COVID Propaganda Roundup: Chinese Government Gets Creative With Conspiracy Theories
By Ben Bartee - March 16, 2021

The latest updates on the “new normal” – chronicling the lies, distortions, and abuses by the ruling class.

Chinese Government Gets Creative With COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories, WHO Dutifully Parrots Party Line

A symbolic, carefully choreographed PR event in Wuhan last month, put on by the Chinese Communist Party (CPP)-funded World Health Organization, did not yield any fruit in terms of painting a clearer picture of the origins of the virus.

The result, predictably, was political in nature and not scientific. The WHO, in conjunction with the CCP that bankrolls it, continued its push to promote the grandfather of all Chinese offerings about the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus: the evidence-free zoonotic bat-to-human transmission theory.

WHO lead scientist and political operative Peter Embarek shares ‘scientific’ insights/CCP talking points

In its conclusion, the WHO vowed to “end research into ‘extremely unlikely’ theory that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan lab”:

“No evidence has emerged to support suggestions that the coronavirus originated from a virology lab in Wuhan.”

The nerve of these political operatives to talk about “evidence” should gall the conscience of decent, normal, honest people worldwide.

Later, Embarek admitted the obvious: “politics was always in the room” throughout the PR event.

The CCP, the WHO, nor the US CDC has ever offered any evidence for their own preferred bat theory. The first symptomatic case in Wuhan was found to have no epidemiological link to the Wuhan market that the CCP immediately fingered as the source of the outbreak.

Before evidence could be collected for analysis from the wet market, the CCP shut down and scrubbed the facility, precluding the possibility of any serious forensic investigation.

They also destroyed critical data relevant to the investigation, blocked foreign scientists’ access to the site of the outbreak, and employed a number of deceptive PR tactics to misdirect public scrutiny.

Subsequently, the CCP began to carefully push its own evidence-free COVID-19 origin theories, some of them highly creative. A smattering of the highlights include:

The consistent thread that weaves China’s wild theories together is, predictably, the CCP’s innocence.

LA Teachers’ Union Brands Desperate Pleas to Re-Open Schools ‘Racist’

Mental health professionals around the world – whose warnings were brushed aside in the rush to close down the economy and society in early-to-mid 2020 — had portended the detrimental impacts of the draconian lockdowns on mental health:

“Emotional difficulties among children and adolescents are exacerbated by family stress, social isolation, with some facing increased abuse, disrupted education and uncertainty about their futures, occurring at critical points in their emotional development.”

A CDC survey from June discovered that a quarter of young adults in the US (ages 18-24) had considered suicide in the past year. 13% of respondents reported greater substance use to cope with the emotional pain of the lockdowns. Nearly half, 41%, reported some noticeable uptick in negative mental health symptoms.

In response to growing demands to get kids back together with their friends and teachers, the LA teachers’ union has attempted to paint the proposed plan to re-open in that city as – unsurprisingly – racist.

According to LA teachers’ union president Cecily Myart-Cruz, desperate calls to reunite children with their peers are “a recipe for propagating structural racism.”

Cecily Myart-Cruz has continued to pull her $111,735/yr salary throughout the pandemic.

Fortunately, local LA media did what the national corporate press never will. They talked to actual parents, including black South LA resident and mother Renee Bailey, who are willing to counter the hysteria of the official narrative:

“That is a very generalized and almost racist comment in itself. As a culture, Black and brown people don’t want to be generalized. We don’t want to be stereotyped and to say reopening schools is structural racism, that’s wrong.”

COVID Vaccines Create Lumps Seen in Mammograms, Health Officials Shrug: ‘Probably Not Cancer’

Lumps in breast tissue, typically associated with cancer, have been popping up on mammograms at alarming rates among recently vaccinated British and American women.

Critically, the NHS and other British public health groups have attempted to downplay the shocking side effects:

“Localised swelling is becoming a well-recognised phenomenon in people receiving coronavirus vaccines and the UK medical profession and radiology teams are aware of it… Virtually everyone mounts an immune response after getting the jab in their arm… These lumps can happen after the vaccine and are nothing to worry about.”

Dr Jeanette Dickson, President of The Royal College of Radiologists

Massachusetts doctor Dr Connie Lehman reported similar side effects in her US patients:

“I cannot tell you how many women are showing nodes on mammograms and people thought it was going to be not that common.”

Researchers have known about the potential triggering of immune problems associated with mRNA gene therapy for years. Per Science Magazine in 2017:

“Our immune system has evolved to recognize RNA from outside the cell as an invading virus and attack it. The protective nanoparticles made of lipids commonly used to encapsulate mRNA can also trigger immune reactions.”

Shock discovery: water is wet. The immune system targets foreign material it doesn’t recognize, sometimes in unpredictable ways – like forming lumps in the tissue of otherwise healthy, relatively young women.

Thai Prime Minister Sprays Down Press Corps With Alcohol Sanitizer

Embattled, semi-literate Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha — ringleader of the 2014 military coup that brought martial law to the streets of Bangkok, and perennial competitor for world’s most incompetent politician – indiscriminately sprayed down helpless reporters with hand sanitizer school shooter-style at a press event in Bangkok on March 9th.

All those medals can’t conceal the Biden-esque void within. As the Texans say, ”all hat and no cattle.”

Annoyed by questions about doing his job, Prayut tactically skirted the tough inquiries by producing a bottle of hand sanitizer and deploying the contents into the faces of the press corps.

The heeled reporters, in classic Thai style of fearful acquiescence to abuse by authority figures, sat and compliantly bathed in the alcoholic haze. Some laughed nervously.

C’est la vie.

Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Contact him via his portfolio or on LinkedIn.

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