Warning: Uniting Europe Means Conquering and Plundering the Weak
By The Daily Bell Staff - March 14, 2017

European leaders are now calling for a federal union to salvage the EU. At least four European leaders have asked for a European “Federal Union” to build up the relationship between European nation-states.

A number of countries have threatened to leave the Eurozone including at one time or another Greece, Italy, France, Portugal, the Netherlands and Spain.

All of these countries are struggling with enormously high debt.

Reps from lower parliament chamber in France, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg wrote a letter in La Stampa, an Italian newspaper, explaining that member member states ought not to be fearful about Brexit or other concerns.

The letter was published in advance of the mid-March meeting marking the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. This was what began the European Economic Community, before the Union.

Their joint letter reads:

Now is the moment to move towards closer political integration – the Federal Union of States with broad powers.

We know that the prospect stirs up strong resistance, but the inaction of some cannot be the analysis of all. Those who believe in European ideals, should be able to give them a new life instead of helplessly observing its slow sunset.

The integration of Europe is less certain than ever because of “populist, nationalist and even xenophobic movements”.

But why is the integration of Europe, or unity among sovereign nations automatically a good thing? Disunity is exactly what made Europe a bastion of relative freedom and technological progress compared to the rest of the world.

Jared Diamond explains in his book Guns, Germs, and Steel:

Europe’s geographic balkanization resulted in dozens or hundreds of independent, competing statelets and centers of innovation. If one state did not pursue some particular innovation, another did, forcing neighboring states to do likewise or else be conquered or left economically behind. Europe’s barriers were sufficient to prevent political unification, but insufficient to halt the spread of technology and ideas. There has never been one despot who could turn off the tap for all of Europe, as of China.

Uniting Europe under Napoleon or Hitler didn’t seem to garner much support from across the continent. And the only reason modern “peaceful” unity of Europe gains traction is because the domination, looting, and subjugation of some European states at the hands of others takes on a more subtle form.

In reality, unification of Europe would give a despot, or a small group of despots, the ability to make decisions that effect all of Europe, for better or for worse.

Invaded Without the Tanks

Last month, Conservative MEP Ashley Fox commented on a message from the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, who presented a plan for a European Commission that would be a  “genuine government”.

In a comment, Mr Fox responded: “People are questioning what the EU does and whether it should be doing it at all. Mr Verhofstadt’s vision for the future of the EU is flawed and not representative of the citizens of Europe.”

Many individuals see the attempts of the EU to take over Europe as the same as any foreign invader. After all, they have examples like Greece to look at. The title of one Russian-Insider article puts it succinctly: Greece to Surrender Gold, Utilities and Real Estate in Exchange For Pieces of Paper Printed in Brussels.

Germany announces the final pillage of Greece… It’s official: The Germans will not allow debt relief for Greece. Instead, Berlin wants to send in the repo man.

The untold story of the Greek “bailouts” is that it wasn’t a “bailout” — it was an auction of Greek assets. Real, tangible things with real, tangible value were seized in exchange for pieces of paper that guarantee Athens will be chained to Berlin and Brussels for the foreseeable future.

Any struggling states should think twice before allowing the EU to bail them out. And a real Europe-wide government would not be much better for the “little guys” or the countries struggling with debt. It would mean the central state gets to decide how their finances will be handled. Ask Greece how that will work out.

This really is a golden age for international criminal cabals. Al Capone was a chump.

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