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You Might Not Read This Because It Says the World Is Getting Better
February 19, 2018
Two-thirds of Americans think extreme poverty has doubled. In reality it has never been lower in history. ...
6 Places You Can Spend Your Bitcoin Fortune
December 31, 2017
Contrary to popular belief, you can, in fact, spend your Bitcoin. Here are ten places to make it rain with your newfound crypto wealth. ...
Asteroid Worth So Much Money… that it will sink the economy?
December 06, 2017
Don't you hate when so much extra wealth is added to society, that the economy tanks? Wait, what? ...
100 billion reasons to have non-reportable assets
November 25, 2017
Estimates vary for the amount of money the government will bring in through this theft; the lowest amount I’ve seen is $100 billion (again, an enormous sum in Saudi Arabia). The Wall Street Journal reported that the Saudi government is targeting as much ...
Who Cares About the “Wealth Gap” if Everyone is Richer?
June 20, 2017
The classic example which always comes to mind for me is of President Calvin Coolidge who lived in the White House fewer than 100 years ago. One of the most powerful people on Earth watched helplessly as his son died of an infected blister from playing tennis. ...
10 Reasons Why the Future Will be Amazing
May 18, 2017
Technology is allowing anyone to be economically independent, and its rapid growth is paving the way for unprecedented access to freedom and wealth. Democratizing technology means the masses now have access to what only the rich and powerful once controlled. ...