The One Thing Trump Needs to Accept in Order to Win the Presidency
By Daily Bell Staff - May 12, 2016

Republicans Pray Trump Will ‘Evolve’ on Foreign Policy … Donald Trump may eventually find some common ground with Congress on economics, but there’s less hope for unity between the Republicans and their presumptive presidential nominee when it comes to foreign policy.  Some senior party figures hope Trump’s views will “evolve” to the point where the party can feel comfortable defending his competence to be commander in chief. There are no signs of evolution. -Bloomberg

GOP politicians continue to writhe over Donald Trump’s foreign policy views, as we can see above.

Trump has enunciated policies that would remove or reduce the role that the US plays in NATO and would demand payment from countries that host US troops and other sorts of military resources.

What Trump is doing here is taking Congressional rhetoric at face value.

First the US was protecting countries from communism. Today, the US is protecting countries from terrorism.

These are likely artificial threats that provide justification for funding the US’s titanic military industrial complex.

In fact, there is ample evidence that the US and Wall Street bankers actually created the Soviet Union by funding the “Reds” at the beginning of the 20th century and tipping the balance of power to communism in the Russian civil war.

You can read the entire narrative in G Edward Griffin’s famous book, The Creature from Jekyll Island. Western powers even sent Vladimir Lenin back to Russia on a sealed train like a “bacillus” to take charge.

Follow the logic and you have to conclude that elements of the Cold War itself were phony, along, perhaps, with nuclear tensions and certain nuclear incidents.

When it comes to terrorism, there is ample evidence that the US and its allies created first Al Qaeda and then ISIS.

This is not surprising. One of the main preoccupations of Western governments in the past several hundred years has been the cultivation of enemies and the creation of armies.

Pervasive military tension gives those at the top of society a reason to militarize citizens and create authoritarian social structures.

In other words, the creation of military antagonism leads to the kind of Western social structures we have today.

These structures are basically run by intelligence agencies and are more focused on domestic “enemies” than overseas ones.

They have enormous powers and can spy on virtually anyone, supposedly, these days, because they must provide protection from terrorism.

But if overseas threats are minimized via a political process, then the entire domestic power structure collapses.

This is why libertarian congressman Ron Paul was such a threat when he ran for president. A determined libertarian, he had the momentum and possibly the votes to win the GOP nomination.

The GOP bureaucracy  did everything it could to undermine him.

Now the Republican establishment is concerned about Donald Trump, who doesn’t seem committed to playing his part in perpetuating the threat of worldwide terrorism.

More from the Bloomberg article:

 On Tuesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman said that he had been working with members of the Trump campaign to help them get up to speed on foreign policy and national security.

Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, has had a series of phone calls with Paul Manafort, whom Corker referred to as Trump’s campaign manager, and Corker’s office is supplying information to the campaign.

Corker told reporters that the Trump campaign is entering a new phase, focusing more on policy, and that he thought it only right that he help when asked.

He played down Trump’s often controversial statements on national security and called on his Republican colleagues to give Trump some time to study up.

Let’s translate this. Corker is determined to explain to “The Donald” that he has to present the right message when it comes to foreign policy.

This is the big issue, the crux one regarding Trump. He has  not yet endorsed the “war on terror” and the entire multi-trillion dollar Pentagon campaign that supports it.

If there is no terrorist threat, there is no need for the Pentagon. No need for the CIA and other intelligence agencies. No need for hyper-protected borders and a hundred other invasive programs aimed at “terrorists” but, in fact, affecting only Americans and other non-terrorist civilians.

Trump has also suggested very violent ways of prosecuting the War on Terror. He wants to use torture and he wants to threaten the families of terrorists.

Trump has been called uncivilized – bestial – for suggesting these remedies. But the war on terror is almost certainly phony, and that’s one reason Trump’s suggestions have caused so much consternation on Capital Hill.

He wants to prosecute the War on Terror as if it is a life or death struggle.

He’s got the entire narrative backwards.

He’s in a leadership position. That means he is supposed to pay lip service to the War on Terror, not take it seriously. This is the real reason for the GOP’s consternation regarding Trump.

There are other issues as well, such as his anti-immigration stance,  his anti “free-trade” agreement positions and his intention to use tariffs to bring back jobs and corporations to the US.

Trump has some libertarian tendencies but the reason he’s winning votes is because he is clearly attacking the lies that both major parties tell to maintain power and expand globalism.

The main lie involves manufacturing enemies worldwide. Secondary lies involve nonsensical free-trade agreements that have eviscerated US industry and immigration policies that diluting US culture in destructive ways.

Trump’s positions, when analyzed, are in many sense anti-globalist. But the GOP could probably live with some of his other views, if he agrees to accept the necessary mythology regarding foreign policy.

It is foreign policy that justifies the primacy of the Pentagon and intelligence agencies.

And these power centers at the top do not report to the US government but to shadowy banking interests at home and abroad.

The goal is to create ever-more aggressive globalism and by not giving credence to the current political mythology, Trump is threatening the entire hierarchy of control.

Is Trump naive, or is he aware of what he’s doing? Well … what we do know is that for Trump to take formal power without endorsing modern political mythology would probably be to sign his death warrant.

Conclusion: If you want to understand the current US presidential election and Trump’s place in it, watch carefully to see how much of the modern mythology he eventually accepts and promotes. That will provide a better explanation of Trump’s role as well as his staying power.

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  • Bruce C.

    I don’t understand why Trump taking the foreign “war on terror” seriously (considerng it “a life and death struggle”) is a problem for the establishment and MIC?

    Wouldn’t they welcome that? Trump says he wants to rebuild the military. Why wouldn’t they want that?

    Ron Paul wanted to reduce the military and pull back from foreign affairs.


    • Shamus

      Because Trump’s version of taking the war on terror seriously would lead to either (a) effectively executing it and neutralizing the terrorist threat (a la Putin’s effective in-and-out strike on ISIS in Syria), or (b) inevitably expose the elite’s game of actually creating and fostering the terrorist threat for the sham that it is. They want neither. He is supposed to pay lip service to it, and leave the war party to do as they please, which is endlessly perpetuating their manufactured threats and executing their interventions (and aggrandizing more power to themselves).

      • Yes, thanks.

      • Bruce C.

        But even if “we” knocked out ISIS quickly as Trump has said, he says he would still maintain a super strong military “so nobody messes with us…nobody”. That still seems like an upside for the Pentagon and MIC.

        In any case, I wonder if they would rather support him for President and then give him the ultimatum if he wins, or would they rather not have to deal with him and just oppose his Presidency. I don’t see Trump agreeing to tow the official line at this point in the process.

        • Shamus

          Indeed, its just the first level of analysis; cynicism is still appropriate. In all likelihood, he would end up like just like Reagan: beginning with sincere, anti-establishment intentions, and soon becoming complicit in their game, trying to cover his own ass after being associated with things like Iran-Contra, etc. (and ultimately a complete failure).

          Or, if he’s really noble, assassinated like JFK.

          • Bruce C.

            That’s sickening.

            Let’s just hope that Trump claiming he’s only the messenger means that it’s not all on his shoulders. That’s too much to ask of any one.

          • r2bzjudge

            Oswald did not kill JFK because JFK was noble.

            It was a crime of opportunity, as the motorcade passed by his place of employment.

          • olde reb

            You guys really need to find better information sources than the MSM.

            For the JFK killing, start with PLAUSIBLE DENIAL by Mark Lane; HIGH TREASON by John Groden; JFK AND THE UNSPEAKABLE by James Douglass; and ACT OF
            TREASON by Mark North. Also informative is DEADLY DECEITS by Ralph McGehee; THE SECRET TEAM by Fletcher Prouty; CIA ATROCITIES by Steve Kangas; KILLING HOPE by William Blum among many others including the 9/11 “terrorist” act expose’ by Rebekah Roth in METHOLOGICAL ILLUSIONS and John Stennett’s DAY OF DECEIT for Pearl Harbor.

        • Praetor

          Bruce C. We will never be rid of armies, if he just gets rid of the theft and wasted trillions. We will be better off. That will be some accomplishment in todays world!!!

        • A strong peacetime military is not a wartime military.

          • Bruce C.

            Why do you think they let Obama scale back the military?

          • Obama has prosecuted a new war in Syria. Not sure that is “scaling back.”

          • Bruce C.

            I’m not sure either. Supposedly there are fewer ships and planes and troops.

            Here’s an article from 2014:

          • olde reb

            There is no peacetime army provided in the Constitution. (In US territory yes; in states no.)

            The constitution provides for calling out the state militia (which will be an army) to “suppress insurrections” and to “repel invaders.” The army funding is limited to two years to prevent a standing army. Officers of the army are to be named by the states.

            These constitutional provisions were nullified in 1946 and the US has had perpetual warfare.

  • Praetor

    I would doubt Trump is Naïve. Trump has enough money to by his own personnel army if he chose to, and eliminate the internal threat from the war committee and their hitch men. The guy has his own plane, he doesn’t even need ‘Air force One’. I also suspect, he would garner much loyalty from those who have not liked the direction the nation is going. The man has enough money to buy loyal and some pretty mean individuals of his own.

    Could be some of the elites would won’t to hire some more body guards of their own. If their threats become real action.

    Yes, the external threats. It is extremely interesting on the one hand they create this external problems to build power, and on the other hand they are building a One World Government, to unify the world into one. If they are successful, who will be the external threat at that point?

    If Trump can accomplish one thing as Prez and eliminate the trillions of dollars of waste, he will have done the people a great service. Some reversal is required here!!!

  • Chuck

    If Trump is indeed implacably opposed to the establishment (probably not for a “dealmaker” like Trump), then they can simply restrict his actions to what they consider acceptable. The Federal government is massive and Trump is but one man. There is also congress to contend with.

    Also, note that Trump has not attacked central banking as an institution. Money printing is the ultimate source of establishment power.

    • Praetor

      One thing this election has shown the massive Fed Gov; the people are awake and are speaking. Trump has said, the Fed Bank needs to be audited!!!

  • Praetor

    The one thing Trump has not spoke about is Gold, and it place in the economy.

    Ron Paul spoke of Gold, a lot.

    There has been two leaders eliminated from this earth, because they spoke of their countries going back to a gold standard!!!

    • Bruce C.

      Trump may know more than he let’s on, and one reason to think that is he DOESN’T take on too much at once and this soon. Talking about gold and central banking might be entertaining for us but it would be pretty meaningless to his voters (which is what he needs right now) and possibly hazardous to his health prematurely.

      Besides, Ron Paul didn’t win the election for talking about gold (or the Fed), nor did he start a grass roots retail gold buying spree so it may be a more esoteric subject than we think.

      • Praetor

        Yes! Gold only means something to those who’s eye are open. Most people view jobs as the number one problem, but do not see the cause of why, there are no jobs.

        The Keynesians have done a good job of blinding the people to how a free market economy really works!!!

    • Guy Christopher

      Trump says he likes gold, has gold, and takes gold in payment as rent from Apmex for their lease in his NY property.

    • James Clander

      “The one thing Trump has not spoke about is Gold, and it place in the economy”
      Thank Dog for that – Religion is what’s wrong in the USA. Too much of it.

      • James Clander

        Sorry about that – Misread Gold for God – I’m blushing 🙂
        will have to let above comments stay – I can’t delete

        • Pilgrim

          You can edit your comment. (click ‘edit’ below the comment.)

  • FreeOregon

    Why worry about his foreign policy views? if he does not do as told he’ll be assassinated and the VP will replace him. If the VP does not kowtow Paul Ryan steps in. No matter who is elected, business as usual continues.

  • Cat-astrophe

    So, the suggestion is that he better get aligned with the people who elect EVERY OTHER president, like the military industrial complex?

  • Doc

    I’ve said it before in this forum, but it seems to me that they are setting things up for Hillary. Nobody would vote for her unless the alternative is much worse. There will be no significant difference anyway, I guess.

  • Bruce C.

    After thinking about this some more my consternation is actually a little different than what the DB is speculating though maybe not ultimately different.

    I hope it doesn’t happen, but my concern about Trump as Commander in Chief trying to hit ISIS hard and defeating them quickly is that it could be like another Vietnam and be another example of the ME being “the graveyard of empires.”

    The DB claims that the “war on terror” is “phony”, and maybe it is, and that may also be why there really is no “enemy” to defeat. Terrorism really is a mentality and tactic, and not a region or culture or country, etc.

    Therefore, the irony and confusion in my mind earlier about this is that Trump’s intent to go in full blazes against ISIS WOULD enhance the scope and power of the MIC even though it may be wrongheaded, but for different reasons than the DB is saying. There may not be any discovery of exaggeration or phoniness but rather endless and bottomless depravity. The MIC might expand as the establishment may want but it could also pull the plug on civilization itself.

    This is all a speculative rant on my part however because I don’t think any of that will actually happen. If Trump wins the Presidency I actually think all of these obstacles like “the establishment” and “the Military Industrial Complex” and “the Deep State”, etc. will themselves be exposed as being phony and fraudulent. I think the reason there is so much effort to operate secretively and to not be identified is because they need cover and compatibility with legitimate and accountable entities. Their potential power and sinisterness could just be propaganda.

    Jesus (Christ) spanked the money changers and they didn’t or couldn’t do sh-t about it. The fact that they finally got their revenge is more because Jesus remained a “lowly peasant” by choice but if he had become emperor he would have kicked their a$$es again, only worse.

  • alaska3636

    I would like to share a recent article by Justin Raimondo of
    Nationalism, Patriotism and Libertarianism

    There is a lot to like in this short article, but I really wanted to share a lengthy Rothbard quote that is included:
    “Libertarians tend to focus on two important units of analysis: the individual and the state. And yet, one of the most dramatic and significant events of our time has been the re-emergence – with a bang – in the last few years of a third and much-neglected aspect of the real world, the ‘nation.’ When the nation has been thought of at all, it usually comes attached to the state, as in the common word nation-state, but this concept takes a particular development in recent centuries and elaborates it into a universal maxim. In recent years, however, we have seen, as a corollary of the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe, a vivid and startlingly swift decomposition of the centralized state or alleged nation-state into its constituent nationalities. The genuine nation, or nationality, has made a dramatic reappearance on the world stage.

    “The nation, of course, is not the same thing as the state, a difference that earlier libertarians, such as Ludwig von Mises and Albert Jay Nock understood full well. Contemporary libertarians often assume, mistakenly, that individuals are bound to each other only by the nexus of market exchange. They forget that everyone is born into a family, a language, and a culture. Every person is born into one or several overlapping communities, usually including an ethnic group, with specific values, cultures, religious beliefs, and traditions. He is generally born into a country; he is always born into a specific time and place, meaning neighborhood and land area.”

    The article made me feel something that I don’t often feel reading the news these days: pride in my culture and background.

    I can go on about what this means about Trump or Hillary, war or whatever; but, I just thought it would be nice to remember that great minds always see things for what they are as Nock used to say; and, these things stay true because human nature doesn’t change.

    • Praetor

      Good! I think that is what they mean by, boarders, language and culture. Rothbard’s statement, maybe an indication, the EU was a terrible experiment at best. We may don’t be able to see boarders from space, but down here on terra firma and reality, there are Boarders!!!

  • r2bzjudge

    “This is why libertarian congressman Ron Paul was such a threat when he
    ran for president. A determined libertarian, he had the momentum and
    possibly the votes to win the GOP nomination.”

    Where? How many primaries did Paul win?

  • Pilgrim

    “By Daily Bell Staff” Probably because an actual writer exposing this “modern political mythology” may also be “signing his death warrant”.

    Governments are created to protect good people from bad people. Governments are empowered by good people to have jurisdiction over bad people. The US government became a corporation in 1871 and immediately wanted what all corporations want. It wanted to expand. But how do you gain jurisdiction where none is granted by the “rules” (constitution)? Well, among the other things government does, government creates laws. But in order to create more laws, it has to have the approval of the people. A cartel of banksters persuaded government to give them central banking and within 20 years they would give government an economic crisis that would allow government to expand with added laws and agencies and programs. But government wasn’t happy with only economic power. They wanted to be bigger, so they Created a big red monster across the ocean as a good way of getting people to give up liberty for security. When the big red monster had a big fall, government created a big green monster (Al Queda/ISIS). With its new domestic surveillance agency, government created so many laws that everyone had became bad people. Government now has jurisdiction over everyone and can pick and choose who it allows to remain it’s slave and who goes to prison.

    But like all scams this one is destined to failure.

    In 2008 I speculated that by 2018 the US had to have a non-establishment president. Logically he had to be elected in 2016 to be in office in 2018. Page 63 will explain: