Catalonia Votes For Independence, Press Lies As Usual
By Ron Holland - November 28, 2012

"Secession is a deeply American principle. This country was born through secession." ~ Ron Paul

On Sunday, pro-independence voters in Catalonia captured almost two-thirds of the regional parliament. While the establishment press attempts to hide the secession victory by mentioning that the largest pro-independence party lost parliamentary seats, this, too, was a major victory for independence forces.

There is a reason the global elites and politicians are terrified of secession. All "sanctioned" history lessons and political messages attempt to cover up the fact that most national and tax-jurisdictional boundaries are constantly changing, around the world. The elites want you to believe that all governments are permanent and hence, you, the citizen, have no alternatives. But take a look back at any map of Europe 25 years ago, 50 years ago and then each previous century and you'll see the actual situation is far different.

Actually, during its long history Catalonia has been incorporated into or controlled by Greece, Carthage, Rome, the Visigoths, Moorish or Muslims, the Franks, the nation of Aragon, the Habsburgs and finally, Spain.

Read this typical Associated Press announcement on the vote: The headline reads "Independence Drive for Spain's Catalonia Falters" and the first paragraph states: "The push for an independence referendum for Spain's Catalonia region has been thrown into doubt after the referendum's main supporter was punished at the polls and forced into the difficult position of having to seek alliances with other parties."

This is because Catalan President Artur Mas and his Convergence and Union Alliance Party, or CiU, lost seats to more radical secessionist parties, as they should have. Actually, Mas and the CiU are Johnny-come-lately independence supporters and previously actively supported EU and bank-mandated austerity measures which only hurt the economy, cut benefits and impoverish Catalonians through higher taxes.

The four independence parties still have to develop plans for a future referendum on secession that will likely be supported by a majority of the citizens of Catalonia. Although separatist movements are spreading across Europe, here at The Daily Bell first we question why restored nations should assume a burdensome share of illegitimate sovereign debt when they exit existing unions and nation-states.

Most of the debt was created by distant banking elites buying "encouraging" parliaments to increase national debt loads that can never be paid off. With economies collapsing due to the debt load from foreign-imposed debt never approved by the citizens, why should new nations shoulder this illegitimate and destructive sovereign load?

Second, of course, all tax-feeding central governments like Spain warn of a constitutional crisis and vow to block secession and independence efforts. But an excellent counter to this draconian argument and Lincoln-like threat is to say the following: "Either you allow us to leave voluntarily and we will take a percentage of your sovereign debt or use force and we will leave debt-free and bring down your government. The choice is yours!"

It looks like the productive, hard-working people of Catalonia are growing weary of funding the Spanish central government. I suggest that they will eventually gain their independence. The leaders of Spain would do well to consider their options of allowing a peaceful and friendly transition to independence lest they face the alternative, which could take down Spain and many other central governments across Europe.

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