Asteroid Strikes, Plague, and Economic Meltdown: Government Shutdown 2018!
By Joe Jarvis - January 21, 2018

Asteroid strikes, flu plague, and economic meltdown.

According to CNN, that is what we should fear from this “government shutdown.”

People have to hype it up in order to give the impression that the government matters.

In reality, this just reveals why we shouldn’t trust the government to do anything essential in our lives.

If political fights in DC can put people at that kind of risk, then we should get these services from organizations that have incentives to deliver.

Congressmen won’t lose their jobs over this, except in the unlikely event the voters from their district fire them. More likely they will blame representatives from other districts.

But without Congress luring us into a false sense of security, other organizations would fill the gap.

For instance, who might have an incentive to make sure a public outbreak of the flu doesn’t become epidemic? I would bet health insurance companies would be interested in saving costs by monitoring the flu’s progression. They would save money purchasing services from an agency that monitors and sells disease data.

As for the economic meltdown, this is another iteration of the broken window fallacy. This is the incorrect idea that the economy is stimulated by a broken window due to the money spent replacing the window. But since resources are limited, the truth is that a window will be made instead of something else. So whoever has to buy the new window will have to spend less on, say, going out to dinner.

And the same holds true for non-essential government services. It’s right there: non-essential. These things are not necessary but have become a mundane recipient of bloated government funding.

It is painful in the short term because now you have hundreds of thousands of people without a paycheck. But if the government never hired them in the first place, and didn’t take that money from the taxpayers, then those people would have to work in the productive sector. Their jobs would be based on demand, not whatever Congress thinks is a good idea.

And some of their jobs may still exist if they were moved to the private sector. You can bet they wouldn’t be randomly furloughed when management couldn’t reach an agreement. Companies need to be profitable, or heads roll.

Don’t Worry, Security Services Will Go on Operating

We need the government to keep us safe from asteroids, disease, and poverty. But their services apparently hang by a thread, with one argument over funding plunging the USA into turmoil.

Speaking of this false sense of security, workers for the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security will still show up to work. Their prowess and determination to keep us safe is unrivaled.

Except perhaps the competency of these agencies is rivaled by a pissed off 15-year-old boy.

Now 18, the British teenager will be sentenced for hacking into former CIA Director John Brennan’s email and gaining access to CIA passwords and files. He obtained contact lists as well as sensitive information about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson was also hacked.

He also targeted the ex-deputy director of the FBI Mark Giuliano and James Clapper, director of national intelligence under Obama, as well as their families.

He boasted about carrying out “the best breach ever” after accessing an FBI database to get the names of 1,000 staff and details of the officer responsible for the notorious shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The information Gamble gathered was later used to carry out a “swatting” attack on John Holdren, a science and technology adviser to US President Barack Obama, resulting in armed officers being sent to Mr Holdren’s family home.

So basically one teenager using the computer in his bedroom was a match for the top security officials in the United States government. And they are supposed to win wars, thwart terrorism, and stop crime.

We need to shut down more of the government.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Bruce C.

    My hope is that this “shut down” goes on for a long time, so long that it becomes the new normal and the government remains permanently reduced, that is until the next “shut down.”

  • Shut er down!

    “No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.”

    This is true without exception provided it’s anything other than the Bible’s legislature, based upon Isaiah 33:22 and James 4:12.

    See Chapter 4 “Article 1: Legislative Usurpation” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

    Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that examines the Constitution by the Bible.

  • windsor1

    The author of the article might consider choosing an alternative profession. I personally believe in a government but not the government that exists today. Today’s government is a tool of the elite; It is an alliance of the Bankers, Military Industrial Complex, big oil, big pharma, the GMO Goliath and media and selected special interest groups such as the State of Israel. You don’t have to prove to these groups that government is important they know it works for them very effectively. It is much harder to prove the value of government to the public who derive little real benefit from it. It is the fear porn fed to Joe Sixpack that makes him feel the need tor a government who could care less for his existence, other than to fuel the tax and military apparatus.
    The government of today justifies it’s value through credit (debt) spending, fear, crisis creation and social programs and of course media manipulation and lies. The FBI and CIA are tools to advance the apparatus of the Deep State. Look at Oklahoma City, The JFK assassination, 9/11 and even Mandalay Bay. These agencies are there to protect the perpetrators and control the crime scene and not investigate the crime. The perps are already known to agencies before the event takes place. These agencies assist in the manufacture the “official” reality. Wherever there is a crisis in the world the CIA is implicated. Be it the Snowden escape or Iranians demonstrating in Tehran they are there equipping angry students in foreign lands with professionally created placards in English for the gullible viewers of CNN to process.
    The CIA, the FBI and Homeland Security are the new Stazi. If you wander too far off the range like Cliven Bundy, or Randy Weaver or the Branch Dividians and David Koresh they will move in often violently and crush you. Again they control the crime scene so you get a politically correct, not the reality based version of events.
    Instead of offering assistance to those poor folks who have fallen through the economic cracks, governments want them out of the cities where they are not seen or heard from.
    It used to be that the CDC would quarantine people who had deadly contagious diseases. Remember the last round of Ebola. People were arriving from Africa on commercial that were known to be infected. This did not happen in the past. Remember the anthrax scare that coincidentally took place just after 9/11. These envelopes accidentally appeared at the offices of people opposed to the subsequent wars like Tom Dashle. The good guys had a premonition of this and were taking Cipro beforehand. The powers to be created the swine flu, released in Mexico, to study the propagation of bio agents that are serious enough to track but not take down huge swaths of people.
    The typical American believes the system is there to protect him. The reality is, the system creates the illusion that it cares about the average citizen. Look at Pat Tillman an all star athlete, the army recruiters poster boy for the all american soldier. When he began talking about the false reality that America was bringing democracy, peace and prosperity to foreign lands he had a “training accident.” which cost him his life.
    In a truly democratic society whistle blowers are a needed check and balance built into the system. In today’s democracy whistle blowers are about as popular as lepers.
    The majority of Americans believe that the surveillance is there to protect them from terrorists. Who could believe it is to spy on US citizens as Snowden claims. Why does America need a huge datacenter in Bluffdale Utah that stores all emails. Certainly if you believe that alphabet agencies incubate the terrorists not unlike the European governments and “Operation Gladio” in the 80’s. This is symptomatic of a paranoid government that fears its citizens.
    I used to believe that the police were there to protect me. The police are there to protect the elite. You may live under the illusion that the masonic orders are restricted to the upper echelon of the business community. This is true, but they actively recruit the hierarchy of the police departments. You will quickly learn this if you are in a situation with a member of the establishment.
    Take a look at the political hierarchy. The public knows that Hillary is a member of a crime syndicate whether it be “pay for play” or storing sensitive emails on an unsecured server. However ,if you are a sailor taking a selfie in a nuclear sub you get jail time. What is the difference between that sailor and Hillary; Hillary knows everyone’s secrets. Take down Hillary and a lot of other very important people follow with her.
    What are some of the things governments could be doing if they truly represented the population:
    – Be transparent; don’t classify everything they find embarassing
    – Get rid of private central banks. Private central banks benefit only the upper elite. They are parasitic by nature.
    – Any elected official holding more than one passport should be fired. Why do congress members have to swear an oath of allegiance to Israel (Cynthia Mckinney)
    – Get rid of GMO foods and fluoridation of water
    – Give young people a real education. Half of high school graduates cannot read or write properly. Schools have become indoctrination centers
    – Why does government always cater to the minority while criticizing the majority. Why is everything about cultural marxism and political correctness. You are supposed to be ashamed of being white. This automatically labelled a supremacist and racist if you are white. The Bible is classified as hate literature because it is blasphemous to be in a gay relationship. Lefties are now freaking out in California because Governor Moonbeam raised taxes to the level that they are moving elsewhere.
    – Why not own up to chemtrail spraying and how it affects the health of American citizens
    – Don’t talk about trade agreements that discriminate against American Industry. Actually do something about it. Handing out baseball hats is not enough.
    – Global warming is a scam just like its greatest promoter. Why do we waste billions and billions on it. As long as big oil is behind big government fossil fuels will continue to be the energy solution of choice. Take the global warming money to research alternative sources of non polluting energy instead of promoting a political agenda.
    – Why not subsidize or cap higher education costs. Why can you declare bankruptcy on normal debt but not on student loans. What is the real agenda at play?
    – The US has military bases in over 100 countries. It spends more on its military than the next 8 biggest spenders. To protect from whom? It has selectively positioned bases around countries it would like to subdue. Iran, Russia, China etc. What other country does this.
    – In spite of the military spending America continually loses wars. Viet Nam, Iraq is a mess, Afghanistan has been raging for 16 years against a ragtag band of misfits with no end in sight.
    – Why is the first response of the government to any attack on the petro dollar bombs. What happened to economic development through economic co-operation. This is how Russia and China increase their spheres of influence. The silk road is an example of Chinese economic development. War seems to be the tool of choice for the US government.
    In America the people effectively lives in a dictatorship. The two party system creates the illusion of choice and hence liberty. Politics is all about illusion.
    – You got Geo. H.W. Bush who gave you Panama, a defensive attack on Iraq and the promise of a new world order. Geo. Bush 1 was ousted after one term.
    – You got Bill Clinton and the expansion of the banking empires by dismantling the Glass Steagle Act. and stained dresses. Bill left office as an unpopular figure.
    – You got G. Bush Jr. who got you into Afghanistan and Iraq (shock and awe) on lies, then 9/11 that he did not want to Investigate and the Banking Crisis of 2008. Almost forget that he gave you a pile of new anti terror legislation. He left office a hated man.
    – Then you got a fresh new face of a Nobel prize community organizer who promised hope and change. This guy partially delivered. You didn’t get hope but you got lots of change. He brought racial relations to a new low with Treyvon Martin, Ferguson and Baltimore. He got you in lots of new wars, like Syria and the Arab Spring and Ukraine and sanctions against evil doers like Russia. Lets not forget confrontations in the S. China Sea. This guy left a hated man.
    – Now you got El Rubio as the president. who will make American Great again. There has been lots of rhetoric but little substance. We were going to have sanctions against China and then not. We were going to negotiate with would be adversaries. Relations with Russia, China, N. Korea could not be worse. This is a guy that promised to drain the swamp but his mission seems to be to replenish it. Whatever happened to Crooked Hillary. Nada. This guy is anti fake news. He has the power to get the FCC involved in increasing competition and cleaning up the 4th estate and does nothing. He will leave a hated man opening the door for the next hated man or woman.
    The American citizen still believes that a two party system means freedom and liberty. President after president leaves office hated which is not much of a public endorsement. Somehow every government in power leaves the elites better off than the last one. Until the public wakes up to the fact that they live in a dictatorship and not a Republic nothing will change.

    • Ephraiyim

      What government are you inferring would be better? The Republic is what got us here.
      From the day the Supreme Court decided to call themselves the final arbiters of the Constitution we’ve been headed downhill.
      How do you guarantee it wouldn’t happen again? Don’t think it is possible without a whole bureaucracy to watch out for it. More govt employees=more theft through taxes.
      The only government that will ever work is a theocracy. That will only work when the King of the universe shows up. Of course, only those who follow Him will be around as all His enemies will have been destroyed.
      That’s a whole lot more conversation then can be done in this format.

    • Marten

      Yup nothing will change…Because Amerikan people are free to do exactly what They are told, and keep in mind “People are sheep…TV is the Shepherd”

    • Hookshot

      Windsor1–You commented about some Leftists regarding the Bible as hate literature because a gay relationship is seen as blasphemous. Leviticus 20:13 says that men who have sex with one another should be killed. The passage here is not simply saying it is wrong and therefore blasphemous, it is saying that they should be murdered. There’s a big difference.

    • That’s Right! We were promised “Drain The Swamp” and “Term Limits”

      When I see my Representative or Senator on TV I know they work for the elite and do not represent my interests. All politicians are subject to grand jury arrest for impersonating legal representation when they do not obey their own document … The U.S. Constitution. They swear an oath to be bound by constitution and then ignore it so they are acting on their own behalf. They need to answer to a common law grand jury.

      Common Law Grand Jury

      National Liberty Alliance

  • Alan777

    The shutdown is good but how much taxpayer money will it save?Typically, the salaried government bureaucrats will get back pay and bonuses for not showing up for work. Ironically, not showing up for work is the best thing that many of them could do for US taxpaying citizens.

  • WA1

    There’s a lot to discuss, and Windsor raises a whole lot of issues… the truth is, there’s only one way to freedom… FREE creation of MONEY…(not CURRENCY), you can read about it at…

  • SnakePlissken

    But what about the children????

    • The Clintons and Obama are taking care of the children and looking out for them, they said so many times, so it must be true ?

  • NobodysaysBOO

    time to do lots of GOOD things while these fools DITHER!
    SEARCH every congressional office for BUGS and PLANT THOUSANDS.
    take over the BLM and ALL their LAND!
    Remove the pipelines under protest. CLOSE the town of Buffalo NY, an ALIEN SHITHOLE!!
    CLOSE the BORDER with Mexico.
    OCCUPY the national forests and all their lands to DISallow the return of the GOV SCUM!

  • I agree that government creates nothing except debt and ever more wasting bureaucracy that feeds on itself via the taxpayer who is forced to pay for it all !

    There is no question in my mind that we can cut all government entities, both state and fed, today by 50% and there would be no actual negative event at all except for some unemployed gov leaches who would have to get a job where they actually produced something of value ? The monster has grown well past out of control and there is no valid reason to continue feeding it. 50% should be the first target of attrition and then continue from there as necessary. Perhaps create a citizens body to oversee the unwinding of the beats and to determine who is actually benefitting the citizens or simply sucking at the gov tit !~

    What we have now is the gov foxes guarding all the hen houses in government and we see how that has worked out at DOJ and FBI and other agencies like IRS ? By the way why are Koskinen and L. Lerner not in jail for their iRS crimes ?