On This Atom Bomb Anniversary You’re Being Lied to About Hiroshima – and Much More to Make You Fearful
By Daily Bell Staff - August 06, 2016

Japan marked the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on Saturday by renewing calls for a nuclear weapons free world and urging leaders to follow the example of President Barack Obama and visit the bomb sites.  –Washington Post

It is the anniversary of dropping an atom bomb on Hiroshima. But the Hiroshima narrative is a lie.

We’ve reported at considerable length about how the whatever was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t have the kind of immediate destructive impact that is portrayed.

Crawford Sams who ran the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission in Japan had this to say about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Transcript HERE.) :

When the bomb went off, about 2 thousand people out of 250 thousand got killed [in Hiroshima] – by blast, by thermal radiation, or by intense x-ray, gamma radiation … You see, it wasn’t “Bing” like the publicity here [said]: a bomb went off and a city disappeared. No such thing happened. That was the propaganda for deterrent …

When I came back to this country, I was appalled, from a military standpoint, to find that our major planners in the War Department were using their own propaganda, 100 thousand deaths, Bing! …

You don’t hear much about the effects of Nagasaki because actually it was pretty ineffective. That was a narrow corridor from the hospital … down to the port, and the effects were very limited as far as the fire spread and all that stuff. So you don’t hear much about Nagasaki.

We’ve reported that a squadron of 66 bombers were launched on August 6th (666) to bomb the municipality of Imabari, even though Imabari. had been bombed already, twice.

This bombing squadron may well have fire-bombed Hiroshima instead, as Hiroshima was not far away.  HERE is a video on the squadron and also a narrative from a book by Edwin Hoyt entitled Inferno, the Firebombing of Japan.

Here is some narrative from a PERTINENT PAGE in the actual book.

“Suddenly,  one day, I was told something unexpected,” Manabe said. “When I was looking at the train timetable, I found that no trains stopped at Imabari station … I wondered why the third largest city in the province had no train service. It  sounded ridiculous.

… The other guy said, “Wow! No Imabari Station. But … all the trains pass by Imabari Station.”

A third guy stepped up … “It’s not strange at all. There’s no stop because there’s no Imabari City anymore. It got burned up last April in the air raid … No buildings, no houses, no people … The whole city burned up and the people ran away …”

A fellow soldier explained to Manabe. “The air raids came on the 26th of April and the 8th of May. Imabari was burned up. My father was in business there. We had a wholesale draper business. All gone. All burned up.”

The attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were horrible and tragic. But whether they were results of “atom” bombs (certainly in the sense that people understand them today) is at least seriously questionable.

More from the Post:

Quoting part of Obama’s speech in Hiroshima in May, Mayor Kazumi Matsui urged countries with nuclear weapons to “have the courage to escape the logic of fear, and pursue a world without them …

“I once again urge the leaders of all nations to visit the A-bombed cities.”  Like Obama’s, he said that such visits “will surely etch the reality of the atomic bombings in each heart.”

Visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki won’t etch anything into your heart but lies.

And the sickening falsehoods allow politicians a faux rhetorical nobility that they don’t deserve.

Whatever happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki is nothing like what is being recited today.

Bikini Atoll, where additional atomic bombs were tested following the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks, was repopulated by 1968, even though radiation estimates suggested the island would be uninhabitable for a thousand years.

The actual bomb blasts seem to have been faked. Two years ago, the controversial but prolific investigator Miles Mathis – an artist and mathematician – published a debunking HERE entitled, The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests were Faked.”

… For more proof, we can go to Google. You can get a picture of the Bikini Atoll today from Google Earth. That’s dated 2013, not 1945. We are told the locals can’t live there now because of radioactivity, but we see at least three proofs against that.

… We see lots of plant life both on and offshore. Radioactivity affects plants just as it .affects animals, so the island should be barren.

Remember, the Bikini Atoll wasn’t said to be blasted by only Able and Baker. It was blasted 23 times, including three of the biggest blasts ever from US testing: the 4.5 megaton Navajo and the 5 megaton Tewa, in 1956; and the 15 megaton Bravo in 1954.

Why would Bikini Island tests have been faked if the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were real?

Did the US suddenly run out of bombs?

And what about Russia? How did the USSR make nuclear bombs while the Pentagon was faking theirs?

Mathis writes some photographs of USSR nuclear explosions appear fake.

When did the USSR get the “bomb?” And even more importantly, when did the US finally create the weapons of mass destruction that so frighten us today?

When did the Cold War really start? Did both sides know that nuclear weapons were not as powerful as advertised? Or maybe that they didn’t exist at all as described?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki themselves are thriving small cities and there is no appreciable difference in radiation between these two municipalities and other cities in Japan.

Additional issues (See sources at the end of this article.):

  • Death rates at Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not higher than elsewhere.
  • Three days after the Hiroshima bombing, a trolley was running again.
  • The bank at “ground zero” remains standing to this day.
  • Eight Jesuits hiding in their church survived the blast at ground zero to tell the tale – spared only by the intervention of the Virgin Mary.
  • Outside of the Jesuits, and one communist reporter who hated the US, there was no significant reporting from either Hiroshima or Nagasaki for at least a month.
  • For years in both Japan and the US, it was a crime punishable by death to speak or write about the bombings.
  • The entire atom bomb narrative created by the Pentagon was delivered to the public via a single writer from the New York Times who later turned out to be on the Pentagon payroll.

The narrative of the bombings was surely shaped just as the Pentagon and its controllers wished for it to be. It was acquiesced to by the Japanese government that had its own reasons for promoting nuclear untruths.

Whatever happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki has not been accurately reported. In fact, it is probably not too strong to say that what has been reported may constitute (in aggregate) one of the most profound lies of the 20th century.

It calls into question further “truths” about Western society that we live with to this day.

Nuclear weapons are a perfect propaganda for the state.

-Their tests cannot be ascertained at close range because they are too powerful.

-Their inner workings cannot be disseminated because they are “top secret.”

-Their programmatic elements cannot be observed by the normal media because too much information available to the public can stimulate adversarial or even terrorist activity.

Modern Western society is a virtual tissue of lies designed to make you believe you are living in a “civil society” (no, it’s not civil) faced by life-threatening challenges that only Western governments and the shadowy powers behind them can overcome.

The world is not running out of food, nor water. It’s not going to burn to a cinder because the air is clogged with “carbon.”

The economic disasters we face are purely man-made. Absent monopoly central banking, they would not exist.

Now we are facing “radical Islam” – another false narrative put in place by the same banking elite that has tortured the West for centuries.

This follows on the heels of numerous, serial US wars and the obscene, manufactured Hell of World Wars One and Two.

Thank goodness for the Internet and what we have called the Internet Reformation.

Thanks to information that has emerged from secret recesses (and the patterns they portray), we know more about the Way the World Really Works  than any single group of individuals in recorded history.

Conclusion: It has been a great privilege to live in these unusual times. However, please take note: The reality of the world has revealed a titanic struggle between good and evil. Which side are you on? And just as importantly, what are you going to do about it?

Some Nuclear Anomalies and Sources Pertaining to Questionable Hiroshima and Nagasaki Events

  • The dreaded mushroom cloud presented by the Hiroshima memorial is actually a photo of Hiroshima on fire. HERE.
  • A squadron of 66 bombers was directed to Imabari. in the early morning of August 6 (666) – the morning of the A-bomb – but Imabari. had been bombed already, twice. This bombing squadron might have fire-bombed Hiroshima instead. HERE.
  • Initial reports in Japan were that Hiroshima was firebombed. AP filed the same report. HERE.
  • In the aftermath of the explosion, Hiroshima (and Nagasaki) look no different than Tokyo after it was firebombed. HERE and HERE.
  • In Hiroshima numerous buildings are standing along with erect tree stumps. HERE.
  • Limited trolley service was revived in Hiroshima after only three days. HERE.
  • The Hiroshima bank at the epicenter of the bomb is fully functional and can be seen HERE.
  • Predictions of endless radiation poisoning for thousands of years proved untrue. Today, Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s radiation levels are normal.  HERE.
  • Outdoor shadows and other dramatic evidences of the Hiroshima bombing seem to be faked. HERE.
  • The initial American reporting on Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs  came from Wilfred Burchett and William L. Laurence. One was a communist (Burchett) who hated America and reportedly ended up on the Kremlin’s payroll. HERE.
  • The other was secretly a paid employee of US armed forces. He was the man who rode with the crew to witness the nuke dropped on Nagasaki. His report on the attack is painful to read for all the wrong reasons. HERE.
  • Laurence was also the only reported to cover the development of the atomic bomb, see the initial bomb testing (from 20 miles away) and to report from Nagasaki. In other words, only one reporter, paid by the US war dept, provided the entirety of the initial civilian narrative for the testing of nuclear devices and then bombing of Nagasaki. Just one. It was roughly the same at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Reporters were not allowed to visit. HERE.
  • Military officers were asked to exaggerate the injury count.HERE.
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki were apparently shut down for months. There was no influx of Western reporters. The nuclear narrative was developed by the Pentagon from what we can tell. HERE.
  • It was immediately made a crime punishable by death in both the US and Japan to discuss nuclear attacks and the technology  that created them. (“The restricted data clauses of the US Atomic Energy Act specifies that all nuclear weapons-related information is to be considered classified unless explicitly declassified, and makes no distinction about whether said information was created in a laboratory by a government scientist or anywhere else in the world by private citizens.”) HERE.
  • As for Little Boy, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, photos show it seems to lack the necessary antennas to function. HERE.
  • There were apparently several Little Boys of various sizes, not just one. HERE.
  • The narrative surrounding the dropping of the Hiroshima bombing is reportedly inaccurate. “Levers” were “pulled” to drop the bomb, but the automatic system did the job. HERE.
  • The automatic targeting system itself was an inaccurate device that reportedly might drop bombs miles from where the pilot hoped to deliver them. The odds that both bombs ended up delivering effective blasts are surprisingly low.
  • The Nagasaki bombing narrative was confused for decades. The story kept changing.  HERE.
  • The photos of the Nagasaki mushroom cloud are suspicious. They appear to be composite images with cloud cover inserted to ensure that identification of Nagasaki is impossible. HERE.  Other Nagasaki photos appear fake.
  • One of the two famous and supposedly identical photos of the Nagasaki mushroom cloud includes part of a plane. One of the photos is thus fake, or at least retouched. HERE.
  • For events of such magnitude, there are surprisingly few eyewitness accounts of the actual blast. Many eyewitness accounts start the day after the blast or during the firestorm. Only a few Japanese survivors have stepped forward to become regular “faces” of the blast. HERE
  • There don’t seem to be any civilian photos of either mushroom cloud taken by Japanese civilians or even military facilities. This one HERE looks evidently faked.
  • Much of the Western Hiroshima narrative regarding the blast was developed by a single Jesuit priest who, along with other Jesuits, had survive at the epicenter of the blast through the intervention of the Virgin Mary. HERE.
  • The eyewitness accounts of the blast itself have a repetitive and artificial quality to them, at least the ones we read. One doctor claims to have treated 2000-3000 injured on the first day. HERE.

There are other disturbing elements to the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings, and if you are interested, you can see more documents calling many elements of the attacks into question HERE.

See information on an alternative theory regarding nuclear weapons HERE:

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  • The first a-bomb apparently exploded already 16 July 1945 at Alamogordo, NM, USA, as a test. It was a 20 kiloton TNT equivalent a-bomb, similar to the one of Hiroshima, fitted on top of a 30 meters tall, four legged tower of steel beams. When the a-bomb exploded, the steel beams tower was vaporized and the desert sandy ground below melted and became glass, we were told. I describe it with photos at .

    The strange thing was that no hole or crater was formed below the 20 000 tons TNT equivalency explosion. You would expect the ground to be pushed down and away by the shockwave, etc. No, the next day the inventors of the a-bomb inspected the flat, desert ground below the explosion and the remains of the tower legs. The ground just appered to be dry, flat soil or sand. And some iron rods were sticking up in some heaps of sand. They were supposed to have been the foundations of the tower legs. It seems the whole thing was just stupid propaganda.

  • Mary

    DB, excellent article. You should turn this article into a book. It is a vital topic.
    Ward Wilson’s Five Myths about Nuclear Weapons has an excellent chapter on the fact that the “atomic bombing” of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not lead the Japanese military to surrender. The reason is that those two cities were destroyed just like every other city in Japan, and the military acted no differently. He shows that they surrendered in response to the planned Russian invasion because they would have faced invasion from two locations by two enemies, US and Russia.
    Since our proposal that there was no atomic bombing is highly likely,
    Wilson’s analysis fits perfectly with yours. Wilson further states that the Emperor attributed the surrender to the “atomic bombing” to save face. Rather than admit that the Pacific War was unwinnable and therefore the destruction of Japan was the military’s fault, he chose to put the necessity for surrender on a new and all powerful weapon, absolving the military of any responsibility or miscalculation. DB, if you haven’t read Wilson’s book, you should. It’s a great read as well as enlightening.

    • natural human

      Agreed. You should turn this article into a book. It’s articles like this that make the Bell worth reading. About ten years ago I woke up to how horribly I had been lied to by my beloved American System and I decided I had to leave if I were to be the principled person I believed I was. I want my America back, the one I thought I had, the one that may have never actually existed, but could exist, and can exist, if folks would just wake up before it’s too late.

    • Good points. Thanks.

  • Earn nest
  • spdlf

    Grand slam with this one DB, thanks.

    I’m infatuated with Miles Mathis’ work. Reading it is like taking a bottle of red pills… and downing it all at once. His library of papers on fake events from the 17th-21st centuries are astounding. The JFK assassination scene makes much more sense once he connects the dots. I encourage everyone with a big set of balls and an clear and open mind to check him out. Its easy to follow and everything is out there in the open.

    • Thanks.

    • timamac

      I checked his site out. Wow. EVERYTHING is fake, a fraud, a conspiracy. Paul McCartney “are”twins among other crazy chit. Yeah, guess everyone is the matrix.
      “Nothing is real… Strawberry fields, forever”.

      • JohnnyZ

        Well, I have studied many false / fake things, starting with 911. I need to start keeping a list:
        1. False flags:
        – 911, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Gladio, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor (LIHOP), Reichstag brand, the Maine, Oklahoma City and countless more
        – Hoaxes: Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Nice truck attack, Orlando, parts of Paris attack etc.
        2. False institutions:
        – Governments
        – “Leaders” (except for the likes of Gandhi), heroes
        – Central banks
        – Fractional reserve lending
        – NASA
        – Religious institutions
        – Media
        – Courts
        – Police, secret services
        – Terror organizations
        – Universities
        – Entertainment, music industry, celebrity culture
        3. False events
        – All wars basically
        – Moon landing
        – Revolutions: American, French, Bolshevik, 1848 series of revolutions etc.
        – the Hippie revolution, LSD etc.
        Currently researching (looks promising):
        – nukes
        – flat earth (from here a lot of stuff follows as false / fake: Newtonian physics, astrophysics, astronomy, form of the universe, space flight (esp. given the fraud that NASA, Yuri Gagarin etc is), aliens and spaceships, theory of evolution, dinosaurs as a fraud etc.)
        => We are living in the Matrix indeed! And there are two ways to look at it: a) Even without all the lies and false dogmas listed above, one can look at our material world as a virtual reality of a wholesome consciousness; b) a false Matrix within the Matrix, established over centuries and tended to by the forces of evil on this world (the movie “Inception” anyone?)

        • You may need to look at Gandhi again, sorry.

          • JohnnyZ

            Too sad about Gandhi. But you seem to agree with the rest? I came with several more after that list (forgot now which ones…they are too many)

          • For sure. Post central banking an infinite amount of money was available. Elite false flags of all sorts have become more and more common. And broader and deeper besides …

  • typodrive

    I’ve got mixed emotions here. On the bright side, a lot less death and destruction seemed to have happened and no lingering radioactivity remains if we can believe this article. And the war ended, whether because of these “blasts” or not.
    So, are we now to question other events such as the sinking of the Maine, Pearl Harbor, JFK’s assassination, the Bay of Pigs, The World Trade Center and much more as just staged realities?
    Maybe we’re just living in another version of “The Truman Show”.

    • mary

      It’s hard to know without research and hard questions/evidence whether an event is staged, embellished or the real motivations and actors are covered up. Some recent events are clearly faked or faked in part: Sandy Hoax, Boston non-bombing, Charlie Hebdo, Aurora Movie Theater, Dallas BLM shootings, Orlando non-shootings appear to be in this category. Even 9/11 seems to have some faked elements, such as the videos of the planes melting into the buildings.
      The biggest problems we face in getting this information out are:
      1. all “news” is by official press release or leak, with no evidence to support it, and
      2. as they say, it’s easier to fool someone than to convince him that he’s been fooled.

      • Lynn Ertell

        Their media narratives are getting increasingly incoherent and screeching with cognitive dissonance. How long before most thinking people simply turn agnostic, skeptical, bitterly cynical about the possibility of trusting any source at all?

      • gregge

        Aircraft are not ultra strong, super rigid, spearlike objects. They are made of hundreds of thousands of lightweight pieces of aluminum, titanium and composite materials riveted and glued together. If you bother to look around, you can easily find photos of the shattered and scattered remains of airliners that have crashed during takeoffs and landings, when traveling at their slowest flying speeds. Often there’s only small pieces scattered around. The planes on 9/11 were deliberately flown into buildings at full throttle. Of course they smashed into small pieces, with only the heaviest parts like the engines and landing gear staying somewhat intact. If you know the mass of the airplanes and their speed at time of impact (assume it’s their maximum airspeed) you can figure out the force of the impact.

        It’s science and physics. Conspiracy nuts who claim so and such isn’t possible or to have such effects the planes would have to be solid steel are simply flat out deluded idiots who refuse to believe the facts. They’ll believe absolutely anything *except* the facts because to them, the bald truth is just to boring and ordinary. Bad thing *must* be the work of nefarios doings by some ancient secret society that’s been controlling the world for the past thousand years.

        Not even going to bother trying to educate you on the basics of metallurgy of steel because you’d just refuse to believe the SCIENCE that enables the construction of things like the WTC towers.

      • typodrive

        Why would there be any faked elements unless the whole WTC demolition was carried out by the “fakers”? WTC is different from the other events you cite. There is no doubt that two planes crashed into the buildings and they did come crumbling down. My main argument is that they both came straight down at freefall speed which is an impossibility unless there were charges planted in the structures, that is the only part of this that I, as an observer, can measure. Events like Sandy hook would be much harder to fake since townspeople would know who and who is not dead. Brainwashing “Lee H. Oswald type patsies” to go in and start shooting are much easier to believe in.

    • alohajim

      Typo : yes, indeed, that IS exactly the point. “The Truman Show”only points out how much in our lives is fake and and a put on. It’s benign enough – nobody gets robbed or killed. “The Matrix” however is much closer to the truth – systematic ‘harvesting’ of every human being not born into a banking family. Legalized plunder and tyranny kept in place by a massive, very long term brainwashing and mind control program that has been extraordinarily successful. Kudo’s to DB for working to destroy it.

    • disqussted999

      The Japanese were pleading with FDR and the American military to surrender LONG before Nagasaki and Hiroshima were leveled.

      • typodrive

        Maybe that is true. My point is, hopefully we did not actually use nuclear bombs for those civilian’s sake, and you and I know that this country lies all the time, especially with this new administration. This time we are all really screwed.

        • disqussted999

          Why say “maybe that is true,” as though I’d just make things up? Better to say “really?” or “that’s interesting” and then go verify it for yourself. I’m speaking what I know, not what I am guessing at. It’s all well documented. Your other points I agree with.

          • typodrive

            Well, excuuuse me for doubting you… or anyone else here. “Obviously” everyone here is telling the truth even though they may contradict each other.
            Take it easy. You’re starting to sound like trump.
            By the way, there is no way to verify anything except by personal experience. For every “fact” out there their is an “anti-fact” it seems.
            Common sense is the only filter and even that can lie to you.
            Also, get a life. This whole argument is 6 months old.

          • disqussted999

            Get over yourself…maybe you should do your own research before spouting off. It’s not the doubting…we all do that and should…it’s the need to pretend to know and be able to judge intelligently what someone else says on a topic when you’re totally ignorant instead of going and learning before you speak. And “common sense” is NOT a good filter b/c it can be easily manipulated and is often informed by lies, distortion, propaganda. Truth is the filter…hard evidence.

          • typodrive

            Checking out some of your other comments on other subjects, you are obviously always right. I figured you had to be a holy roller. How can you be wrong when you have your faith in god to guide you? If god or jesus said it, it’s got to be right, right? Wrong! Remember this. Man created god in his own image and has been looking at himself ever since.
            Ultimately each of us believes what we want. And… I’ll never get over myself.

          • disqussted999

            -Man created god in his own image and has been looking at himself ever since.-
            Perhaps that’s why so many like you have the misperception that god is such an ahole…they’ve never known the real God…only the phony little one they look at in the mirror that they’re so in love with.

          • typodrive

            How can I believe god is an ahole if I don’t even believe he exists? I do however find myself, quite often, in front of a mirror, reflecting.

          • disqussted999

            How? Because you are “quite often” staring at him…not God…but your god. And with that, this “discussion” has become of no value to me…so the last word is yours, as ignorant as it might be, if you so desire.

  • Sheath

    I read an article in a magazine in the 1960’s that was a Japanese girl’s eye witness account. She was walking to town from her home in the country that day the bomb hit. People on the road were knocked to the ground. The side of her face toward town was melted. Didn’t sound like a fire bomb to me. I saw photos of other victims showing melted body parts. That was probably Life Magazine.

    • How horrible. It could have been an atomic bomb. Or it could have been napalm. Remember, it was a crime to talk about the bombing. Presumably the government gave her permission.

      • gregge

        Or perhaps you are just a conspiracy nut. Emphasis on the nut.

        • Perhaps he is. But that’s not an argument, merely a reflex rhetorical device to dismiss his argument so you don’t have to answer it.

          In other words, it’s an admission that you have nothing.

          (Of course, every government & associated law enforcement agency in the world are conspiracy nuts. They prosecute people for conspiracies every day. But I get it – it’s only conspiracies BY the government that threaten your ego investment in what you’ve been told, and are therefore nutty. Convenient, eh what?)

  • Hugh

    Not vetted, yet interesting, so make of it what you will…

    ” …nuclear weapons can only be successfully detonated when the major
    celestial bodies – including the sun and the moon – are in a favorable
    configuration relative to the nuclear device itself, as positioned over
    the surface of the earth.

    Setting aside such classified information as the design of nuclear
    triggers and of the compressional properties of plutonium under
    implosion, the true secret of the bomb is thus revealed.

    Information presented to demonstrate the key energetic musical ratios
    (the music of the spheres) as are necessary to actually allow for one
    to engineer a nuclear explosion – arguably the highest classification
    level of nuclear secrets.”

  • Ernie Hopkins

    Spot on!!! Great detective work you have done!!!!

  • Samarami

    Conclusion: “…The reality of the world
    has revealed a titanic struggle between good and evil.
    Which side are you on? And just as importantly,
    what are you going to do about it?…”

    I’m aghast at the proclivity of most to review and relive and rehash past wars and “victories”. Not that we shouldn’t continually be reminded of what is behind war, what kinds of thought processes have kept them in place and ongoing; and why warring will be with us until the state is totally and irrevocably scuttled, never to be revived. Ever again.

    I was enslaved (“drafted”) as a snot-nose kid (well over 60 years ago now, and still recovering). I had a good taste of this “struggle” long before I came to recognize how the cows come in from the cabbage.

    I flip-flopped between rank liberal and arch conservative the first 20 or so years after returning from Korea — looking for answers; trying, as is your query, to determine not only “…which side (am I) on…”, but also — and more importantly — “…what am I going to do about it?…” Of course, I’ve abstained from beans. It’s been well over 50 years now since I’ve voted in a political election. I’ve become the the progenitor of lots and lots (soon to be 26) of home-schooled grand-kids and six great-grand-kids, most of whom are also home-schooled.

    I slowly assimilated our philosophy after my traumatic disenchantment 50+ years ago — with the trouncing of my political hero of the time, Barry Goldwater. Karl Hess led me to Harry Browne and Robert Ringer who eventually led me here.

    But I’ve observed that genuine freedom — total absence of the docile acceptance of outside “authority” — is an internal thing. It’s not something that can be readily talked and jabbered and written about. The one libertarian writer I now quote and study almost exclusively is someone you’ve never heard of. He wrote 1 major essay, and later a book (published posthumously), and he then up and died.

    Delmar England had one distinct advantage. He was never “accepted-by-the-libertarian-community” — he had no “connections”. I doubt that he ever collected a dime for any of his writings. I have no idea exactly how he earned a living. Therefore, he was able to concentrate wholly on his perceptions pertaining to liberty and freedom — without previous “stance” or “acclamation” to defend or publishers to impress.

    If peace and freedom’s to be, it’s up to me. Sam

    • It was rhetorical. Your stance is ours, as you well know.

      • Samarami

        Yes, I do well know. And often, after reading what I’ve written, I wonder if I came across otherwise. Not.

        Monopoly state is prevarication and obfuscation. It’s the people so involved (and enamored) who make up and buy into the endless inventions and fictions. Only by and through these inventions and fictions can one man (or, nowadays, woman) be convinced it would be appropriate to raise a deadly weapon, aim at other human beings, with full intent to end human life.

        That, my dear friends, can be described as insanity.

        And, sad to report, Insanity IS the Social Norm. Sam

  • Your Quill was felt through the screen here. It seems to me that your confidence, documentation, and arguments are gaining strength by the day. Shared! “The IR is not an episode”…

  • Differencewithatwist

    Pretty much full of it. As Will Rogers once indicated: “After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring. He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him. The moral: When you’re full of bull, keep your mouth
    One of my uncles contracted a rare type of cancer, acknowledged by the VA and DOD to have been caused after he and a large company of other sailors were forced to sit unprotected on deck some miles away from one of the Bikini tests.

    • The VA/DOD told him so? OK. In any event, we have never stated that atom bombs and atomic radiation don’t exist. However, there are other ways to produce radiation …

      • ohhh the drama

        …and several methods to chemically concentrate high-level radioactive waste (in small membrane containers) along with chemical/electro-magnetic “repellant” methods for uniform wide-area dispersal throughout a shock wave radius…

        Oh yeah… always believe everything the VA and DOD tell ‘ya.

  • ohhh the drama

    As with all great lies critical to mind controlling the sheep, the existential necessities of an authoritative “standing government” must be refreshed in the herd-mind periodically. Maintenance of the lies are where the big money is spent…

    Ironically, tptb are/were planning to do just that during this month of August. They chose the Olympics in Brazil for their dastardly deed (to seed their September war), but the USA taking a hit from a supersonic (several 1000s MPH), very, very heavy, kinetic energy missile tipped with several types of nasties (think large “salted” meteor-type weapon) could tick off nearly as many check boxes for them as their Brazil hit.

    Two or more horrific terrors would be even more convincing to the sheep… their global 9/11 providing justifications for their “just war”. Nuke lies/fears intact. tptb win again.

  • disqussted999

    So both ends of the the USSA’s involvement in WWII involved major frauds and lies.

    As many of you probably already know, Pearl Harbor was to our getting into the War in Europe in 1941 as 911 was to our getting into the so called War on Terror (aka, The Never Ending War of PetroProfiteering and GeoPoliticalEngineering) 70 years later. As a matter of fact, a “new Pearl Harbor” had been referred to by a number of neocons before 911 as something that was needed.

    Pearl Harbor was set up as part of the plan by FDR, Secy of State Hull, and Secy of War Stimson, et al, to get us into the war against Hitler…at least that was the justification used by many after the real facts finally “came out” for the murder or wounding by proxy of more than 3500 of our seamen and women and civilians. (Though many of those facts were available immediately after the War, the Ministry of Truth, which has been in place for many decades now, if not longer, suppressed and revised it all and brainwashed all students with their story in the history books about the “Day of Infamy,” when those “slant-eyed sons of bitches attacked our sleeping sailors on a quiet Sunday morning”…that was the plan all along…and it was a Day of Infamy…for FDR and those in our govt and military who were involved.)

    There was a memo distributed among the commanders of the Pacific a year prior to Pearl Harbor to find some way to get Japan to attack us to get us into the war. By way of the Tripartite Treaty between Japan, Italy, and Germany, war against one would be considered war against all three. Hull et al did everything possible to push Japan into an economic corner, embargoed them, insulted them, set the fleet up at Pearl Harbor as a sitting duck by sending a good part of it down to the Panama Canal (then Secy of the Navy Richardson pointed that out in no uncertain terms and was promptly fired by FDR).

    FDR et al knew the country was in a very strong isolationist mood after WWI, and that it would take something totally egregious to rouse it up to want to go to war again. Enter Pearl Harbor. (The attack on the USS Gunboat Panay and three American oil tankers on the Yangtze River outside of Nanking, killing several and wounding dozens of Americans, by the Japanese in December, 1937, had registered about 0.1 on the country’s bellicosity Richter Scale.)

    Our agents in Hawaii had already decoded the Japanese military messages 6 months before Pearl Harbor and had a good idea what they were up to. The final message–the Four Winds Message–that the Japanese fleet had steamed out of Tokyo Harbor, headed for Pearl Harbor, was decoded more than 12 hours before the attack, but somehow only managed to reach Hawaiian HQ after the attack. (I’ve recently become aware that apparently one of the Admirals there did have some inside information that he kept to himself under orders, but I haven’t studied that much yet.) And there’s much much more, but this isn’t intended to be an article with documentation…do your own investigation, if you didn’t know this.

  • SnakePlissken

    Nuking Japan didn’t end WWII. It was already over. The Germans had already surrendered and we were in the middle of surrender negotiations with the Japanese. We nuked them to send a message to the USSR.

    • ohhh the drama

      Thats one of their propaganda lines. They produce several of them because certain folks prefer different brands for consumption. Human cultures are varied… the marketing dept. has to target as many as possible. Have they suckered you?

      • SnakePlissken

        Who’s “they”?

    • It was lost from day 1 – Pearl Harbour. Only scrap war ships/wrecks were sunk in the port. And after a year the whole Japanese merchant marine was sunk and Japan was starving everywhere. The whole war in the Pacific was just show. Imagine all US presidents serving in the Navy having a vaccation in the south Pacific.

  • Zuzana Rehakova

    a load of nonsense. have you been heavily intoxicated?
    such a load of BS.
    All you say is against logic.
    Or your article fixed the US problem with Iran and North Korea.
    such a piece of debility.

    • georgesilver

      Cognitive dissonance.

  • georgesilver

    Great stuff Daily Bell. Eventually some of the ‘sheep’ will wake up and realise that truth can be delayed but never stopped. I take my hat of to you for not only publishing a story about the Nuclear Fear Hoax but for publishing a continuing series of articles about this subject. One small seed can develop into a mighty tree. Fear and Control are the two weapons of the globalist cartel. Once Fear is shown to be defeated by knowledge then Control loses it’s hold.

  • oooBooo

    When I wrote grade school papers on the subject I learned that the fire bombing was more destructive than the atomic bombs. This was from published sources. It has never been anything remarkable to notice this. Even with the atomic bomb it was the fires that did most of the damage. Nuclear blasts have very odd effects as well with regards to what survives and what doesn’t. This was discovered right away. Hence the US military and its well known experiments on live US troops.

    Our dear government and others overstate hazards when it suits them to and understate them when it suits them to. When we can be scared into submission it overstates. When fear will cause us to see them as incompetent and threatens their power they understate. There is nothing new here as well.

    Neither of these means the atomic bombs didn’t do a lot of damage and kill a lot of people. We are always getting a distorted picture of reality but I’ve learned not to take the holes and production values as saying some event didn’t happen or something was faked. We are just seeing government lie to us because its always lying, but the base events usually did happen in some shape or form.

    I see the usual here. Seeing the holes, the lies, and jumping to the conclusion everything is fake.

  • marcdepiolenc

    Hard to know how to react to this. It seems to claim there never were any bombs. Not credible. On the other hand, it also states that the bomb effects were exaggerated. That is undoubtedly true, and has been known to be true essentially from the beginning. That could not have been concealed, because the characteristics of radio-isotopes are published. That, and the fact that the bombs were both airbursts, made it clear to anybody who had read a textbook that the overall damage, and the alleged persistence of radioactive effects, could not be true.

  • Jake Darwin

    May I repost this URL please. (There are about 6 or 8 links, below, in effect using this address.)
    For some reason they are marked with cgi.account-suspended — but in fact the pages aren’t suspended – I checked with bluehost. So please look again. Thanks.
    You might like the youtube ‘Lords of the Nukes’ which gives a rather long and very detailed look at all the issues, including supposed bombs, nuclear power (probably a myth), and related issues – Film of Hiroshima? Cuba? Vanunu? Atom spies? Cold War? etc etc
    Lords of the Nukes is

    • We checked the links and they’re OK. We’ll check again. Yes … the links are fine: Thanks.

      • Jake Darwin

        Good, thanks. Your article seems to have been ripped off by zerohedge I was alerted by large numbers of supposed errors pages. You might tell them; or not, as it makes them look not competent!

        • All the links work on the DB website. We are big fans of ZeroHedge, btw. Don’t mind if they pick us up. We’re not big fans of intellectual property anyway …:)

  • StevenStarr

    The Daily Bell owes a serious apology to the Hibakusha and to all those who suffered and died from the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This article is worse than stupid, it is dishonorable.
    See the image of Hiroshima 6 months after it was destroyed by the US nuclear weapon.

    • We said the bombing was tragic and horrible and, as well, we have never said it didn’t occur. You are misrepresenting us. And what about US officials? When will they apologize for what they did to these two cities and the millions that died. You owe us an apology for calling us dishonorable.

      • StevenStarr

        You are seriously misrepresenting the truth about both the atomic bombings and the absolute destructiveness of nuclear weapons. There were many hundreds of atomic and hydrogen bombs detonated during the 1950s and 1960s and it is ridiculous to claim that their effects were somehow exaggerated. The arsenals of the US and Russia, which contain more than 14,000 nuclear weapons, still represent an existential threat to the human race.

        • The Russians apparently faked photos too. And even when the Pentagon did test, it did so in out of the way places and banned the public. There are plenty of questions about the nuclear narrative, which was controlled by the Pentagon from the very beginning. But people like you either work for the military industrial complex or trust it completely. They never lie, right? You’re happy they kill millions but upset when someone asks some questions. Say, do you have screw you want to charge $400,000 for?

          • StevenStarr

            Your absence of knowledge and judgment are quite remarkable.

          • Hey, thanks for stopping by and “enlightening” us. Much appreciated.

          • StevenStarr

            I don’t think it is possible to enlighten you.

          • Not with your arguments.

  • David J. Dionisi

    Fortunately, the truth of what happened was finally published in Japan for the first time in the book Atomic Bomb Secrets. Nagasaki was not the result of an accident of weather and Japan had an atomic bomb program. To learn more view the documentary based on the book at

  • wrusssr

    Decent summary of the war scams

  • Roger That

    Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Bombings: Established USA As The Military Arm Of The New World Order

    The Greatest War Crimes Of The Modern Era

  • elbuggo

    Here is where nuke revisionism started, in the Liberty Forum in 2004 (about 150 pages):

  • elbuggo

    The three story Bank of Japan building with a flat roof, survived the REPORTED nuke explosion right above, and is still standing there today (Google Maps):

    A flat roof, build to keep the rainwater out, will protect us against nuke bombs?

    • We mentioned this. Thanks for the map.

    • Sure it will – Just put you head between your knees and….

  • elbuggo

    No EMP damages in Hiroshima:

    • Andy Poulton

      in 1945, what would the EMP have damaged?

      • elbuggo .

        Here is what the very eminent Roger DeJardin wrote on this as alexis1111 in davidicke forum 20-02-2011, 05:43 AM:

        “Another smoking gun for Hiroshima in the atom bomb hoax. Automobiles and trolleys running normally after a supposed massive electromagnetic pulse from the supposed Little Boy bomb. Had the Hiroshima atomic bomb claim been true the electrical windings in the electric motors of the trolley cars and windings of the starter solenoid of the automobiles would have been fried solid.

        Where is the electromagnetic pulse of the bomb at Hiroshima? The streetcars were electric. The EMP should have fried each motor. Those windings on those electric motors should have fused to their casings and the fast racing EMP would have travelled back up the streetcar electricity grid overhead back to the powerstaion generator and fried that too.

        Even the spare motors in some warehouse nearby would have fried on the shelves besides the fact that you dont have speedy streetcar repair service where something so completely devasting has just occured. The streetcars and the powerstation energizing them should both have been fried instantly if the atom bomb was anything more than a figmant of a very active jewish imagination. Where is the talk of all the coils and spark plugs on automobiles that should have fried too. Reading the historical records you might think all the automobiles in Hiroshima were sent out-of-town before that day.”

        • Andy1960

          It’s unlikely that the EMP would have fried the motors becasue EMP acts on electronics – which was one of the reasons why Russian planes used thermionic valves rather than silicon in their radar and processors for many years.

          If a trolley bus was running at the time of the blast, then the power surge may have fried the motor but if parked in a depot then a lot will have survived. Not only that but the metal body of the trolley cars would probably have acted as a Faraday Cage, adding a further layer of protection and if they were in a depot with a metal roof attached to a metal structured frame – there’s another layer of protection

  • elbuggo

    The story on nukes is packed with jews. More jews in this story then in the Federal Reserves, Hollywood and the MSM. Here is a list compiled by a nuke hoax denier:

  • elbuggo

    An obvious lying Hiroshiima survivor: She didn’t hear the explosion she says, because she was in the middle of it (!). She also witnessed other victims carrying both their eyeballs in their hands, etc. Why do the put these terrible actors on the stage, with such a stupid script if they had the real thing and someone slightly credible? This is so bad you have to see it to believe it I guess:

  • elbuggo

    The bombes that most likely destroyed the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – the M-69 Incendiary Bomb (1945):

    Obviously, the shanty huts in the cities burned well, straight to the ground, and kept the streets clear and undamaged.

    The footage is very consistent with firebombing, but has no support for this fairytale on nukings. There are no support to be found in the published footage for any epicenter. Simply has to be an epicenter if only 1 bomb destroyed the cities, but no, no traces on the ground after the biggest reported explosion in the history of war.

    You have to have a mind of a child to believe this official story, like Little Red Riding Hood.

    • Andy Poulton

      Surely the lack of an epicentre is answered by the fact that the bomb exploded 500m (1,600 ft) from the ground

      • elbuggo .

        You cant have 1 explosion flatten an entire city without any traces of the center of this 1 explosion. Everything should have been thrown outwards from this center, but there are no (0) credible support for this in any published film or photo.

        Where do you think all the smoke in the smoke plum that rose to 40,000ft came from? Must have been several thousand tons of materials in there, but no traces of all this missing material can be found in the footage. It is self-evident that the ground MUST have been impacted, if the story is supposed to be consistent.

        After all, according to the REPORTS, this was the biggest explosion in the history of war. Do you really expect us to believe that this didn’t leave any traces on the ground?

        You are running you head straight into a concreate wall here.

  • SnakePlissken

    The government keeps trotting out one bogeyman or another to keep the citizens fearful and submissive.

    • elbuggo

      It is not the Government who is behind these operations, that is just one of their many channels. You have to look for the man behind the curtain. It is pretty obvious who that gang is really.

  • Petr Nowak

    Who of article readers did read listed pages ?

    “Outdoor shadows and other dramatic evidences of the Hiroshima bombing seem to be faked.”
    Scroll to the bottom with photo of valve and text below:
    “If you look at the shadow of the wheel, you’ll see the shadow of the
    curved spokes is the wrong way round, for a shadow. The clown who faked
    the picture must have been thinking of a mirror image.”

    NO !!! The shadow of the valve is RIGHT !!! Make a small model and light up model. You’ll see the shadow is right !!!

    Do I really take whole Daily Bell article about abomb impact faking seriously if it brings such poor evidence ???!!! I doubt…

    • elbuggo .

      You are fixating on a minute detail. See if you can find any traces of the shockwave or the epicenter of the reported bomb in Hiroshima? Or any other specific traces on the ground after the biggest reported explosion in the history of war. You don’t expect us to believe that the bomb went of and flatten the entire city without making any specific traces on the ground, do you?

      • Petr Nowak

        Is TheDailyBell serious web? I think it is. Or it should be. So it would not rely on poor facts.

        • What is your problem? You are worried about a single “fact” that you claim is incorrect when there seem to be literally hundreds of other issues that cast doubt on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki narrative as portrayed by the US military industrial complex. Why don’t you try to figure out where the squadron of 66 bombers actually went on the night when the “atom bomb” was dropped on Hiroshima? That would be a good deal more helpful from a historical standpoint than your current fixation.

      • Using one’s eyes can be tricky….. but best we can do yet.
        However, it is amazing how many Little People can and do blow whistles – with evidence!
        I was always suspicious….

    • Mainlander

      Sounds like a lot might be “lost in translation” for you.

  • elbuggo .

    Another very interesting witness on the nuking of Japan: Here is a interview with Brigadier General Crawford F. Sams who was 1 of the 6 men who ran Japan after the occupation, and an official insider with a ring seat to the events. He was responsible for all health issues in the country. The interview is hosted by Washington University School of Medicine, and cannot just be labeled as some other conspiracy nonsense etc. This is an “official” source. See Wikipedia for his impressive CV.

    In this interview he is reviling that what he had observed and what was generally perceived was wildly different, or rather totally incompatible. A tiny example on this:

    * When the bomb went off, about 2 thousand people out of 250 thousand got killed

    * When I came back to this country, I was appalled, from a military standpoint, to find that our major planners in the War Department were using their own propaganda, 100 thousand deaths, Bing!

    * We built up the evidence to show on a cookie-cutter basis that it took about thirty-six hours for about two-thirds of that town to burn. You see, it wasn’t “Bing” like the publicity here [said]: a bomb went off and a city disappeared. No such thing happened. That was the propaganda for deterrent.

    * As near as we could figure then, about twenty-one thousand people died in thirty-six hours as a result of being trapped and burned and so on. It’s like those who died in the ’23 earthquake [and subsequent] fire

    There are much more interesting stuff in this very long interview. Too many excellent points to list them all here. He is not officially desputing the nuke story, but what he observed was rather consistent with firebombing. The Daily Bell could maybe write another piece on the nuke hoax just based on this interview with an prominent official insider?

    BTW, the audio is absolutely horrible, but the transcript is first class (I guess).

    • elbuggo .

      I couldn’t resist – here is his very interesting take on what motive they could have had for faking the nukings (but still much more interesting stuff in this interview with Crawford F. Sams):

      After each war, for political reasons, you’d try to find a deterrent to prevent the next war. After the First World War, it was gas warfare and people – you probably wouldn’t remember – but after that we even had motion pictures (the movies) about gassing New York City and so on till somebody figured out the air currents were such [that] you couldn’t hold a concentration of gas to gas New York City if the people stayed in the buildings and closed the windows. So that failed.

      The next deterrent was air power, and so from the time of Billy Mitchell in 1925 to the Second World War, [the belief was that] if we ever had another war, air power would destroy civilization. Sound familiar? So, the theoretical production of air casualties, the catching of troops in defiles and their obliteration was the thesis in which we were all indoctrinated up until the beginning of the Second World War.

      I mentioned deterrents against war. There was a letter brought over by this first group that came up to Japan from the Philippines with me, from the Manhattan Project, in which the President was looking for a new deterrent against a future war, because air power had failed. You know, “If you have another war, air power will destroy civilization,” and it failed because it hadn’t even brought Germany to its knees. A strategic bomb survey over there showed that military production had increased actually during our bombings. So the object of this instruction, called Letter of Instruction, was “You will play up the devastating effect of the atomic bomb.” All right? So I was the one who set the deadline this time. Anybody who had been in Hiroshima and died within six months, whether they got run over by a bicycle or whatnot, would be credited to the atomic bomb.

    • elbuggo .

      UPDATE – I now noticed that this link to the interview with Brigadier General Crawford F. Sams hosted at Washington University School of Medicine is already mentioned in the article. Proves IMO, that this article is a real master piece.

  • Andy Poulton

    You state that plants are growing at Bikini as evidence of the lack of radiation, can I point you in the c=direction of Chernobyl – no explosion but a lot of radiation. Plants are thriving, as are elements of the wildlife

    • elbuggo .

      Agree. Some species of plants and animals are less sensitive to radiation than others. For example, all of the Scotch pine trees in the affected area west of the reactor (400 hectares) died from the initial fallout, and this area soon became known at the Red Forest due to the red-brown color of the dead pine trees. However, birch trees and aspen trees are more radioresistant and survived the initial fallout, and have continued to grow and spread throughout the region.

      People who are suffering from radiophobia should watch the documentary Discovery Channel Chernobyl Life In The Dead Zone, on how Chernobyl has been turned into a marvelous wildlife reserve.

      I think the whole radiation scare and total hysteria has been manufactured to fear to the possibility of a nuclear war. And they have added so much fear to this radiation exposure that nukes even are regarded as too dangerous for wars. That way, they don’t even have to demonstrated them either.

      After they had manufactured the public demonstration of nukes in Hiroshima, they moved the test out into remote and unacceesable areas like deserts and Pacific islands (where no one can check anything at all except themselves). Then, after some more scary stories, they moved the test high up in the atmosphere. Then that too became too dangerous and they move their test underground. After some years, that too became bad, and then they stopped. Now they are talking about removing the stored nukes altogether. This is what they have to do when they cant demonstrate these fictional bombes they claim they have invented and are even too dangerous to be used in wars. Brilliant script, isn’t it?

  • typodrive

    The point I’m making here is that you believe you know the real “facts” about all these discussions here and if someone doubts you they are obviously not informed of the “truth” like you always are.
    And yet you believe in a god that no one can prove exists and then you structure your belief system on the fact of this “solid” grounding. Faith is not a fact and you are standing on a very shaky foundation.


    Nothing is as we are told,a skew in everything.

  • elbuggo .

    An interesting review of the (non-existing) Trinity crater here:

    September 11, 1945: Reporters are taken to the Trinity test site

    • Number 6

      Yes Ive seen a lot of priesthoodagitators work too, he does some great research.