, then civil war.

    • Good point.

  • Crimson King

    All of it is theater, and Trump is just playing his designated part — and it’s quite likely a very lucrative one. Those who think he is beholden to no one are really quite naive about the workings of this world of deception.

    • jt kong

      Agree Crimson King. I especially like the part of the Trump sex talk tape where he says at 2:05 – “Lets go make me a soap star”. Coincidence or has Mind Control Media been planning this episode of Political Days of our Lives for a very long time?

    • Crimson King

      Check out Zach Hubbard’s commentary from tonight — he gets it and takes it a lot further and deeper.

  • MetaCynic

    This kind of locker room talk makes Trump look even more like the alpha male who is sorely needed to slap around SJW’s and kick the corrupt and hypocritical political elitists into the briar patch. Just as every nude photo leaked out of Trump’s wife gains him another million votes from admiring men, so this “scandal” too will garner him a million votes.

    The bubble enclosed elites are clueless that a revolution is brewing in people’s minds and that Trump is perceived to be the voice of the detested deplorables. For that reason, nothing will derail Trump’s juggernaut.

  • mhyke

    Trump attacked and humiliated the media. He constantly called them the worst people in the world. He put them in pens. He mocked a disabled reporter. This is his Karma and he deserves it. As a “good” businessman he should have known that good relationships are important, but he went out of his way to create bad ones. It was only a matter of time until the media exacted their payback.

    • CharterOakie

      The shoe had been on the other foot LONG before Trump engaged and called out the media gang for the liars and shills that many of them are.

      Trump is the one exacting payback on behalf of so many.

      • mhyke

        Why is that there is a belief among HRC supporters that the MSM is out to get her! The New York Times for example is a well-known anti-HRC paper. Trump just can’t take criticism and attacks and/or sues anyone who criticizes him. Very dangerous if he became the most powerful person in the world.

        • Truth will set you free

          Notice how anti-WW3 Hillary immediately reverses course with how she will start WW3 IMMEDIATELY as soon as she gets into power, by creating a no-fly zone in Syria to push back against Russia.

          Yeah, great move, WW3 is GUARANTEED!
          (Lie # 1)
          Notice how Hillary states election machines are unhackable when Trump mentions it, then she immediately says if he wins that Russia is behind the hacking.

          (Lie #2)
          Notice how Hillary states Trump can’t be trusted around nukes cause he is too hot headed, then she gives away USA missile access times & threatens national security, in addition to endangering USA by hosting classified data on personal servers, then lying to the FBI.

          (Lie #3)
          Notice how Hillary slams Trump for things he said 15 years ago. 15 years ago! She can’t find new dirt? Meanwhile, her Pay-to-Play, Treason, Clinton Foundation money laundering, Classified Email scandal, Huma Abedin 9/11 Saudi Arabia connection, John Podesta pedo connection, & huge numbers of other crimes are swept under the rug as “There isn’t a reason Hillary cannot run for president” according to NYT.

          Lie #4

    • Terry

      Creating friends with lying MSM isn’t being good friends.
      A good friend will expose their lying ways & bring them to justice.

  • Damnatio Memoriae

    I’ve always found Trump’s spectacle amusing. The media’s obvious hypocrisy is worth a few hearty chuckles, but there is nothing new here. Honestly I don’t care for any of the candidates.

    Sure, there is a part of me that wants Trump to win. I’d like to see him saying more flamboyant things on television. There would be poetic justice in him sticking it to culture warriors. But ultimately it is a frivolous distraction.

    At the end of the day I think we have to admit that nobody is qualified to be president. There is no need for anyone to hold so much power. We would all be better served if everyone just stayed home on election day instead of endorsing the farce.

  • FreeOregon



    You’ll note Trump is not only being opposed by 90% of media, but also his own party, why?? Because there is no difference between Repubs and Demos. The “old boys club” of Congress
    receives Billions of $$ through the Lobbyists in over charges, overruns, and re-contracts of the
    massive Defence contractors, Aircraft mfgers etc, as well as foreign nations seeking favors. Have
    you noted that most are former Congressmen and House Reps, making deals with their
    former colleagues?? With regard to the barnyard trash talk of many men, it is known to be BS, and
    “can you top this crap talk”, and is not necessarily a mark of the man’s integrity or worth, just a jest
    of accepted humor by those so inclined to trash talk, even the filthy language they use, off the record. This country is fast drifting down the slippery slope into Socialism, which culminates into
    loss of individual freedom, resulting in Globalization, One World Digital currency, and One World Govt. When that happens the Elite World Bankers, and Environmentalists, will Rule, and mandate
    who will live, and who are surplus vermin.

  • autonomous

    I am not a (s)Trump(et), just someone offended by the hypocrisy of the politicians’ moralistic grand-standing criticism of Trump’s comments than by his comments. My take on Trump’s comments is they reveal a honest awareness that being a public figure both gives one the power to take advantage of his (or her) position to impose himself on others improperly, as well as to be improperly imposed on by others, e.g. Arianna Zucker near the end of that recording.

    I might actually vote for Trump if he were to exhibit the
    self-awareness that a politician is in the position to impose himself on
    others, and to be imposed on because of his position. Specific examples is a
    politician’s ability to take away citizens’ God-given liberties through
    legislation, and his ability to enrich himself by taking bribes. In fact, much
    legislation is designed to do both, e.g. traffic laws that serve only to rake
    in fines.

    The critics of Trump on this issue are examples of Jesus’s
    audience when he told them, “You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own
    eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”
    I say, plainly, “Look in the mirror, before criticizing Trump for “lewd”
    comments, tell me honestly that you have never looked at a woman (or man) with

  • Mark

    Oh. I don’t watch TV since it is all bogus. But the way my neighbor talked about it, I thought he had said these things during the weekend. I guess it goes to show how outlandish the propaganda media really is.

  • Marathon-Youth

    MSM defended the sexual crimes committed by Bill and allowed an entire generation to believe that oral s*x is not s*x. They went out of their way to defend him.
    The MSM were only shocked because their hypocrisy did not stick on Trump.

    • Mark

      Satan is the god of this world.
      The reason Trump is winning, is God is behind Trump.

      Corruption is fixing to be cleaned up!
      Judgement is coming!

      Get right with GOD!

  • Ephraiyim

    Surprisingly (?) There are a whole lot of films out there who use almost these very words.
    Some are pretty popular among a decent number of individuals of both sexes in this country. So if a holliwood star in a film uses this type of speech and that film becomes popular how do all these media types explain it. Oh, most can’t because many of them enjoyed the film as well. Except the really true hypocrites.
    While life and drama are not the same it seems culture allows much more than media when it comes to men and women.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    Apparently, NOTHING “sticks” to Hillary (legally), any more than it did to “Slick” Willy!

    Must be because of she is being “backed” by CIA, CFR, CHATHAM HOUSE,
    (Western Int’l Central Bankers), a.k.a., the International Khazarian Mafia, a.k.a. La Kosher Nostra Internationale. By the way, so is James Comey of the FBI. He used to work for HSBC (major drug launderer for the “Committee of 300”).

    Americans, So Easily Controlled!

    Read the comments. Follow the links.

  • Barb Gayman

    Obviously the main stream media are in competition for the DUMPSTER DIVER MEDIA AWARD.

  • Marathon-Youth

    It is a contrived sense of shock by the mainstream Media. They are too jaded to act shocked. Lets take President Bill Clinton, Husband of Hillary Clinton.

    When Bill Clinton was having affairs with countless women the Media did not even cover it.

    When I mean “affairs” I mean Bill buck naked with some tramp who is also buck naked romping and humping on the White house table, Elevator, Kitchen and anywhere he pleases. that includes oral things.

    When I mean “affairs” it includes a possible “love child”, and includes Bill humping women in the same white house while Hillary was there too. Michelle has no problem with a woman like Hillary whose perversion, vulgarity and deplorable behavior included allowing her hubby Bill to behave like some drunk John.

    Hillary and Bill’s relationship was based on perversion and adultery, vulgarity and debased acts. Michelle must love that for she has not said a word about her darling Hillary Clinton

  • In 1930 Germany, Jews owned & controlled the media 100%. No one can argue the fact. And we all know how that turned out for them.
    In 2016 Jews own and control 100% of the media in the USA. No one can argue that fact either. So…what is the end game here???

    • Leroy

      Interestingly, the Bible predicts much of the world will hate Israel in the last days, because Israel is a nation that God protects.

      How else do you explain them destroying 6 Arabic nations that tried simultaneously to attack them?

      People who are Jew haters are full of the devil.

      I’m glad I am not you.
      You will never defeat Israel or God.
      Not happening.

      I’d hate to see God’s vengeance & wrath take place on the Day of Judgement, which is coming pretty soon if I am seeing end time events correctly.

      There are so many HUGE earthquakes now, & so many droughts, wild fires, diseases, nuclear radiation (dead fish/fukishima)…

      Bible prophecy is fulfilling almost like Bam! Bam! Bam!

      Get right with God!

  • Linda R. Bonelli

    today you Winners Try your luck