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What the US Congress Should Do? Work Harder??
July 03, 2013
Why does Wonkbook call for this? It is surely a dominant social theme that if US citizens want to do well, Congress has to do better. For US society to do well, Congress ought to work hard at one thing: repeals. The main legislation to be turned back has to do ...
This Forbes Article Took Our Breath Away
July 03, 2013
Milton Friedman is seen as the dominant free-market thinker of his age. And yet during his lifetime he created withholding for the graduated income tax, called for a "steady state" central bank and now, it turns out, was behind the myth that corporations should ...
Ms. Couric's Serious Issue
July 03, 2013
Ms. Couric once anchored one of the most important news programs in the US, and thus in all the world. She is a reporter of consequence, even if she is not consequential at all. She rose to prominence as "perky" Katie on the "Today Show," first as a second fidd ...
Happy Endings in China?
July 02, 2013
The question haunts many an investor and economist: Will China experience a soft landing? To us the answer to the question is obvious: China is destined, sooner or later, to land "hard." How can it be otherwise? The Chinese central bank has been extraordinarily ...
Obama's African Boosterism Is No Surprise to Us
July 02, 2013
In a series of articles, we've tried to explain that Africa is likely next on the menu when it comes to the Westernization of the global economy. First came Japan and then China. And if you go back far enough, you will come to the Marshall Plan, which industria ...
The Surveillance State: Its Ramifications and Opponents
July 02, 2013
Yesterday, we pointed out that the media was considerably more interested in examining the question of US surveillance and its necessity, or lack thereof, than in reviewing the many questions lingering around 9/11. Today, we bear witness to an object lesson reg ...
Afghan Bloodshed and Turmoil May Only Be Beginning
July 02, 2013
Those who are waiting for the "navel of the world" to calm down – for a reduction in hostilities, in other words – may have a longer wait than expected. While the Taliban have made noises about negotiating an end to the current episode of the West's century ...
What Is a Surety?
July 02, 2013
The puzzling thing about the decline in the price of gold relative to dollars is that there is demand for the physical stuff, and now that physical demand may be translating into higher prices generally ... as Bloomberg notes. Certainly, the physical demand has ...
Garbage In, Garbage Out
July 01, 2013
This article makes good points, but why does it begin with the idea that inflation is by definition a rise in prices? Inflation is monetary and must precede a rise in prices. One is an instigator, the other a result. Not for the author of this article, though. ...
'Careful-With-Money' Carney Takes the Reins
July 01, 2013
We've been tracking the fulsome articles about Mark Carney in the UK Telegraph, which is an influential royalist newspaper in Britain. This is the best one yet. While the Telegraph publishes many interesting articles that debunk mainstream verities, when it com ...
How Is This Man a Pundit?
July 01, 2013
Paul Krugman has decided, as he does in almost every column, that if he were in charge of monetary policy, the world would be a better place, especially the US. For Krugman, who is a winner of the "fake" Nobel Prize in economics, money is paper printed by a mon ...
Who Gave Them the Money?
July 01, 2013
A conversation was recently leaked in the Irish press that might seem to confirm the worst fears about evil bankers. In the reports circulating first in the Irish media and now throughout the world, two top bankers are heard on the phone agreeing that the estim ...
Ignoring UKIP Is a Non-Starter
July 01, 2013
An argument is being made that Britain's nascent freedom movement ought not to receive a reaction because it is unimportant. UKIP, running mainly on the idea of removing Britain from the EU, has received an enthusiastic response from the British public. And tha ...
Revelations Rearrange the Focus of What Ought to Be Asked
July 01, 2013
We have noticed, depressingly, that it is all about calibration at the moment. What we will call the Snowden affair is in the process of changing the context of important issues. A courageous whistleblower, Edward Snowden has shown the world the reality of the ...
Mystifying Amateurs or Predictable Ones?
June 28, 2013
This article, brilliantly written as usual, misses the point. The question that should be asked is not why the Federal Reserve is doing something stupid. (That's a given.) The question that should be asked is why a small group of (mostly) men is in charge of mo ...
Europe: Agony of Agglomeration
June 28, 2013
Because this is a Der Spiegel article, it avoids the main issue regarding Southern Europe, which is that countries like Greece and Spain in particular are not cohesive entities. This point is verboten because it would bring this article into the realm of politi ...
There Ought to Be Consequences
June 28, 2013
There ought to be consequences for this kind of article. We know from historical narratives that Wall Street helped FUND the Russian Revolution because the bankers of the day needed to create an enemy to solidify the kind of authoritarianism they had in mind fo ...
Is There a Bigger Plan?
June 28, 2013
Anyone who has been following the alternative media over the past years knows that the various "youth" revolutions in Africa and now in the Middle East are controlled and sponsored. The US in particular has had a hand in these agitations and various agencies ha ...
Celebrating the Squeeze
June 28, 2013
How long is this supposed to go on? The middle classes of both Great Britain and the US have been speared on the sharp tip of monetary policy – and yet the mainstream media is filled with celebrations of the system. In Britain, especially, anticipation is hig ...
The Sport That Benefits Only a Few
June 28, 2013
Lance Armstrong is back in the news again, and we can see from the above excerpt that others are not happy with the comments he is making. Go online and you will find comments made about Bernard Hinault, as well. Many simply do not believe – along with Lance ...
Shale Energy Is an Explosive Trend
June 27, 2013
We've written about the sudden miracle of shale oil and pointed out that if you research the process, you find out it's been available for decades. Peak Oil, as we've long pointed out, was simply a hoax, developed by the technocractic movement to justify the in ...
Don't Become Entangled
June 27, 2013
This article in the Telegraph focuses on an antidote to state invasiveness ... transparency. As we have long pointed out, the transparency meme is a major dominant social theme these days. For instance, there is a global transparency organization headed by a fo ...
Rubio Apologizes for Reform?
June 27, 2013
Marco Rubio is trying to salvage his political base and as a result is explaining that what he has to do regarding US immigration is distasteful but necessary. Really, he ought to be apologizing for the advent of what some call the North American Union. While t ...
Holy Moly, CNN Posts a Truthful Story
June 27, 2013
For decades, US and British law enforcement, encouraged by their corporate, political and banking betters, have colluded to extend the penal reach of their regulatory democracy around the world. To some extent they have succeeded, but the Snowden blowback is so ...
They Don't Know What to Do … Redux
June 26, 2013
In a previous article on this subject, we pointed out that central bankers generally (and the Fed in particular) had no idea of how to remove money from the financial system. This Bloomberg article just reconfirms the point. In a recent article on these pages, ...
Fisher Warns Wall Street Not to Be Too Obvious
June 26, 2013
Richard Fisher comes out of Wall Street but now as a member of the Federal Reserve he has nothing but contempt for the Street, calling those who populate it "feral hogs." This is part of the ridiculousness of the system, that those who fix the price and volume ...
Internet Reformation Spreads to Brazil?
June 26, 2013
There are probably at least two reasons why Brazil is roiled by protests. Begin at the beginning: Only a fool or a naïf would insist that US Intel may not have at least brushed these protests. What happens in South America that is at least to some extent not i ...
Australia's Gillard Is Silenced for Now
June 26, 2013
Oz won't have Julia Gillard to kick around anymore, or not for a while, though probably at some point she will make a comeback. She is simply too devious, too tough, too divisive and too hypocritical to stay on the sidelines for long. She is indeed a woman, as ...
Dream Time Collapses in Britain
June 26, 2013
There is one good thing about this article: It doesn't try to cast blame. Just yesterday we published an analysis of a CNN article entitled, "76% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck." We called our analysis, the "Decline of Financial Journalism." We wr ...
Central Bank Beanie Babies
June 26, 2013
Free-Market Analysis: When the Beanie Baby craze hit, we went out and bought dozens of mint condition Beanie Babies. Actually, we didn't. Like many, we thought the craze was ludicrous. It was obviously a bubble of sorts and the only thing that was interesting w ...
Mark Carney, Golden Boy?
June 25, 2013
An article on Mark Carney that recently appeared in the UK Telegraph promotes virtually every subdominant social theme surrounding central banking that we are aware of. It emphasizes the "science" of central banking, the old-fashioned nature of central bankers ...
Is Central Banking Scientific?
June 25, 2013
Even leaving aside today's lead article on central banking, this is one of the more dishonest articles that we've seen recently regarding the evolution of modern money control. The portrayal of central banking in these sorts of articles is sterile and scientifi ...
Decline of Financial Journalism
June 25, 2013
We're not surprised by these terrible statistics but we are surprised by the article excerpted above. It should be evident by now even to the general public that the savings rate is low because the system doesn't support savings. When interest rates are so low ...
BIS Demands Global Depression?
June 24, 2013
There is no avoiding what the Bank for International Settlements has just demanded. The top men at that august institution are demanding a global depression. And just to ensure that people especially in the West are thoroughly confused as they slip into starvat ...
The Real New Hope for the Global Middle Class … Atomization?
June 24, 2013
We've been waiting for the expression of this dominant social theme and now it has arrived, thanks to Reuters. No surprise there. In fact, it is quite predictable. Here's more: Citizens are demanding basic political rights, accountable governments and a fairer ...
Con of Public Banking
June 24, 2013
Ellen Brown has written another statist hagiography called The Public Bank Solution. As a libertarian-oriented website promoting free-market economic approaches, we obviously disagree with her premise. We don't mind disagreeing with her because she is a nice pe ...
Bitcoin … Con or Not?
June 24, 2013
We've written several articles explaining we are suspicious of the bitcoin phenomenon. Given the news of the past few weeks, including this cease and desist order referred to above, we thought we would revisit bitcoin. As proponents of competitive currencies al ...
Spiegel: If People Don't Vote, Then They Must Approve of the Surveillance State …
June 24, 2013
So now that the leaders of regulatory democracies in a concerted fashion have built up the surveillance society over decades, it is up to voters to turn back the proverbial tide in a couple of weeks. This is what Der Spiegel indignantly demands. Sure, the other ...
Paula Deen Forgiven? Mainstream Hurries to Salvage Political Correctness
June 24, 2013
A broken woman, Paula Deen ducked a national US television appearance and instead recently released several YouTube videos abjectly apologizing for things that had been said years ago. As a result, her supporters are organizing a boycott of the Food Network. Se ...
Investors Beware: Vaccines Continue to Be Controversial
June 22, 2013
Big Pharma is big business, some of the biggest business around – and increasingly on the Internet and even in the mainstream its methods of operations are being questioned. One way companies turn a profit while avoiding the scrutiny of Western media is to ta ...
They Don't Know What to Do
June 21, 2013
For years, we've pointed out that central bankers can print money but they don't know what to do when it comes to removing money from the economy. Even assuming that most Federal Reserve notes (dollars) are still trapped in bank (Fed) coffers, there is obviousl ...
Ben Bails Out of the Helicopter
June 21, 2013
This Reuters opinion piece makes a lot of good points. But we don't agree with the ending. Don't skip ahead, though. We'll take you through it logically. To begin with, a point made throughout is that Ben Bernanke's successor as head of the Federal Reserve is g ...
Our Questions for Ben Bernanke
June 21, 2013
First of all, it is really a sad state of affairs that journalists gather to ask the Great Man his opinion on anything related to the economy. As we have learned from free-market Austrian economics – and seen with our own eyes – the kinds of price-fixing th ...
China Blinks?
June 21, 2013
Apparently, overnight, Chinese leaders relaxed their "rigor." Funny how that works. Eurocrats have relaxed their rigor when it comes to "austerity," as well. Men of "iron will" are suddenly not so tough in the face of real world consequences. And so it is with ...
To Tolerate Spying, We Need to Trust Government
June 21, 2013
In our quest to analyze the mainstream media's dominant social themes, we sometimes discover ones that surprise us. This is such a time. This Reuters article makes the case that one need not determine whether what is going on in the Western world regarding snoo ...
Obama Versus the Tea Party
June 21, 2013
The Tea Party rally mentioned above was gathered to hear congressmen that at least to some degree have backed DC's security state. They are obviously for freedom ... but just not too much of it. Nonetheless, what the Gateway Pundit is observing is correct: In a ...
Money Power: Even a Whisper Is a Shout
June 20, 2013
For years, we've tried to explain that monetary policy is what influences markets the most. This is not an idle speculation by any means. If people internalize the realities of modern economics, then they will be better able to protect their own investments and ...
Shale Oil: Desperation of the Globalists
June 20, 2013
This article tends to confirm our thinking that the top globalists are most worried about the ongoing Great Recession and are willing to do almost anything to strike a balance between chaos and prosperity. As we've pointed out in other articles, there seems to ...
Rubio Advances NAU or Just His Own Career?
June 20, 2013
Marco Rubio was seen by some as an up-and-coming presidential contender. But presumably the cost of maintaining his position within the GOP's upper reaches itself is being a point man for this immigration bill. The bill weighs in at 24 pounds, we're told, and t ...
The Strange Case of Lagarde, Influence Peddling and the IMF
June 20, 2013
We are led to believe that world leaders are hardly flesh and blood. They arrive at the pinnacle of success via terrific intellectual vigor and by almost supernatural cleverness. In fact, as this letter reveals, the topmost leaders in the world are enmeshed in ...
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