Nothing to Admire in Bush’s Attack on Trump
By Daily Bell Staff - June 21, 2016

Sending a coded message: Bush 43 skewers Trump without saying a word … George W. Bush just pulled off something rather remarkable.  He got himself on the front page of the New York Times as helping to save the Republican Party from Donald Trump without uttering a word.  Nice work if you can get it. – Howard Kurtz/Fox

So George Bush is “saving” the GOP from Donald Trump.

Too bad someone couldn’t save the GOP and America from George Bush.

For some reason, Howard Kurtz seems to believe that Bush did something clever in positioning himself to attack Trump.

Kurtz is a liberal journalist. He finds Bush’s approach to Trump “remarkable.”

That’s probably because he doesn’t like Trump very much.

Here’s a bit of Kurtz’s bio:

Howard Kurtz currently serves as host of Fox News Channel’s (FNC) “MediaBuzz.” … Kurtz, a veteran journalist and renowned media reporter, had been the host of CNN’s weekly media criticism program, “Reliable Sources,” since 1998.

He had also served as the Washington, D.C. bureau chief for The Daily Beast and Newsweek writing on the intersection of politics and media. Prior to that role, Kurtz spent 29 years at The Washington Post in various capacities.

Kurtz quotes from the New York Times article to explain some of the disagreements that Bush has with Trump.

The former president is “deeply bothered” by Trump’s “derogatory remarks about Muslims and immigrants.”

Also, Bush is concerned about holding on to Congressional power in order to provide a “check and balance” on the White House,

(It’s fairly obvious whom Bush wishes to “check.”)

Anyway, why is Bush bothered about Trump’s anti-Islamic messages? Bush spent much of both terms killing and wounding millions of Muslims in the Middle East.

US depleted uranium weapons irradiated Iraq so terribly that women in various regions were told by doctors not to bear children.

As for immigrants, it’s true that Bush tried to turn tens of millions of Mexican illegals into Americans with the stroke of a pen.

But the plan backfired amidst resentment and resistance.

In fact, it was a globalist trick. It had nothing to do with “caring” about immigrants and everything to do with destroying the remnants of “these united States” put in place by the Founding Fathers.

Bush is concerned about “checks and balances.” But when Bush was in power and commanded the House and Senate, he started vicious wars, debauched the dollar and created new federal programs that were as vast as they were ruinous.

Bush’s compassionate conservatism was a ruse. He was neither.

He further expanded fedgov’s embrace of authoritarianism.

His social spending helped bankrupt the country.

None of this is in the least admirable. Good for Trump for providing an alternative.

Here’s Kurt’s conclusion:

You have to admire the way Bush has resisted the temptation to criticize his successor for almost eight years, sticking to his vow to retreat from public life. Now the only way for this tough-talking Texan to skewer his potential successor is through coded messages.

Again, we depart from Kurtz’s view.

Bush retreated from public life because by the end of his regime, he had seriously angered tens of millions of Americans.

He cultivated America’s decline into fascism and corporatism – and did so while pretending these were somehow “conservative” values.

Conclusion: One of the reasons Trump has resonated with the GOP, and parts of the larger electorate, is because despite confusion on various policy matters, he comes across as someone who values the freedom and opportunity that America once stood for. This is in fact a characteristic that could send him to the White House, especially if he runs against Hillary who is a female facsimile of Bush – and hated by many for much the same reasons.

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  • Guy Christopher

    The thing that most, make that all, media, pundit, and political types don’t get is that Americans don’t’ trust media anymore than they trust D.C. I’m wagering most don’t care what media has to say and have stopped listening. I personally have jettisoned Fox, Levin, Michael Berry, and Glen Beck from my life, incl others. I don’t listen to them and don’t care what they say. I know there’s little, if any, difference in modern media and liberal government. There are few islands of reason left.

    • john cummins

      lamestream media is pretty dead, and the ones you mention on Faux Snooze included. I literally thank God for DB and the “new” (let’s call it true) media, that is rapidly replacing the Bozo news networks.

      • Sam Fox

        At Newsmax TV there is a very good broadcast, Dennis Michael Lynch’s Unfiltered. He tells it like it is.

        If ou can’t get his program on TV, his website has repeats of his stuff.


    • Praetor

      Seems when thing are not going some peoples why, their true colors start to show. There are a lot of islands of reason in the U.S., and more than likely 100s of millions. Unfortunately, the system will have to take a huge nose dive, before the millions stand-up to the corruption!!!

    • hazdrabal

      The thing that sucks about that is, I’m wondering how many recording artists, visual artists, authors, filmmakers etc. would be wildly successful if their work was promoted but are being blocked because the ideas contained within their work aren’t acceptable to the corporatist gate-keepers. I never thought I’d see the day when people hated what was on the radio and tv so much that they stopped watching and listening and still nothing changed. I thought if the viewers or listeners weren’t there, they would do whatever it takes to give them what they wanted. Not anymore.

    • Deplorable Donna

      they are not after the informed readers like us. Something like 90% of the US population doesn’t read….anything. They are tv zombie sheep. So, no matter what the media puts out, how much it lies, deceives and manipulates, they suck it down like a desert with water and believe every word is gospel.

  • Lifestyler

    I certainly cannot disagree with this article or its representation of Bush 43. I will always believe that Bush Jr. was nothing more than a puppet for the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowicz cabal that did so much to ruin the U.S. in so many ways through lies and misrepresentation. As proof, you don’t hear much about these people traveling overseas to promote the U.S., do you? It is because in many countries, they are war criminals and subject to arrest. Further, you won’t read this in many U.S. news media outlets. They are also ‘of the few’ who benefit from the largess of these self-same people.

    • Praetor

      Good old Rummy (Rumsfeld). I was in basic training, he was ‘secretary of the defense’, when I saw Rumsfeld eye to eye. You know when they walk in front of the troops, as you stand at attention, just before they send you of to war. Funny thing though, that was in the mid-1970s.

      The three you speak of are the handlers for the NWO cabal!!!

      • Lifestyler

        But the thing is that they are only three out of how many? In how many countries? Run by how many billionaires? The whole thing is a travesty of justice and honor, neither of which is available to us today.

  • Bruce C.

    So what is the coded message? If he didn’t utter a word how was it transmitted? Was it his picture on the front page of the Times? His body language or facial expression? Did Dub’ya claim he was sending a coded message or is that an assumption from the Kurtzs of the world? And who has the key to de-code the message? What if people take the message literally, not realizing that it’s in code? Or, don’t get the message at all since no words were spoken?

    • john cummins


  • FreeOregon

    What if Trump is Antifragile, and each attack only makes him stronger?

  • Praetor

    Excellent, DB! My gawd can they not be more obvious.

    So, let me get this right. Bush really said nothing and what he did say was in ‘code’, sounds like a Bush alright.

    The Bush family has a long history of supporting fascist and dictators. As I recall, the Iraq and Iran war began in 1980 and supposedly ended in 1988. I also recall there was a Bush running around in the white house at the time.

    Yeah, the Bush’s and Clintons seem to be of the same party, and you could classify the party as Fascist!!!

  • Sol

    lol @ “that could send him to the White House”. Also, racism and bigotry are about the only things resonating with his supporters.

    • Praetor

      Give us a break!!!

    • croasdale

      Sol – you must be new to this site if you think that’s why many here prefer Trump to Hillary. Did you like dubya? His daddy? If so, vote for Hillary for more of the same. Clintons and Bushes are all on the same payroll.

      • Sol

        I don’t disagree with that at all and no, I didn’t like any of them, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to support a racist f—ing idiot like Trump and I don’t have time for anyone that does.

        • Sam Fox

          Sol, looks like you take hillPAC media over doing research. Trump isn’t a racist. They tried that jive on Ron Paul. Those who researched found out 0bama PACmedia was lying about Dr. Paul.

          They lie about Trump as well. Now it’s Hillary PAC media. Just because Trump said many Mexicans were coming in here bringing disease & crime doesn’t make his racist. It made him correct. Do the research on how much crime illegals have committed & are committing IN the USA. Many of them had been deported but came back. Look up the diseases illegals bring in. Some we defeated decades ago but are returning via illegal immigration. For instance, TB.

          Look up the judge in the Trump U suit & you will find that Trump was correct. For one, the judge supports Hill. I do not think that barring ‘refugees’ is a bad idea at all & does not make Trump racist. It make Donald a protector of US citizens. Trump is correct when he says that ISIS will infiltrate the ‘refugee’ ranks. I am very surprised you don’t seem to know that.

          Go to & look for his 3 part documentary on illegal immigration, They Come To America.

          Not trying to put you down, but re-inform your incorrect assumption.

          If you are honestly looking for the truth, do the research.
          If Trump has a problem, it’s not being a silver tongued natural orator like Ted Cruz. In Donald’s case, that’s a good thing. Much of what he says needs research to confirm or deny. Many are too lazy to do the research. Not a good thing.

          Thank you.


          • Sol

            Trump is a disgusting fu–ing greedy decadent pig of a person – if you want to split hairs about his views on Mexicans and Muslims not being racist, fine, but it doesn’t change my opinion of him being just about the worst type of person. I don’t like Hillary either but if it comes down to a decision between the same old bul–hit – which Hillary certainly is – and some shi–ead that talks about his dick and makes fun of people with disabilities and all the other just plain weird fucking s–t I’ve HEARD HIM SAY or SEEN HIM DO, I don’t even have to think for a second to choose Crooked Hillary. And it’s at the point where I can’t even civilly disagree with anyone that supports Trump – you’re a garbage person if you do and I have no interest in discussing it with you or knowing you at all.

          • deplorableirredeemable45

            You are one foul mouth smart person. If you had a brain you would take it out and play with it.

          • croasdale

            Since you have no interest in civil discourse with people who hold a different viewpoint than yours, why are you posting your hateful tripe here?

          • Sol

            (a) Because I want to. I like to interject dissenting opinions into bubbles like this one. I sometimes like what I read at The Daily Bell; sometimes I don’t. What I really hate to see are people who are skeptical of one “side” of an issue but then accept everything that comes from the “side” they identify. I am on no side; I am skeptical of everything and this site has its own agendas to be wary of.

            (b) I don’t see people who support Trump as having a different opinion from mine – we have a fundamental disagreement on what it is to be a decent human being – if you like him, I don’t like you, it’s that simple. Hillary is a prime example of what’s wrong with politics and so-called democracy in America; Trump is a prime example of what’s wrong with people. He’s a piece of s–t and if you can’t see that it’s probably because you are too.

          • croasdale

            You seem to consider yourself an authority on Trump, the man. Do you know him? If you’re going to go beyond politics into the type of human being a candidate is (which is reasonable), you should do a little digging into the type of human being Hillary is. You might prefer Trump. Hillary, being a more seasoned politician, has better control of her mouth (at least when the mike is on).
            Your part (a) response above reveals that you are the very embodiment of what you hate.

        • deplorableirredeemable45

          My guess is you’re ten times more racist than Trump.

    • Blank Reg
  • John Lock

    Kurtz is a fool and has been all his life. Bush kept America safe at home after 9/11. How many have been killed in Obama’s time? The price of weakness is death of your people.

  • David Schultz

    Jr. is just sad about his buddy Bandar “Bush” bin Sultan.

  • john cummins

    Can’t these Bush’s stay home? And please take the Clintones with them?

  • Right on the money


  • hazdrabal

    You can’t vote taxation without representation away, and you can’t vote the beast/leviathan away. If that was all it took, there would have been no revolutionary war. Voting, working within the system and other nonviolent methods of voicing grievances will have ZERO effectiveness in bringing about change. As long as we promise to be nonviolent, they will promise not to change a thing.
    There is nothing righteous about nonviolence in and of itself. Jesus practiced non-violence because that was his only option given the circumstances. There was absolutely no way a bunch illiterate women and slaves, many of whom who had no concept of living with dignity and not being penetrated, beaten and killed at will, were going to have a chance taking on the Roman state. And since Jesus’s message and aim for the downtrodden was a better life, obviously getting them slaughtered would have been the exact opposite of that in addition to being a tremendous setback for democratic values and the concept of individual liberty for centuries, if not forever. Ditto for MLK.
    But this ain’t those situations. We are over 300 million strong with enough guns for every man, woman and child to have two of them. Sitting here pretending we can vote our way out of being economically strip-mined and enslaved is nothing but the sin of suicide. Every day we do not cast off our oppressors is telling God that we do not value our lives which he has given us or love our children.
    God made us in his own image, meaning he is like the beings in the movie Prometheus or the Psychlo in the move Battlefield earth- the same traits as us, just evolved and used to maximum effectiveness.
    That means he can be nothing but disappointed and disgusted in 300 million ARMED sheep-lemmings who have mentally conditioned themselves to be ashamed of their innate propensity for violence, and there is no way he would allow such defective trash in his kingdom. So you will either defend your children and yourself or burn in he ll.

  • Calcinor Jones

    Bravo. Hitting all the clay pigeons on this article. I am very curious as to who Trump is going to bring in as his VP.

  • Joseph Burke

    Goodbye GOP… if this is how you listen to the voice of the people then you won’t be missed.

  • Jocta

    Thank you!

  • hazdrabal

    The only reason to me that the election is worth covering in the alternative news sphere is simply so that everybody can see how completely rigged and manipulated the whole thing is and always was, which only brings more people over to the pissed off camp, to our side. I have taken particular delight in telling this one vegan, Prius-driving, dreadlocked, Bernie-supporting couple I know everything that would happen to Bernie, and then watching it happen.
    At first they were flirting with supporting HillDawg, but then I informed them of some things about her and gave them some things to research about her, and obviously it had an effect, because the very next time I saw them they were full-fledged Bernie supporters, with a Sanders bumper-sticker on their 2017 Prius.
    That’s when the real fun began, as I told them all the things the media and Hillary were going to do to him, and how he would never be allowed to win. But after exactly that happened, there was no need to mention it because I could see it in their demeanor, my job was done. They were pissed that all the stuff the crazy guy said was true.
    They are, as they say, “over it” now. They’re done with politics. Now these two college educated people with one good job and one part-time under-the-table job between them think they will become house flippers. With all that student loan debt. Yep, two more will be joining us at the pissed-off camp pretty soon.

    I have never voted, never would, and new it was all BS even during the bubble years.

    • Is a funny feedback. Thanks.

    • mushypea

      Oh aren’t you a bloody bigoted know it all? What has the type of car they drive, their ethical eating habits and the style of their hair got to do with their politics? And you are wrong about Bernie – the DNC may prevent him from becoming president but the political revolution extends beyond one man and its down to us to get stuck in and change things. Which is exactly what Bernie supporters are doing all over the country. Better than standing on the sidelines defeated.

      • mary

        “What has the type of car they drive, their ethical eating habits and the style of their hair got to do with their politics?”

        Frankly, everything. And the fact that you don’t understand that makes me wonder why you’re reading DB. 😉

        Great story, Haz.

  • Michael Bohne

    For someone who lied about the whole Weapons Of Mass Destruction Thing to Invaded Iraq the 2nd time and take Saddam Hussain out of Power should keep quiet and his opinions to himself.

  • apberusdisvet

    Good analytical reporting, DB but I fear that there is little hope left until we are able to experience, or cause a grand reset. Everything is now manipulated or rigged; the market, elections, you name it. The Rule of Law is now just a quaint oddity that used to reside in the US. The Bill of Rights is being incrementally dismantled, 2/3 of US students have no idea of what they truly represent. Unfortunately the globalists have momentum on their side. It’s delusion to hope for a Clinton indictment, or a sovereign saving vote for the UK. I remember the video of the sleight-of-hand vote counter in the Scottish referendum placing at least 2/3 of the Yes ballots in the No pile with absolutely no outcry or recrimination.

    • Thanks. Unfortunately, in many ways your perspective seems a realistic one.

  • Bruce C.

    If the Republicans continue to oppose Trump I think it will be the end of their party if it’s not already. I actually think Trump has a much better chance of winning the Presidency if they reject him. That may be the best, if not only, way to gain otherwise Hillary/Sanders supporters because it seems that Democrats will overlook everything to avoid the one worst thing possible – a Republican. Many “Dems” may not like Hillary but they will still take her over a Republican any day. If Trump can appear to be separate and not “establishment” and therefore not Republican ( by the GOPs own assertion) he could garner a lot of votes. Trotting out losers like Bush 43 is only going to galvanize the voters. John Bush wasn’t popular largely because his father isn’t.

    If they can hold the financial markets together until the election it will help Hillary but if it implodes soon it will help Trump.

    I know some of you think it’s all a dog-and-pony show but the show is going to go on whether or not you like it or participate in it. If Trump is just the same old in different clothing then it won’t matter who “wins” but in case he is different it would be foolish to forfeit your support in case you’re wrong. To me it’s a no-brainer.

    One other thing. A physical revolution MAY in fact be the only solution at this point, but the more people you have agreeing with that the better to execute it. Let Trump be trumpeted, and hope he wins, and hope he succeeds beyond your wildest hopes, and if he doesn’t then EVERYONE will see it and they will probably see why (e.g., assassination, grid lock, capitulation, whatever) and then everyone will realize that there is no other choice (other than personal capitulation and slavery). If Hillary wins then there are too many ways things can be excused and that tipping point may never be reached and it will become impossible for all practical purposes.

  • Hippity

    I wish the Republicans who are pissed off because their candidate of choice couldn’t win the primaries would just go home and SHUT UP. The people nominated Trump, and that’s that. We are fed up with Republican office holders who haven’t done a thing to stop Obama’s march to Socialism. Paul Ryan has turned out to be a disgusting liar.
    He talks good game and has done nothing. Regrettably, he will be re-elected. I know, because he is my congressman.
    All of the elite GOP Rockefeller snobs should take a hike. I hope Trump wins. He won’t own the GOP a plug nickel! The OUTS will be in, and the INS will be out. Joyful at the very thought of it.

  • 2bvictorius

    George W. Bush , the father of the patriot act, and injecting the national defense authorization act with mega dose’s of steroids is a legacy of a tyrant and Anti America progressive, not one of a conservative or even a libertarian. Trump may be the sunlight Americans need.

  • Sam Fox

    Good article. DB & apberusdisvet are correct. We are nearly totally lost as we were once founded. I bet many already know how deep the NWO rabbit hole goes, but just in case there is a rather long & informative video at YouTube,

    Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

    Trump is not under attack because of what he says or because he is ‘racist’. It’s because he is a threat to the NWO’s plans to take US down via their North American Union. If the one worlders can take US into a NAU trilateral arrangement with Canada & Mexico, at some later point I believe we will be subjugated further by placing the NAU under the one world government these control freaks so deeply covet.

    Closer to home & in the current timeline, Trump’s take on Muslim ‘refugees’ & control of the border are a huge threat to the current attempt to take down the USA so an all powerful central government can replace our Constitutional Republic. Also, Donald’s financial plans look to be a threat to the tax payer funded gravy train the govt cronies leech from. No more unnecessary wars is a threat to the military industrial complex. I do think Trump would rebuild our military, but I betcha the waste & fraud would be cut severly if not eliminated.

    What has aligned against Trump is very powerful. It’s gonna be a fight. I think Trump’s life is most likely in danger. Look what they did to Kennedy, a smaller threat than Trump at the time, but JFK was on the right track as far as I can tell.


  • sally

    Ya know, I always defended Bush when EVERYONE said he was stupid, now I take it back.
    He is an idiot just like they said.

  • sally

    These damn Republicans make me sick. I keep asking myself, “WHY are they so opposed to Trump? It can’t just be because he is vulgar and uncouth….there are a lot of vulgar and uncouth Repos running around and it doesn’t bother them. Why Trump?”
    I think it is because they know they can’t control him —–there is no longer any daylight between the Dems and the Repos…they’re in this together with their so called “fights” being nothing more than staged shows; like professional wrestling with the winner preordained and then they go out back after the fight and divvy up the money.

    The more they go after him, the more I like him and the more determined I am to vote and work for him to win.

    Go Trump!

    • rapph

      I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • ComeOn1

        Staged like the only hospital’d gay dude from Orlando, who was shot 6 times, with just a band aid on his wrist, not even wearing a hospital gown. Staged like a 3 hour stand down with 50 dead bodies, and the survivors quickly bleeding out. Staged like video footage of ‘victims’ being carried back to the Pulse club, rather than away from it …

        • rapph

          Are you replying to the wrong comment or what?

    • deplorableirredeemable45

      You hit the nail square on the head. The Democrats and the Republicans are all in this together. When Bush, Romney smack down Trump they are election Hillary. Problem is they would rather have Hillary than Trump. Paul Ryan is in that group also. Just find the politicians who are against Trump and you will have found you a Liberal Democrat.

    • thetruthmaster1

      Sally, Its because the MICM – Military Industrial Complex Own the RNC as well deep into the DNC. Its all bout killing and destroying nations for profit off the back of American Tax Payers that got the Drunken Bill. We need to Tax those Fascist Corporations who ripped off America the last 2 decades including Arresting the Bush and Cheney Families and confiscating all their wealth they profited off of as well. Pay back, the US Tax Payers and make us whole again, for the War crimes and theft, aka Wealth Transfer via Bush Klan. The Bush Family has been looting the US Government since the 1920’s. Same Theft, Different Bush Face. Like the $1.2 Billion Neil Bush looted including a $100,000 Loan to himself he never paid back to the savings and Loan bail out, again the US Taxpayers were on the Hook for. They commit crimes and US Tax payers are on the Hook.
      All you can do is Get off their Grid, and Stop Paying or Supporting the Beast.

  • gordon

    Anybody who listens to bush needs to make an appointment with their local shrink asap to ensure that none of his idiotic mumblings contaminate their brain.

  • azrajo

    Bush who gave us the phrase “Islam , the religion of peace.”. His liberal father killed the Reagan revolution just as it was taking hold and his son under the guise of Compassion Conservatisim put the knife in further.
    The Bushes are VERY close to the Clintons . Mama Bush calls Bill her other son. The Bush daughters call him uncle Bill. (Can you imagine having your daughters call that debouching sleeze uncle.). One daughter said she prayed that Aunt Hillary would run. The Bushes had it planned so that if either Jeb or Hillary won the came out ahead. Unfortunately Trump came along and was the fly in their ointment. Now they have to destroy him at all cost.

  • robertsgt40

    I think Bush is primarily focused on his next Jack and Coke.

  • ironbalut

    This article kind of explains why Bush 43 has never said anything derogatory about Obama during the last seven years. The Bushes are RINOs.

  • Roberta

    You don’t remember on 911 the Bin Ladens were at Bush’s home and Bush Banned ALL AIR TRAVEL AND Downed ALL PLANES that were already in the air….THEN…HE LOADED A FEW PLANES WITH THE BiN LADEN FAMILY AND FLEW THEM HOME…THERE ARE PICS ON FB OF BUSH BOWING TO THE PRINCE…ON & ON

  • Kelleigh Nelson

    Excellent…spot on article.

    • Thanks.

    • Tranqual

      Scumbag globalist Bush silent while Obama’s handlers did all they could to finish us off. Now that we have a patriot/national sovereignty candidate he’s got something to say. Globalists are vile vermin. I DESPISE them.

      If you haven’t seen this yet it’s great. Maybe no new revelations, but I love it’s a young guy and he’s telling it like it is.

      referring to the bed wetting/toy throwing libs crying in their beer after BREXIT. I like his “calling us Nazis/racists IS NOT AN ARGUMENT”!!
      so totally AWESOME.

      • Kelleigh Nelson

        Excellent links, and the young man has it spot on, doesn’t he! Whew…I fully agree with him.

        • Tranqual

          LOVE his passion and HUMOR…. bed wetting and throwing their toys…”delectable” after we the people have been taking it for YEARS! About time something goes our way.

          • Kelleigh Nelson

            I agree, and laughed with you

  • Tranqual

    W is a globalist he did his bit for the NWO/NAU and then handed the baton to O. He should follow G.Will’s lead and leave the party….then the country. Globalists are vile vermin.