Libertarian Party Offers Government Policy Instead of Persuasive Philosophy
By Daily Bell Staff - June 23, 2016

Here’s Why Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Isn’t Ready for Primetime  …  American voters will need more details to jump to a third party candidate like Johnson. The Libertarian Party had one of its most high-profile tests in its history on Wednesday night when both members of its 2016 presidential ticket answered questions during a town hall aired on CNN. They might want to ask for a makeup exam.-  Fortune

When we point out dominant social themes, we usually do so within the context of mainstream media propaganda.

But this article posted at Fortune makes legitimate points about the Libertarian party and its current nominees.

The problem with the Libertarian party is that to be a libertarian means you don’t believe people ought to be forced to behave a certain way.

But government is all about force.

So running for political office within a libertarian context is a kind of contradiction in terms.

This Fortune article points out some of the contradictions.


Johnson often hesitates to make a full-throated endorsement of the libertarian vision of significantly smaller government … When asked whether he would replace Obamacare as president, Johnson hedged, saying that he was running for president, and not Congress.

… In an interview with Fortune last week, Johnson was coy when asked about how he would both eliminate the corporate income tax and present a balanced budget to Congress as his “first major act,” something he promises to do on his campaign website.

So Johnson is not committed to ending Obamacare and isn’t forthright about eliminating taxes or balancing the budget.

He sounds a lot more concerned with policy than philosophy.

We don’t think the federal budget ought to be balanced anyway. It should be downsized into oblivion. Johnson doesn’t seem to think so.

As for Obamacare, it should never have been passed to begin with. And, no, it shouldn’t be replaced. Just let it lapse.

Let medicine and health care be delivered the way they were before World War II.


The market should govern health care, not the federal government.

As for taxes, Johnson apparently argues he would get rid of income taxes and fund government via a sales tax.

His vice president, according to the article, won’t even go that far and doesn’t believe the IRS needs to be abolished.

Just yesterday we posted an ARTICLE explaining that government programs, no matter how well meaning, are basically price fixes. And price-fixing doesn’t work. It just distorts the economy and diminishes prosperity.

The best thing the Libertarian party could probably do is to educate people on the reality of government intrusion and how even its quietest touches are destructive.

Instead, it sounds like these Libertarian candidates are caught it up in defining what federal programs they want to keep and how forcefully they want to impose them.

This is probably one reason the Libertarian party regularly attracts about one percent of the vote.

That’s not much. And there’s a reason for it …

It’s not educating people. It’s just coming off as a less regulated version of the Republican party.

Conclusion: First and foremost the Libertarian party should be offering a moral philosophy of independence and human dignity. Instead it sounds like its more concerned with parsing policy. Not impressive to anyone.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • AmericanGold

    I really appreciate this style of explicit truth-telling. This is why I subscribe to The Daily Bell … telling it like it is!

  • It was incredibly disappointing, and I had already steeled myself for incredible disappointment.

    I will be voting Sweet Meteor O’ Death 2016.

    • Pilgrim

      You may get your wish . . . albeit not until 2018.

  • Fred Bastiat

    “American voters will need more details to jump to a third party candidate like Johnson.”

    I hardly consider that a legitimate point from Fortune magazine. If there is one thing I’ve learned about voting: the American voter is not looking for “more detail”. Rather, American voters are prone to be swept up into the cult of personality and the cult of free stuff.

    If the Libertarian party wants relevance in the statist system they need to put forth a highly charismatic candidate who offers to give away other people’s stuff. It’s the only and surest recipe for political success. Which is why the Libertarian party is irrelevant, they have principles that prevent them from out-bidding the other political parties.

  • Did the LP learn *nothing* from ’08 and 2012??

  • John Lock

    Just Google third party history and you will find hundreds of failures . .

  • Praetor

    Is government so big, everyone is infected by its diseases. The only thing the government has done, taken the citizens money and misspent it or stolen it. And killed 100s of millions of people. Anyone who say government is or has answers to the worlds problems, is a fool!!!

  • Libertarian Jerry

    As a life long libertarian I can see the point that a majority of voting Americans are either directly or indirectly riding on the government gravy train. It took over 100 years but the collectivists have attained

    their goal of a fascist/socialist America. The Libertarian Party has tried for over 40 years to convince voters to change their ways and become independent,self reliant and self responsible people. This path to the levers of political power has failed to the point where the Libertarian Party is nothing but a footnote in history. So,maybe Libertarian Party candidates should hold their nose and assure the parasitic Political Class that nothing will really change if they,the Libertarian Candidates,are voted into power. Then once in power,over time,subtly and by stealth,work to dismantle Leviathan. It may take several generations to achieve liberty but it took just as long for the collectivists to undermine and ruin America.

  • 2bvictorius

    The problem with Libertarians is they advocate every one has the right to their own
    opinions and individual freedom, but then they insist that if you do not agree with their ideas of how to fix our broken government, you are a moron. That sounds just like the communist democrats and the fascist republicans.
    As a younger person, I thought I was a libertarian but, then decided I would rather work for a living, be a constitutionalist and wait for George Washington to return. Well halleluiah, Donald Trump is here to lead the nation back to reality and get the inmates out of government and back into their padded rubber rooms at the animal farm.

    • it doesn’t matter

      There are no external saviors. Just a reminder… you can remain a victim or you can pull yourself free… your life is your responsibility. You are the one you are waiting for.

  • 2bvictorius: You are being sarcastic about Trump? Right.? Hope so!

    • 2bvictorius

      Sarcastic, No Way. I truly believe Trump is not just the best hope but, perhaps the only hope for salvation of America as a democratically free and constitutional republic. As Ronald Reagan often stated, America is just one generation away from enslavement. I would rephrase that quote and say, America is ONE ELECTION away from enslavement.
      Many people are claiming they will not support or vote for Trump , some say he is not a conservative, others say he is racist or what ever. The truth is the term conservative has so many definitions the label no longer has any real meaning as it is impossible to determine what anyone really believes when they claim to be conservative. Even a communist could be more conservative than another communist, but he is still a communist. As for being racist, Trump has had more women, Latino’s, Orientals, Native Americans and people of different faiths and religions come forward of their own accord and give unsolicited testimonials that Trump is the best employer they have ever worked for or with, and is the very best friend and benefactor of anyone they have ever known. Trump has had tens of thousands of employees and hundreds of business partners and negotiated hundreds of business deals, and no one has made any provable claims that he has been anything other than a honest business man. It is true, Trump has lost a lot of his fortune a few times, but, he has not only made it back, but , made a lot more than what he lost. Being extremely wealthy by working for it, and having the genius for making money is neither a crime nor a sin, it is a blessing. Electing someone who has dared to try, endured the agony of having failed but having the courage and intellect to overcome adversity to emerge triumphant ,is a man that can become the best America president since Thomas Jefferson. Trump is running for president because he loves our country and determined to restore America ‘s form of governance as being one of the people. Another very important and seldom acknowledged fact is. Donald J. Trump is an extremely brave and dedicated man to do what he is doing for our country. He has chosen to do what the experts said he was impossible, yet he won the nomination against one of the most powerful political establishment s and ison tract to win the presidency , even though the party is trying to stop him. I know he will win, because, he must, or we all lose.

  • it doesn’t matter

    All political parties are corporations. All governments are corporations. All use force. All manipulate. What do you expect?

    Show me an adult human who wants to be ruled by any other human and I will show you an irresponsible human. Extremely irresponsible and one who is probably lazy as well.

    A standing government is not a viable, sustainable human option no matter how it is organized. All of history and human experience shows us that.

    Self government is the solution. The individual rules him/her self absolutely. Self government is a natural government. Self governing is one of individual human action, one of voluntary cooperation. The foundation of which is individual responsibility for his/her actions. Local. One of unlimited freedom except where others may be harmed or the rights of others infringed upon.

    A government consisting of self does not stand in office and rule, rather it is one that self-organizes to accomplish a local or regional goal, then is immediately disbanded. A government of self requires only one human to function, but can be two, five, twenty six, or any number of responsible individuals coming together in cooperation to accomplish a task.

    A non-standing self government with no permanent organizational structure requires a responsible human. One whom respects and is willing to defend the rights of others.

    And very little else.

    Its an individual choice how you’d prefer to live out your life. You are free to take it or leave it. You are free to do anything you want…. responsibly.

    • nathenism

      don’t forget fear…i think fear is the main reason people want to be ruled by another…in this country we are so scared of growing up most of us never really do it…so when we are forced to leave our parents we replace them with big brother…

      • it doesn’t matter

        Yeah, its the brainwashing resulting from the oppression that is the source and reinforcement for those unnatural fears though. Individuals are conned that they are less wise and powerless by the rulers/oppressors from the moment of birth. Any individual that takes action and/or responsibility for themselves is met with laws, regulations, enforcers, or other immediate force to push them back into the herd.

        An experience of freedom outside of forceful control never occurs for most of us. It takes courage to act and to live responsibly, in harmony with nature and in harmony with others. Many minds are not prepared and many don’t even try.

        Ingrained, unnaturally sustained fears can quickly disappear though, when greater threats to an individual’s survival are realized. We have many of those threatening conditions challenging us all, right here and right now.

        Soon we must act, individually and in very small groups, to begin to remove those survival threats from our environment. Or else endure their thousand year plan.

        The Internet is a wonderful resource that has not fallen under total control of the rulers/oppressors just yet. This tool is being used by individuals to educate themselves of those survival threats while also exposing themselves to many new ideas. Ideas followed by practical examples. Ideas previously too fearful to consider…. Yet, ideas that others are already implementing into their personal lives and social relations.

        The Internet is helping to dissolve away many individual fears… through the opportunity for extended education, discovery of truth and reality and distant interaction with others. This process, the numbers of individuals entertaining new ideas, coming together to help and to solve problems, with many literally acting upon these new ideas, appears to be ever accelerating.

        There will be a period of much greater weakness and vulnerability for TPTB. Their plans are destructive and ruinous and highly dependent upon scripted playwright for their success.

        Isn’t it a natural human response to become more responsible for ones own existence when life is threatened?

        What if we all decide to exercise some individual responsibility near the darkest hour of their destruction and during their greatest period of vulnerability (rather than accept their scripted solutions), and begin to rebuild our social orders in our own image? From our own ideas?

        It is then that an individual may become absolutely fearless. It it then our opportunity to become absolutely free, bound and oppressed only by Universe.

        I have an unbreakable confidence in humanity.

        Thank you,

  • rahrog

    The problem with The Libertarian Party is that they keep nominating people for president who are not libertarians. Remember Bob Barr??? What a joke! Now they nominate this bozo moderate republican (again) to carry their standard. Gary Johnson is NOT a libertarian. Gary Johnson is just another phony politician.

  • Jim Johnson

    Appealing to the NevrTrump crowd. Welcome to the tactics it takes to plant the Torch of Liberty back where it belongs.

  • Pilgrim

    Does the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and the original Constitution (of the united States of America)* expound modern libertarian principles?

    The difference between modern libertarianism and that which our founders established is a Judeo-Christian foundation.

    Apart from the basis of God-given rights, there can be no absolute, unchanging basis for determining what is a right and what is a liberty.

    “Human rights” are granted and taken away by the UN Human Rights Commission. God-given rights are literally “carved in stone”.

    *The constitution we have now is entitled “The Constitution for the United States of America”, the 13th amendment was removed and replaced, also the sovereignty of Citizens was superceed by the 14th amendment which established subject-class citizens affording only ‘privileges and immunities’ to later be enforced through an SSN which may as well stand for ‘slave surveillance number’.