Now Media Celebrates Sanders’ Financial and Historical Illiteracy
By Daily Bell Staff - July 12, 2016

Sanders’ victory: How Bernie ended the Cold War in 2016 … Sanders’ dark horse candidacy stripped socialism of its fringe labels and, culturally speaking, ended the Cold War – Salon

Now that Bernie Sanders is becoming a Hillary backer, the mainstream media is celebrating him.

This article from Salon actually gives Sanders credit for ending a certain kind of Cold War.


I can remember the exact moment when it occurred to me that the Cold War was finally over.  It was about three months ago, at an event for prospective university students and their parents; at the end, a smart, energetic college senior took questions from the audience.

When asked to describe the political climate on campus, she said it was broad and inclusive, featuring conservatives, Trump supporters, liberals, progressives, and, as she put it, “democratic socialists like me.”

She wasn’t trying to be provocative.  No one in the audience batted an eye.  She referred to socialism in a purely neutral, descriptive way, and everyone moved on.  The lingering effects of Cold War ideology had finally faded away.

The article goes on to explain in more detail exactly what Cold War Sanders ended.

The author, John Mackey – associate chair of the Social Sciences Division in the College of General Studies at Boston University – believes the Cold War made a discussion of democratic socialism impossible.

It was falsely equated with communism, he writes, and thus, as well, with the Gulag.

But now self-identified socialist Sanders has resuscitated the socialist dialogue by winning 23 major-party primaries or caucuses.

Not only did he attract the votes of millions of young people in the US, he also had a significant impact on the Democratic platform.

The platform hammered out over the weekend in Orlando, Florida, is, as he has said, the most progressive of any major party ever, and by a lot. His relentless focus on the issues has meant that the Democratic Party, anyway, has begun to transform itself.

Over at Politico, Michael Kruse celebrates Sanders.

Sanders’ entire campaign, in fact, has been an extended lecture on how a campaign should in fact be about transformation: how you need to get money and corporate power out of politics to make it happen, how you need to make sure everyone can go to college and no one spends their life working for so little money they can’t engage as a citizen.

We who stood behind Bernie know how to be steadfast and unruffled, even when the powers that be are begging us to stop. One of the reasons we know is because Sanders has shown us.

Neither article provides us any downside to Sanders’ vision. In fact, Mackey eagerly awaits a transformation of US society that will bring the country closer Scandavian countries like Denmark – often noted as one of the happiest countries in the world.

The Internet tells us another story, though. Denmark doesn’t seem so happy when you read about it.

For one thing a sizable minority of Danes take anti-depression drugs like Prozac.

And the drinking culture is so notable that almost any portrait of the country mentions that from Friday until Monday alcohol is consumed in excess – and almost anyone you meet seems inebriated.

This doesn’t sound very happy.

Add to that many expat narratives explaining how dull the country is, and how costly it is to live there, and you end up with a rather negative perception of “democratic socialism.”

Even the “free” services are not especially functional. Health care operates with tremendous wait-times. The streets are dirty.

Taxes are well above 50% in Denmark and sales taxes are at least 25%. Reportedly car taxes are over 200%.  A $50,000 car in the US could cost over $150.000 in the Denmark.

Additionally, the Scandinavian countries and Denmark in particular are moving toward “cashless” societies.

The control governments wish to command over citizens in these countries will be immeasurably increased by such a society.

Whatever is bad about these countries is bound to get worse

The Danes are often accused of being unfriendly, but these are basically tribal societies that go back thousands of years. The societies don’t “work” because of the political system but rather in spite of it.

The kind of socialism that Sanders offers is basically bankrupting Europe. Once you allow politicians to spend money countries doesn’t have, the spending goes up – and never stops.

When you give governments enormous monetary power, it will  eventually be abused.

Sanders campaigned on the idea that a handful of politicians should have extraordinary power over everyone else.

Conclusion: For some reason he’s been able to convince himself and others that when people have extraordinary, basically unsupervised, power, they won’t abuse it. History show us otherwise.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • r2bzjudge

    Sanders’ victory: How Bernie ended the Cold War in 2016 … Sanders’ dark
    horse candidacy stripped socialism of its fringe labels and, culturally
    speaking, ended the Cold War – Salon

    Bernie would change the subject when a reporter would ask him about Venezuela, the current poster child for socialism.

    Sanders does not want to talk about just how bad things are in Venezuela, where the government set the cost of Kimberly Clark products, below the cost of production. Kimberly just closed the plant, with the government then commandeering it. Maduro is destroying the economy. The people are suffering the lack of food and other items.

    Bernie did not strip socialism of its fringe labels, the liberal media evades the term radical or far left wing in referring to socialism.

    The people of Venezuela are suffering from socialism, whether Salon acknowledges it or not, just as the people of the Soviet Union were suffering under Stalin, even though the New York Times did not acknowledge it.

    • The people suffer – but can be medicated or manipulated to justify their suffering and even to self-inflict it.

      Perhaps those who suffer most are those who step out of line with US.
      official narrative associates their suffering with their sins, and
      portray rage driven hate of a ‘jealous god’ as ‘regime change’ and
      reconstruction within a free to develop now that we have lobotomized and
      indentured the people of any capacity to develop in any way but US

      For a time the US American people were useful – so they
      were raised fit for purpose. But things have moved on and they are being
      ‘farmed’ for sickness and war. Assets are for sucking out – its a dream
      that thrives on other people’s suffering – for the few – while they
      still have a use…

  • r2bzjudge

    “The author, John Mackey – associate chair of the Social Sciences
    Division in the College of General Studies at Boston University –
    believes the Cold War made a discussion of democratic socialism

    It was falsely equated with communism, he writes, and thus, as well, with the Gulag.”

    “He writes.” Up in Oregon, a baker was put out of business when they practiced their religious right. In New York City, businesses are threatened with a $250,000 fine if they don’t refer to someone as whatever flavor of gender ID they self identify with. Sounds as if the gulag won’t be far behind in democratic socialist New York City.

    • I don’t identify in ‘socialist’ but nor do I join in using the same term for these mutating corruptions of the original movement. Psyops would be more apt. But to fall for the bait of psyops is to hate the and empower and protect a false sense of identity gotten from such self righteous hate.

      I don’t identify in ‘communist’ but nor do I pretend that any movement of solidarity a sense of worth lived and shared – is allowed to give birth – but is aborted or co-opted – as was the Western bankrolled Bolshevik ‘revolution’.

      I could write a paragraph for any other ism that has conceptualized and rigidified as a conformity in place of lived and felt sense of worth reaching for its right place of acceptance and participation.

      The nature of the deceit is subtle whereby we often cannot discern or articulate its operation – as part of it operates through our sense of identity.

      I feel it interesting to note how ‘communist terror threat – and reds under the beds and the enemy within, operated such a mind-gelding job on the US American psyche. For something natural and necessary to persona. family and community life was ripped out to be replaced with a love of the auto – in more ways than one.
      Autonomous or automaton? Depends which side of the matrix one sees from. Neither relate to Life lived and shared – though of course a dream of success operates its carrot and stick, and a dream of power finds a network of …shifting alliances amidst hierarchies of obedience.

      I saw a headline on G-news that used the term ‘post truth politics’ (as if applying to the object of its hate rather than revealing its own mentality.
      One can say politics has always been coercion and deceit and the elite power class are simply free of scruple and therefore more honest. But there is a movement in the human heart to find ways that work for both the individual and the family, group, tribe, society, planet – through a process of communication – despite and because of the blind hate and fear driven power struggle – for if one has eyes to recognize self in the other – and world – one simply doesn’t embody such hatred or outsource such pain and misery.

      Politics – or any other shared endeavour – operating through and as an integrity of communication – remains both impossible and necessary for retaining the capacity to feel and know and communicate… to maintain creative faculty. As long as the chain reaction loops and fragments itself – does a golem align to its programming.

  • r2bzjudge

    “Neither article provides us any downside to Sanders’ vision. In fact,
    Mackey eagerly awaits a transformation of US society that will bring the
    country closer Scandavian countries like Denmark – often noted as one
    of the happiest countries in the world.”

    Except the result ultimately winds up being like Venezuela or maybe European France, which is undergoing much social unrest.

    • if you conform within the technocracy – you don’t invite penalty –
      but have the cost to your true life managed with pharmaceuticals.
      If you see only the ‘face’ of what purports to be socialism – you don’t see what is moving behind it.
      ‘Technocracy’ itself is another face of “scientific” credibility masking an active denial of free and felt willingness under the dictate of a masked form
      of financial and corporate terrorism – though mostly, the mask doesn’t
      have to come off once the self-censoring ‘freedoms’ and ‘rights’ are

  • Webforager

    “When you give governments enormous monetary power, it will eventually be abused.”
    Exactly. Whoever provides the funding defines the issues and the prescriptions.

  • robertsgt40

    What’s Bernie? Almost 80? Someone wanna lay out his business experience in the real world? Socialism is not an economic policy. It’s a method for income/wealth redistribution.

  • Bruce C.

    I just want to say that even though I’ve never heard Bernie explain what he means by democratic socialism I have seen on several occasions – in interviews and what have you – that he takes great care in differentiating it from regular (presumably bad) socialism by clearing enunciating the word “democratic.”

    • Praetor

      He believes in what ever socialism ‘is’, but he thinks the people should decide whom controls the socialist state.

      Right, Bernie, just like we are having so much say in whom controls are present system of government!!!

      • How would you ‘uncapture’ the captured regulators that distort the law to operate as protection of cartel monopoly and weapon against freedom to live human lives?
        Are there stepping stones in your approach – or is there one perfect solution all at once?
        If your vote could keep corporately driven hegemony in check – would it mean more than a vote for a corrupt system that makes no difference.
        I’m not saying Sanders or Trump represent such a vote – but they both break the mould of the two party scam as it has been operating.

  • Exceptionalism operating a corporately faced ‘individualism’ subverts and bankrolls politicians into overspending so as to capture and gain key influence. It also combines this with a phony collectivism that sacrifices the individuality of the many to limit the effects of artificially induced scarcities and indeed to blame and tax them for it.
    However the socialism or indeed anarchism that operation gladeo was targeted to undermine was that of a tangible grass root solidarity that was felt threatening to the ruling establishment of power cartels.
    There is a context for the underdogs to unite in finding a voice and some share in decisionmaking – and there is the denial, subversion and corruption of such movements – including that of a technocratically masked corporatism running a socialist face in terms of a controlled economy and society.
    The issue is the controlled humanity – and the attempts to counter that come back as more sophisticated masks of social engineering and mind control.
    The nice ideas of free market individualism have been used extremely destructively as justification for destructo ‘capitalism’ or ‘soft power’ that is no less destructive than hard weaponry.
    So whatever the form – I look to the active purpose and contextual meaning.
    Identifying in a form of something without its true context is to hold onto a hollow life that trojan intent wastes no time in setting to purpose unlike to its original inspiration.

  • Praetor

    As Locke said, Govern Lightly.
    I would say at this time in the United States history, ‘We The People’ may want to send a ‘Declaration of Independence’ to DC and their lackeys in the state capitols. At this time there is no Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness going in in this Country called the United States.

    Bernie Sanders can shove what ever he is calling his political views. He is a Demoncat at heart!!!

    You be right DB, history shows us otherwise. A Despot is a Despot!!!

  • john d

    the danes use Prozac? check out the % of opiates produced in the world are consumed by the good ole usa. sanders is right on that a few billionaires are buying the government and that we need to overturn citizens united etc. he captured the attention of the silent majority (though many were unable to vote in dem primaries).
    he has started a political revolution. the problem he has SUCKED OUT 200+ million from the 99% in political contributions then appears to have withdrawn. that leaves those of us who really do not wish to vote for either of the self aggrandizing (and equally distrusted by americans) candidates with a pittance to counter the sewage that will flood the airwaves of America from now until election time. our only hope is that the fbi will do a better job investigating the Clinton foundation than the sham performed on the email issue and that Bernie sees what he has done.

  • my2Cents

    What is bankrupting Europe is the CIA construct called the EU. Ever since it took effect, the GDP in every EU country went down, their Standard of Living (FAR higher than the U.S) has gone down; unemployment has skyrocketed, their debt gone through the roof BUT the number of millionaires/billionaires has quadrupled.

    All EU countries have lost their sovereignty and are ruled by fiat by a group of unelected men in Brussels led by a unelected alcoholic Jean Claude Juncker who are under control of Washington…..Their Washington IMPOSED deregulation of the Banks has led to a moving of capital from the population to the elite. The EU has become the mirror image of the US….in its dysfunction. The ECB which is not accountable to anyone and forces upon EU countries IMF (American) loans that pay off country’s loans to EU Banks at astronomical rates as the bill is handed to the countries demanding punishing austerity programs.Anyone who objects will be subject to Gladio operations (terror attacks) just to remind them WHO is in charge.

    So creating chaos in Europe in order to get the TTIP passed is the final nail in the coffin of the EU….and NATO
    Your analysis is severely wanting if not misleading.
    Americans have NO concept of what true freedom IS.

    • And London’s City has nothing to do with it? Seems to us that YOU are leaving something out.

      • my2Cents

        It’s not the City of London that calls the shot in the EU but Washington via Brussels. You might want to question WHY Obama came to the U.K and presumed to have the right to tell them how to vote prior to BREXIT. This meddling was not well received
        The UK should know WHO destroyed their economy and imposed on them the austerity that has such a large segment of the UK living in poverty. The UK has served as a front door to the EU by Washington.