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Delhi Cuts Copyright: Why Are Government Courts Involved at All?
September 17, 2016
The Court strikes a blow for common sense with six telling words: “Copyright is not a divine right.” ...
US Does Not Need to Jail Wall Street Bankers: Remove the System Instead
September 16, 2016
Warren wants to jail Wall Street bankers but she should apply her energy and eloquence to getting rid of the monopoly Fed and judicial decisions that prop up corporate America. ...
Hillary Is Secretive, Abusive Because of Psychic Scarring
September 16, 2016
We can thus argue that articles like this one in Politico are no accident but are designed to further erode mainstream media credibility even as they provoke even more questions about US politics. ...
New Era: Hillary Loses Control of ‘Net Narrative
September 15, 2016
The Internet media doesn’t just respond to mainstream memes anymore. ...
Economist Magazine Reports on Multinational Threat But Misleads on Solutions
September 15, 2016
The 'scalpel' of government is not necessary to reduce multinationals. Simply remove the judicial decisions that support giganticism. ...
The Fed Is an Obvious Conspiracy?
September 14, 2016
The problem isn't conspiratorial thinking. The problem is a real conspiracy. ...
Now Greenspan Advances ‘Populism Vs. Globalism’
September 14, 2016
The idea is always to present global perspective as a wise one and the popular perspective as silly, juvenile, etc. We predicted this would be a popular meme. ...
Hillary Deflates? A Setback For War
September 13, 2016
The deep state seems to have counted on Hillary to pursue war. The question is why Hillary rather than someone else? And what will happen now? ...
Hillary Helps US Mainstream Narrative Disintegrate, but Why?
September 12, 2016
Sometimes a confluence of events acts as a metaphor for what has gone wrong with a country or culture, and the recent collapse of Hillary Clinton presents just that. It also gives rise to further questions. ...
The Walls Are to Keep You In
September 12, 2016
Historically speaking, borders and walls may be just as much about control of indigenous populations as their protection. ...
Green Party’s Stein Has Good Idea With New 9/11 Commission
September 11, 2016
We are not looking for a revolution, merely continued enlightenment about the anti-freedom trends taking place in the US .... That’s how real sociopolitical and economic change takes place – one citizen at a time. ...
Time to Consider More Gold and Silver Following the Latest Fiat Crash?
September 10, 2016
The cycle is turning and physical precious metals as well as precious metals miners are likely to generate profits that will outstrip mainstream equity and fixed-income positions. ...
Misunderstanding Libertarianism
September 09, 2016
There is a reason that libertarianism has become increasingly popular in the past 20 years. Why would anyone want to hold a different point of view – or argue for coercion (and its corollary brutality) – as a personal philosophy? ...
Phase Two: West Attempts to Replace Afghan Culture With Its Own
September 09, 2016
When it comes to elite transformations of local and regional societies to enhance global governance, not much these days seems to be working out exactly as foreseen. Afghanistan probably won't either. ...
Will Pentagon Budget Demands Be Slowed by Multi-Trillion Dollar Scandal?
September 08, 2016
The Defense Department and especially the Pentagon should be subject to significant scrutiny given the ongoing accounting scandal. Additional explanations about the Pentagon's nuclear program would be an improvement as well. ...
Financial Times: Globalism Is Dying, Even Though It’s the Better Choice
September 07, 2016
Why would the Financial Times, itself a globalist organ, publish an editorial admitting that globalism is losing momentum and attractiveness? ...
YouTube Stockholm Syndrome – While the UN Takes Over
September 06, 2016
It doesn’t seem to us that YouTube censorship moves are entirely business-related, nor does the timing seem necessarily coincidental. ...
Internet Reformation: Has It Progressed?
September 05, 2016
Has the Internet Reformation allowed the growth of significant freedom and real knowledge in the 21st century? Or has it mostly supported authoritarianism and privacy invasion? ...
Potential Litigation? YouTube Is Not Private and Its Censorship Is Government Policy
September 05, 2016
There's probably a lawsuit here, were anyone courageous enough to pursue it. Facebook, YouTube (and ultimately Google) are surely acting on instructions of the US government when it comes to reducing and removing content that they claim is "objectionable." ...
Interview: Shawn Perger on the Global Economic Mess, Silver Mining and Chinchillas
September 04, 2016
Interview with Shawn Perger, metals marketing analyst and marketing representative for Chinchillas Silver and parent Golden Arrow. ...
Bloomberg Explains Why Trump’s Anti-NAFTA Approach Is Incorrect
September 03, 2016
Is Trump softening his anti-NAFTA views? They were surely the correct ones, and Bloomberg probably has a larger reason in mind to post this editorial. ...
Bloomberg: Abolish Cash to Create a Freer Market
September 03, 2016
Government actions are inevitably price fixes, and price fixing always distorts economies and makes things worse. The way to compensate for government ruin is to do away with ruinous policies. In other words, the “solution” is LESS government. ...
Did Brazil’s Dilma Deserve Her Impeachment?
September 03, 2016
There is no lesson to be drawn from Dilma Rousseff's impeachment except perhaps for Brazilian politicians who should note that if they offend Washington, or don't pay enough attention to its interests, they too can end up losing their positions - or worse. ...
Phony US Employment Numbers Combined With Toxic Fed Strategies Boost Gold and Silver
September 02, 2016
Another stage in central banking debasement is drawing to a close. Economies around the world and in the US are not recovering, no matter what US employment figures purportedly show, and no matter how they are adjusted upward. ...
Don’t Panic Over Election Federalization but Keep a Steady Course
September 01, 2016
Yesterday, the Internet was filled with articles explaining that the fedgov is going to take over the election process. Forewarned is forearmed, of course, but a steady journey toward one's goals is surely better than a panicked one. ...
September 01, 2016
xxx ...
Hillary Loses?
August 31, 2016
There is certainly a chance, perhaps a good one, that Hillary could lose. Ordinarily, we present the idea that Hillary may win because she is so obviously the candidate of the technocratic elite. But this may be a kind of ruse. ...
Scientists Claim Man Is Polluting So Much That a New Epoch Must Be Invented: The Anthropocene
August 30, 2016
This “Anthropocene” meme is even more obnoxious than usual. For instance, it is presented within a scientific context that is intended to provide credibility to a broad spectrum of propaganda. Pollution, environmental degradation, global warming, etc.,thes ...
Little Reported, Significant Issues Underlie Kim Dotcom’s Legal Struggle
August 30, 2016
Judge: Kim Dotcom can livestream legal fight against the US … Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom wants to livestream his legal battle against the United States on YouTube.  Dotcom’s lawyers have asked if they can film his extradition appeal, which began Mond ...
Hillary Did Not Say Alt.Media Had ‘No Right to Exist’ – But Maybe She Has a New Ban Plan
August 29, 2016
The larger concern is probably not that Hillary will unconstitutionally attempt to impose blanket censorship but, instead, the real possibility of third-party banning as a matter of policy. ...
Yellen Talks Up the Economy at Jackson Hole While US Real-Estate Market Cracks
August 29, 2016
No matter the stock manipulations sending the market higher or other manipulations sending metals down against the dollar, we suggest at least a partial concentration on gold and silver. When the end comes, what will remain, as before, are money metals. ...
Will the Pentagon’s Effort to Whip Up War Fever Work in This Internet Era?
August 28, 2016
The Pentagon continues to escalate tensions in Russia and Asia in order to ensure, at least partially, that its $1 trillion budget request moves through Congress without a hitch. Increasingly, this manipulative behavior is being questioned by the alternative 'N ...
Negative Rates and Cash Bans: The Chaos Continues at Jackson Hole
August 27, 2016
The Federal Reserve meeting at Jackson Hole has been covered by the mainstream media in ways that gave the impression that policy discussions were a kind of theoretical exercise. They are not. The debate is certainly cast in theoretical terms but the results wi ...
Is the Fed Being Torn Down in Order to Create a New, Powerful Global Entity?
August 26, 2016
Are anti-Fed articles appearing in mainstream publications part of an extended program of ruining the Fed’s already-shaky reputation in order to remake it as part of a global central bank? ...
More Conspiracy: Why Modern Mainstream Journalism Is Seen As Questionable
August 26, 2016
There is documented support that this meme was created and promoted by the CIA and this article should have mentioned it. This is part of the problem that afflicts US mainstream journalism today, and it helps explain why modern media is currently held in low re ...
Silver and Gold May Muddle in August But Fall Could Tell a Different Tale
August 25, 2016
The Federal Reserve is now contemplating a rate increase, presumably one of .25%. In fact nothing has changed. The quasi-depression that afflicts the US and the world remains. The impatience of central bankers also remains. ...
Now We’re Running Out of Sand, Another False ‘Scarcity’ Meme
August 25, 2016
Are we really running out of sand? The solution, as always, will be more government and more regulation. The sand-scarcity meme is especially attractive to elite because they are looking for international problems to resolve. ...
Nuke Miniaturization Threat Emerges Conveniently as Pentagon Seeks $1 Trillion
August 24, 2016
North Korea's sudden discovery of miniature nuclear weapons is certainly an advantageous occurrence for the Pentagon. It provides justification for Congress to vote the Pentagon as much money as it needs. ...
Hillary’s Campaign Grows Noticeably More Aggressive
August 24, 2016
Hillary's recent actions seems calculated to reinforce her opponents' suspicions. The idea is that perhaps she wants her opponents to think the worst of her. ...
One Can Never Have Too Much Freedom When Building Fruitful Societies
August 23, 2016
One can never have too much freedom, in our view. And one can never have too little communism. Human action is preferable to authoritarianism. Societies work best when people (absent sociopaths) are left to their own devices. ...
TIME Argues ‘Trolling’ Demands Formal Policing of the Internet
August 22, 2016
TIME magazine has written yet another horrible article, this one basically calling for the Internet to be controlled and censored because of too many "trolls." ...
Surprise Surge as an Important Poll Shows Trump Leading
August 22, 2016
A recent poll released by the USC/LA Times, here, found that Trump held a two point lead over Clinton, nationally. The daily poll questioned some 3,000 US citizens. ...
Philippines’ Duterte Has Been Called to Account Over Violence, Not the US
August 22, 2016
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is operating a violent campaign against drugs and corruption since coming to power two months ago. He is receiving considerable criticism as a result. ...
New Gov. Analysis Shows Fed Policies Have Deepened Downturn for Many
August 21, 2016
The entire apparatus of monetary leadership and its influence on the marketplace itself, does not deliver what it is supposed to. The idea is that the Fed provides additional liquidity as necessary. But this is a form of price-fixing. ...
Dollar Disaster Looms? China and Russian Currencies Break Away
August 20, 2016
The US was able to do so much damage domestically and abroad because of its virtually unlimited spending power. Now things are changing. Between the Russian announcement and yuan/RMB convertibility, the US will gradually have more trouble printing money at ...
Wracked by Corruption and Fraud, the Pentagon Is Now Increasingly Exposed
August 20, 2016
The lack of proper Pentagon accounting is a huge story. What is even bigger in our view is the constant fabrication of Pentagon technological successes. The Pentagon’s NATO/NASA axis – the public part of the Pentagon’s mission – is riven with fraud. ...
Why Is Citi Gobbling Derivatives?
August 19, 2016
Citi’s rashness may have an explanation other than greed. Is it possible the US government is using Citi as a stalking horse to gather in as many derivatives contracts as possible? ...
Is the Growing Military Tension Between Russia, China and the US For Real?
August 19, 2016
Perhaps the most intriguing and perplexing question of all is whether China and Russia are merely reacting to Western and US provocations or whether these two countries seek to advance such tensions for purposes of their own. ...
Men Will Be Called Misogynistic If They Blame Hillary When She Is President
August 19, 2016
This Atlantic article promotes the idea that many men will be angry with President Hillary because of her gender. In fact, a good deal of antagonism will stem from her actions, especially if she makes radical changes such as banning guns. ...
Every Year Is Always the Hottest Because of Very Small Amounts of Manmade Carbon
August 19, 2016
The amount of “manmade” carbon is really infinitesimal when put in the proper atmospheric context. Despite the paucity, this tiny portion is said to provide the “tipping” point - plunging the world into molten despair. ...
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