What Trump Should Do to Oust McCain
By Daily Bell Staff - February 20, 2017

John McCain Becomes Critic in Chief of the Trump Administration … Senator John McCain has long had a reputation as a political maverick. But with the rise of a president who has vowed to shatter the old order, Mr. McCain has emerged as an outspoken defender of longstanding Republican verities on foreign policy and as one of his party’s most biting critics of the new commander in chief. – New York Times

Why doesn’t President Trump just confront McCain on his denials that captured troops were left behind in Vietnam? That would be one way to go after McCain and the idea that he is an honorable man. What kind of individual argues for 50 years that there are no prisoners in Vietnam post-war when there possibly were at least a thousand or more?

For decades, McCain has been in the forefront of denying that Hanoi had prisoners it hadn’t released at the end of the war. Hanoi actually kept these troops as bargaining chips subject to further negotiations that never occurred. Now, with both Hanoi and Washington denying such left-behind troops, their chances of their freedom has dwindled to virtually nothing.

Sydney Schanberg back in 2010 wrote what is perhaps the most convincingly argued article for additional POWs retained by Hanoi after the end of the war. It has well over ten points developed in detail rebutting McCain’s claims.

Schanberg has been a journalist for nearly 50 years. The 1984 movie “The Killing Fields,” was based on his book The Death and Life of Dith Pran. In 1975, Schanberg was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting “at great risk.” He is also the recipient of two George Polk awards, two Overseas Press Club awards, and the Sigma Delta Chi prize for distinguished journalism.

More from the McCain article at the beginning of this story:

Newly re-elected to a six-year term and eager to wield the megaphone that comes with the chairmanship of the powerful Armed Services Committee, Mr. McCain has repeatedly pushed back on the White House’s national security policies in its first weeks.

In a star turn at a security conference in Munich on Friday, he delivered a forceful critique of President Trump’s “America First” vision before a receptive audience of experts and allied officials worried about American drift from a seven-decade-old Western alliance.

“Make no mistake, my friends, these are dangerous times,” Mr. McCain said. “But you should not count America out, and we should not count each other out.”

“In many respects, this administration is in disarray, and they’ve got a lot of work to do,” he said.

This is the sort of rhetoric that McCain has been disseminating since Trump got into office. He also challenged Mr. Trump on the issues that media is “the enemy of the American people.” On many issues he comes down opposite to Trump.

This wouldn’t be so bad if Trump’s positions were horrible. But some of his positions are very good if you believe with Trump that globalists ought not to take over America. Overall, Trump abuses the presidency as much as previous presidents by taking powers that don’t belong to him. But in trying to beat back globalist interference he has been better than any president since Reagan.

Right now McCain is the bigger problem because he so obviously believes in much of the globalist agenda. There is little he rejects though he doesn’t come right out and say he is an explicit endorser. But he is.

Trump could rebut McCain in a number of ways but the most convincing might indeed be via the prisoner issue. Many prisoners were probably left behind in Vietnam though many have probably died by now.

In 1990, Col. Millard Peck, a decorated infantry veteran of Vietnam then working at the DIA as chief of the Asia Division for Current Intelligence, asked for the job of chief of the DIA’s Special Office for Prisoners of War and Missing in Action. His reason for seeking the transfer, which was not a promotion, was that he had heard from officials throughout the Pentagon that the POW/MIA office had been turned into a waste-disposal unit for getting rid of unwanted evidence about live prisoners—a “black hole,” these officials called it.

Peck explained all this in his telling resignation letter of Feb. 12, 1991, eight months after he had taken the job. He said he viewed it as “sort of a holy crusade” to restore the integrity of the office but was defeated by the Pentagon machine. The four-page, single-spaced letter was scathing, describing the putative search for missing men as “a cover-up.”

Schanberg is right to raise the issues of the POW’s and McCain is wrong to continue his coverup. On the other hand, there are complicating issues. McCain himself was a POW and quickly and exhaustively cooperated with his captors. There may be personal issues as to why McCain does not want captives returned. He has termed the idea of POWs a “conspiracy theory.”

Conclusion: McCain obviously has deep anger issues regarding POWs. He is also an advocate of globalism. He is consistently on the wrong side of issues as they occur on the biggest questions of the day. Whatever else Trump does or doesn’t do, taking on McCain and effectively removing some of his power would be a big favor. There likely will be an explosion between these two sooner or later, if only because McCain is so angry.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Jose

    McCain is Major T.J. Kong.

  • Fred

    A ‘Band of Brothers’ or ‘Abandon Brothers’?

  • Weihan Xingqi

    McCain and his co-conspirator, Ms. Graham, are two of the most anti-American elected officials in the country. They rank right up there with Pelosi, Gutierrez, Reid, and Schumer in their efforts to silence the will of the people. They’ve also worked tirelessly for blanket amnesty and open borders, all while setting the state for armed conflict with Russia. Truly sinister.


    • Werni Wolf

      Mc Cain remained in the Soviet Block mind frame. No evolution visible.

      • john cummins

        and most likely brainwashed by the Viet Cong, the songbird.

  • dk

    Korean war had over 7k MIA’s . Some were sent to Russia and China.

    The POW /MIA debacle for Vietnam is a third rail for someone like Trump who never served. So this is bad idea from DB .
    Read the Biography of Col Bud Day who was Mc Cain’s cellmate at the “Hilton”. Interesting stuff. Yes, McCain was broken by the NVA but declined to take an early release as 33 collaborators did.
    I am no fan of McCain as he has become a hack in political terms and his inept run at the WH was the major reason that BHO was elected to office initially.

    FYI: McCain was also a poor pilot (see carrier fire USS Oriskany ) He was last is in class at the USNA but over the years he has become the go to guy for “war’ and military” matters for the American press. He needs to go away and he can take his
    butt boy Graham with him .

    For the record. I am a former USMC grunt RVN 1966-1967 combat wounded so I
    know the subject matter better than most.

    • john cummins

      Ah, I thought as much on Korea, thanks for the figures.

    • wagga

      you mean USS Forestall I think

      • bbenhamid

        McCain and the 1967 USS FORRESTAL CVA – 59 ) fire and munition explosion.

    • 1967 USS Forrestal fire
      This link does a good job of covering up McCain’s role.

      • James Clander

        A proper link that works or don’t bother -thanks
        Yours doesn’t – check before or after posting – then fix if needed.

        • The link works–and it worked when I posted it. Furthermore, I provided a full-text link that can also be used because Disqus doesn’t show the entire live link. Get an attitude fix.

          • James Clander

            Dennis you’re right ! I tried to link via the top line of the address & no link was apparent so I tried copy & paste.
            I’m sorry for my attitude 🙂 Fixed.

  • Traitor/Senator John McCain with AL-QAEDA terrorists in Syria.

    A picture is worth a thousand words!

    • bbenhamid

      Traitor John McCain seen with ISIS terrorists in Syria.

      • I agree. The caption should just read “terrorists”. The picture is from 2013. Who can keep up with those shifting alliances?
        en.m.wikipedia(DOT)org/wiki/Islamic_State_of_Iraq_and_the_Levant Active

        8 April 2013–present

        Established under the name of Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad
        Joined al-Qaeda: October 2004
        Declaration of an Islamic state in Iraq: 13 October 2006
        Claim of territory in the Levant: 8 April 2013
        Separated from al-Qaeda:[2][3] 3 February 2014
        [4]Declaration of caliphate: 29 June 2014
        Claim of territory in: Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen: 13 November 2014

  • tom nogaro

    ‘friends,,, dangerous times…disarray… don’t count america out… don’t count each other out.’

    all vacuous words, no fact, just pablum from an inveterate, mindless, mentally ill bser and degenerate hack spitting up on himself.

  • Bruce C.

    McCain has always been obviously angry and bitter and an inveterate a-hole his entire career.

    My main blame for his continued presence and power/platform lies with citizens of Arizona. They had a chance to replace him a long time ago and didn’t. Too bad they aren’t the only ones who now suffer for it.

    Hopefully, Trump is a fast learner (I think he is) because he supported MCCain in his re-election and has now been back stabbed, as every “Trump supporter” knew would happen. Hopefully he just got bad advice from an “expert” to do that, and it wasn’t his own instinct and forgetfulnees of his own story about the woman and the snake.

    • john cummins

      Agreed, what is wrong with Arizonans?

      • mary

        Exactly. How can they keep voting this creep back in year after year. Or is it rigged vote machines? They need to vote him out. I think he’s up in 2018.

        • Bruce C.


        • McCain was just re-elected in Nov 2016 to another 6 year term. I live in Arizona and *I* don’t understand how it happened!

          • Praetor

            On election night Nevada and Arizona seemed to take a long time to certify the results. California and the other western coast state had no such delay in certifying the results. It does make you wonder.!!!

          • henrybowman_az

            How could it have been avoided? Were Arizonans supposed to vote for Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick instead? At Republican primary time, challenger Kelli Ward had her votes diluted by nutjob Clair Van Steenwyck, who was running for seats in the Senate and the House … simultaneously! Gee, I wonder who financed Van Steenwyck?

            Here’s why McCain won’t be ousted by anything short of death or a Democrat:


          • Thanks! NOW I understand it. The man, and his financial backers, really do know how to control a political party.

            Arizona has changed a lot since the days of Goldwater.

    • … stand by, there’s a RECALL movement gaining strength for Kommrade McCain …

  • Alan

    McCain position on MIA’s is criminal. If he has nothing to hide about his Vietnam days then why shouldn’t he have been fighting hard to make sure they’re all back rather than fighting hard all these years to prevent any from coming back.

  • DB

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive”.

  • Praetor

    McCain the warmonger. A Nihilist in the extreme. He see every thing as war. To him everyone is an adversary and negotiation is for the weak. If he had his way, we would be living in a Mad Max kind of world. And if that were the case, the mutant McCain would not be alive.

    Relatives of mine died in Vietnam, he has no say in anything that concerns America. Sick mutation McCain is.!!!

    • john cummins

      As RAnd Paul said, it’s good McCain isn’t POTUS.

  • john cummins

    Agree totally with first paragraph, I haven’t read past it. I remember when John McCain was in charge of the MIA/POW deal and said none were left, etc. I turned to my wife and said, “he’s been brainwashed by the Viet Cong”. I think this may have been after the Keating 5 incident where he was the only “republican” involved in the banking scandal, but I can’t remember. However, I do remember watching him, watching his body language, his eyes, etc. and I did proclaim that to my wife…and still believe to this day, McCain was/is brainwashed. Also, for ANY of us that have read books on the Gulag, etc. There were many Americans left behind in the Soviet Gulag after WW2, possibly even now, who knows. IF that is true, and it is, how many more were left behind in Korea and moreso, Viet Nam? There were many, many sitings in Viet Nam, and the thousand figure may be fairly accurate.

    • Josh

      If not brain washed, perhaps they have something on him he’s deathly afraid of so he toes the nwo line.

      Could be pizzagate related, could be from his time as a guest in North Vietnam. Maybe he just hates America.

  • Lily Canna

    I hope pedogate gets John McCain.

  • Kommrade McCain will – and already is – hang(ing) himself out to dry and yesterday wasn’t soon enough for We, the Sovereigns …

    Now we all KNOW his true colors, and they damned sure are NOT the Red, White and Blue … Russian Red and cowardly yellow … but nothing the USA should be proud of or continue to permit !!!

  • autonomous

    My question is, is McCain a Manchurian Candidate? I have read of questions about his mental state, but consider it more likely that his thinking was disrupted by Viet Namese (or Chinese or Russian) or by American ‘intelligence’ operators, given the direction his thinking has and is taking politically. There is little difference between official American and Communist thinking.

  • James Clander

    “Senator John McCain has long had a reputation as a political maverick.”

    He has also long held the reputation as being a foaming at the mouth Nut job.
    This man is a disgraceful example of what’s wrong with the US Govt & Media.
    To allow this creep to sprout War at every opportunity without censor is disgusting and the whole World gets to see it happen – continuously. not a good look.

    • Flash9

      Clander, about 2 weeks ago I said sentiment indicated a 5% 1000 pt correction. I added that the way a bull mkt works is we might get a 1000 pts up before that happens. In your snarky and sardonic way, you ridiculed that statement as lacking wisdom. Since if I have a forte, it is wisdom, it hit home a little bit. That was almost 800 pts ago so that is close enough and I am taking a victory lap.

      • James Clander

        Well Flash I hope you & your ego feel better, however some context should be applied. How do you justify your totally out of place comment from a different subject -2 weeks ago ? Nut job?

        The article was about how high might the Dow go. This article you are reading & commenting on now is about ‘What Trump Should Do to Oust McCain”.

        Get a life —

        • Flash9

          Not sure what you are referring to. I think we are in a bull market and we are due for a correction especially now that the @1000 extra pt rally has happened. Why are you so angry? A little wisdom: not forgiving is drinking poison and hoping it will slay one’s antagonist.

        • Flash9

          Could be, I am getting old.

    • Flash9

      I just heard yesterday that he has some ultra leftwing nutjob on his institute. You have heard that it is better to be lucky than good. Well the accident on the USS Forrestal and being shot down on his first mission over North Vietnam. What does it mean if one has bad luck?

  • rahrog

    John McCain is a war criminal. The fact that he sits in the US Senate says a lot about America.

  • thefinancedude

    if we can fake N bombs on Japan – how hard is it to fake a POW story ie there are no more b/c there were none..just offering one reason that may touch on the points raised by both sides of the issue…

  • georgesilver

    I don’t get it. In the UK people who are nuisance usually die early conveniently of a heart-attack. Robin Cook and John Smith spring to mind. If that doesn’t work then they sit under a tree and commit suicide with a pen-knife like David Kelly.
    I thought the CIA was good at this sort of thing.

  • No More Neos

    The globalists are losing on all fronts now because the world has realized that globalism means universal fascism. The backlash is warranted and a total reversal of policy is underway in many nations including Spain, which has just joined Iceland in calling their central bankers to trial.

  • No More Neos

    “For once, one of the President’s sternest critics – Senator McCain – agrees with the President’s high assessment of the people he has appointed. He has issued a statement saying as much:

    “I give President Trump great credit for this decision [Gen. McMaster], as well as his national security cabinet choices. I could not imagine a better, more capable national security team than the one we have right now.””

    Uh-oh. Should we worry?

  • Hippity

    McCain isn’t a Republican, he’s a McCainacan! and should have been out to pasture in the last election. With help from the Almighty, this will be his very last term.

  • john ward

    The fast way to make new friends for the US is to take McCain’s passport away.
    There is a very simple moral to this story: if Pentagon and its suppliers pay corrupt Congressman millions of dollars to lobby for arms sales, especially dumbassed Congressman very likely to stir up wars.
    Sadly, the next war might well be Civil:
    PS McCain has been, in turn, a lousy pilot, a lousy husband, a lousy Prezz candidate and a lousy liar. No wonder he keeps getting re-elected.

    • Paul_Morphy

      If McCain’s Berlin junket is anything like some of his other fact finding trips, we should be seeing photos of him in a group of ISIS jihadists smiling and waving into the camera.

    • Kernel01

      Yes, Johhny Mc really stepped into it a few years back in Syria when he photo-opped with — unbeknownst to him — ISIS surrogates. Time for him to leave as a Senility Senator.

  • ShermanRMcCoy

    I wish this fossil would just die already. There’s a nice warm spot on the spit for him next to Teddy in hell!