The Irony of the Chinese Communist Party Pushing a U.S. Gun Ban
By Joe Jarvis - March 19, 2018

Some people say that “No civilian should have military style weapons!”

Ironically they also criticize those who say gun ownership deters oppressive government. “Oh yea, your hunting rifle is going to stand up against the government’s tanks and bombs,” they laugh.

And yet, guerrilla warfare is extremely difficult to defeat.

Don’t get me wrong, I would not like to see the U.S. government get bad enough that a revolution is a serious option.

But even the U.S. government itself has admitted that there is a time and place to take up arms against an oppressive government. The U.S. government has armed Syrian rebels, Afghani rebels, and Libyan rebels just to name a few in recent times.

And guerrilla fighters are notoriously hard to beat. The U.S. knows that from fighting against rebels they armed, like the Afghanis and ISIS.

China also knows that guerrilla fighters are hard to beat. In fact, guerrilla resistance is responsible for the domination of the Communist Party since Mao Zedong.

Mao originally gained power by waging a years-long guerrilla campaign against the officially recognized Chinese state. The first fighters were largely farmers armed with farm tools and sharpened bamboo spears. Defections from the military helped them grow their ranks, and arm the soldiers. Their armory grew when they won battles and took the equipment of the enemy.

According to The 33 Strategies of War, by Robert Greene, Mao used a strategic armistice with the Chinese government to solidify his power during WWII.

Mao and his rebels were losing the civil war against the central state. But as Japan invaded, the two sides decided to stop fighting each other and instead focus on the Japanese. During this time, Mao was able to regroup and train his soldiers by attacking the Japanese with guerrilla tactics. Meanwhile, Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the official Chinese army, waged a costly conventional defense against the invading Japanese.

Having suffered minimal losses, and with his fighters trained up, Mao turned his focus back to the Chinese government after World War II. Now the Communist leader controlled large swaths of China with loyal citizens who witnessed the Communist army’s resistance to the Japanese.

Within a few years, the Republic of China government was pushed off the mainland and took refuge in Taiwan. Since then, the Communist Party has dominated China.

China Calls for U.S. Gun Control

In a dark sort of hilarity, China state media says that the U.S. government must ban guns in order to protect human rights.

“The US will have to adopt gun control in the future,” the editorial said. “Gun ownership in China is strictly regulated, which helps reduce gun-related crimes and deaths. The US should learn from China and genuinely protect human rights. If the US does not control its guns, problems caused by firearms in the foreseeable future will continue plaguing US society.”

… “It’s inhumane for the US, which boasts about its human rights record, to turn a blind eye to gun violence, snub increasing calls for gun control and risk more innocent lives.”

I don’t know about you, but instead of 1,000–or 10,000 by one estimate–innocent unarmed civilians being massacred at Tiananmen square in 1989, I think it would have been better to see 1,000 armed resisters pick off Communist Party officials one by one.

But a well-armed civilian force is useful for more than rebellion.

Imagine if Americans ever had to repel a homeland invasion. It may seem unlikely now, but who knows what the political climate will be like in ten or twenty years. A brutal economic collapse–like the kind caused by runaway debt and hyperinflation–could spark a global conflict.

The United States shipped guns to British civilians during WWII because of the possibility of a German invasion. It was understood that resistance from every house, block, neighborhood, and village would overwhelm the invading force.

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto probably didn’t actually say: “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”

But what he did say, was “The fiercest serpent may be overcome by a swarm of ants.”

He said that arguing against building a new type of battleship. While mighty, he said it didn’t matter compared to the countless jets that could attack it.

And the same lesson holds true for a murderous government, whether homegrown or foreign.

Throughout history, people have had to hold tyrannical governments in check. I hope that in this day and age information is the only weapon we will need.

But it would be naive and dangerously ignorant to remove the final line of defense against psychopathic tyrants.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Sopater

    What good can a handgun do against an army?
    Here’s what I think…

    • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

      I have better one for you: If one french soldier had fired one round when hitller’s troops across the Rhine, hitler would have stopped. But the french soldiers never got an answer from the bureaucrats of the french socialo-communists… (PS The members of the french communist party sabotage weapons distributed to french soldiers, the director

  • jacob

    Actions more than words are needed to defeat the growing bogus gun confiscation efforts that follow highly suspicious shooting sprees / false flag events. Local gun clubs should announce free or small fee volunteer gun licensed security guards to protect schools and other childhood venues. Statistics showing near absence of gun misuse by licensed gun owners should inundate the media, both the fake mainstream (likely to bury the news) and alt-right. Our bought off political leaders funded by gun neutering zealots will vote for confiscation unless they know they will likely lose office if they betray their constituencies. Americans can lose their right to bear arms if they don’t get active.

    • Bombaste Von Hohenheim

      The poll is a very good way to do it (remember John Morse and Angela Giron Colorado 2013) but remember that brainwashing starts in school and with the lefties teachers ……… one might even think the pen could be mightier than the sword….. watch over for kids

    • Jane SMith

      Meanwhile buy much more ammo and secure it so it can’t be found.

  • MetaCynic

    A conventional army is much more vulnerable than politicians understand. Without fuel and spare parts, neither its tanks nor jets will move. Guerrillas can easily see to this.

  • James HIgginbotham

    our forefathers proved this.
    they first were minutemen, then formed into Militias, then grew into a well trained Army and defeated the strongest military in the world at that time.
    and as a trained Guerrilla from our military, i can tell you now, a WELL INFORMED AND ARMED PEOPLE can defeat any Military, and i speak from experience.
    and this has been going on in our nation for a long time now.

  • Carmen V

    It isn’t an irony, at all!

    That’s what Communist want. To destroy guns, so that THE People will have no way to protect themselves once the Communists come to power. So the people can be slaughtered at the will of those in power.


  • jimbo88 n

    The commies old trick of taking the guns hopefully will be defeated by an awake American populace.It is no “coincidence” this is the Dems platform. If they could only be honest and call themselves the Democrat commie party, maybe we could have an honest dialogue about it.

    • Qoquaq En Transic

      They renamed themselves “progressives” because “communist” was too unpopular.

      And they’re never honest or trustworthy.

  • libertarian jerry

    I would think that if true tyranny came to America in the guise of a tyrannical government bent on confiscating firearms and having the military and law enforcement segments of the State acting as gun confiscators that many in the military would either refuse to act on illegal orders or more than likely join the guerrilla forces into trying to restore liberty throughout the land. Also,once the politicians realize that they are not entirely safe,even in their own gated communities,and these same politicians,bureaucrats,or their families,are subject to retaliation then they might be sobered up and realize that they are open to revenge. As happened during the American Revolution when many Tories had their property and their lives destroyed.

  • v_3

    What cr@p
    The USA is the world in mass shootings simply because of its insane gun laws.
    One is more likely to be shot by a white male than an armed terrorist.

    Maybe what it needs is “Shoot a NRA lobbyist” bumper stickers.

    • I suppose those mass shooting in Paris and in Europe are because of their insane gun laws too? Oh wait, they have the strictest gun control in the world. Oopsie.

      • v_3

        Freaks happen everywhere.
        But compare the incidence of “Paris” and “Europe” home-grown violence with that of the US.

        Besides, most of the incidents you refer to are caused by a different kind of insanity (religious dogma). Most of the USA mass shootings are caused by common garden nutters. Cross with the school that failed him, upset because girls laugh at him, etc.

        In the US, “one is more likely to be shot by a white male than a terrorist”
        They really DO need a “shoot a NRA lobbyist” movement, as you (with your icon) just proved.

        • Your backpedaling. Point is that if you gun grabbing fascists have your way we would be no better off then we are now, worse in fact, as evidenced by the experience in those countries that have all the gun control just shy of Stalin and yet experience the same thing. Except that it is worse because in Europe they go full illegal on their mass shootings and bring full auto AK-47s when they go shoot up a place. No thank you, I will be keeping my guns, and carrying everyday.

  • The Chinese do not want Americans to be armed when they invade.