#UNRIG: On God’s Reflection in Nature, Undefeated American Hope, and Popular Resistance to Corporate Tyranny
By Ben Bartee - July 14, 2021

“America was reborn on the 4th of July at Mount Rushmore. The spiritual energy was enormous. The critical outcome is that the public is now rejecting the two-party tyranny that fronts for the Deep State; we are going to organize 200 million voters with a new national network, 99vs1, that will end the ability of bribed and blackmailed officials to get away with constant daily betrayal of the public trust.”

Robert David Steele, #UNRIG Founder

To the extent that such a singular entity persists, the American Spirit is not housed in the mazelike corridors of Manhattan streets amid a polluted concrete sea of billboards selling a consumerist nightmare, nor in the pedophile-riddled studios of decadent Hollywood.

The American Spirit lives and breathes in the Heartland, the rolling expanses of plains and forests and mountain ranges that symbolize the expansive potential of the American interior.

Capital-T Truth – God, however you want to define it – speaks through the blades of grass that sway in a Midwestern prairie breeze.

Nature, in its perennial wisdom, is where we find the answers we seek. The essential meaning and purpose that we have lost in modern society, with all of its Byzantine machinations, will be re-discovered here.

As all of the Great Religions teach, including the Judeo-Christian tradition, each of the elements of nature is harmonically interwoven; each piece of the puzzle fits together. Nature runs on its own operating system, imbued with wisdom by a higher power outside of the immediate grasp of human consciousness, a mystical entity to be held in awe and revered – in other words, the divine; God.

The neoliberal corporate state, in contrast — a top-down, synthetic, astroturfed behemoth foisted upon the people it preys upon — is abhorrent to the natural order.

The Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its internal contradictions because the state attempted to subvert nature, to subvert God, to bend reality to its own will.

Nothing and no one can cheat nature and survive; none can cheat God.

The irrepressible forces of nature took care of the Soviet state just as they will take care of the multinational corporate state currently occupying the United States.

In this way, the technocrats’ days play-acting God — and they are acting – are numbered. Their grip on power is tenuous, and slips away at ever-faster rates the harder they squeeze, like sand through a clenched fist.

#UNRIG is here to accelerate that process, to restore that natural order, and reverence for the divine in the process, through the populist Great Upset.

Rhetorically standing against a spiritless neoliberal mono-culture passed down from on high is laudable, but what are we in favor of?

Beyond merely fighting a corrupt elite, #UNRIG calls for us to re-connect, once we have unrigged ourselves, with God and nature (and all of the wisdom contained within), which no politician or corporate entity could ever legitimately lay claim to, much less dispose of.

#UNRIG, in short, is not merely a political movement; it is a spiritual crusade in favor of human liberty.

Introducing USA99: A Permanent Restoration of Political Power to the People

“When you are trying to act as if you are God, that is to say you don’t trust anybody, you are the dictator, you have to keep everybody in line, you lose the divine energy….”

-Alan Watts

The only worthwhile, substantial, lasting changes to our society and economy will emanate, as they always have, from the local level and radiate outward to higher echelons of organization – from the individual to the family to the community, and, ultimately, to the state.

As one component of an overall strategy to #UNRIG from the corporate state, will function as an independent platform beyond the reach of the two-party duopoly to “people-bomb” local schoolboards, county commissions, and state legislatures.

Leveraging what remains of the power vested in these ultra-local institutions is critical to fending off encroaching federalization and all of the corrosive, authoritarian influence that accompanies it, including lost dominion (pun intended) over elections.

As the fight over the instantiation of critical race theory (CRT) into school curricula from Florida to Washington demonstrates, it’s beyond time for regular Americans to take back control over their own local institutions, which, by now, have been nearly thoroughly hijacked by the federal state.

Such is the essence of the yet-unfulfilled promise to #DraintheSwamp – to rid ourselves of the yolk of unelected, unaccountable far-off bureaucrats and run our own communities and our own lives as we wish.

A Final Word on What #UNRIG Is All About

This is a war, for sure – waged by the 99% (normal Americans) against the 1% (a corrupt national and international elite running a program of social control on undeserving citizens who just want to stay free).

However, ultimately, this #UNRIG movement is about reclaiming the essential American promise of building a better future brick-by-brick, community-by-community – not a national tour, not a partisan political cause, not electioneering, nor fundraising.

#UNRIG rally, 7/10

#UNRIG is, above all, about re-connecting with the divine, together, in all the humility of spirit that such an endeavor requires.

“If you want the truth… Go to God! Go to your gurus! Go to yourselves! Because that’s the only place you’re ever going to find any real truth.”

-Howard Beale, The Network

Reach out today to join us, and support us if you can.

Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Follow his stuff via his blog, Armageddon Prose, Substack, or Patreon.

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