Three Kinds of Globalism Deepen the Movement and Create Resilience
By Daily Bell Staff - October 20, 2016

Is globalism actually demonic?  … From immigration and trade to abortion and national security, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seem light years apart, almost like they’re from different political planets.  That’s because, according to an expert on globalism, they approach every issue from an opposite perspective – one, Clinton, is globalist, while the other, Trump, is anti-globalist. -WorldNetDaily

We usually comment on memes from the mainstream media but WorldNetDaily has posted an article (excerpt above) that expands on an elite meme of globalism that we cover regularly.

We don’t make distinctions when it comes to globalism but  this article finds three separate kinds. Elite propaganda usually features the first kind:

Wallace Henley is one man who has studied globalism from the inside out and on many levels … The first level is fairly benign. It’s the international linkage of national economies …

But there are two further levels.

There’s a “philosophical globalism” marked by the push for a shared value system and global governance, which Henley finds more concerning.

…But the commitment to globalism goes even deeper for some … It’s this third level of globalism, spiritual globalism, which is manifest in the drive by hardcore globalists to co-opt and corrupt the world’s major religions, making them work for a globalist agenda that glorifies man rather than God. 

This tripartite structure makes a lot of sense from a propaganda standpoint. The initial globalism is a sensible, defensible structure that can be presented to the masses as a necessary evolution of modern industry.

A second level provides a philosophical cohesion that motivates the bureaucracy and offers a intellectual justification that goes well beyond practical elements.

The third level facilitates the underlying globalist goal, which is “humanistic” and argues against any kind of spirituality.

“It’s the philosophical and the spiritual giving me special concern,” Henley [said]. “The aim of Antichrist is to rule the world as one unit … So national boundaries are very, very threatening to him and that agenda … Globalism is actually its own religion,” he added. “It’s a secular religion.

Conclusion: This explains the fervor that lies behind globalism and why globalist plans have been pursued for centuries despite setbacks and pushback. The journey and the goal constitute a kind of worship, though certainly not one to which all are attracted. In fact, we are not.


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  • pennydicker

    It is indeed a religion….of Lucifer himself and these luciferians…a much more apt term than “elites” IMHO, will sooner or later pull off their demonic plan probably by creating WW111, in order to justify their schemes to the devastated and worn out masses. However, the horrors and devastation that will follow will only last for 7 years. Maybe it is time to dust off the Bible or rush out and get one and read it, and in doing so pray for wisdom and understanding, taking particular note of Psalm 91.

  • ED.F

    Talk about globalists plans? We the USA have a massive one staring us right in our faces and the masses can’t even see it,the Election..WHEN in the hell would we ever have a HUSBAND and WIFE become PRESIDENTS !! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! this is 100% PLANNED!!!. Just like when in the hell would we have a FATHER and SON become PRESIDENTS….The stupidity,(maybe that’s too offensive).the ignorance of the people of this country is beyond the pale.
    The USA is going down the CRAPPER.The ELITE want to pull us down in status to take full control of this nation and are chipping away at it well.
    But it has been increasing rapidly, probably because of the BANKSTER,s are losing control of the CONfidence of MONEY!…YES I’m voting for Trump,just because I’m sick of the CORRUPTION and WAR!!

    • EDD

      You speak of Trump being an agent to end corruption. I’m not sure yet just how far he can initiate the changes for the ending of corruption. He has stated that he uses existing laws when it comes to economic issues and has accused the opposite candidate of being in a position to eliminate the tax breaks which the wealthy of both parties take advantage of, Democrats as well as Republicans.

      As one who has followed his agenda extensively, I receive emails from his organization almost daily. I am offering the content of one such email:

      “That’s why I’m proposing a package of ethics reforms to make our government honest once again:

      “First: I am going to re-institute a 5-year ban on all
      executive branch officials lobbying the government after they leave
      government service. I am going to ask Congress to pass this ban into law
      so that it cannot be lifted by executive order.

      “Second: I am going to ask Congress to institute its own 5-year ban on lobbying by former members of Congress and their staffs.

      “Third: I am going to expand the definition of lobbyist
      so we close all the loopholes that former government officials use by
      labeling themselves consultants and advisors when we all know they are

      “Fourth: I am going to issue a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.

      “Fifth: I am going to ask Congress to pass a campaign
      finance reform that prevents registered foreign lobbyists from raising
      money in American elections.

      “Not only will we end our government corruption, but we will end the economic stagnation that is crippling our American employment, prosperity, and entrepreneurial spirit.”

      In watching this electoral process take shape and re-stating Trump’s endorsements, one stands out among the others, the endorsement of 200 (ex?) military officials. While agreeing with the DB that the industrial/military unit is on the increase, there are military personnel who are patriotic. Many of these individuals have had their careers cut short because they dared to express their opinions which are diametrically in opposition to the elites control maneuvers.

      Much has been written about the ‘shadow government’. Is there also a ‘shadow opposition’ to the shadow government? Is this why he, (Trump), came out so strong against the elite’s propaganda?

      • ED.F

        Thanks for reply,EDD.My guess is that the Tea Party has started the opposition to corrupt Govt. along with the Internet ,which I have posted before on this site.Trump has been testing the presidential waters for a while and found his time slot for it ,knowing a larger portion of the US populace has finally become tired and disgusted with their govt.
        Knowing the news media is biased propaganda which is now fully entrenched to keep the crony two party system going.
        whether he can make a difference is to be seen.if he gets there!
        She will continue the status quo! More war more crony capitalism .

        When their is so much talk,freely,about vote rigging and that people think they will try to get rid of Trump one way or another ,the powers that be are definitely starting to lose the information war.Now wonder why they’re going after the Internet .

        As bad as people think about these two candidates,I believe this is one of the most important elections this country will seems to me that this is a battle between the People and the corrupt govt. in collusion with the media.In my neck of the woods we had two politicians arrested this week.dispicable!
        It is not only the US,as we’ve seen in Britan as well with guess is that will be swept under the carpet in due time.
        Only time will tell the outcome,but people who abstain from voting in this election are making a mistake in my opinion .
        I don’t care what they title Globalism,but they are ruining cultures of this planet in my view .Diversity is what makes things interesting!!

  • olde reb

    If the globalists (and their publications like to refer to themselves as
    ‘elites’ to project themselves as superior but instead reflects on
    their pompous insecurity and-or their success in not being criminally
    prosecuted for their nefarious acts) can successfully construe
    religion as being megalomaniac pathological greed, they have perhaps
    identified a trait of some mainstream religions.

    • olde reb

      That should be psychopathic greed instead of pathological greed. Medicine
      was not my major.

  • Linda JJ

    Right on the money. Globalism is satanic at its core. Jesus Christ is the only One who can save you.

    • ICFubar

      Aren’t there any other deities or such that can save a person other than Jehovah-Allah-God? Shiva, Buddha and others?

      • Linda JJ

        None of the demon gods including the demonic moon god allah can save you, only the one true God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, YHWH.

        • Tim Leary

          Are you joking? I hope so.

          • Linda JJ

            Not at all.

  • ICFubar

    I would venture that the sub mantra not spoken of, really the only reason of globalism is not humanistic on any level but is simply due to the evolution of the domination of humans with humanity sacrificed on the altar of greed. Enslaved by debt, all owed to a small coterie of con artists who have captured the ownership of money creation, created as debt to all others, all owed to themselves. These con artists, acting on a zero sum premise, seek ever expanding accumulations of personal wealth, power and control over humanity at any cost to others lives or life support systems, all based on the most basic of human foibles, greed, which some have elevated to religiosity. There really isn’t much else to it other than the fleshing out of the idea of globalism to hide this very basic of human flaws that is driving this phenomena.

    Now if money creation was in the hands of the people with globalism becoming a certainty, with humanity finally uniting in a broad understanding of our differences in culture and our greater similarities as human beings we might apply religious and or political economic features to the process.

  • Samarami

    As a lad (before many of y’all were born) the nickle comics often had themes where this evil individual was “almost” in a position to “…rule-the-world…” I can remember wondering, “who — or why — would anybody want to rule the world??? — and why would it matter??”

    But have no fear: Captain (or Mary) Marvel, or Superman (or Superwoman), or Batman (or Batwoman — is it sexist of me to put you ladies in second place???) always flew in to save the day and incarcerate or somehow “do away” with the evil wannabe. Don’t think anybody ever killed the bad guys in those days.

    So here we are, “livin’ the dream”. Will a Superwoman, or a Mary Marvel, or a Bat Woman come along in time? Hillary won’t fill that bill, fer sure fer sure.

    So abstain from beans, my friends. But if you can’t abstain, I support you should vote for Jill Stein — seems she’s pretty much “anti-global”. Sam

  • Richard Burns

    The Globe Earth is a complete lie. A Copernican,Newtonian,Einsteinian psy op. All water on Earth is flat,zero curvature. Further,the Spiritual Globalism is Nimrod worship,the first king of the world and builder of the tower and city of Babel.