Trump’s Truths Make Him Popular – Even on Hillary’s Responsibility for ISIS
By Daily Bell Staff - July 22, 2016

Donald Trump wrongly blames Hillary Clinton for creation of ISIS  …  Donald Trump and his vice presidential candidate Mike Pence gave their first joint interview to 60 Minutes and used the show to point the finger at Hillary Clinton for ISIS … The intervention in Libya, which she supported, did give ISIS an opening, but Trump is overstating her role by saying she is responsible for ISIS.  This claim is inaccurate. We rate it False. -PolitiFact

Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact writes Hillary is NOT “responsible” for ISIS. (See above.)

PolitiFact may be technically accurate but in a larger sense it is inaccurate.

But PolitiFact like the rest of the mainstream media wants to impugn Trump’s credibility. Point out how Trump is wrong and maybe people will stop believing him – and in him.

But debunking Donald this way is probably not going to have the desired impact.

In fact, it is actually symptomatic of what’s wrong with the mainstream media generally. And why the mainstream is bleeding credibility.

In this Internet era, Western media is increasingly corrupt because its analysis is resolutely and narrowly based around “news” from “reliable sources.”

Of course the news is narrowly sourced and the “reliable sources” are all sharing the same resources and research.

More from  PolitiFact:

“Hillary Clinton invented ISIS with her stupid policies,” Trump said in an interview that aired July 17. “She is responsible for ISIS.”  Trump has made this claim repeatedly. It’s wrong, and we’ll explain why.

… The sources of ISIS are complex and interconnected, said John Pike, an expert on defense and director of, a website that provides information on defense.

“She may ‘share some of the blame’ but there is more than enough share to go around. She was in no sense the singular author of the thing,” Pike said.

The article goes on to explain that “long-time Sunni extremist Abu Mus‘ab al-Zarqawi established Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) which became known as ISIS.

Al Qaeda grew after Saddam Hussein was pushed from power, and thus Democrats blamed George W. Bush. On the other hand,  Obama’s Iraq leave-taking post 2011 also helped create a vacuum exploited by terrorists.

True enough, but then there is CNN.

In late March, CNN reported on a “sharp criticism” HERE by Rudy Giuliani that linked Clinton to ISIS.

“She had her chance to (rally people against ISIS) [but] she helped create ISIS. Hillary Clinton could be considered a founding member of ISIS,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani is certainly not an objective observer, but his point is generally correct.

For instance Hillary could have exposed the roots of ISIS, which as we’ve shown in detail in other articles were manufactured by the CIA, Saudi Arabia, London’s City and Israel.

This is the sort of frame-of-reference the mainstream media will never provide. Trouble is, there are plenty of articles on the Internet and videos too that comprehensively explain what’s going on.

Only the mainstream media will never point them out.

Trump is wrong to say that Hillary founded ISIS, if he is speaking individually, but Giuliani’s point that she is a “founding member” is accurate in the largest sense.

PolitiFact, like many mainstream facilities, won’t provide a broad-enough viewpoint.

Trump in many ways is willing to. This is one reason why the “establishment” is having such a difficult time cooperating with him or covering his campaign.

Conclusion: Because Trump is willing to say what has not been said, mainstream political and media attacks are not working. Even when Trump doesn’t tell the truth, he “hovers” around it. And often that makes him difficult to injure or debunk.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Bruce C.

    I have no idea if Trump has a strategy in all of this but it’s possible that he does. By making general, easy to understand and remember “sound bites” like “Hillary invented ISIS with her stupid policies,” he gets the MSM to take the bait and try to refute it. That forces them to try to explain “the truth” which of course is always complicated and in so doing effectively educates their audience about the issue. Then, if or when Trump is asked about his statements he is able to explain it in more detail and people will be more receptive and understanding of it because they will have been informed by his critics.

    For example, if asked to defend his claim about Hillary’s invention of ISIS he can then say, “ISIS was nothing before they entered Iraq and grew. Clinton was secretary of State at the time and she supported the withdrawal of troops from Iraq which provided a vacuum (a stupid policy) and she showed poor judgement in not following the advice of the generals who warned against precisely what happened. Only Obama shares more responsibility for that than she does.” Therefore, he concedes the messy issue of ultimate origin but in doing so indicts her even more strongly and practically in terms of her judgement as Commander in Chief.

    It will be interesting to see how things play out.

    • EDD

      Bruce C., I think you have a better grasp of facts than many pundits. I am not speaking of the msm pundits, but rather some of those who have a more conservative viewpoint. Trump knows how to use those ‘sound bites’ to his advantage; and, I believe, if and when he has a debate with Hilarious, she may have more difficulty wiggling out of her asinine remarks than she does with her ‘lapdog’ msm reporters.

      This campaign season has been a season of surprises. For Trump to draw a record number of the party base in the primaries should let the Demo’s know he is a force to be reckoned with. Sequentially, the Repub hierarchy in bed with corporate interests are probably wondering how much will be exposed about their activities.

      Sarah Palen, who went to battle in Alaska against the corrupt leadership of her own party, has shown what can be accomplished to root out the corruption. I was surprised when she came out so early in the campaign in support of Trump. At the time, I was looking more favorably at a couple of other conservative candidates. I was slow to accept the idea that Trump would advance as far as he has and begin to rally behind him. Hindsight is always better. This hindsight has now given me some foresight which I hope Trump will use when he becomes the POTUS. Palen would be an ideal addition to his cabinet in some capacity.

      Echoing you; it will be interesting to see how things play out.

  • Samarami

    Politics is obfuscation. “It” does not exist. People exist. It is impossible and therefore impractical for sane individuals to attempt to decipher the large group of lunatics who circulate within that arena of befoggery.

    Therefore, I’ll stick with my ongoing admonition [which isn’t “mine” — it was penned by an individual named Robert LeFevre — (1911 – 1986)]:

    Abstain from beans, my dear friends



    This is a piece of garbage article. Nothing gets done in the middle east without the corrupt officials in Washington making it happen. Don’t be stupid. Just because they gave a Pulitzer to Politifact doesn’t mean crap. After all, they gave the Nobel Peace prize to the murderer Obama.

    • We thought it was a bad theme. That’s why we wrote about it.

  • killerbeans

    This attempt to make the Tump and Giuliani opinions into fact undermines your credibility. Trump and Giuliani are only spewing verbal diarrhea, which might make for good sound bites but does not prove or provide anything factual.

    • Anvil6

      Pretty much FACT that “our” Department of State/CIA” (sometimes the lines are so blurred they’re REALLY not there) took down the Government in Libya and Egypt (where we favored the Muslim Brotherhood – which is labeled as a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia). According to recently leaked documents, our State Department/CIA under Hillary was BUSY in Benghazi moving US-supplied arms from Libya, thru Turkey, to the “rebels” in Syria – rebels that were Al Qaida associated and are now ISIS-associated – which MAY help explain why no military counterattack was made to save our “Mission” at Benghazi AND why State Department personnel who SURVIVED the Benghazi attack were put under a ‘gag order’ IF they want to continue to be employed by the Government.

      Yeah, Hillary is, at the VERY least, complicit in supporting ISIS.

  • Praetor

    Interesting! Al Qaeda was started by a data base of smugglers criminals weapon dealers or to put it just simply, very bad people in the middle east. These bad people are paid very well by intelligence agencies to do what they do.

    Hillary had excess to a lot of data bases and a budget in the billions. She could indeed founded funded and created ISIS, that is a good possibility.

    It takes time to set-up an evil organization!!!

    • Anvil6

      $6 BILLION of US Department of State Funds MISSING, during Hillary’s term as Secretary of State. WHERE? TO WHO? Any Dead Bodies KNOW the story?

    • Donnie Buchanan

      YouTube video of Obozo saying that ” we are training ISIL forces in Switzerland..” I did read one post that the Bengazi slaughter was ignored by Clinton because amb. Stevens kept the commission from a large arms sale to ISIS that was supposed to go to the Clinton Foundation. I don’t know if it’s true but I put nothing past the Clintons .. or Obama.