North Korea Nuclear Hoax Heightens Alternative Media Skepticism
By Daily Bell Staff - March 10, 2016

Kim Jong-un orders North Korea’s nuclear arsenal on standby Kim Jong-un’s bombastic statement came after the UN security council’s adoption of tough new sanctions on Pyongyang. –UK Telegraph

Some of the biggest fear-based propaganda swirls around the nuclear resources of the modern age.

For instance, North Korea claims to have a new-type “large-caliber multiple launch rocket system.”

However, the Telegraph article reports that “experts are divided” about the country’s ability to mount warheads on “working missile delivery system.”

North Korea feeds the fear. Now it has released photos of Kim looking at a mock up of miniaturized atomic bomb — “a small, silverish globe with a ballistic missile or a model ballistic missile in the background.”

According to Reuters, South Korea disputed the North’s claim regarding miniaturized warheads. The alternative media weighed in skeptically as well.

The Daily Sheeple posted an article entitled, “Guess It’s Supposed To Be Scary, But Kim Jong-Un Just Looks Stupid Posing With This Supposed Mini Nuke.”

… We live in an age of the perpetual war on terror, but a more appropriate name would be the “War of Terror” because the biggest weapon used in it is fear.

At this point, pictures like this one just look downright silly. They look like they should be part of a caption-of-the-week contest and not real life … That didn’t stop this story from being plastered all over the mainstream U.S. media, though.

Internet skepticism evolves.

Nuclear debunking has become so strident that the well-known alternative website DarkMoon attacked the “No Nuclear Bombs conspiracy theory” last August. The idea was that such speculation is poisoning alternative media credibility.

An excerpt:

We would then have to believe that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was essentially a bogus organization. For if there are no nuclear weapons, there would be no raison d’être  for the IAEA. Its 22 member states, its Board of Governors, and its countless inspectors in numerous countries would all be engaged in fraudulent activities.

Political analyst Franklin Ryckaert, in a few choice words, has dismissed the above conspiracy theory as worthless trash. He points out correctly:

The political implications of atomic bombs being a fraud would be enormous.  It would mean not only that the US had cheated the world, but also that the UK, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel had been cheating the world in a similar way …

Occam’s Razor would suggest that none of this nonsense is possible.

And yet … an open minded person looking at films of nuclear bomb testing from the 1940s via YouTube might conclude that at least some of the footage was falsified. YouTube narratives increasingly attack the small amount of historical documentation available regarding the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Questioning such events is both ludicrous and infuriating for many, but the US military has often lied about its military operations.

The war in Vietnam, for instance, started because the administration lied about a North Vietnamese attack at sea. And evidence has emerged that FDR was well aware that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor.

It’s not just nuclear information. NASA has been extraordinary clumsy in handling historical space exploration documentation. This fuels the suspicion of some.

For instance, the agency claimed it lost images of the original moon landing but then suddenly found them again and released them in a colorized and “enhanced” form.

In this Internet era, more and more is being questioned. And as the tide of skepticism surges, governments and bureaucracy increasingly fight back with censorship and worse.

Various EU countries are attempting to criminalize questioning of official narratives and France has already done so.

Meanwhile, in the US, those who believe in the nation’s founding documents are increasingly singled out as suspicious persons by such agencies as Homeland Security.

We wrote recently that the mainstream media tended to play up North Korea as a rogue state in order to distract from the West’s own judicial and economic transgressions.

But some of North Korea’s claims – and the hyper-nuclear claims of other states – are so exaggerated that they are difficult for anyone to believe.

Rather than fearing debunking of almost any sort, we should welcome it. When our perceptions of reality are incorrect, we are likely to reach incorrect conclusions. Respectful, determined questioning can provide us with meaningful answers.

Conclusion: It is truth that gives us the best way of utilizing “human action,” which is perhaps our most precious resource. Knowledge is power. Seek it always, even if it proves disturbing to some, including yourself.

Featured image from the front cover of the Rodong Sinmun, March 9, 2016

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  • Heywood Jablome

    The only fear being generated is by an agenda driven military-industrial complex and a fauning complicit media, with China right on their doorstep, I cannot think of a more effective buffer, Kim Jong…..etc. is a buffoon, a tyrant and a bloviating oppressor, his people are the ones who suffer from the sanctions, and the brainwashing…we in the west play into the scenario by enabling this despot…ignore him and let the Chinese deal with his antics

  • Praetor

    This all reminds one of Winston and his job of, Info>input> output! And will Kim Jung-un ever not look like he should be in a baby Crip rapt in blankets!!!

  • PJ

    What exactly is the hoax? How do YOU know it IS a hoax?

    • You think North Korea has a broad gamut of advanced nuclear weapons and is on a hair-trigger alert to use them? We don’t.

      • bouf

        In 1996 Army intel were telling us (NBC, chemos, not the network) they had 3. That was declassified in the mid 2000s I think. It seems the Pakistani tech deal came after that. They have the fuel. They’ve had some time. The photo is ridiculous and I don’t believe they have something they can reliably mount on their unreliable missiles. But they do have nukes and maybe? some late 70s or early 80’s tech, from the epoch of tactical nuclear weapons fired from heavy artillery. And they have a lot of artillery. Either side would be nuts to invade the other. 2ID, Casey

  • I see N Korea as very useful to some in supporting the belief that we are socially and politically free. The insane fearmongering that only grows louder and more insane is part of trying to keep the genie in the bottle. Keep the light from shining. Maintain a confusion in which to hold back the Unthinkable. And for very many – so far – terror maintains the power that dictates the narrative of the Free World – but unlike N.Korea – it uses much subtler social engineering – though behind the mask – fear and guilt operate a protection racket – but from what?
    In my own life I passed through different kinds of fears and saw that there are layers of psycho-emotional defence that include every kind of diversionary tactic, and the mark of an ‘inside job’ because the triggers were exactly targeted to the weaknesses and then subtler fears hidden in presumed strengths or certainties – and pulling the rug from these would in one way or another cause me to ‘lose focus’ or communication and become engaged in some conflicted drama that in a way kept me in my cage or indeed kept out of awareness what I was unwilling to own.
    Accepting responsibility for fear rather than ‘losing communication’ to some kind of blame-drama freed up attention with which to notice more.
    The eventual shock was of recognizing – suddenly stumbling upon what the network of fears were serving – and this is perhaps not communicable to anyone who is not already aware of in the moment of stumbling upon – and it is fear of love.
    That recognition did not allay fear – but it totally shifted the direction of my curiosity – because I was no longer coming from an embattled attempt to prevail or survive.
    Fear becomes something to feel into and move or flow with in ways that own it and be transformed by it. Not manipulated by the flipside of my personality attempts to hide it – or indeed to hide from it.
    The capacity to feel is what grows – and this is consciousness of a kind that thinking alone will never achieve or recognize – for that is flat – even if it is forcefully redirecting the energy of suppressed or denied emotion. It is simply the personality as a defence mechanism rather than as a channel through which to experience More of what is already here but hitherto screened off or denied and filtered out.

    One of the stories I find interesting on Nukes and ‘crazy’ ideas is around the multiple documented instances of UFO’s associated with disabling nuclear missiles – and frequenting such sites.

    While I wouldn’t advise dropping anything that works for you – I would invite willingness to consider that not only will “the Bridegroom come when ye thinketh NOT” – but where you don’t expect. That is, transformational information for the timing of your own unfolding, in the very places you so easily judge against and overlook. This is the reverse of what I said on fears hidden in apparent strengths.
    The next thing is serendipity or synchronicity – for if you are focused in what is true of you – which may be truly interesting, enlivening, joyful, exciting and etc then that aligns correspondences that the merely rational mind would not see any connection and pass by. But beyond the short-sighted personality range of thought is an inner knowing of who you are and thus what serves your fulfilment – and thus brings you things that will turn out to be connected when looking back.
    This is ‘leaning’ into the unknown – but following an inner sense of connectedness that is tangible but never the alleviation of the responsibility to be present that a rulebound mind seems to confer.
    Learning to NOT trigger fear in others is also part of the art of living, This is the polar opposite of the belief that one has to leverage others with guilt or fear in order to achieve personally desired or believed outcomes.
    That there is another way to arrive at desired outcomes has to be discovered and demonstrated as a willingness to learn. The pervasive fear and blame operates against this movement of the heart – IF given the power to do so.
    I agree that disturbance is part of the ‘territory’. Getting hyper on reactions can be a way of not owning how disturbed one actually is. Honesty unlocks insight and perspective – but it doesn’t come easy to a sense of self under threat and seeking protection. If the outer experience were comfortable I wouldn’t be talking this in public – but it is increasing disturbing – so the ‘territory’ is here whether you ‘choose’ it or not.

  • dave jr

    The short fat kid is going to throw a crap ball into the face of westerners. He better have good aim and be able to run real fast. Ha, the prospect of the fat kid running real fast. And he is on a peninsula… Only the central bankers could protect him.

    • bouf

      But you do see that he is ostracized precisely because he does not have a western-controlled central bank. Through that lens, everything the short fat kid says about the imperials that are trying to take over his country is 100% spot-on.

  • alaska3636

    I have two links to share today:
    Hawking thinks a Brexit would be a disaster for science

    Garry Kasparov (ya, that chess guy) doesn’t want to be lectured about socialism

    On Hawking:
    Here’s a guy that I’m not totally convinced is capable of thought or speech (I’m pretty cynical) who maintains elite memes like it’s his job. Speaking of a disaster for science, what in great-googly-moogly, has theoretical physics done to raise standards of living? Am I consuming relativity right now, but I am unaware of it? Can it be considered academic welfare at this point? NASA bothers me; space exploration is a low return nuisance.

    Kasparov adds his voice to a long line of former soviet bloc citizens with, like, memories of the gifts of socialism. Weird article (btw) for the Daily Beast to be publishing. The Chess Grandmaster makes a few salient points regarding economics, which probably comes as no surprise to someone familiar with risk and reward. Like most things coming out of Russia, I don’t know what to make of the fellow; but, his Wikipedia page would make an interesting biopic:

    • Bruce C.

      I agree with your sentiment about Hawking, but I don’t get your point at all about Kasparov. I think his article is excellent.

      • alaska3636

        Got my comment out in a rush.

        My point was more regarding why The Beast, a liberal site, would publish a well-written article about how socialism is abhorrent. I agree about the article: Kasparov is lucid.

        However, I never know what to make of all things Russia. Kasparov is a “Keeper of the Flame” ” for ‘propagation of democracy and the respect for individual rights throughout the world'”. Whatever that means. Propagator of democracy sounds like US intel-controlled opposition.

        I have no idea about anti-Putinism. Like North Korea, everything coming out of there seems distorted and monochromatic. More from his Wiki page:
        “Kasparov wrote in February 2013 that “fascism has come to Russia….Project Putin, just like the old Project Hitler, is but the fruit of a conspiracy by the ruling elite. Fascist rule was never the result of the free will of the people. It was always the fruit of a conspiracy by the ruling elites!””

        This is a weird association for the Beast.

        • Bruce C.

          I don’t know anything about The Beast (never heard of it other than references at sites like this, and have no idea about their “liberal” bent.) I’m just taking the article you linked at face value, and I liked it.

          If you’re confused about why The Beast might publish such things it could be because many who claim to be liberal, etc. actually just want things to be good (for themselves at least, if not everyone) and they may be realizing that they’ve hitched their ideals to the wrong wagon.

          I don’t mean to start another thread about Trump, but evidently a statistically significant number of “democrat” voters are switching to “republican” to help insure that Trump wins the republican nomination, presumably because they don’t think the current trends are working for them, and BS/HC are another tranche of the same.

    • bouf

      Hawking was a signatory to the Royal Academy published opinion, a perspective of calling for open-ness in science by squashing the Brexit. It was truly laughable. The Internet Reformation (hats off again for that, DB) opened up science – and accelerated its march – like wildfire. The Academy is trying to keep science in a box under the Queen’s control. They steal the best information-mirrors they can find (i.e. A+ students) and turn them into little Rhodes Robots. Hawking, brilliant physicist that he is, is a also an RR, so no surprise on his political opinions, which are worth about as much to me as Justin Bieber’s.
      Kasparov OTOH has no love for Socialism As you point out below, he is also quite anti-Putin. I shared the meme on FB where he is startled to be lectured about socialism by Americans. Only in America right?