COVID Propaganda Roundup: ‘Public Health’ Goes Woke. Here is Their Agenda…
By Ben Bartee - January 11, 2022

The latest updates on the “new normal” – chronicling the lies, distortions, and abuses by the ruling class.

That the “public health experts” would social justice-ize the COVID agenda was inevitable. As Anita Sarkeesian deftly and succinctly observed:

Add to “sexist”: “racist,” “fatphobic,” “transphobic,” and the remainder of the cornucopia of –isms that propagate incestuously by the day. There you have the entire single-sentence guidebook, in any context, to understanding SJW “ideology” – to the extent that’s what “justice” can even be considered.

Frankly, the only roadblock that hindered the COVID wokeness from the start was the “we’re all in this together” talking point that can’t be reconciled with divisive identity politics. Trying to get the deplorables to cooperate with the draconian lockdowns was already difficult enough in the beginning.

But, of course, even that obvious contradiction couldn’t hold back the SJW-COVID merger. The transphobia/ableism/whatever-ism angle is just too tempting – it’s catnip to the left.

And, anyway, things need not make sense in Neoliberal Candyland©, after all, do they?

Sovereign Man last Friday hit on the denial of monoclonal antibodies (one pharma therapeutic that actually appears to work) to “non-white” people for the sake of “racial equity.”

The race-based care angle is an important story with life-or-death implications, but it’s just the tip of the non-binary iceberg.

So let’s dive headfirst into the diversity end of the pool (the shallow one). Because it’s our greatest strength. Because it’s liberal. Because it’s loving.

Playing the ‘Anti-Semite’ Card: Fauci Hides Behind Holocaust Victims to Deflect Criticism

Lara Logan compared Fauci to Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi scientist, due to Fauci’s mass medical experimentation on the population. (Experimentation, incidentally, which he has justified as necessary to combat a virus that he helped engineer himself through NIH funding.)

But the Nazi doctor thing was not a fair comparison, as Mengele only crippled/killed his victims by the thousands. Fauci has the blood of literally hundreds of millions of innocents — perhaps billions in the final count — on his hands. He has fiddled with the lives of his test subjects on a scale Mengele only had wet dreams of.

But Fauci, rather than breathing a sigh of relief for Logan downplaying the severity of his mass crimes and perhaps thanking her for her charitable comparison, instead went on the offensive, taking rhetorical cover behind Holocaust victims.

Here he and the MSNBC cuck do some grade-A pearl-clutching:

And he got the Auschwitz Memorial to weigh in on his side:

Fauci is effectively a Hamas terrorist, launching his COVID terror rockets off of a Gaza Strip schoolhouse to prevent retaliation – it’s the exact same tactic. Except instead of hiding behind Palestinian schoolchildren, Fauci’s human shields are WWII-era Polish Jews.

If you criticize Warlord Fauci, he’ll claim you are both disrespecting The Science© and in favor of re-holocausting the Jews.

Noam Chomsky, Celebrated Left Hero, on Unvaccinated: Lock Them in Homes, Getting Food Is ‘Their Problem’

“To protect public safety, one must deny the public with access to vital resources.” This is the central governing principle of the Lockdown Left, which has exhausted all appeals to reason (let’s be honest, it never had any good ones anyway). It’s also fresh out of the various sordid “carrots” to lure the peasants into the vaxx station like free sex, free booze, and free weed.

The only thing left is siege warfare.

Effectively starving “citizens” who allegedly have “rights” in a “democracy” for not complying with tyrannical medical mandates to inject experimental genetic material into themselves and their children is liberal, and it’s loving.

Do you hear the wise, learned old man’s measured NPR-style tones that convey reason and careful thought? That’s how you advocate genocide while passing off genocidal rhetoric as academic.

New York Governor Declares Racism ‘Public Health Emergency’

The only stunning thing is that this didn’t happen earlier during the 2020 Summer of Love (aka the George Floyd riots).

Via ABC:

“New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has declared racism a ‘public health crisis,’ signing an entire package of legislation Dec. 23 aimed at addressing discrimination and racial injustice in the state…

The long list of new efforts will also cover inclusivity in health care.”

I plan on covering this concept more in-depth in the near future because it’s crucial to understand what’s going on in the broader scheme of things: COVID is merely the vehicle to get the technetronic, all-inclusive social control grid established and legitimized.

The ruling class plans, down the line, to piece-by-piece incorporate the woke racism obsession, climate change, and literally any other social/economic boutique issue into the “public health” fold. The CDC will serve as the de facto ruling party.

This is your new authoritarian strongman, and it looks nothing like a clean-shaven Nazi commander in leather boots:

In Case a Casual Observer Understandably and Mistakenly Assumes The Left Actually Cares About ‘Public Health’…

As Tyler Durden observed that “sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken,” just so, leftists berating their fellow citizens about “public health” doesn’t make them public health virtuosos.

The same people who, since 2015, have called any normal person who wouldn’t lick Hillary Clinton’s boots “Russian agents “and “domestic terrorists” and “Nazis” suddenly profess to care about the Nazis’ well-being.  What an odd turn of events to suddenly develop emergent empathy.

It’s a pure culture war thing to force the holdouts into prostration before the technocracy, and has been since the beginning.

The Tweet above encapsulates how they actually think — that guy (or non-binary thing, or whatever) was just brave enough to spell it out. It’s all about owning the deplorables and has been from the start. The average gender non-conforming HuffPo reader orgasms every time it delivers the latest catnip story about a “conspiracy theorist” allegedly dying of COVID. They celebrate death.

Then, when a triple-vaxxed boomer like Colin Powell dies, they go catatonic with cognitive dissonance to somehow blame the unvaxxed for that death as well (despite the indisputable fact we’ve exhaustively covered here that the “vaccines” do not prevent transmission).

The less sense the latest Covidian claim de jour makes, the harder the blue-checks Tweet about it, the louder their calls to censor their opponents, and the more defensive and aggressive they become.

This is who they are. These are their values.

Remember: these same self-appointed moral paragons are themselves child abusers responsible for the mass dumbing down of an entire generation for the sake of appeasing their own neuroticism.

Never let them claim the moral high ground.

Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Follow his stuff via his blog, Armageddon ProseSubstack, Patreon, Gab, and Twitter

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