NASA and Nuclear Activities: More Scrutiny Needed
By Daily Bell Staff - May 25, 2016

Russia has no plans to deliver US astronauts to ISS after 2018 — US wants ISS program extended through to 2024 —  Russia has no intention of concluding more contracts for delivering US astronauts to the International Space Station after 2018, the deputy chief of the state-run corporation Roscosmos, Sergey Saveliev, has told the media.

Maybe the Russians don’t want to participate anymore because NASA is engaged in too much space-station fakery.

Or maybe there are other issues such as increased US military activity around Russia. Chances are we will never know.

In the modern age, high-tech government programs are almost immune from serious scrutiny.

Governments issue press releases on their accomplishments and reporters and editors dutifully rewrite those releases and publish them.

China’s space program was seen as advancing rapidly before the release of a video that showed bubbles floating in space. Apparently, the space walk in question had actually taken place in a large water-filled pool.

NASA has recently stated space suits shall be equipped with snorkels. This has led to the suggestion that NASA’s space activities take place underwater, as in China.

A slew of Youtube videos purport to show the bubbles. You can see one HERE.

Other NASA space videos analyzed by critics are perplexing as well.

Hair stands on end when it probably shouldn’t. Astronauts turn right at doorways and then surprisingly vanish. Astronaut, Chris Cassidy, accidentally admits he is in the US not on the space station.

Over and over again, when it comes to NASA, there are questions. And not from long ago.

NASA recently released photos taken on Mars. for instance. A squirrel appears in one of them.

It is important to ask questions when it comes to government endeavors. Assume all of them are basically real – still, within them, there may be questionable elements.

When government is not transparent with citizens, trouble begins and builds. Lies beget lies. Bureaucratic noncompliance becomes more entrenched. Distrust expands. This is where we are today.

The beginnings of NASA lie with the German space program. Russia and the US split up captured German rocket engineers that then became the core of two competing programs.

It is even said that the US provided Russia with the better scientists in order to ensure competition.

It is at least feasible that German scientists might have less compunction about telling the US public falsehoods, or exaggerating certain NASA claims.

Even an emphatic narrative can offer uncertainty. For instance, the initial press conference after the first moon landing is bizarre. Neil Armstrong looks like he is facing execution rather than confronting an adulatory press corps.

Armstrong couldn’t remember whether or not he’d seen stars on the moon. The cameras the astronauts used didn’t show any stars in photos brought back  to earth. And an extraordinary number of photos were taken, all of remarkable quality.

Equally remarkable, certain astronauts appear to be pulled erect by wires after stumbling. (see 2:17).

Only a few years ago, a piece of petrified wood was found among “space rocks” in a Dutch museum. The “rock” in question was provided, initially, by the US State Dept.

There are non moon-related questions as well that perplex observers.

Astronaut Gus Grissom was a determined critic of NASA whose life ended when he burned to death in an Apollo 1 capsule. His son has accused NASA of murder.

Thomas Baron was a quality control and safety inspector who reportedly wrote a 500 page report on the  Apollo 1 fire. He was killed with his wife and children while trying to cross train tracks near home and his report has vanished.

And then there is the US nuclear program. We’ve recently raised questions about the world’s nuclear programs. You can see our most recent article HERE.

Whether Hiroshima or Nagasaki were actually subject to atomic bombings, there are certainly  questions that remain.

And those questions don’t just involve history.

Announcements are regularly made about countries with nuclear programs – and how these programs are being expanded and reconfigured.

But the announcements are often the only news that exists. Little additional reporting takes place.

We live in a Nuclear Age that is defined by governments and regional military-industrial complexes. The statistics are provided by governments and military facilities. The performance is vouched for by vendors.

We may never know the true reason the Russians want to cease cooperation with the US on the space station. Currently, they are said to provide the sole means of delivery to the ISS via the Soyuz spacecraft.

Now the US will have to substitute one of its own new generation of manned space vehicles. No doubt this will give rise to a new wave of speculation about both the ISS and US space technology.

Conclusion: It would be better if the mainstream media made a better effort to determine what was true and what was not when it came to both NASA announcements and nuclear testing. Even if one wants to “trust” government, verification is most important.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • LawrenceNeal

    So-called ‘government’ has never hesitated to lie, misinform, or kill anyone that gets in it’s way. Because it is a construct of the .001% Elite, and they are psychopaths.

  • Marten

    The ” Elites ” need to keep convincing everyone that the ” enemy ” is out there among us…For as long as we remain ” Unconscious ” We are our own enemy, and so much of what we abhor in our world is a mechanism fuelled by Fear and Love-unworthiness…..

  • acudoc1949

    One begins to doubt everything promoted by nation states. The internet is decentralizing everything.

    I am not afraid of decentralization—more power to individuals—-but this is the tendency which the elites must squash at every turn. They are like dinosaurs in the age of mammals.

  • colinc

    Listen to David Wicock and Coreey Goode on Gaia about the secret space program.According to them NASA is just a front to hide what is really going on which is way more advanced than rockets and space suits

    • James Clander

      I had a look at their so called Secret Space Programme – – NUT jobs !

  • Ernie Hopkins

    The book Dark Mission casts huge doubts on NASA and its public claims. Just a cursory glance at the other evidence makes it clear that NASA is your typical government agency, serial liars. What is really the truth? WTF knows. The astounding thing is how many individuals still give any government employee complete credibility and confidence in whatever they say.

  • Praetor

    Who in the right mind, would go where there is no oxygen nor water, anyway. Bones and muscles waste away, atrophy. You must stay in a small confined space, like a cell. Eat MRIs. Sleep in a hammock. Poop in a vacuum cleaner. Drink you’re own waste. Bath with a sponge. And then there is the radiation, no making babies in space. Yeah, beam me-up Scotty.

    Truth is, till we have the technology down here on earth, to make life as it is down here on earth, no need to send people up there.

    Make it so you could walk on you’re own two feet and cook a steak with baked potatoes corn on the cobb and get you home in a couple of day, yeah count me in. Till then forget it!!!

  • Hippity

    From the beginning, there has always been a “government.,” comprised of those today that we call elites. It has always meant power to the holders of governmental positions, and to maintain power it is important to lie, cheat, steal, and say outrageous things.
    Hillary is a perfect example of power hungry. She is guilty of all of the above, and still
    millions follower her and believe her BS at rallies. So in the long run, who gives a crap. No matter who gets the top job, the corruption begins after the swearing in!!

  • spdlf

    Great article DB. Don’t hold back. I remember watching a video (can’t remember the name) exposing Yuri’s first manned spaceflight as also a fraud. I will have to search for it.

    The USG and its agencies have developed a serious credibility problem in the past decade and thus are increasing the level of psy-ops. I believe the Secret Space Tech/Government is hiding aliens memes put out by Hoagland/Wilcox etc. is purposeful misdirection. It has all the hallmarks of blackwashing legitimate independent research by surrounding it with a bunch of easily disprovable non-sense (see 9/11 no planes theory, or this recent ‘flat earth’ craziness). It pulls peoples attention away from the fluttering flags and wires dangling right in their faces and unnecessarily sexes up the narrative when really these operations are just sick con jobs.

    • Agreed. The USSR faked the first manned flight. This alien meme is meant to discredit people who think NASA is corrupt because frequently NASA debunking videos may show up side by side with “secret NASA alien” videos.

  • Fred

    “NASA recently released photos taken on Mars. for instance. A squirrel appears in one of them.”

    I looked for the above photo and found
    with the squirrel looking object circled in red. If this is the supposed squirrel then I would caution against “jumping to conclusions.” As I look at it, I would be more inclined to think it was a rock formation. Has anyone studied this photo and concluded it is a squirrel? There is plenty to be skeptical about without seeing a falsehood under every rock. I am willing to believe that NASA can launch a rocket to Mars and deploy a beach ball to its surface.
    To me a bigger question is why not go back to our closer Moon? There is so much we could do in our own backyard first. Why, instead, start planning a manned expedition to a far away planet? I am pretty convinced that robots are going to travel in space, not humans. Biological humans are not designed for space travel. it’s going to be digital. Yep, John Wayne Digital will go where no human has traveled before. Of course, if the real object is just to get more and more funding to do the “never going to happen manned exploration of Mars” then it’s all makes sense. Further study is needed . . . . more funding please.


      We should have qualified the observations with “seems.”

      We don’t suggest more funds with NASA. As we suggested regarding Scotus yesterday, NASA ought to be done away with.

      • Fred

        Yep, I agree, it does look like a squirrel in that picture.
        In no way was I recommending more funding for NASA. I am saying that is their modus operandi for perpetuating themselves. And picking a project that is years off, if ever, is the perfect plan for never ending funding. Like the “War on Terrorism”, it just keeps on keeping on.

        • Fred

          If they were serious about manned space travel (and I don’t think they are) they would pick the moon first and perfect their technology. But then people would expect results.

  • Delwyn Lounsbury

    NASA has created on Devon Island, Canada a movie set to perpetrate the MARS HOAX PLOT on us.. Devon Island is said to be the largest uninhabited island in the world. It is next to Greenland and has minimal rain resulting in little snow fall.

    NASA fake photos are sent to simulate its non existent space rover vehicles code names “Spirit” and “Curiosity.”

    From the pictures above these fake mechanical “energizer bunny” rovers seem to have cheaply made tracked wheels that not only get dented but get punctured. Why send a space rover over 40 million miles with defective parts unless you knew you had a team on site at Devon Island, Canada to replace them?.

    Mars and Earth can be 401 million km apart (249 million miles) when they are in opposition and both are at aphelion. The average distance between the two is 225 million km. Mars and Earth reach this closest point to one another approximately every two years is 39.9 million miles.

    See youtube video below of actual pictures of the Devon Island movie set operation with NASA decals on the vehicles, ATV’s and technicians camp on the (previous to 2012) not uninhabited island..

    Unbelievably, there is even a picture released by accident showing a live (collared lemming) rodent in the rocks. This is from:

    The peaty soils are cold and wet all summer and have low levels of available nutrients. The island’s raised beach ridges of coarse gravels and sands have higher summer air and soil temperatures and drier soils than elsewhere on the island. This system is characterized by a cushion plant (polar semidesert) vegetation on which collared LEMMING feed year-round. Of the living mass in this system, 98.7% are plants, with the remainder being herbivores and carnivores, soil bacteria, fungi and INVERTERATES that decompose the organic matter.

    • Blank Reg

      This is not a movie set. The Mars Arctic Research Station has been in place, fielding research teams from around the world since 2001. Teams from NASA/Ames and JSC have been going there since even before that. The place is great for basic level research on Mars conditions for future exploration teams.

  • John Stewart

    Well, you are all on the right track. NASA has been lying about a lot more than what you see here. They have convinced many that we live on a spinning globe that travels at 67,000 mph around the sun. Pure common sense tells us this is impossible. For a detailed analysis

    • James Clander

      Who wants directed to Fairy Tales — – get a grip.

  • Hugo

    Hi DB, in case you like to know more about the so called Dutch moon rock including how it came out to be petrified wood, here a link in Dutch that explains it It is a long story, especially if you follow the links in the articlle. Have fun with a translate bot (smile)

    Regards, Hugo

  • Don Duncan

    Trust should never be exercised by reporters. A quote releases the reporter from all responsibility. After reading the quote, the consumer can decide for themselves. If reporters had to verify the NASA claims, how would that be done without classified status, or even with it, given a professional (CIA) fraud? Look at 911. Propaganda is big business, very high priority. It is essential for control, for the continued acceptance of the myth. Brute force would not work, at least not yet, but we’re getting there. Some day public ed will be a complete success, and the US will be as easy to rule as N. Korea.