Media: Islamic Faith Prevents Sexual Assault
By The Daily Bell Staff - October 16, 2017

The propaganda machine is firing on all cylinders. Harvey Weinstein must have pissed someone off to be sacrificed by the elite. Perhaps it was a religious sacrifice of sorts. One arm of the propaganda machine is pushing the idea that adherence to the Islamic religion can prevent sexual assaults and oppression against women.

The media is now running stories which claim that the Islamic religion pre-empts abuse of women, by providing a set of moral rules for men to follow. The Independent ran an article called How the teachings of Islam could help us prevent more sexual abuse scandals.

The author, a Muslim, says that government laws are not enough, because they only punish after an incident has occurred, as opposed to stopping it beforehand. But by listening to the prophet Muhammad, men will follow a code of conduct apparently out of fear of reprisal from Allah.

This is where Islamic teachings and Prophet Muhammad’s example provide a solution that no state truly can…

Chapter 4:35 furthermore prevents violence against women by forcing men to control themselves and never resort to physically harming women– preempting physical abuse.

The Quran further obliges men to provide for a woman’s every financial need, while holding that anything a woman earns is hers alone – preempting financial abuse.

What the Quran actually says, just before the Chapter he cites, in chapter 4:34 is:

Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, as God has given some of them an advantage over others, and because they spend out of their wealth. The good women are obedient, guarding what God would have them guard. As for those from whom you fear disloyalty, admonish them, and abandon them in their beds, then strike them.

That doesn’t exactly sound like it preempts abuse of women. It sounds like a suspicious husband is allowed to beat his wife, according to the Quran. It sounds like a man provides for his women because she is basically his property, his responsibility, like a farm animal.

So the teachings of Islam really view women as dependent on men, saying that God created men with an advantage over women.

But the author goes on to say Muhammad saw men and women as equals under the law.

…on numerous occasions Prophet Muhammad punished an accused rapist on the testimony of the rape survivor alone.

That must be where modern colleges get their inspiration. It is not uncommon for men to be expelled from universities on an unproven accusation of sexual assault.

So in this sense, Muhammad stood up for women, in the same way, modern progressives ignore the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing.

But Muhammad also didn’t care much about objective truth when it came to punishing women either. All he required was four male witnesses, and a woman could be placed under house arrest for the remainder of her life.

Those of your women who commit lewdness, you must have four witnesses against them, from among you. If they testify, confine them to the homes until death claims them, or God makes a way for them.

And maybe Muhammad was lenient towards female victims, but according to Islamic law, four male witnesses are also required to punish a rapist. And if a woman accuses a man of rape, and it is not “proven” by four witnesses, she just admitted to adultery.

Up until 2015, women in predominantly Muslim Sudan were sometimes prosecuted for adultery when they came forward with rape allegations.

And ISIS soldiers have been widely reported to rape female prisoners. Some claim it is in the process of converting them to Islam.

The whole idea that the Islamic faith offers any sort of example for how to treat women is absurd.

And yet the progressive media still pushes the idea that this religion promotes peace and equality. Why? Why do they ignore the murder and punishment of gay men by Muslim governments? Why do they ignore the mistreatment of women in majority Muslim countries?

It is all part of a campaign of misinformation about the religion. It happens, ironically, while the same people demonize Christian religions. But in the New Testament of the Bible, which Christians are supposed to follow instead of the Old Testament, there really are no violent teachings.

When people brought an adulteress to Jesus, he told said to them, you who is without sin, cast the first stone.

When Muhammad heard of an adulteress:

He went to her in the morning and she made a confession. And Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) made pronouncement about her and she was stoned to death. (Sahih Muslim 4209)

Jesus really did preach peace and equality. Muhammad did not.

(For a great comparison of Christianity and Islam, check out MUSLIM: What You Need to Know About the World’s Fastest Growing Religion)

Let’s take a look at the example set by Muhammad.

The Hadith is a collection of Muhammad’s teaching. Hadith Muslim Book 8 section 3433 recounts how after a military victory Allah actually sent down a command that it was okay to rape the female captives in front of their husbands. The soldiers were worried about raping married women since that would be adultery. But their God made a special exception. Slave women are fine to rape, whatever the circumstances.

War seems to have been one of Muhammed’s favorite hobbies. And part of the payment to his soldiers was the captive women, taken as slaves. In Hadith Bhakari Book 34 section 432, some of Muhammad’s soldiers are worried about impregnating their slaves when they rape them. Muhammad told them not to worry because Allah wouldn’t allow a woman to get pregnant if he didn’t want her to have a baby.

Here’s another gem, from Book 8 of Muslim, section 3371:

We went out with Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.

The article from the Independent sought to weave a pro-Islam brainwashing into a piece which repeated the same things that the media usually says: we live in a rape culture.

If we live in a rape culture, it is because the government teaches people that consent is not required.

And from what we can tell, the religion is Islam certainly does not preach consent.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Shen

    Problem is, Islamic women are abused within their families. Genital mutilation, honor killings, being made 2nd fiddle wife among wives, and the ease of divorce for men who always get the children. So what if they are saved from the Harvey Weinsteins. I rather wear my happy clothing and just avoid the perverts.

  • georgesilver

    “Jesus really did preach peace and equality”

    No he didn’t. There wasn’t any such person as Jesus. It’s just a made up story.

    • Praetor

      How do you know that? Why don’t you comment on the articles point about Muslim religion and their treatment of women. If there is a question mark, it has to be what goes in you’re mind. What a pervert named Mohammad is ok by you, right. The Atheist religion is the strangest religion on the planet.!!!

      • RonR

        They are all strange & should be banished. It is and always has been about control.

        • Don Duncan

          Isn’t belief an individual choice, or should be? What is the opposite? Some decide what others think, and we must all assimilate the cultural dogma and regurgitate it back as required because resistance (free thought) is futile.
          I no longer argue with religious beliefs, even when self contradictory because I have learned reasoning plays no part in the belief system, except to give the appearance that thought, not emotion, is the basis for faith. It isn’t.
          However, I have to make an exception for the broader superstition of statism. Since it is so aggressively invasive of all it is a threat to all. This is the nature of authoritarianism. It has no mercy or justice.

          • georgesilver

            Please report to my study. Your reasoning is sound but full of obfuscation and possible sophistry.

          • Don Duncan

            How can reasoning be “sound but full of obfuscation and …sophistry”? Isn’t that using words/argument to the achieve the opposite of communication?

            Or one can start with a flawed premise, use a sound argument but arrive at a wrong conclusion.

            I did neither. I refuted: “They are all strange and should be banished.” I don’t want superstition or any other irrational beliefs banished. I want them addressed. Let the listener decide.

          • davidnrobyn

            Don, George is probably a high-vocabulary 15-year-old writing from his mom’s basement trying to get the grownups’ goats. We should probably just ignore him. I confess I’ve taken the bait myself, but no more.

          • Don Duncan

            Thanks for the warning.

      • georgesilver

        Are you some kind of perverted nutjob? Why should I comment on things you find so important? How do you know what goes on in my mind? Why should I agree with the obvious kick you get out of the perversions of Mohammad that you seem to enjoy? The Atheist religion? There’s no such thing. Your meds are obviously not working

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      The recording of history has lots of problems but the fact of a figure known as Jesus Christ is not one of them. Questioning his existence was brought into practice by Egyptian Talmudists in the early centuries of this era, probably out of exasperation at the strength of the Christian movement.

      • georgesilver

        “the fact of a figure known as Jesus Christ is not one of them”

        Load of rubbish. What facts?

    • Doc

      I couldn’t prove that even if I wanted to, as it’s logically impossible to prove a negative.

      • georgesilver

        It seems your thinking is a bit muddled . Nobody is asking you to prove a negative. All you have to do is prove he existed. All the ‘so called’ proof was manufactured long after his supposed period.

        You would have thought the ‘Son of God’ existed one of his merry men would have actually taken the time to write down his words and “miracles” as they happened not decades later.

        Anyway the same stories under a different name go back centuries. The whole scam started as Sun worship…. you know… that big yellow thing in the sky.

        • Doc

          I’m not religious and don’t care if he existed or not, or if people believe he did. But you are starting an argument with a statement you can’t prove.

          Why? Did you not know you couldn’t back up your claim? Or was it to annoy other people, like the believers (and you did)?

          Either way, perhaps it’s better not to claim things like that.

          • georgesilver

            The whole theatrical episode was in the past and all the people are long dead therefore the only ‘proof’ available is the evidence or lack of such evidence. So the lack of real truthful firsthand ‘in his lifetime’ evidence doesn’t exist so I prove my case… a majority verdict.
            As you say you “don’t care”. It seems only semantics floats your boat.

          • Doc

            Don’t feel bad that you can’t prove Jesus didn’t exist. It’s impossible afterall and I think you understand that.

            I suggest you try to look and ask for evidence he did exist, or leave it be.

          • georgesilver

            You still don’t get it Doc. I don’t have to prove Jesus didn’t exist. It’s up to others to prove he DID exist. Which they can’t. By the way I feel on great form. How about you… you seem to be a depressive.

          • Doc

            You started by writing “There wasn’t any such person as Jesus. It’s just a made up story.” That’s clearly a claim Jesus didn’t exist, something that’s impossible fir you to prove.

            Don’t you know what you write?

            You could have written “please prove that Jesus existed” or something similar, but you didn’t.

            And stop calling people names, like a depressive. It just makes you look bad.

          • Sam Fox

            George, how can you prove that Plato existed? Ramses? Alexander the Great or any ancient writings?
            The same kind of proof any one would use for the life or writings of the above exists for Jesus Christ, only there is much more evidence in favor of Jesus.



          • Sam Fox

            George, hmmm. You could say the same thing for any ancient writings or people.
            So why would those who spread His words, mostly Jews of the day, put their lives, their homes, their families & futures on the line if they knew they were spreading a fable?
            The ‘proof’ that Jesus Christ is a real person I experienced for my self. Once He was asked how can you show yourself to us & not the world? He said the witness of His reality would be put in those that put their faith in Him.
            You are on the outside trying to disprove something you have no clue about.

    • Common Sense

      You don’t know that because you were not alive 2000 years ago. But one simple story of a baby born in an animal shed and who sacrificed his life without fight to pay a debt for all had survived 2000 years, therefore it is considered the greatest story ever told. And it will last longer than you.

    • davidnrobyn

      George, you really need to do your homework. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is one of the best-attested facts of history. Read Simon Greenleaf’s (the “father of modern jurisprudence”) research on the topic. Furthermore, to say that humans are capable of “making up” such a story is giving us WAY too much credit. There’s no other story that comes remotely close. Such a comment shows an incredible lack of serious thought.

      • Sam Fox

        davidn, ” Such a comment shows an incredible lack of serious thought.”, honest critical thinking and research.

        Above someone tried to equate circumcision & female genital mutilation. That shows a serious lack of knowledge & research. It’s a huge fail to try to equate the two.

        Info on circumcision vs not circumcised.

        Male circumcision & female genital mutilation are NOT the same. Not even close.

        I don’t have time to go into how little some posters above know about the Bible, Jesus, the Old Covenant [Testament] & the New Covenant [Testament]. That there are quite a few non-Christian historical references to Jesus, written close to when He came… that the Christian Bible has more textual evidence for it than the next ten ancient writings combined…Plato, Shakespeare & so on.

        It is worth noting that manuscripts written & copied hundreds of years apart show that the works, so distant in time from one another, match each other nearly perfectly.

        One thing I do know. When I asked Christ to forgive my sin & come into my heart in Nov. of ’69, I experienced His forgiveness & love deep inside my being. His Holy Spirit made me aware of the presence of Jesus in me in a way that is beyond words.

        If one has spent their life in a cave & has never seen the sun or felt it’s warmth…all they have for light are torches & candles, so to speak…how can they know & experience the light & warmth personally to know that there really is a sun unless they leave the cave & experience sunlight for themselves?

        I came out of my ‘cave’ that November evening…Yup. Jesus is real & HIs Word is truth.


  • MetaCynic

    Isn’t the reason that Muslim women are expected to be covered from head to toe in public so as to make them less sexually attractive, and thus less likely to be raped? It seems to me that clothing and not self control espoused by Islamic teachings is the main deterrent against rape.

  • Truth4u

    The prophet and son of God, the promised Messiah of the Jews – Jesus Christ pre-dated Mohammed and existed with the Father at the creation of the world, and made himself present to a select few during his revelation and God’s walk with the Jewish people. The Old Testament of the Bible contains these Jewish books like the Torah and the Prophets. The 10 commandments were Gods instruction to Moses for the highest moral standards – so high that no man except Jesus could ever 100% live by them. This is why there were regular blood sacrifices performed by the Jews and priest to atone for their sins, and the people’s sin.

    It happened about 2000 years ago, a man named Jesus became our kinsmen redeemer (see Book of Ruth) by being the pure and perfect sacrifice for all man’s sins. Something none of us deserve, but it is by God’s Grace that He offers us a solution. Yet, most reject this free gift because they think they need to earn their way to Heaven by deeds. Sadly for those who reject Christ, it doesn’t work that way since all their good works can never make them sinless, or weigh on the scale to get admission to Heaven.

    For whoever believes in Him will be saved by faith, and faith alone, not your works thanks to the Grace of the Father who has given us all a solution to our sin problem that existed from the beginning of time with Adam and Eve – the son and daughter of God. We are all the sons and daughter of men, but some become sons and daughters of God by our faith in Christ, not our works or some moral standard that nobody can live up to. Those with faith in Christ will have his perfect atonement (a sinless man) for our judgement, and we will be found not guilty. Those that reject Christ will stand on their own merit failing to live a sinless life, and be separated from God forever.

    • dauden

      This is true, but you have not clearly identified this gospel that saves man today. You have mixed Christ’s earthly ministry to Israel based on covenants and ordinances contained in the law and prophets with the revelation of the mystery given to Paul which is clearly by grace through faith in the finished work of Christ at the cross which was kept secret until Paul disclosed it (Romans 16:25)……he died, was buried and resurrected from the dead the 3rd day as testified by over 300 witnesses. We are all walking around dead in our sins (though physically alive) but by trusting in the work Christ, who was without sin, did at the cross for each of us, we can be made alive (spiritually) and gain access to the Father. This is the mystery revealed in 13 books of the Bible. It is not the New Testament which is, again, that related to Israel in the “ages to come”.
      Just wish to clarify the teaching in the Bible, rightly divided, which to be on topic is different in every way to that which is taught in Islamic writings.

      • Truth4u

        Amen Brother; I agree with the gist of what have said here! Thank you!

        I fully agree with grace by faith – I thought I made that clear in my last paragraph – For whoever believe in Him will be saved…

        There is no religion on earth that teaches this truth; it is from God the Father, through the works of Christ where He shows man His greatest virtue and sacrifice – His love for each of us. Man contrived religions are all work based, and controlling. True Christianity is neither of these.

        The Bible as a whole is interconnected and the most highly engineered book in existence; why not, who was the author? Not man 🙂

        Prophecy I believe is God’s signature of authentication to his Words. It separates His Word from all other religions in that it can predict the future with 100% accuracy. As you allude to in your last statement, we also know that everything God’s teaching is very different from all man-made religions and opposite human nature itself. Our human nature is so contrary to God’s Word and how He desires us to live because this sin nature has affected us so pervasively from birth and we are spiritually blind to it as natural men. One must be born again to truly start conforming to the ways of God through a spiritual awakening. I like what someone said, If you have 2 births (physical and spiritual), you’ll have one death (physical). If you have 1 birth (physical), then you’ll have 2 deaths (physical and spiritual).

        The Old and New Testaments are very important together as a whole. Each existed for a slightly different purpose but they are complimentary and vital together. No believer should discount the importance of either. I like what St Augustine is credited to saying:
        “The old testament is in the new testament revealed, and the new testament is in the old testament concealed.”

        That’s my truth 4 u

  • Jonathan Halsey

    It’s my understanding that the Independent is 50% owned by Muhammad Abuljadayel, a Saudi.

  • Doc

    The intellectual quality of DB articles have really dropped. How does the work of exposing the contradictions of Islam get any better by contrasting it to another monotheistic religion? Are DB editors not seeing that they play into the hands of the overlords and their divide an conquer dialectics?

    Is DB is a Christian outlet nowadays?

    How about going back to exposing the power structures and how they manipulate people and creating antagonism where there is none?

  • chickenpie

    I thought it was interesting that a Jew, Weinstein was the poster boy for sexual assault on a number of fronts. We have been getting a lot of Islamic propaganda and promotion recently, and of course they would pick a Jew as their bad guy, and isn’t it interesting that this small issue has knocked all the new developments in Las Vegas off the front page?

    • Rosicrucian32

      How conveeeeenient………

  • Brabantian

    The Bible is a far more violent book than the Qur’an, whose barbaric passages are essentially lifted from the Jewish-Christian texts. Daily Bell tries to suggest the Greek ‘New Testament’ Bible with the Jesus stories are not violent, but that really isn’t true either … even though indeed the high volume of kill-your-disobedient-children, slavery-conquest-and-genocide (‘God says kill all the men & women & children & animals too’) passages are in the Old Testament

    Just incorporating all that Abrahamic barbarism into Christianity – with its shocking ‘core’ teachings based on the genital mutilation of baby boy children ‘circumcision’ – is perverse enough. But Jesus also has some bad days … cursing the innocent fig tree when he’s angry … accepting torture as a reality in his ‘parables’ without criticising it … accepting that a ‘king’ has the ‘right to kill’ his followers who let him down

    These are very rough ‘holy books’ in the Abrahamic religions, and it seems like a demon rather than a ‘god’ who centred a religion on chopping up the genitals of baby boy children – hundreds of children die every year from this practice, a barbarism of Muslims, Jews & Yank USA Americans, the latter sadly derailed by Jewish doctors selling this mutilation with a fake story about ‘it’s good for you’ … when actually mutiliated men seek to mutilate other men

    Not to mention the ‘eternal hell’ torture chamber, upheld by alleged ‘nice guy’ Jesus

    For those of us who follow South / East Asian religions, the spiritual paths of meditation etc … religions which do not compel a fetish of ‘holy books’ with barbaric texts, religions in which everyone re-joins God eventually … the Abrahamic religions are all a horror … tho Jesus, whose ‘nice’ sayings are essentially borrowings from Buddhism about 500 years before him, is the softer side of the Abrahamic legacy of violence

    As Alexandria physician Dr Ashraf Ezzat has noted, the 3 Abrahamic cults of Judaism Islam & Christianity, all were founded within some hundreds of kilometres of each other, by the same kind of rough desert people – people who are belligerent, prone to extremism, and not of deep culture … hence the chopping of children’s genitals and ‘eternal torture hell’ after slavery & domination in this life

    • DonRL

      You are typical of the Satanic followers of islam, perverting and twisting the Bible the true word of God. Mohammad was a murderous pedophile who killed and raped. He followed his satanic doctrine of killing all who opposed him.
      Islam is like the religion of Cain who killed his brother. Why did he kill him? because his works were wicked and Abel’s works were righteous. You kill the righteous so you can more freely do your wickedness.
      Circumcision is not mutilation. There is no change of function but it much cleaner. Muslim female mutilation changes function and is truly mutilation.
      Christians do not kill people to force them into being followers of Jesus, muslims do not Jesus did not teach that it is OK to rape women or have sex outside marriage in any case, Islam does.
      Christians do not practice slavery as do muslims. Jesus did not teach that we Christians should steal people and make them slaves as islam does.
      The koran (which i have read) also says that a muslim can lie to a non muslim and that is OK. So I can not believe anything you are saying. Your religion says that it is OK to lie to promote Islam, so according to your belief system I have to believe you are lying and misrepresenting both your religion and Christianity. Jesus teaches me to be honest in every thing even to enemies of Christ as you are.

      • Douteux55

        You might be surprised to know that the Jewish Talmud actually permits many of the same disturbing activities as Islam; intercourse with children, lying to everyone, assaults on gentile women, even murder. Get your hands on a Babylonian Talmud and you’ll fall off your chair!

        I have to take issue with your statement that Christians don’t kill people to force them to be Christians, perhaps not today, but they certainly did throughout the Middle Ages, for 200 years and the wars of religion that wracked England and France for 100 years in the 16th century were equally bloody. You need to review your history lessons. As for slavery, I don’t understand how you can possibly say that, when our founding fathers, who were nearly all Christians, kept oodles of slaves. It’s important to note that the Jews and Muslims of the 17th – 19th centuries were enthusiastic slave traders. The catholic church tried to stop it in the early Middle Ages, but it was difficult. . Also please proofread, some of your sentences are incomprehensible.

        • DonRL

          Some of my comments my be incomprehensible to you in your anti God state of mind. The Old Testament does not permit the heinous, perverse, murderous things that Islam prescribes. It is also very different to permit and to prescribe. The Bible does not allows lying to everyone, truth is commanded. “be honest to everyone.”
          Assaults on women are not allowed. Women are to be protected and cherished as we are heirs together in life.
          Christians do not kill others nor force people to become Christians. Some people who called themselves Christians did so. Anyone who does so is not being consistent with the teachings of Christ. Muslims who kill and force others to become muslims under penalty of torture or death are being consistent with the teachings of the koran.
          They may have done so if kidnapping was involved, but it was not consistent with the teachings of Christ. You may cite examples of Christians who did wrong but such wrongs are not consistent with the teachings of Christ. Muslims who have slaves, even today, are being consistent with the teachings of the koran.
          The catholic church is not a good example to follow they have no followed the teachings of Christ and blaspheme Him every day with the “sacrifice of the mass”.
          Your air of superiority does not fly here.
          Your lack of understanding and twisting history and the Bible for you own ends is very incomprehensible. You do so to your own destruction as the Bible says. You should glorify God not your own ego.

        • davidnrobyn

          “You might be surprised to know that the Jewish Talmud actually permits many of the same disturbing activities as Islam”
          Point 1: The Talmud is a commentary on Scripture, not Scripture. Don’t confuse the two.
          Point 2: I myself have wondered why, with all the similarities between Judaism and Islam, (pure food laws, fasting, almsgiving, pilgrimage, animal sacrifice, monotheism, etc.) Muhammad and the Arabs didn’t just become Jews. Would’ve been easier, right? Then the light went on: Ishmael would rather eat dog doodoo than join forces with his hated half-brother Isaac! So Islam is the continuation of a 4000-year feud between the two, with the object being Ishmael’s getting back into the good graces of his father Abraham (after being disenfranchised) by establishing his own brand and his own righteousness. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

    • Shamus

      I do agree with most of your assessment of these very troubling aspects of the Abrahamic–or Yahw-istic–faiths. Most specifically, I have for many years now been totally unable to reconcile the behavior of the Biblical character of Yahweh with a benevolent Creator.

      However the narrative in which you box your arguments doesn’t quite work for me. Historically it just doesn’t seem quite that simple (however simple–and accurate–the moral and theological assessment of it may be). E.g., for centuries and in many instances, various forms of Buddhism were considered the court religion of many different eastern states and empires, enforced at the point of the sword.

    • dauden

      Whoa, you arrogantly display your ignorance about the Inspired Scriptures preserved in the Authorized King James Bible, the only non-copyrighted version. First off, the earthly ministry of Christ (prophetic) was to the Jews, under the law, and is not related to the ministry going on now which is “…to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ: To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in Heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God”, Ephesians 3:9-10. You have not studied the King James as instructed in 2 Tim 2:15, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth”. To “rightly divide” is to know the difference between the revelation of the mystery and the prophetic scriptures. One is “times past” and “the ages to come” and the other is NOW found in Romans thru Philemon, the 13 books of the Apostle Paul, a new doctrine that was kept secret then revealed to him first. The Christian churches today don’t even understand this because their leaders go through seminary training to teach whatever doctrine will sustain a denomination, much like a business.
      So you’re description of passages pulled out of the Book without context is a miserable attempt to prove anything.

    • Common Sense

      Wow, you no nothing of concept of Jesus and the New Testament which is considered Grace over Law.

    • Rosicrucian32

      Mo married an older divorcee, and when he realized what he’d done at 26 he ran to the caves and stayed drunk. When he came back he brought his new doctrine. It has been determined that however his new doctrine was actually written in part over three hundred years earlier (supporting the suggestion of a joint interfaith development) , and still written 300 years after Christ was crucified. It was a lucky find for him, he thought he was a big man then.
      He also like many “scholars” re-interpreted the word he was pushing to meet his needs.

    • davidnrobyn

      Wow, you sure managed to display your moral superiority by standing in judgment on the Man whom all his contemporaries, both enemies and friends, could not accuse of a single sin (with the exception of blasphemy because He made Himself out to be God, which was exactly the point).

  • Alan777

    Selective quoting of the koran by a muslim who follows the prescribed method of lying to the gullible infidels.

  • Summer

    The article was extremely poor but so is your understanding of Islam!

    • Common Sense

      An islamaphobe is just someone who has done any research into that THEOCRACY. Bill Warner, PhD is a wealth of knowledge on this matter, I suggest everyone look him up.

      • Summer

        The article rubbishing The Independent piece shows nothing but an Orientalist understanding of Islam. Look up: Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth by Mirza Tahir Ahmed then come at me!

        • Common Sense

          Same crap as all the other because it still looks to a murderer and paedophile as a prophet. No thank you.

        • Rosicrucian32

          Have everyone read Interfaith Dialogue before they do so they clear your BS right up.