Now Hillary Makes Conspiracy Theory Credible: 50% Believe
By Daily Bell Staff - October 28, 2016

Half Of Americans Believe 9/11 Conspiracy Theories … “The United States is a strongly conspiratorial society.”  …   A majority of Americans believe that the government is concealing information about the 9/11 attacks, one new survey suggests.  And that’s not the only conspiracy theory believed by a wide swath of Americans: Around 40 percent believe the government is hiding information about aliens, the John F. Kennedy assassination and global warming. – The Huffington Post

Before, those who believed in 9/11 conspiracy theories hovered around 20-30 percent according to the mainstream media. Now it’s up to 50 percent, according to this article.

Hell, it’s probably more like 60-70 percent anyway. There is perhaps a hard core of 30 percent of people living in the US who will likely never acknowledge anything wrong with the system or people in power.

But for most citizens, we’ve long suggested the current election is destroying the credibility of the ruling classes and their facilities.

Whatever in government that was supposed to be credible, from the IRS, to the FBI, to the Justice Dept., Congress and the presidency itself, has been visibly damaged by Hillary’s election campaign.

You’d have to be virtually blind – or a staunch partisan of a mythical “USA” – not to notice that the Democratic front-runner has committed actions for which anyone else would have been significantly punished.

And not just Hillary of course but those surrounding her including Bill Clinton and the Foundation that allows them to trade political favors for cash.

Then there’s the mainstream media. The media has investigated little or none of the malfeasance and worse (murders?) surrounding the Clintons, and thus newspapers, magazines and TV, already deprived of viewers and ad revenue, have been further damaged by an obvious, ongoing lack of credibility.


Conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination abound, and scientists say these ideas have become embedded in the very culture surrounding his death, with heaps of TV shows, books and movies on them.

“We found clear evidence that the United States is a strongly conspiratorial society,” study lead author Christopher Bader, a sociologist at Chapman University in California, said in a statement.

In order to denigrate suspicion of the government, the study suggests that people’s views regarding conspiracies have to do with their own emotional makeup. In other words, “paranoid” people believe in “conspiracies.”

This canard worked better when the number of those voicing conspiracy theories was in the single digits, according to surveys. When half or more than half of the public begins to believe in them, something else is going on.

Neither the article nor the study (presumably) acknowledges that the CIA came up with the idea of calling people “conspiracy theorists” if they advance theories that the US government is corrupt and secretly tyrannical.

The conduct of this past campaign and the Clinton’s evident criminality has reinforced all that is wrong with the US in the views of many and, additionally, has made it clear that even the deepest suspicions of how the US operates are justified.

We can come away with two realizations from this.

The first is that despite Hillary’s possible election, the US as a valid and valuable entity is shattered in the eyes of many. This is actually a good development in our view given that the US (and its British controllers) has not been positive for freedom or peace in the world at least since the end of the Civil War.

The second conclusion, which is not a popular one but which we have voiced before, is that the disaffection of the American public was SUPPOSED to be heightened by the Hillary campaign.

The idea here is that chaos and  paranoia is supposed to be endlessly increased until the US, like other nation-states, virtually shatters and more aggressive globalism can be introduced in the wake of the disintegration.

Western nation-states currently have strong cultures. These cultures need to be torn down if true globalization is to be introduced.

The banking elites of this world, mostly located in the City of London, are determined to introduce this chaos, it seems. In Europe chaos is mounting thanks to the introduction of the artificial “immigration crisis.”

In the US, Hillary has served in the place of immigration, cracking the US culture as thoroughly as millions of young Muslim males. Next on the agenda? Possible economic collapse and “world-war” style military activities.

Conclusion: Yes, it sounds grim … and even conspiratorial. But there is much you can do to secure your safety and prosperity – and that of your family’s and even your community’s. You have to realize the civil society you believe in is vanishing (or never existed). And you have to act.

James Altucher: “Do NOT Buy Bitcoin Until You See This!”
I repeat… Do NOT buy Bitcoin before you see what I’m revealing here.

  • Sven

    Collective consciousness is permeating even the thickest of heads. Very encouraging unless you’re the elite. History has swept these people away, sometimes quite violently, when the “cat is out of the bag”.

    • Marten

      And with both ends of this bag open….Most of Amerikans wouldn’t be able to find the “Exit”

  • stevor

    Here’s a new conspiracy theory (yes, I’m making it up but I think it’s half believable)
    o’bama hates shillary. She”has the goods on him” in regard to benghazi and more so he can’t do anything (or allow anything) to her up front.
    So, is he trying to “take her down” but pumping Wikileaks (instead of Russia doing it) with stories that might get her put in prison (no, she can’t go to prison because she could still rat on him)? So, has he had the CIA slip stuff into her food (maybe even with bill clinton’s help since I doubt he truly cares about her) to give her these ailments?
    Yeah, I’m dreaming but …

    • FreeOregon

      In Florence there’s a statue depicting the battle between Hercules and Antaeus. Antaeus holds Hercules upside down and is about to bash his brains out. But Hercules has his hand wrapped around Antaeus’ testicles.

      • lynncar47

        Ouch! My guess is that Hercules is Trump is Anteaus is Clinton, and Trump has got ahold of her right tit! Ouch!

    • mary

      Maybe, but I’ll bet $1 million she has a food taster. could be poisoning her some other way.

      • lynncar47

        You wish. So does half the country!!

    • Marten

      Reality is a “Dream” State of Spirit…..

    • Ephraiyim

      Here’s another. Are the elitists using dems and agents provacetur to spread violence in what might be otherwise peaceful demonstrations. We’ve seen violence against Trump supporters as we’ll as violence in groups like black lives matter.
      Are they preparing for a “false flag” upheaval in order to initiate Marshall Law? Stop the election so O “has to do his duty” and remain in office till things are “back to normal “? Then keep putting it off as ” normal” is hard to define?
      I’m not the first to point this out but here is an article that highlights the Trump violence that may support such a theory. This would also fit the Hegelian dialectic that elitists are so fond of.

      • Jon

        Almost no one understands dialectics, despite throwing around the term. It refers to the maturing into a critical mass crisis after a long period of gradual build up as a result of internal contradictions. For instance, the current crisis of the carrying capacity of earth’s resources used wantonly, to be able to sustain life on earth. Likewise the impossibility of the system we have to keep going indefinitely as the banking system does not finance production but merely shuffles money around based on speculation–internal contradiction!

    • lynncar47

      Yeah, you are dreaming . . . sorry to say. You must realize that all of these Democrat liberal socialist progressives believe in the Communist doctrine and their main goal is to destroy capitalism and inject Communism into our society. Their belief is how government knows best how to control everything. Those who are on the dole understand this and they will never upset the applecart so that they will cease to be coddled and taken care of by a huge central federal government. The rest of us who believe that regardless of what material the chains are made of; velvet chains work the same as steel chains. The only difference is those who are chained are happy with their lot. Work produces things that are worth money, and those without jobs are doomed to either agree with the Communist doctrines or die in some far away prison camp (indoctrination center).

      • Jon

        Another idiot who thinks that corporate globalism had ANYTHING in common with communism–the empowerment of the working class, also violated by late-stage USSR which became a state capitalist society with workers exploited by the state instead of private capitalists.

        • JohnnyZ

          You are the idiot if you think that communism is a genuine opposition to “capitalism“. They both stem from (jewish) freemasonry.

  • SnakePlissken

    Inside job.

  • Earn nest

    Remember the days of the old schoolyard “Do over?” Wilson didn’t get the League but he did get the Fed and they got the UN anyway. Things have been going their way for far too long and we need a revolution which can be a peaceable one. Their ways are those of satan…smoke and mirrors with acts done in darkness. The light of the internet is their undoing and I do believe they know it and will lose heart soon.

    • nathenism

      yes rEvolution has to be peaceful…there is massive violence upcoming, but the true revolution will only begin when the violence ends

      • lynncar47

        Peaceful? Are you kidding? These people will kill to maintain their mountain-top positions that allow them to rule and create incredible wealth on our backs. Peaceful is a dream. Reality is taking back our country! Getting rid of these Clintonese robbers will end the violence!

        • Hey you

          You’re correct. Those people are know to kill to maintain control.

      • Jon

        I spell it REVEL-ution –the joyful dismantling of the structures of oppression. Feel free to use it. (think the joyous hammering down of the odious Berlin Wall). Hey! Netanyahu–tear down your wall!

  • FreeOregon

    I much prefer analogies from parisitology. There’s a brain fungus loose in the world population.

  • apberusdisvet

    Funny thing about conspiracy theories; time has a way of proving them right. When it was discovered that the Zapruder film had been redacted to omit the obvious head shot from the front, it proved that Oswald couldn’t have been the shooter. Many of the anomalies concerning Timothy McVeigh, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, etc have since been clarified, all exposing government lying and coverup. And of course 911, with the smoking gun of WTC7 and the discovery of tritium (can only come from a nuke) in the surrounding area. The latest dog and pony show is the Clinton email-gate fiasco with the government expecting the sheep to “buy” its story. Some will, to be sure. BUT THEY ARE THE WALKING DEAD. The rest of us can only sigh and wait for the revolution.

  • Calcinor Jones

    Well it ain’t a conspiracy theory if it’s true. This is what I have been telling people for 30 years. Turn the TV off, burn the rags known as newspapers and magazines and put down the filthy periodic table food. It’s a revolution to win back a sense (or more perhaps) of logic and rationale.

    • Marten

      “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed…If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed” Mark Twain

      • ThomasJK

        “Patriotism is supporting your COUNTRY all the time and your government when it deserves it.” — Mark Twain

        We need badly to differentiate between the country — the land and the people and their endeavors who are the fifty united states of America –and the anocratic crime syndicate that is the government of the strange little foreign country that’s called The District of Columbia. That so-called government is deserving of neither the support nor the respect of the patriotic Citizens of the fifty states.

  • lynncar47

    I love the comparison of THE WALKING DEAD because that is what over 50% of our society consists of. These are the Millennials who have swallowed the grape Kool-Aid.
    If The gets elected, all we great unwashed majority can do is arm up and wait for the inevitable revolution. Are you kidding me? Who in their right mind would not take back the greatest nation on the face of the earth?

    • Marcopolo

      While I share your point of view, I would offer that the “boomer” generation (that’s me!) gave rise to the millennials. They’re our kids. In a veil of defense, the need to have both parents work, no focus on “education” vs. teaching, and making sure in school and sport “there’s only winners; everyone gets a trophy; in little league t-ball no one keeps score, etc. We lost focus trying to keep upright on the income treadmill.
      In the spirit of conspiracy, increasing the speed of the treadmill was all part of the plan.
      Same holds true for “boomers” in any minority group, although they were helped on their way with the “wars” on poverty, drugs, and a host of programs designed to cull out the gene of “self reliance” across all ethnic groups, which after all, is a basic tenet of america; the state of mind, not the land.
      Whoever dreamed up getting Trump in race to get a landslide for Billary is worrying a bit hoping they don’t suffer the sting from unintended consequences…..

      • Lynn Carroll

        Since Trump has been elected all fair and square by the Electoral College and not by the popular vote (which was never intended to be the means of selecting the winner), I don’t get a sense of any pending stings. In fact, I see the unbecoming “suffering” of the losers who cannot stand the fact that reality really exists.. It seems that Trump has a good handle on what his duty is.

  • Me Again

    “…and its British controllers”
    What? You cannot be serious….to quote one of your famous tennis players.

    I’d love to know where that one came from.

  • northernraven

    The Deep State is not monolithic. There are always various factions
    competing with one another and prepared to throw one another under the bus. It
    wouldn’t surprise me if the CIA sees Hildebeast as a major security risk and
    are at the bottom of Wikileaks’ Podesta emails.

    One thing is certain; the next eleven days until the election
    will NOT be dull.

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    I would be astonished if the analysis of DAILYBELL is not right on the money.

    Le me, as a German, make at least one small observation. I do not fully aggree that “since the end of the American Civil War there has not been positive development for the world”.

    I probably must agree with Sean Gabb who said it quite well: “I suppose the Americans can at least take some comfort to have – culturally – patched up the Germans and the Japanese after WW2”.

    I know I am currently not hoping for the Chinese to take over your empire. Even though Germans would have some reason to be angry with Americans, you still push the culture of freedom of speech and the free market better than we maybe ever did and currently do. And, after you convice the world that Stefan Molyneux is actually an American, your LIBERTARIAN MOVEMENT will be the strongest bar none. You are a great example for the world!

    I will end with a quote from Milo Yiannopoulos who was speaking about your presidential election: “The US still is the beacon of freedom in the west and in the world. The world is looking up to you.”

    • Philip Hackett
    • Danny B

      “patched up the Germans and the Japanese”
      We rebuilt Japan and then put them to work so they could buy $ 850 billion of treasury bonds. We rebuilt Germany and then garrisoned it to use as a center for control of Europe.

    • JohnnyZ

      You cannot be more misguided:

      – The US was founded by masons (e.g. check the grave of G. Washington, masonic architecture of Washington DC) to pretend to be a new independent and free country, but in reality to serve the illuminati satanistic cabal (with bases e g. in the City of London and the Vatican) that has been causing most evil since at least the 1700s
      – The Americans and English deliberately destroyed the German and Japanese cultures (as well as Russian) as they were not quite acting on their NWO plans
      – The Americans forced Japan to attack Pearl Harbor and knew in advance it was happening but let it happen nevertheless
      – Germany was tricked into WW1 and given an impossible reparations burden in expectation of a WW2. Hitler was financed by high ranking American bankers and masons, incl. Prescott Bush. He was a chosen loser to destroy Germany. The holohoax was a freely invented shaming scam (there were no gas chambers, the 6 million number of joos started appearing in the press in 1896 etc.) and intended to finally enable the final foundation of a Zionist state in Palestina. Hitler’s “final solution“ was actually resettlement and was pushed by the Zionist lobby in Germany and worldwide. Zonism, Marxism, and Nazism have the same roots – (jewish) freemasonry. Then you can check what happened to Germany after it lost – hellstorm with rapes and pillaging and murder of citizents and millons of POW deliberately left to die of starvation. And now Germans have a szprrficial US consumerist culture and even no sovereign state with only a US written Grundgesetz and no own constitution. It is still US occupied and Merkel is a traitorous US puppet. Japan is no different.
      – Check the letter of highest ranking US freemason Albert Pike to his European counterpart Mazzini in 1871 – he calls for 3 world wars in a very interesting detail

  • ICFubar

    I agree with the gist of this article that the most difficult people standing in the way of globalization are those democracy loving western populations. For other peoples one tyranny may seem the same as the next? It is with these democracy loving peoples that the globalists need to change their attitude toward accepting a centralized corportocracy. This is where such memes as global warming-agenda 21 and the various corporate rights agreements masquerading as trade deals come into play and mesh with one another, leading to a one world everything, especially money after the coming economic crisis. One can easily see how all these various programs being instigated all lead to the same outcome as the globalists take action on what appears at first view many independent fronts and levels being acted on simultaneously. I question whether the globalists have used the neo cons to dismantle trust in government [and that effect on nationality] on repurposable reasoning or whether this is a mistake on their part as the people may move to reestablish a governing system for themselves after they acknowledge the current one is of, by and for the globalists and their neo con sycophants? This is a dangerous time for the people and the globalists as when the globalists try to ‘burn’ the people by rigging this election the people might decide to throw off all the economic and other blackmails and seek their own remedies as will the globalists should their desired outcome not be realized if Trump is elected and actually goes rogue, which I highly doubt. Anyway a great article giving much food for thought.

  • autonomous

    “And they’re coming to take me away Ha Ha

    They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha

    To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket
    weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes

    They’re coming to take me away ha ha…”

    Lard – They’re Coming To Take Me Away Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  • Anon.

    For anyone who doesn’t already know.

    2700 engineers and architects say the 3 towers were intentionaly demolished on 9/11. And their research was recently published in the Europhysics journal.

    • Philip Hackett
    • nck

      i agree this was a controlled “implosion”, and said so on Day1. Just was so surprised it took so long for the experts to make their voice heard. Collaboration by omission is what I called it then.

      Anyway, consensus is usually used to browbeat people into believing something.So numbers of “experts” supporting a view is supposed to give the falsehood credibility. We do not need numbers here, We are not trying to push a falsehood. Whether 270 , 27 or 2700, the number is irrelevant. A single engineer giving the scientific basis for this is all that is required to make the point (as Einstein had mentioned when told a large number of scientists endorsed a letter critical of his conclusions. “Why so many”, he asked, you only need one if you are correct.)

      All it takes is one, and maybe that one goes by the name Trump.

  • Praetor

    Hillary is a walking talking conspiracy and no theory needed. We The People are not the government of the U.S. of America. We The People are in the process of trying to take back our country without violence.

    Our culture is written on paper and that paper is called the Constitution. We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union. Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom to Peaceably Assemble, Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances. And all backed-up by, The right of the people to keep and bear Arms. This is the U.S. Culture.

    The conspiracy here is, those who think they are in control of all they see are trying to take that away.

    They had better remember why there is a 2nd Amendment!!!

  • Bruce C.

    This sudden “re-opening” of the investigation into Clinton, et al represents to me the first effort among many in a sunami of efforts to save face and try to cushion selves from the blow back and consequences of a Trump landslide on November 8.

    If the FBI remained as recalcitrant as it has been up until the election the FBI and Justice Department would have hell to pay because Trump is going to win big and even they know it. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    Comey is still characteristically non-committal and political and will most definitely reach no conclusions before the election. Unfortunately for him, that won’t save his ass as of Nov. 9. He and oodles more will be going down in ways and means that no one would believe at this time.

    Hillary’s campaign MAY have been designed to upset people and expose the corruption of American institutions, but she was also supposed to win the Presidency to dash the hopes and depress the psyches of all but the most vile. A Trump victory was – and is now – definitely NOT an elite plan despite whatever the DB might claim (imo). Unlike, say, Kennedy a “Trump” victory is not really about Trump. It is instead a movement so taking out Trump will not stop anything (it would actually make it worse for them.) The cat that is out of the bag is not Trump but knowledge and awareness and understanding among many.

    • James Clander

      Lets hope you’re right Bruce ! Well constructed post.

    • erikSF99

      Larry Nichols, who was the Clintons’ fixer, including media manipulation, until he left his evil ways behind, said in an interview with Alex Jones on the day the FBI ‘re-opening’ was announced to ‘ignore it’. He said it was straight from the playbook he taught the Clintons. He said there would be this big announcement and just days before the election the FBI would announce that Hillary was clean. He said anything incriminating Clinton had already been purged. Then when the ‘Clinton is cleared’ announcement was made, there would be no time to check it.

      He predicted exactly. It seems, though, that American gave more weight to the re-opening of the files than to Hillary being “cleared.” I guess everyone was waiting for someone to confirm what everyone suspected: Hillary is a crook. And they couldn’t put the genie back in the bottle.

      • Bruce C.

        That, and nobody agreed with Comey’s opinion of “no wrong doing” given the evidence he presented. Doubling down on that was even more absurd.

  • Rick

    It was for having read a book by Gary Allen some years before the events of 9/11 to learn as the title of his book reads, ” None Dare Call it Conspiracy ” To know history has been based on many. Then having heard President Bush say in regard to the events of 9/11, how we citizens shouldn’t entertain theories regarding such… Told Me this event was with out a doubt a Major Conspiracy at that !
    What’s sad to know, is how it is that there’s so many of my fellow American citizens who have been over the years indoctrinated into living in a society, that’s been based more so than not on conspiracies by those in the shadows of this nations government.
    Then having to realize, we’ve all been that of a pot of Boiling Frogs (per se’) < !
    I too am guilty of not doing enough to have helped prevent what we the people are seriously facing. Being that I was one of the few I know of who became aware sometime ago, of what's being realized by more and more today.
    Just recently I came to learn that back in the late 19th, early 20th century, you weren't allowed to graduate from a public high-school, if you hadn't passed a class on civics. I also saw an example of what a mid-term, and finals exam looked like during this time in history, and was dumb-founded to realize I myself today wouldn't have been able to pass the grade, based on what was presented.
    I once wrote to those here at The Bell, being that I wanted to acknowledge them for giving me the ability to learn various words, and memes. This due to their high-lighting such in the articles I'd read on here.
    It was this web-site I first learned of the Guttenberg Press, and its comparison to that of todays Internet Reformation.
    For what it's worth, let me once again say to those of you at the Bell… "Mahalo" for allowing this Hawaiian the opportunity to learn to critically think.
    Something that has been missing from those not having the ability to do such today.
    Rick in Hono~Zoo~Lu, HAWAII

  • Possible Indications of Wag-the-Dog Operation in Battle for Mosul

  • rahrog

    Hillary is just another dumbass criminal. Powerful, but a dumbass nonetheless.

  • StarValentine

    It is a conspiracy to believe those in government are just human beings, with the same weaknesses, failings and vices, and that a group of people issuing the money and setting its price and managing the economy for 300M people will not work, and that printing money will not create prosperity.
    Rational people believe “George Washington never told a lie.”
    All I know is, looking at it objectively, other than the clothes, the leadership here is the same as the leadership in the movie Apocalypto,

  • Stephen Persaud
  • Danny B

    “more aggressive globalism can be introduced in the wake of the disintegration.”
    I’ve got news for you; it isn’t going to happen. The PTB may be able to supply control but, they can’t supply confidence. Outside of sub-sahara Africa, population growth has crashed. Look at Japan. They don’t want kids and have given up on sex. Our finance system MUST have growth. It is never going to happen. (TAE, ECONOMICA)
    The population will continue to crash because nobody has faith in the future. The credit system will continue to crash.

    The credit system is DOA without population growth.
    The downfall of socialism is; it kills motivation. If nobody has kids or starts a family, they aren’t likely to work very hard. This globalised control system will flounder if nobody has an interest in the future.

    • Monkey House

      Crashing birth rates just represent another opportunity: how about a re-supply of human resources brought to you by your always ready Government-corporate partnership?

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    SHILL-ARY makes conspiracy “theory” credible? No, SHILL-ary makes the ACTUAL conspiracy credible. Here’s HOW she has managed to do it:

    Look. Let’s face REALITY, here, ok? We are now 5 days (FIVE!) from the Presidential (PRE-)(S)”Election”. SHILL-ary is the PRE-SELECTED CANDIDATE of choice, of the ROTHSCHILD-ROCKEFELLER-SOROS-(“VOTE”-SWITCHING-MACHINE)-CFR-CIA ‘Cabal’.

    Have you seen ANY actual evidence, that ANYTHING will be done to indict or prosecute SHILL-ary Clinton?

    Of course not. There are HUGE $$ behind her. THAT IS WHY SHE IS “ABOVE-THE-LAW”. And, she will CONTINUE to be “above-the-law” right through Nov. 8th.

    Soros-Linked Voting Machines Cause Concern Over Rigged Election

    Read ALL the comments. Click on ALL links. Read/view/listen to ALL content.