Will Hillary Survive Barrage of Email Leaks From Russia and WikiLeaks?
By Daily Bell Staff - June 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s emails are a non-scandal … Given longstanding weaknesses in the State Department system, she made a rational decision.  The pseudo-scandal over Hillary Clinton’s emails bubbled up again with the recent release of the State Department Inspector General’s report. –USA Today

Richard Ben-Veniste has written an editorial at USA Today that argues Hillary’s decision to keep her emails out of State Dept. hands was understandable and even prudent.

He argues that the State Dept. system itself is flawed and has been hacked numerous times. He believes the entire US government system is subject to hacking and not nearly so secure as has been portrayed.


The State Department system has a decades long history of failures, including successful intrusions by unauthorized personnel. Across our government, foreign hackers have gained access to millions of U.S. private records and pieces of sensitive information in recent years.

Some experts have suggested that Clinton’s server was as secure, and maybe even more secure, than the department’s system.  It is no wonder that Secretary Clinton was not the first to choose to use a personal email account instead of the sub-optimal State Department option.

He goes on to argue that both Secretary of State Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice used personal email, though, in fact, Clinton’s system involved a more radical and disciplined avoidance.

Richard Ben-Veniste is actually a long-time defender of Hillary’s. According to Wikipedia, He was the Democrat’s chief counsel (1995–1996) on the Senate Whitewater Committee and took the successful position that the Clintons had done nothing criminal when participating in the failed Whitewater development.

Now he is defending Hillary again in the pages of USA Today. This is symptomatic of a larger societal theme that is developing to defend Hillary.

We wrote about it HERE: “New US Civil War? A Clinton Presidency Will Alienate Tens of Millions, Perhaps Violently.” We suggested the following:

The lengthy investigation has been overtaken by events. Hillary is now the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party. This makes a criminal prosecution even more difficult.

Fox commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Thursday that an endorsement by President Obama of Hillary Clinton would be a major conflict of interest.

It happened anyway. Obama’s endorsement of Hillary sends a message to the FBI that the President of the United States wants Hillary to run and win.

One can see the propaganda being levered into play to propel Hillary forward. In fact, absent Hillary’s handling of emails and the current investigation, it’s fairly obvious that Hillary – anointed by the system – would be in a strong position to emerge victorious in the presidential race.

But the email scandal is a “wild card.” It was not something that Hillary’s backers expected and apparently it was not possible to cover up the extent of the blundering.

Hillary’s home-based server seems to have been extensively compromised and numerous of her emails including ones no doubt she wanted destroyed may soon be revealed.

WikiLeaks, for instance, has plans to release numerous Hillary emails.

It’s already “leaked” Hillary emails in a searchable archive format but founder Julian Assange promises a good amount more.

Assange claims that the upcoming email leaks “should be enough to indict her.” Assange made his claims in an interview on Britain’s ITV network, he noted that WikiLeaks “had a very big year ahead.”

But Assange isn’t the only leaking Hillary emails. The gossip website Radar – among other websites and publications – summarizes reports that the Russian government is “secretly planning to release emails intercepted from Hillary Clinton’s private server.”

Radar quotes the website as claiming that “reliable intelligence sources” await the release of intercepted emails.

If these emails are released, it could prove that Clinton mishandled her private server while secretary of state, by exchanging classified information and allowing it into the hands of foreigners, subsequently violating U.S. Law.

Hacker Guccifer 2.0  has leaked an enormous file on Donald Trump compiled by the Democratic National Committee. A 237-page report on Trump was reportedly sent to Gawker and The Smoking Gun.

The report seems to feature strategic personal and business intelligence on Trump intended to discredit  him and is entitled the Donald Trump Report.

In his interview Assange points out what we previously suggested, that the FBI may find it increasingly difficult to indict Hillary, especially given that she may well be the next president of the United States.

In fact, in return for not recommending an indictment, “The FBI could push for concessions from the new Clinton government.”

This is certainly a possibility. Another possibility is that an indictment could be issued but that the systemic support for Hillary would overcome any negative publicity.

Since President Obama’s Justice Dept. certainly won’t act on such an indictment the only reason to issue it would be to uphold precedent and palliate internal FBI forces that apparently believe deeply that Hillary broke the law.

Assange does, too. “There’s very strong material, both in the emails and in relation to the Clinton Foundation.”

What he is talking about there is Hillary’s apparent willingness to manipulate US policy to accommodate both public and private interests abroad in return for donations to the family’s Clinton Foundation.

This is presumably what the FBI has been investigating in addition to the general security setup and home-based email server.

There are a good many official and private interests supporting Hillary now that she has apparently won the nomination. She is comfortable with the constant state of warfare necessary to support the functioning of the military-industrial complex and the larger multinational structure.

Conclusion: Ultimately, Hillary’s goal is simply to expand state power for the benefit of her Wall Street, banking and multinational backers. She has no compunction about it and no concern that that the results will build an evermore intolerant and authoritarian United States. One could argue that her administration will be the first fully technocratic one. That’s no compliment.

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  • Occams

    “Madam President”

    It was long ago decided.

    Get used to it.

    Or revolt.

    • Nexusfast123

      No need to revolt. When she assumes control of the US banana republic we will be counting down to the end of civilization.

      • Hey You

        Yeah; it’ll be a welcome demise of the USA federal system.

    • ImajWalker

      My Children / Grandchildren deserve better that this…
      So very sad..

    • rahrog


  • shagbargh

    Mr. Ben-Venisti brings up a potentially valid point, however it is much too late. Several other explanations have already been put forth. His explanation is merely justification rather than reason.

  • apberusdisvet

    There’s no question that the pay-for-play relative to the payments to the Foundation vis a vis policy decisions of the State Department during Hillary’s reign constitute high treason. The dots can be easily connected and are circumstantial proof. Let’s hope that WikiLeaks has some of the real proof. Because, in a nutshell, that’s what the email obfuscation is all about. The psychotic war monger and her aides need to bear the ultimate fate for committing treason; if not from this Administration, then in a subsequent one. There is no statute of limitations for treason.

  • L Garou

    How about Richard Ben-Veniste, the known shyster rat, pounds salt?

  • ImajWalker

    There you go America…NOTHING will be done..
    She’s criminal in her past and present.. and NO ONE is going to hold her accountable
    Obama will pardon her..
    It’s now going to take a PEOPLE REVOLUTION to cleanse Washington.
    Think that will happen?
    So far, knowing how corrupt it all is.. FBI, CIA, Military.. nothing is being done..
    Eventhough it was lies.. it’s like a read in a Holocaust book (their version)
    Where everyone was slaves and did nothing to free themselves..
    So sad to watch from a ‘once’ beautiful country where people risked their lives to live..

    THEY will never ALLOW TRUMP to be President.. unless the people DEMAND IT!

  • Star_Spangled_Eyes

    I hope not. I hope it triggers a coughing fit that leads to her vomiting up all the black, vile, fetid evil that is her makeup until her hypocritical facade cracks open revealing for all to see the evil creature that she truly is. On live TV of course.

  • Ideas Time

    Hillary is not counting on actual election results. She is counting on the MSM to do a major PsyOp showing her in a close race with Trump then steal the election for her.

    If some safeguards are not put in place that is exactly what they will do even though we all know HC should be in jail. Can’t wait for the debates and online polls to show who won, those the MSM and the establishment do not control.

    • TheCountess De Plorable

      You posted on FO, exposing the ‘Sandy Hook’ of Orlando. Please, please, get that comment out to all your media sources, using the exact same posting including all the videos.
      This election must be hand vote, hand count. Killery has already duped in Calif the result between her and Bernie.
      I myself have been asking, where are the families of the dead? Why are there no interviews being conducted? And where is Mateen’s funeral?

    • This will be the first election in history in which both the Democrat and Republican establishment will be stuffing the ballot box for the same candidate. Trump could get 10 million more votes than Rodham and still lose.

  • 2bvictorius

    Congress will continue to do “nothing” about the Clintons or Obama. The federal government is completely staffed by totally corrupt or soon to be totally corrupt people, regardless of the bureau or branch, they are beholden to someone or something other than a moral code or allegiance to the citizens.
    Hillary will not be convicted , or even indicted, regardless of what ever type of evidence is presented. However Trump will become the next president of the United States, winning by the largest margin in the history of American politics. That may prove to be the monkey wrench that destroys the Clintons criminal enterprise, and perhaps many others will be caught in the very big net.

  • MetaCynic

    How could Hillary’s private server have been more secure that the State Department’s if hers has already been compromised? A computer hacker was extradited from a Rumanian jail by the FBI for questioning about Hillary’s server.

    Whatever dirt the Russians have on Hillary from her compromised emails, they will most certainly dump it on the internet for the world to gawk at. Putin is not looking forward to the possibility of WW3 if warmonger Hillary is elected. Trump has announced his intention to ease Washington’s existing tensions with Russia and China. Therefore it’s not unrealistic to assume that Putin will do whatever he can to see Hillary go down in flames.

    The public may yawn if thousands of emails containing state secrets have been found on Hillary’s server. But, the voting public will sit up and take notice if emails documenting corruption for personal gain are leaked. There are reports that, when Secretary of State, Hillary had sold favors regarding arms deals to governments which donated large sums of money to the Clinton Foundation.

  • FreeOregon

    Maybe this is the year we care about the VP candidates. Hillary is on stroke medication. Trump is likely to be assassinated.

  • deanharrington

    ” Ultimately, Hillary’s goal is simply to expand state power for the
    benefit of her Wall Street, banking and multinational backers. She has
    no compunction about it and no concern that that the results will build
    an evermore intolerant and authoritarian United States.”
    The very last thing we need is another grave digger with a bigger shovel. Do not vote for this person.

  • timothy price

    Hillary’s server was NOT compromised… it was the “pass through” for unmonitored information to ISIS, to Al-Qaeda, and all the other agents of the NWO empire for which she works, a traitor to the United States. She must be indicted and tried.