New York Times Whips Up Anti-Islam Hatred with Extensive Article
By Daily Bell Staff - August 05, 2016

How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers … A jailhouse interview with a German man who joined the Islamic State reveals the workings of a unit whose lieutenants are empowered to plan attacks around the world.  – The New York Times

People are being whipped up against Islam and this New York Times article is a good example.

The article goes on and on about the “network” that ISIS has built to deliver terror to the West.

You can read the article for yourself HERE. We won’t bother to summarize it further. It’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Bottom line implication: Islamic terror cannot be stopped without the forthright action of the US federal government.

Of course, since this is an endless Times article, we never learn that those behind US and European governments funded first Al Qaeda and then ISIS.

We never learn the growing war between radical – fundamental – Islam and the West is a bankers’ war.

The result of such a war will move the world toward the globalism deeply desired by certain banking factions.

The idea is to create significant tension between Islam and the West. This tension provides justification for government action at the highest levels.

Right now, even in the alternative media it is not fashionable to make such statements.

If one is clear-eyed, one is supposed to explain that Islam is a religion of violence and that Muslims have been at war with Christians for more than a thousand years.

In fact, to be properly “anti-PC” one is supposed to acknowledge that the conflict between East and West goes back many thousands of years.

Such acknowledgements are fashionably tough-minded.

Don’t you want to have a tough mind?

Humans, you see, are inevitably violent and one ought to express his or her understanding of this bedrock fact.

Try to explain that large wars are inevitably the consequence of authoritarian manipulation and you may be seen as an Islamic apologist.

But the world is not so simple.

Those who consider themselves as anti-PC realists may not be as sensible as they believe.

In fact, they too may be manipulated.

Top Western elites fortified by banking money created first Al Qaeda and now ISIS, HERE.

And here:

Globalists created Wahhabi Terrorism to Destroy Islam and Justify a Global State…

You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia…

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terrorism…

CIA Agent Admits Obama Created ISIS To Invade Syria…

Top Western elites created the current wars in the Middle East and then imported hundreds of thousands of Muslims into Europe.

Though people don’t want to contemplate it, much of the terror now taking place in Europe and the US shows signs of Western intel manipulation.

Islam versus the West is a recipe for authoritarianism and banker control.

The idea is to move the world toward accepting further globalism. Violence provides the manipulation necessary to achieve this goal.

We wrote recently about New Gingrich, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and his determination that Muslims in the US be interrogated as to their beliefs and support of Sharia law.

No doubt Gringrich had in mind the idea that the federal government should administer his interrogations.

As Homeland Security has already declared that those who believe in the US Constitution may have “terrorist” inclinations, it is quite likely that constitutionalists would find themselves next in line for Gingrich-style interrogations.

To deal with Islamic distrust at the federal level empowers the same large authoritarian entities that created the tension in the first place.

Deal with issues locally if at all possible. We just wrote about that HERE.

The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people, see HERE. The modern world has not been continually convulsed by crusader-style – East versus West – military campaigns.

HERE is a debunking of the “endless Islamic violence” meme (“The Myth of the Murderous Muslim”). You may choose to disbelieve it, but it makes some good points.

In fact, plenty of people live together around the world without trying to slit each others’ throats.

What ought to be confronted first? The neo-Gladio intelligence operations in the US and Europe that have funded Islamic terrorism ought to be called to account. The immigration policies initiated by Brussels, DC and London’s City ought to be challenged as well.

These larger manipulations should cease. Unfortunately, more and more people are turning to central government for “protection” and “action.”

This is how a religious war is built. This is how federal governments maintain control.

Conclusion: Electronic information has revealed how such control works. Chaos and war are always the work of a powerful handful. People need to confront the real agents of terror and war if at all possible, not just their foot-soldiers.




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  • Crouching Goat, Hidden Donkey

    Ken O’Keefe summarizes it very well in this 4min video (released August 4th)

    • Thanks.

      • conjure

        Your article brings a lot of resistance and reaction here in the comments, which tells me that you might be on to something. Bravo!

        • Thanks.

          • Tracked by Disqus

            I commend the Bell on starting to talk about the elite pushing Islam and terrorism on the peoples of Europe. It has taken the Bell, quite some time to get here. Whilst the elite have been playing their game for decades. For the elite to play their game with the people of Europe, they have needed to shut them up, using Political Coercion (Political Correctness). That coercion in the case of Mr. Mohamed and his followers can be summed up in their words as “the religion of peace”.

            Five minutes of research upon the meaning of Islam will lead the Bell to a more accurate summing up of Mr. Mohamed’s religion, as “the religion of submission”. The elite’s pawns are not Buddhist Monks, they are more like J.R.Tolkin’s Orcs rather than your Hobbits (Note it is the ideology of Islam that turns otherwise very decent people into Orc like predators). That is what your astute readers are up in arms with.

            I suspect many of them have done their own independent research into the nature of “the religion of submission” and the “book of continuous recitation”. They will have been reading the Bell regularly, whilst it has delicately skirted around the decades-long elite mass migration chess moves, awaiting comment from the Bell.

            At last, there is comment. Hallelujah, but its comment on an area many of us are well educated on.

            Whilst the Bell rings on about, what I will call the big ’T’ Terrorism, or Television Terrorism, the type of ’T’ that is all over the news, the big stuff, that as the Bell tolls out also involves ”the big people” the elite and manipulations.

            The Bell is being silent on the what I call the little ’t’ terrorism, the “townsfolk terrorism”, the type of ’t’ that everyday Europeans are finding out about first hand as they are intimidates, ruffed up, robbed or even raped in their homes, marketplaces and streets. It’s the small ’t’ the Tabloids will not touch. And it is the ’t’ that is out of the control of the big people, carried out by the small young adolescents that follow Mr. Mohamed as their ideal man.

            The Bell is silent, the elites’ news outlets are silent. However, the toll on the innocent keeps rising.

          • People are not helpless. If they are being raped or murdered silently, they should do something about it. Confront the rapists and murderers. Confront government officials who allowed it. Generate results at a local level. Purchase weapons and carry them. If they are not allowed to carry weapons, create massive protests so that they can re-arm. There are plenty of ways to fight rape and murder other than to submit to it or simply ask a given federal government to help. Federal governments of large states don’t work for their citizens. They are owned and run by the same people creating the upcoming war between Islam and the West.

          • Tracked by Disqus

            How would you suggest then, one could generate massive protests by mentioning the effects only but without bringing up the possible causes that need to be addressed?

            Further, how does one do this in a community which has changed from 100% European to 15% European in a decade? A community that is now a multi-community divided by languages, race, cultures, and religion?

            What option are there democratically, when the change was undemocratically brought about? And the benefactors are given votes?

            I think it was/is the EDL in England that have been trying to do as you say. Your support for them would be well received. But they do mention the local level cause. Not just the effect.

            The upcoming war, as you say, between Islam and the West, has as we all well know Islamic pawns in place all across Europe. The elites protect their pawns and make them as frightening as possible as you point out.

            At a local level, one is left to deal with the pawns. The elite are out of the local picture, except as a pawn protection service. How can we deal with the actual damage the pawns are doing without mentioning them?

            Not being able to mention them (the pawns), is what makes the advice “There are plenty of ways to fight rape and murder other than to submit” so difficult.

            We the people (working and middle class) have multiple enemies to our existing ways of life. How do we get to “know thy enemy” if we are not able to mention some of them? Any suggestions, to prevent us from becoming Armenians? Practical help is desperately needed for those in European hot spots with children and families to think of.

          • First, if you don’t like where you are move to a safer place for yourself and your family. Second, reach out to average Muslims to find out what they really have in mind. Third, do what you can to speak up and clarify the problem. This means explaining City bankers are once more manipulating the world to war, this time a religious war. Place the blame on the top banking interests where it should be placed. The more you attack average Muslims, the more you play into their hands.

          • Tracked by Disqus

            Thanks for your suggestions, all three of them I have carried through, and the third I keep slugging at as best I can driving the stake through the city bankers and on to the central bankers behind them, to the core behind that club.

            What type of man runs away from intimidation. That seems to be you and me. Standing up physically is scary for intellectuals.

            I feel really sorry for the average Muslim, half of them are women. I never attack anyone let alone those already suffering subjugation. The average Muslim is as innocent as the average German was in WWII. I do however question critically the ideologies of the National Socialist Party and the Islamic religion of submission. Clarifying that the bankers are using immigration as a weapon, and Muslim immigration in particular is not playing into their hands. Calling it out and rejecting it helps frustrates their plans. I would like to in list your help with that.

  • Heywood Jablome

    Just another day in the propaganda mill, of the coercive west….the useful idiots are the medium….

  • Independence123

    Knute Gingrich put it concisely, ISLAM and our US Constitution do not peacefull coexist? Well Put, Knute! If we were Muslims, the Germans would be speaking ENGLISH, as would the Japanese! Our brand of warfare does not kill, behead, and maime Christians for being on the right track vs. Islam making a Rapist, Mongrol into a form of GOD? In short the only Muslim in this Country that believes in that faith is POTUS, a student of Valerie Jared, a devoted IRANIAN since birth!

  • Bob

    You are probably right about the root causes behind this recent string of problems, which agree with the Hegelian Dialect, but once again, to make Islam out to be a religion of peace goes against all the facts- from Islam’s violent inception of killing Jews and Christians, to its violent, sadistic war against all of Europe in the Middle Ages, to the Islamic Slave Trade (which is still going on to this day with slavery and white slavery), to the the Barbary Pirates attacking American ships right America became a nation and President Jefferson had to sent the Marines to deal with them after it was found they could not be reasoned with to stop attacking American ships without cause… the current Somali Muslim pirates…so you are right on the US funding ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all the rest, and then causing the immigration problem to stir up cultural tensions and try to create a war, but any religious group that would let itself be used like this in the first place has a serious problem…you could not fund Christian groups like this with the idea of conquering the world, because that goes against everything Jesus Christ taught; however, not so much Mohammed, who directly advocates for a worldwide Islamic Caliphate by waging war to get it.

    A worldwide war is not needed, but A WALL along the Mexican border, along stopping the Islamic immigration until they can be properly vetted, as Donald Trump has suggested, are common sense ideas.

    • misterkel

      “you could not fund Christian groups like this with the idea of conquering
      the world, because that goes against everything Jesus Christ taught”

      And yet – evangelical churches teach exactly that. Read blogs – Christ will rule the world (and other nonsense).

      And read the New Testament – he brings a sword.

      • Bob

        Christ will come back as the Victorious Returning King with Army of Angels, but that does not mean Christians are to try to conquer the world for Him…He can do that all on his own. 🙂

  • Bruce C.

    Another anti-PC position is to declare Islam to be a very stupid “religion”, and really isn’t a religion anyway.

    The word “islam” means submission, not peace. It implies that there will be peace if you submit (or die).

    There is clearly a relationship between fundamental philosophical and religious beliefs and the kind of culture and creativity that the people who hold those ideas will experience. Around the time of Mohammed (700 AD) the West accepted the ideas of Aristotle and the Middle East did not (they liked Plato’s). That’s also when Muslims stopped advancing in any recognizable way. They were some of the best mathematicians, for example, until Islam became institutionalized. The ME region would still look like the desert that it’s always been if not for Western technology. Now modernity is superimposed on sand, but men still wear rags on their heads and women were them all over. (I wonder if transgender men cover up too, and transgender women get to wear their old gowns on their heads?, but I digress…)

    My point is, I still think banning Muslims from the US and other western countries makes a lot of sense. Maybe they are perfectly okay, but so what? Other cultures aren’t obligated to take that risk. Considering how complex and confused this subject is I think it makes sense to eliminate the risk of turning into Europe until the US culture figures out what’s going on.

    If Muslims can’t come in then they can’t do their jihads. Isn’t that better than having the “do-gooder” US government beef up it’s homeland security? It wouldn’t be needed. Heck, that even reduces the “need” for fighting ISIS in the ME because…well… they’re in the ME, not here. Let all the peaceful Muslims deal with their own “radicals”, if they in fact exist.

    • Predictable, Bruce. Is there any power you would not expand on behalf of the federal government? And of course Homeland Security would be involved as well. And once they get rid of Muslims, who else will they decide must leave? They already consider Constitutionalists to be terrorists. If you don’t want Muslims living near you, get rid of them yourself, or organize other around you to help. Or create emphatic lobbying aimed at removing migration powers from fedgov. Actually confront elites who have created the problem. As far as Sharia law is concerned, it might be a step up from incarcerating six million people at a time, depending on how Sharia enforced and whether non-Muslims are subject to Sharia sanctions.

      • conjure

        If you don’t want Muslims living near you, get rid of them yourself, or organize other around you to help.

        This is how they once spoke about the presence of African Americans in local communities. Muslims have been here in the US for generations. Some even read reprehensible comments on fatuous websites and comment on the same.

      • Bruce C.

        I don’t like the way the borders and immigration are being handled right now. No (or “open”) “borders” might be okay as long as “immigrants” didn’t get so much “help” from the government which encourages it. In that case immigrants could stay if they wanted to but based on local agreements (e.g., a job, a sponsor, whatever). Barring that, which seems pretty hard to change, I say invoke some standards for immigration.

        It’s not like there aren’t “religious tests” already. Besides I didn’t say existing Muslims in residence be deported, only to stop accepting any more of them until things settle down. Obama wants to flood the country with poor uneducated people and supposedly Hillary wants to increase that another 5.5 times. Personally, I don’t want people like that coming to the US. They’re coming too fast and are not assimilating, and predominantly South and Central Americans are a whole lot more similar in culture than muslims. I don’t want millions of muslims coming here. I don’t get the upside. Even if they are a-ok we don’t need more people in this country. Besides, flooding the West with muslims is supposed to be the centuries-old grand plan of the “oligarchs” to “globalize” the world, like is happening in Europe. Do you think Europe should keep their borders open too?

        As far as the rest of your suggestions, that’s fine, but in the mean time I say stop the madness. I hope Trump wins and maybe that will enable more people to hold the “elites” accountable.

        Another suggestion that you might like is for people to stop being so “wimpy”. Stop demanding the government “do something” about the domestic terrorism. It may sound cold but the number of people killed in the plots are so small compared to the population that it’s a stupid use of government resources to get involved. Individuals should be more willing to defend themselves (or just take their chances), and that would lessen the need for Homeland Security, etc.

    • nathenism

      like all religions there is a literal interpretation and a spiritual one..most moslems understand the spiritual one, but we are only told about the literal one..jihad is about the inner spiritual war everyone has..sharia law is a personal code of conduct and is not meant to be imposed on non moslems

  • Goldcoaster

    Islam is not just a religion and you people need to wake up to that fact. There is no Golden Rule in islam. It is believers versus unbelievers. It is a complete belief system which dominates the mohamedan way of life, and in its strict, fundamental form is totally incompatible with western secular values.

    Only when the muslim population reaches 10% do the muslims begin to demand things “their way”. and then the problems begin. The key is to never let them get to 10%. Too bad for London they didn’t heed the advice, and now they have a muslim Mayor. The muslim will always side with islam first and foremost.

    • Incredible. There are more cameras than people in London and more laws than subjects. Why don’t you aim your anger at the “Parliament” that structured the mass immigration rather than Muslims who come to Britain looking for work and prosperity.

      • Voice Over

        Work & prosperity? A majority go straight onto benefits and stay on them. Goldcoaster is 100% correct

        • Who carved out the benefits? Islam or the British government?You are believer in a large welfare state? We are not.

          • pcnot

            “You are believer in a large welfare state”. NO, I’m not and I agree that without the honey of the feel good state there wouldn’t be as many Muslims. That said, Goldcoaster above is totally correct about the essence of the way of life of Muslims. They will not assimilate, they are forbidden to. They are admonished to spread their “religion” by the sword if necessary. When they achieve a certain percentage of the population, they quit playing nice and start making demands. Sharia law is their goal. Trying to frame a huge religious-cultural gulf in economic terms is futile. Muslims will eat your lunch if you let them.

          • The US Muslim population is perhaps one percent. Worrying about Islamic issues in the US is crazy.

          • Voice Over

            DB – If even a fraction of 1% are potential maniacs they can (and will) cause an awful lot of damage.

            Let’s hope you’re not in the next massacre of innocents by Muslims.

            PS Have you started using the product you hope to make money from?

            “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”
            —Former Algerian President Houari Boumedienne’s prophetic warning to Europe in a speech at the U.N. In 1974.

          • Muslims have been living in the US for a significant amount of time without causing “an awful lot of damage.” You are whipped up now because that’s the plan. Try to fight it.

          • Tracked by Disqus

            Yes, it is their plan to transplant a large muslim population into the USA as they have already successfully done in Europe. How do we fight our manipulators’ population move?

          • We run an a website analyzing elite propaganda. If you are worried about Muslims, you ought to do something . Try to do so on a local or state level rather than agitating for Homeland Security to receive yet more power. Speak to Muslims and Muslim leaders. Maybe you will find they aren’t so bad and that you have misjudged them … Above all, speak out against the Western intel forces that are instigating the terror.

          • pcnot

            Crazy? Really. At what percent SHOULD we start to worry then? Have you been paying attention to the news from areas in the U. S. where the population of Muslims is already large? Suburbs of Minneapolis, Dearborn MI, parts of Detroit? Are you deaf to the many other fine comments to this article? Whatever the tipping point percentage of Muslims is, it is insanity to let them keep coming. Take a look at Sweden, Brussels, Paris to see what happens when you let them get power.

            NOT to worry is crazy.

          • Good Lord. The US is $200 trillion in debt with a sociopath running for president, six million in various forms of incarceration including penal slavery, 40 million on foodstamps, interest rates threatening to go negative, most people with less than two week’s savings – and you’re worried about Muslims.

          • pcnot

            When you can’t answer, change the subject and attack the person.

          • We replied with facts.

          • 65 million illegal immigrants, about 14 of whom are Muslims. Vast majority are Latin Americans.

  • nathenism

    the architects of misperception are clever indeed..sometimes they create two lies that contradict each other..this creates inner conflict which inevitably turns into outer also tricks people who are a little harder to deceive..with 911 they created the first lie of a moslem threat..more recently they got their media whores to act like they don’t want to blame the terror attacks on radical know, cause it’s un pc..this subtly reinforces the first lie of the radical islam threat..incredibly much of the alternative media has fallen for this and have been whipping up islamic threat hysteria, like alex jones and his bigoted english buddy the awful paul watson..
    another example is the constant media attention of black victims of police brutality..they try to convince people it’s only happening to black people and many people fall for it..but also they subtly plant the idea that black are just a bunch of criminals and thugs and the cops are just giving them what they deserve..and a lot of people in the alternative media fall for this too..just look at the amount of glorious conflict and hatred generated in the alt media by these two examples..folks, they are tricking us too and we need to pay more attention to these things

  • john d

    we have a song which asks god to bless America. I believe it is true the “grace of god” is provided to all however, his blessing is more apt to be reserved for those who do his will. I recall much ado 8 years ago about a certain spiritual adviser to a certain presidential candidate who conceded god dam America. we americans consider ourselves t/b exceptional and t/b fair some of us are. the problem is when “exceptionalism” is interpreted to mean entitled. our power and might is of little consequence to the one who has all power. my god says seek first god’s kingdom and his righteousness. i’m very sure that does not mean that we should consume a disproportionate share of the bounty of this world. as we have insisted on doing just that there are billions of people who do not have enough to feed their children.
    there are 2 ways this situation gets resolved. we attempt to share our success with the world or the world will attempt to take it away. “imagine”

  • EDD

    For those condemning the Muslim religion out of hand, stop it. I work with people in my job who will readily admit that the msm does not tell the truth. Yet, whenever I show up for work, I have to listen to the latest gaffe made in a speech by Trump. (Of course the source is the morning newscast.) The other day, I was told that Trump bought a Purple Heart. I waited a day before commenting because what I was told is ‘gut reaction’.

    During the next 24 hours I discovered Trump was given a Purple Heart by a veteran who wholly supported Trump’s efforts. Then it gets twisted by some vets who are supposedly angry with Trump for accepting the medal. If it is so upsetting, why did they not get upset with the vet who gave him the medal? Twisted logic at it’s best. The lesson in this is to count to ten before responding to an allegation. It gives both parties a chance to consider the implications of what is being said. It also gives the one making the reply a chance to ‘act’ upon the remark, not ‘react’ to it.

    Reacting to something immediately fits into the Marxist ideology, emotional reaction. Thinking it out for a moment requires intellectual expertise and allows one to act upon the situation.

    My point is this; unless an individual has studied the Islam ideology rather than all the misinformation released by media in any form, it is easy to fall into the trap of misunderstood thoughts generated by accepting the synthesis equation.

    Watching the comments on the DB articles of this subject has shown me that too many have not completely understood Islamic philosophy. It’s the radicals of the Muslim faith who reinforce misconceptions. But the same thing can be said of radical Christians, i. e. David Koresh, Jim Jones, and others. Beware of the trap that ensnares, not the truth that liberates.

    I submit two examples where the teachings of Mohamed and Jesus are similar. Yes, killing the infidel is a Muslim concept. One that is misunderstood except by truly devout Muslims. Killing the infidel refers to removing the unbeliever within self. By the same token, Jesus said the carnal mind is the enemy of the Christ. Paul refers to the carnal mind in this example: ‘The things I would do, I do not; the things I would not do, I do’. Both examples are indicative of the continual battle within self, a type of Armageddon within our psyche.

    The disciple’s admonishment was this: ‘Let the mind that was in Christ Jesus be in you also’. More plainly, subdue carnal impulses, (Christianity); lay waste the unbeliever, (Islam). Both concepts are within self.

    • thanks.

      • Gerry

        EDD. I am sorry but you are wrong, very wrong about Islam. It is very apparent that you know nothing about the life of Mohammed or the religion which he founded. Mohammed was by all historical evidence and not denied by any scholar, a tribal leader and a warrior who was very good at the art of war, killing and deception. His religion follows this to the letter. His principal purpose was to maintain a standing army and subdue the surrounding tribes in what is now Saudi Arabia. Islam’s sole purpose is to subdue the whole world, make it submit to the will of Allan as revealed to their prophet. Please please before you reply read the Quran and the teachings of Mohammed. If your mind is not changed by them enjoy your decapitation.

        • misterkel

          Uh – haven’t you heard that 9/11 was…
          F–k – never mind.

          • Tracked by Disqus

            Turning to suggestive bad languages misterkel, suggest to me that Gerry won his point.

          • timamac

            Uh…caused by the Jooooz and the Mosaad. F it – never mind.

        • We know enough to understand that Islam is being used to whip up a war, much as Germany was 75 years ago. Confront the warmongers, not peaceable Muslims.

          • Gerry

            You know nothing until you read the Quran for yourself. I do not doubt that the USA and NATO are demonising Putin and Russia in an effort to drive on an other US war, to cover the misuse of the thrust granted to you, and your dollar as reserve currency of the world and the mess you have created in the world financial systems.
            Islam will be happy to pick up the pieces of your destroyed continent . Enjoy sharia law and your lucky women will get to wear the burka as the watch any male with pubic hair being decapitated. Learn about Islam please. The problem is not radicals it is the holy book . Read the book from cover to cover and the life of Mohammed then come back to me. If you say you have already read the book, you are either total idiot or you are already an Muslim using taqiyya (look it up).

          • This is ridiculous. Read the Old Testament. It’s also violent. People are not merely the sum of religious dogma. They don’t necessarily act on everything they read in sacred scripture. We’ve read the Koran twice, by the way. It’s not really written in a narrative format …

          • Gerry

            Which part is ridiculous ?. The likelihood that either a brain damaged or a brain deficient American president will cause and fight a war with Russia, or that the is no comparison between twenty first century Christianity and Islam. I do accept that the Jews are different in Israel.
            Islam is not a religion as accepted by Christians.
            It is a political, economic, cultural, social,educational system, with the sole purpose of acquisition and retention of power and influence in the whole world. If you read the Quran and understood it ( also might read some Hadith )
            You would accept this as fact. Try a little more educational reading before coming back to me.

          • Elites whipped up two major wars and dozens minor ones in the 20th century. The 21st century is not much better. How much more bloodshed will it take before you and others realize you are reacting to “resurgent” Islam just as hoped.

          • Gerry

            I do not disagree with you about the bankers wars. I only comment on what I know and see around me, coupled with an extensive reading on religion particularly Islam. I was working with a Palestinian surgeon in 1978, who had been involved in the six day war. He was very informed and educated. His words were ” you in the western world ,think that the ideological divide between communinism and capitalism is a big deal. It is nothing compared to the clash which will come about between Islam and western democracy ” This was 38 years ago. I am too old and cynical to be influenced by the mass media, nor do I watch or read them. I live in Europe where the surgeons words are coming true. You can bury your head in the sand if you wish, I just hope that it is still attached to your body.

          • If you are as cynical as you say, please try to figure out how Muslims got into Europe in the first place in such recent numbers. Those who facilitated this are surely among those to be held accountable.

          • Gerry

            We all know how Muslims got into Europe. You may have map which shows the world beyond the USA and the proximity of Europe to Muslim countries.
            I also know why there are masses or refugees fleeing your American instigated and financed war in the Middle East, coupled with the stupidity and arrogance of political leaders in Europe . This in no way takes away from my contention or adds to yours. It is rather late here as apposed to there,due to the rotation of the planet.another fact which may be new to you, Good night.

          • Bruce C.

            So you agree a massive muslim influx is not so good, but you say blame those who created it, not Islam, no?

            Solution: Stop the muslim influxes and then go after those who created them. What’s your problem with that? Border agents and “homeland security” already exists.

            Your argument about “Constitutionalists” being perhaps the next “group” to be persecuted is a little backwards since it is “the government” that does NOT want to restrict muslim immigration. That desire is coming from the citizenry. No citizens that I know want to ban “Constitutionalists.”

            Zika-carrying mosquitos are getting exterminated here in sunny South Florida. Should we give them a pass and just focus on whoever/whatever let them get to Florida?

          • timamac

            “Cynical”? Pot calling kettle black? They got there by marxist/globalist elites wanting to destroy the West and with assistance by dhimmi’s like the DB.

          • timamac

            That has nothing to do with Islam and its invasion by immigration” with the help by dhimmi’s like the DB.

          • timamac

            Your’e ridiculous. Compare Christ to Muhammad. Case closed. Guess you should change the the Dhimmi Bell..

          • timamac

            Or they’re dhimmi’s..

          • timamac

            Really?! Your comparison doesn’t make any sense. So,are we the evil Germans going after innocents and sending them on trains to gas chambers(or is that a lie also)? Funny, the Germans and Muslim Brotherhood admired each other . I guess that was started by the CIA,FBI,media….

      • John Pallyswine

        Deport the filthy muu and the dirty waSSp to the nearest muSSlim garbage can. Sayeth the Lord

        • Does the Lord really say that?

          • timamac

            Of course not,but He wouldn’t be making excuses for Islam either.

    • John Pallyswine

      Good muu ded muu!!!

    • timamac

      No,I won’t stop. Any ‘religion’ that was spawned by muhammy,needs to be condemned. Thank you.

  • Tsigantes

    Excellent. Thank you!

  • Adam

    I love the Daily Bell and as a libertarian, I generally agree with your positions however when it comes to Islam, you people are so far off the mark I don’t know where to begin.

    I really think you need to look deeper into Islam.

    • There are hundreds of millions of peaceable Muslims. If there is a violent leadership faction, it should be confronted. And of course “radical Islam” should be confronted as well. Start with the CIA.

      • EDD

        DB staff: for whatever reasons, a reply to my post yesterday by ‘Gerry’ has disappeared. I was not offended by his reply. Judging by his reaction to my post, (and similar comments by others in this articles forum), I have come to see how effective 9-11 has been in steering opinions according to the Hegelian dialectic. All challenges to a post, to a person, or to an article becomes a lesson in reaching out to be better understood.

        Gerry assumed I had not read the Koran based upon his understanding. He had no knowledge of my research which is unfortunate.

        For a long time I did not understand why the 9-11 scapegoats were determined to be Muslims. With the passage of 15 years since that event, I now understand just how opinions are formed due to the misinformation through the msm, social media, government trolls, and etc. In a decade and a half through propaganda, the life of Muhammad and the Muslim faith has been distorted.

        I found myself researching the web for ‘facts’ to support my thesis. An excellent source, (which has no apparent agenda to fabricate distortions), is found at: . This page is the first of five parts with links to each subsequent page. The articles are well written and informative.

        If an individual does not go back on a timeline and try to understand the conditions in which a person is reared and the culture of his time, many quotes can be taken out of context.

        And the ideologies are misunderstood because they are not viable in the present. However, history is replete with those who distort the original teachings. Similar to the time of Jesus, the concepts of Muhammad were not written down until years after his death.

        Every book ever written has been written through the lens of perception by the author. This includes his upbringing, peer pressure, the culture of his life and many other influences, (myself included). As best as I am able though, I try to step back and stay with facts as I understand them.

        The Koran is much like the books of the Bible; there are levels of understanding depending on one’s overall spiritual life. One tidbit I wish to share as a finish to this post is from the articles: ““Speak to everyone in accordance with his degree of understanding” is a dictum of Mohammad.

        Thank you, DB, for this comment forum.

        • EDD

          Addendum: another site diametrically in opposition to the one listed above is:

        • You’re welcome. Don’t know why it would have disappeared ….

          • EDD

            Ditto on the disappearance. It still is in the reply section of Disquis. Strange.

        • timamac

          How has Muhammy been “distorted”? An evil,despicable man that spawned an evil,despicable “religion”.

      • timamac

        Start with Muhammad.

  • Cynthia McKinney PhD

    I appreciate so much you calling out the warmongers and dividers.

  • John Pallyswine

    I LOVE IT!!! A good muu is a ded muu. Lock and load at will!!!

  • misterkel

    I agree with this article. Just had a Jewish friend visit a few days. He was adamantly pro-Israel. It was a tough conversation.

  • scpatriot

    Unfortunately many people are gutless and need their “safe space” to survive. Others are zombies the move around aimlessly without a brain and believe anything Hillary says

  • SkyWatch

    After having spent 58 years in this internment camp you call Earth, I can only report my diagnosis of the root cause of all our problems. It is INCURABLE CRIMINAL INSANITY. Of course, there are varying degrees of this disease, but we are all totally incapable of confronting the true unvarnished depths of our own depravity. I have no contribution to make regarding a possible “cure” or even “treatment”. Every aspect of human existence is saturated with a deep desire for the “self”, most often at the expense of anyone or everyone in the way of achieving that goal. It is, for the most part, only in times of GREAT crisis or despair that anyone is “truly” interested in cooperating with another(s) at their own expense, if but for the briefest moment(s) possible. We are incapable of the kind of change needed to make a new beginning. The one constant in all our existence is our character as a species. It is the SAME as it always was, and ever will be. I am comforted by the fact that this planet seems to be located sufficiently far enough away from any other sentient life to avoid its contamination. Could you imagine an entire universe of creatures at each other’s throats, day and night, night and day, forever and ever ? It’s not a dream. It’s a nightmare.

  • The “true nature” of Islam is almost irrelevant. Especially to a people so surrounded by constant indoctrination that 45% of them believe a Republican will save them, and another 45% believe a Democrat will save them.

    Of far more import, to the minuscule proportion of the remaining 10%, is the clear indication that a global religious war is being deliberately fomented. Yes, the friends of politicians will make out like bandits but that’s true no matter who they target. The question to ask is, who profits from establishing the precedent that the western powers will go to war over a religious dispute? To which other religious dissidents will the precedent be expanded, once established?

    (Such precedents are always established by targeting the least sympathetic of people – ISIS beheaders! – and then always expand to include people not originally envisaged, at least not by voters.)

    • Bruce C.

      Restricting muslim immigration into western countries is not “going to war” with them. Allowing them into the countries and then reacting to whatever conflicts arise IN THE NAME OF THEIR RELIGION by physically warring with their countries of origin is what is crazy – though admittedly profitable for the war mongers.

      “To which other religious dissidents will the precedent be expanded, once established?”

      Answer: Hopefully none others, because Islam is the stupidest of “the great religions.” Before they had so much technology they were limited in how much damage they could do and were restricted to killing each other in the ME region only.

      • Bruce, I think you missed the point. I’m not characterising restricting Muslim immigration (and indeed, invasion in the recent case of Europe) as “going to war”.

        I’m characterising the systematic military destruction of 7 muslim countries, i.e. going to war, as “going to war”. See?

        But apropos, I also don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the most moderate and secular islamic governments have been targeted and destroyed, truning them into hellholes where only the violent survive, while the most rabid, violent, expansionist fanatics are our allies.

        It’s an old pattern of polarisation for political gain.

        Thesis, Anti-thesis; Synthesis.

    • Three grafs, big truths.

    • timamac

      “True nature of Islam is almost irrelevant”? No,it’s EVERYTHING to Islam.

      • Why should I care? If my actions and policies are dictated by the madness of the mullahs, we’ve already lost.

  • FastestEd

    Wow.. one of the few websites out there can see what really going on in the world.. and hasn’t sold its soul like most of the alternative sites have.

    I see thedailybell has its work cut out educating the fools… or should that be shills?

    You can spot the shills a mile away. They talk about Islam as if they all went to the same seminar led by Pamela Geller.

    As always, they’ll swarm the comment sections with their obvious myths about Muslims in the hope of faking widespread support for their nonsense. When in truth, they know they’re spewing crap, but do it anyway cos that’s what they’ve been instructed to do.

    • timamac

      Yes, Mr. Shill, Muhammad was a myth. An evil one that good Muslims follow today because he was The Prophet, and nobody is allowed to tell the truth, excuse me, slander the p.o.s.

  • anonymous4u4me

    Getting facts or any story from the Jew owned and operated times is a waste of time no pun intended. Come on would you go to the Arab owned papers to hear the truth about the jew YES.

    • timamac

      Truth from Arabs? That’s a good one!

  • timamac

    I love the DB,but lose me with your Islamophilia and making excuses for that disgusting “religion”. The media “stirring up Islamophobia”?!