Authoritarian Hillary is Now on the Defensive
By Daily Bell Staff - June 07, 2016

We have Hillary all wrong: Americans hate a politician of the press’ imagination. To her detractors, she’s either a bloodless automaton or the devil incarnate. Is it any wonder that she’s guarded? -Salon

This article posted at Salon suggests that much of the criticism aimed at Hillary occurs because she is not a man.

As best we can tell, if we are properly following the article, Hillary’s problems begin with her womanhood.

As Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado, a Hillary supporter, put it on CBS’s Face the Nation, “If she was a man, all this stuff wouldn’t be at the same level.”  Of course, Trump fired back that she plays the “woman card,” and the media didn’t dare rebut it for fear, I suppose, of seeming to lend Trump proof.

This in turn generates a certain level of defensiveness.

Even when Hillary is in full campaign mode, she feels she needs the cover of policy so that the press won’t eviscerate her.

Or put another way, she believes she has to be perceived as taking the high road even when she isn’t. We will see how long it takes the press to turn on this feisty Hillary they seem to like now.

If this article is to be believed, Clinton’s unpopularity has more to do with her personality than any particular misbehaving.

Her “sins are fairly standard,” especially for someone who has been in public life for so long.

She has made mistakes and errors of judgment. She has also suffered from hubris, mostly because of her “associations with Big Money.”

In fact, she isn’t disliked for what she’s done. She is disliked for “who she is.”

This is the media’s fault, we learn from the article. The media pounces on Hillary’s defensiveness and plays it up.

Why? Because “bashing her” is a convenient way to rebut criticism that the mainstream media is generally sympathetic to liberalism.

Everything about Hillary is subject to criticism, from her shoes, to her hair to her voice.

The article ends on a discouraging note, if you are a Hillary supporter.

She has no strategy for placating the media and thus can “only plod along,” absorbing press criticism and ignoring it as best she can.

The trouble with this analysis, it seems to us, is that criticism to which Hillary is subject is actually mild, compared to what could be aimed at her.

Her husband has been accused of rape and drug smuggling. Both have been accused of murder and other serious crimes.

A new book, Crisis of Character, by law enforcement agent Gary Byrne, who was stationed at the Oval Office when Bill Clinton was president, claims that Hillary is too “erratic, uncontrollable and occasionally violent” to be president.

A popular video clip on the Internet shows Hillary laughing when describing the death of Muammar Gaddafi. “We came, we saw, he died,” she exclaims.

For her enemies, her glee in Gaddafi’s death is symptomatic of a larger character flaw. She will adopt almost any policy and perform almost any action if it advances her personal and professional ambitions.

She portrays herself as a “liberal” but it seems she is actually an authoritarian who believes in state power.

In fact, she believes in using the full panoply of state power. She believes in higher taxes, more regulation, and various other forms of state and monetary interference.

She also believes that the US ought to be proactive and aggressive when it comes to using military force.

Hillary would be an activist president who will use all the tools at her proposal to advance the globalist goals of monetary elites. As a result, a certain segment of the electorate don’t like her and even fear her.

Conclusion: There are significant issues here that have little to do with the color of her hair, the tone of her voice or her shoe styles. Perhaps she will be indicted because of her email controversy and have to drop out. If elected, she will make a disastrous president and likely bring the entire country closer to civil war.

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