Hypocrite: CIA Director Who Delighted in Wikileaks DNC Release Threatens Julian Assange
By The Daily Bell Staff - April 15, 2017

The CIA should be thanking Wikileaks for revealing vulnerabilities in their department. If you run the supposedly best, most expansive and powerful spying agency in the world, shouldn’t you be able to stop leaks revealing your secret hacking tools?

But instead CIA Director Mike Pompeo threw a hissy fit Thursday and called Julian Assange “a  fraud–a coward hiding behind a screen.”

Pompeo said, “Assange is a narcissist who has created nothing of value.”

But this is actually an interesting turn around for Pompeo. Last July Pompeo sent out a tweet, which has since been deleted, that gloated over the proof released by Wikileaks of corruption at the Democratic National Committee. He seemed to find their information valuable.


So Pompeo apparently enjoyed Wikileaks when it was publishing information that helped him and hurt his political opponents. The organization basically helped elevate him to his current position by damaging the image of the Democrats before the election. But now that he has the power, he certainly doesn’t want to be held accountable!

Pompeo even went so far in his speech to criticize the Wikileaks release of the hacked DNC emails about which he once gleefully tweeted! Did he think deleting the tweet scrubbed it from the internet?

Since Wikileaks has revealed the inability of the CIA to keep their information under wraps, Assange doesn’t rub him the right way anymore.

Pompeo claims that Julian Assange and Edward Snowden only leaked documents to make a name for themselves, seeking to “make a splash” at the expense of national security.

Pompeo even suggested that free speech has limits.

We have to recognize that we can no longer allow Assange and his colleagues the latitude to use free speech values against us…

To give them the space to crush us with misappropriated secrets is a perversion of what our great Constitution stands for. It ends now.

He even brushed against comparing Assange to a Nazi, saying that if he were alive during World War II, he would be on the wrong side of history.

Another bit of irony about Pompeo’s remarks are that he claims it would have been safer and a more effective use of his sources if Assange took own oppressive regimes instead of damaging democratic nations.

Yet Pompeo clearly thinks Assange is a treasonous criminal… so it doesn’t seem so safe after all. This basically shows the CIA’s hand: Assange went after them because they do try to suppress free speech. And now they find citizen’s support of Wikileaks equally “perplexing, and deeply troubling.”

Media: No Big Deal

The Vault 7 leaks of CIA documents containing details of their hacking tools and capabilities came as little surprise to many. It had long been suspected, especially since the revelations about NSA data collection, that the CIA was using people’s own devices to spy on them.

But does that mean that the tools used by the CIA are no big deal, as the media seems to brush it off?

Experts have largely described the contents of the periodic document releases as unsurprising, and evidence that the CIA is doing its job. Nevertheless, they have renewed the debate around privacy and intelligence community spying and also raised questions about the source of the leaks.

“Obviously, this hurts when other people know where you have been, what you have been thinking,” said former CIA Director Michael Hayden, who said that the documents show no abuse of the agency’s powers.

Wait, what? Is the former CIA director seriously complaining that he feels uncomfortable knowing his organization was being spied on? That seems like a big dose of his own medicine.

The CIA is basically whining, we were trying to be super secret and Wikileaks keeps ruining it!

And the media comes in with, okay guys, you had your fun, but we gotta let the CIA do their spying thing.

If the CIA doesn’t want leaks, it should be a better spy agency.

Depending on which side of the debate you are on, the leaks either confirm that the CIA is using tools they should not be using in a way that violates individual freedom, or that the CIA is properly doing its job… except for that whole issue about being too incompetent to keep its secrets… secret.

So what is Wikileaks?

Pompeo’s CIA considers it “a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.”

Or is Wikileaks simply another arm of the press that is guaranteed free speech in the Constitution?

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Heywood Jablome

    I find it amusing on the one hand and scary on the other, that firstly they continue to want to shoot the messenger, and totally ignore the message, and secondly, that someone of this low mental acuity, is actually in a position of almost unlimited power to restrict freedom and cause mayhem internationally. As I commented before, it would seem that Trump has joined the denizens of the swamp, and the level is not being drained..

  • Alan777

    Assange just provides a platform for the whistleblowers, he is a hero since he puts his life at risk . He is fighting for the values of individual freedom/liberty and against the deep state, values many Americans died fighting for.

    • robertsgt40

      And in his 10yrs has yet to be proven wrong on any Wikileaks articles. They just call him names.

      • disqussted999

        Even giving Assange the benefit of the doubt that his motives are good, or perhaps even altruistic, and that he is not a CIA plant but a concerned citizen of the world, I’d still really like to know who pays him and his hackers and researchers, who supports him? Show me the money trail…cui bono?

        • robertsgt40

          Good question. I think a lot of his sources are disgusted intel members. I think one of his sources was Seth Rich, the now croaked member of Hitlery’s campaign. Time will tell what’s really going on.

          • disqussted999

            Sources, perhaps/probably?… but financiers, that’s likely another story.

          • robertsgt40

            The moneychangers have always had their fingers in the pie. 😉

  • paul crosley

    The NWO needs their “useful idiots” too.
    Don’t expect much out of them as far as critical, reasoned dialogue. Especially from the head of “Propaganda is US”.

  • robertsgt40

    Live by the sword….

  • The extraordinary human failing of being so easily blindsided away from the actual numbers/facts of events is what makes “Government” possible….
    Poor old Julian is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.
    The telemovie about him was very relevant.
    Luckily for me I’ll never have such a situation thanks to my Religion: I’m a devout coward!

  • r2bzjudge

    It’s politics as usual from Pompeo. They all wear flip flops.

    • Marten

      And they all wear “brown lipstick” too…..

  • James Clander

    Great article – about time the DB wrote something supporting Assange.
    Past article have cast suspicions re Assange that were totally unbelievable to me.
    Assange is a hero along with Snowdon. No way they are CIA plants.

  • It is a measure of the depths to which our society has fallen that such a pompous idiot as Pompeo is allowed the means to even articulate his pathetic complaints. It is also a measure of our society’s saving grace that Julian remains able to articulate his rightful indignation at the CIA’s excessive leverage in all things subversive. Let’s hope the balance remains, or even grows, and Julian is soon released from his exile to once again irritate and bedevil TPTB.

  • georgesilver

    The real people in charge don’t really care whether people know or are completely oblivious to what’s going on. They have realised the internet with it’s wealth of contradictory stories has led to mass confusion. Nobody really believes anything anymore.
    The moment the average person was given the vote was the moment when it ceased to matter. The system had taken over. People vote for figures who have no real power. Take as an example the City of London. It is neither accountable to parliament or to the Crown.

    • Real people are not in charge of anything remotely practical, georgesilver, and that makes their systems catastrophically vulnerable to virtual manipulations over which they have neither command and control nor knowledge of.

      And all of that, and the following, is impossible to deny is true, and hard concrete facts which can easily burst the myriad bubbles of fantasy that masquerade and are touted as realities to be acknowledged and obeyed today for a better tomorrow than yesterday …..

      “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” – Lewis Carroll from “Alice in Wonderland”.
      “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with an average voter.” – Winston Churchill.

      And y’all have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring you, have you? Be honest and admit it to yourself, it is a absolutely fabulous mystery which y’all are relying on right dodgy media mogul enterprises and their prize sub-prime puppets to provide you information and intelligence on.

      No warrior news, no warrior views ….. ?! IT aint rocket science to realise where all of the ammunition for chaos and disruption and destruction comes from, and the voices to be targeted for permanent silencing, is it?

      • Agent Revolver

        It really ain’t, amanfromMars 🙂

        And what’s to be served for the courses is often a meal that too late comes to the table/desk.

        The only weapon. How true. And, there are counter-weapons, for this case.

        There is some0ne who knows it pretty well.

  • Is the CIA just a sub-prime spy agency for latter day geeks and wannabe spooks, essentially now defaulted to just follow and react to novel and disruptive developments/trends rather than anything else innovative and more productive able and/or enabled to deliver vital and viral future events and serial programs with prime leading intelligence which is attractive to virtually embrace and materially support?

    Do Uncle Sam Operations and Allied SWIFT Supporting Systems struggle vainly and do self-destructive battle with engagement against a more Advanced Intelligence Service and Sublime IntelAIgent Servers …… Man and Machine doing their ESPecial Anonymous Autonomous Alien Thing with ….. well, the Future Production, Current Presentation and Heavenly Programming of Virtual Realties for Practical Applications.?!

  • Kernel01

    Don’t think that Pompeo took the Hippocratic Oath prior to being sworn in as CIA director. But technology is making a lot of the old guard clandestine services cloak and dagger irrelevant, i.e. OBE – Overtaken By Events.

  • Praetor

    Propaganda is the news of the day. The only truth that matters to me is the ones I see when I walkout the front door. The only truth I hear is truth I hear while looking around when I walkout that front door. Is there any truth today only the truth I believe in, and that is the d*m truth. I often wonder why the bible said, “thou shalt not lie”. Could be it leads to death and destruction.!!!

  • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

    the CIA was intruduced 2 the world by truman 2 do the things a dictatorship needs 2 have done but does not want 2 b seen doing! black OPs from day ONE! financing comes through associations from the drug trade which is y the governments in the western world do not have a problem with drugs cause u do need consumption if your cut from the sales is 2 b big enough 2 bankroll a whole differnt ball-game altogether!

  • bailintheboat

    “Or is Wikileaks simply another arm of the press that is guaranteed free speech in the Constitution?”
    Could be he’s the neighbor that couldn’t quit spying on you, all grown up.

  • Alan777

    By his tweets, Pompeo doesn’t sound like he has the wisdom needed to do the job.