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The Devious Manipulation of the Budget Debate
October 11, 2013
We can see from this article in the Washington Times, excerpted above, just how scripted the current budget debate really is. The federal debt is out of control; the argument over the government shutdown surely avoids the larger issues. Republicans have made a ...
EU Drops the Boot on Fracking?
October 11, 2013
The debate over energy – specifically oil – is surely a kind of directed history. If we understand the memes and themes, and how they interact, maybe we can come to a conclusion about the future of oil and its availability in the near future. First, some ba ...
Gridlock and the Change to Come
October 10, 2013
Every now and then top journo Ambrose Evans-Pritchard just loses the "plot" and this is one of those times. Evans-Pritchard is worried that factionalism between Democrats and Republicans will cause the End of Empire. Specifically, the US empire. But this is a m ...
Janet Yellen, Bravest Woman in the World?
October 10, 2013
Joan of Arc was apparently a very courageous woman; Janet Yellen may be seen as equally so. We're bringing up the "w" word only because this Bloomberg columnist did in the article excerpt above. To be fair, this article moves well beyond the issue of feminine v ...
Crocodile Tears - L
Jimmy Carter’s Crocodile Tears
October 09, 2013
These are surely “crocodile tears” that Jimmy Carter weeps in his AP interview, excerpted above. Carter is surely not rambling. This is a serious statement. When the former president of the United States declares that the middle class of the “richest nati ...
Car Euros - L
Nissan Wants Britain in the EU
October 09, 2013
Here’s a wrinkle! As you can see from the above Telegraph excerpt, British banking elites have obviously been burning up the phone wires to Tokyo and probably other industrial capitals as well. The idea is to twist arms of major corporations until they explai ...
Thanks, Bloomberg, for More Nonsense About Gold
October 08, 2013
Bloomberg, in the above excerpt, provides us this latest disinformation regarding gold and central banking. The entire article, and it is a long one, is filled with one (deliberate?) misconception after another. But its main point is that gold fluctuates for my ...
Skeleton Holding Earth - L
Bob Geldof Predicts the Death of All Humans by 2030
October 08, 2013
Geldof’s latest rant is actually very good news. Just as a fever spikes before subsiding, so Geldof’s hysterics as reported above show clearly that the warmist tide is receding. Despite literally trillions of dollars thrown at this meme, the world is not co ...
Economic Heartbeat
Reuters to US Economy: ‘Our Heart Will Go On’
October 07, 2013
This past week saw an astonishing outpouring of opinion, much of it vitriolic in the US news media regarding the so-called US government shut down. Nowhere was the coverage more dramatic than over at Reuters, where seemingly the entire team of top columnists br ...
Monkey Pondering - L
This Sh-t Is Bananas!
October 07, 2013
Ordinarily our second lead article would focus on a dominant social theme somewhere other than Reuters, as we have already analyzed a Reuters story. But, as mentioned, the crop of articles offered up in the Reuters editorial section this past week is so extraor ...
Telegraph: Africa Emerges
July 15, 2013
For several months now we've presented analyses of articles in such papers as The Economist about "Africa Rising." The meme is all over the Internet. This is how these promotions build, as those who run the money business select targets and make their promotion ...
Panics: Why Leave Out the Real Explanation?
July 15, 2013
This is a really terrible summary of monetary panics in the United States. You could read the entire article and not come away with an accurate sense of what actually went on. Take the description above. The national bank set up by Nicholas Biddle was in line w ...
Does Free Money Exist?
July 15, 2013
Are there any words to describe this evil? We've written dozens of articles on this over the past few years, observing the growth of this meme. Everything repeats in this century of directed history. The social credit crackpottery of the 1930s has returned, wra ...
Detroit Skyline
Lancing the Statist Boil
July 15, 2013
One of the sadder developments of modernity is the resoluteness with which the public sector expands. There is almost nothing that an expanding bureaucracy envisions as beyond its reach. Bureaucratic rigor always insists on more and more control. Government run ...
Frankenstein MONEY MAVEN
Monetary Mavens Talk, Talk, Talk
July 12, 2013
So it begins. Having created Frankenstein's monetary monster, those attending to it now gather at the gurney peering down at the misshapen and deadly creature and ... palaver. There is not much else they can do. Their tools are limited or useless and the creatu ...
Chaos Maze
The Chaos Part
July 12, 2013
We see similarities between what we observed in today's lead article and the ongoing European crisis. Increasingly, it does not seem as if the powers-that-be are engaged in a rescue operation so much as enmeshed in a purposeful metaphor. The metaphor is not enu ...
Private Enterprise
Privatization … What Is It?
July 12, 2013
This article makes the point that privatizing the monopoly services of regulatory democracies is actually dangerous and unworkable. We've made the same point. The article doesn't go far enough, however, in terms of nomenclature. The article calls what is going ...
No Rule
The Real Solution to Pirate Capitalism
July 12, 2013
There is a sort of gloating quality to this article that is not usually seen in BusinessWeek. But perhaps that is because hedge funds have come to represent free-market capitalism and are therefore fair game for criticism by the mainstream media, which tends to ...
Red Card
Salvation of Glass-Steagall?
July 12, 2013
This article is posted over at, a website that parallels official positions such as those taken by Elizabeth Warren (see above) and Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Thomas M. Hoenig, who has written a white paper entitled "Too Big ...
Drumbeat of Monetary Sophistry
July 11, 2013
We recently posted an article on the confusion between inflation and price inflation and this article posted at The Atlantic is further evidence of this purposeful confusion. Why is it purposeful? Because almost everything these days is an argument between thos ...
As World Growth Plunges, Economic Balancing Act Becomes More Difficult
July 11, 2013
Monetary authorities have been working overtime to reinflate Western economies without much success, as this International Monetary Fund report shows us. Money printing can only go so far and when it comes to the Eurozone and even to the US, the results of macr ...
Zimmerman Case and Chaos?
July 11, 2013
So now it becomes clearer. If one grants that social control is a process of Hegelian interactions – thesis, antithesis and then synthesis – then one also grants its implementation. Can we not see the growing chaos around the world, especially in Africa and ...
Reality of Egypt – Not What You Think?
July 11, 2013
We agree that Egypt is in for a long period of upheaval and bloodshed now, but we disagree with Reuters on the reason. As experienced meme watchers, we've observed the unfolding of the current Egyptian political standoff and we don't have any reason to believe ...
More Jargon: Central Banks Discover Macroprudential Regulation
July 10, 2013
If a central banker wanted to take a nap he would describe it as a "prone reversion to the mean." These fellows are always coming up with fancy ways to describe what we would humbly characterize as simplistic and even financially illiterate economic policies. O ...
Shriveling Green Shoots
July 10, 2013
What planet does Wonkblog live on? This article is the result of Federal Reserve compilation of debt data throughout the US and is a good example of the old adage "garbage in/garbage out." There are, of course, lots of reasons why consumer credit could be incre ...
Telegraph: British UKIP Convulsion Significant Threat to Tories
July 10, 2013
One can make a case that both UKIP and the US Tea Party movement are the "managed opposition," at this point any way. But at the same time, their emergence obviously indicates that there is a larger social movement that has taken shape. If one feels the need to ...
More EU Illogic
July 10, 2013
This article takes a position of shock regarding Latvia's joining the EU. In fact, it states that such a situation has never taken place before. We would beg to differ. The populations of various countries have been indicating their dissatisfaction for years wi ...
Do China and America Have 'Inverse' Dilemmas?
July 09, 2013
We are not so sure that China and the United States are "mirror opposites." We do believe that private interests run political systems around the world and always have. And that goes for China, too. We don't believe Chinese politicians are fully in charge of Ch ...
Wrong Question About Gold?
July 09, 2013
For us, asking the direction of gold prices relative to the dollar in the immediate future is perhaps the wrong question. The right question to ask for many is probably whether one has an investment plan – or even a survivalist strategy – and whether it inc ...
Wind Farming Expands as Headwinds Blow
July 09, 2013
Just as in the 1970s, the 2000s have offered a resurgence of interest in alternative forms of energy and transportation. And the results for the most part have been predictable. Solar panel companies have raised lots of money and then gone out of business. Elec ...
What Tea Bags Are Telling Us About the Ties that Really Bind
July 09, 2013
Is it fair to write about Ms. Carney and her preoccupations, given that she is a private citizen and not one of the most powerful people on the planet – like her husband Mark Carney, head of the Bank of England? Our answer is obviously a qualified yes because ...
Greece: Austerity Fails Upward
July 09, 2013
The Greek austerity package has been disastrous, trapping millions in a further cycle of poverty while stripping them of assets and promised retirement benefits. So what has the point of austerity been? We would argue it is simply to assert the primacy of a cer ...
The Real Economic Discussion
July 08, 2013
This is a revealing editorial in Business Insider because it shows more clearly than most what the deeper issues are surrounding Bernanke – and the worldwide discussion regarding his strategies and preferences. The discussion is really about the efficiency of ...
Bank of England: Central Banker as Movie Star
July 08, 2013
We were tipped to what was in store for the Bank of England's new head Mark Carney when former top banker Mervyn King described him as the "best central banker" of his generation. This was a phenomenally unusual description and seemed to us to have been a descr ...
Gazing at Egypt With Shock and Awe
July 08, 2013
In our initial analysis of the Egyptian political mess, we wondered if the Anglosphere, in particular Foggy Bottom and Washington DC, hadn't been dealt one of the most significant setbacks of recent imperialism. While we confessed we didn't know, it is beginnin ...
Tony Blair Calls for Total War?
July 08, 2013
War. Somewhere. Regrettable but necessary. This is what Tony Blair is telling us in this lengthy and merciless article that recently appeared in the (increasingly schizophrenic) UK Guardian newspaper. We call the article merciless not because of its bellicosity ...
Now They Tell Us: China Debt Levels 'Unknown'
July 05, 2013
We return to the ongoing saga of China because we remember only a few years ago that China was the darling of Western investment and Wall Street. We didn't understand how any economy could generate 10 percent growth per year for literally decades, but others se ...
A Better Idea for Carney
July 05, 2013
There are so many complicated terms surrounding central bank policy. Every time central bankers print more money in different ways, they have to give it a fancy name to make it sound scientific. Quantitative easing is just the latest term. It's just another way ...
Global Trade: Another Fiat Money Production
July 05, 2013
Paul Krugman is obviously gratified that world trade is growing though in this little article, he hastens to say there is "no moral" to the point he is making. But globalists are always happy when global trade expands. And Krugman is nothing if not a globalist. ...
Obamacare: Insuring Lawlessness
July 05, 2013
Western law is a plaything in the hands of the powerful. The libertarian think tank Cato makes this point powerfully, above. Here's more: The IRS's unilateral decision to delay the employer mandate is the latest indication that we do not live under a Rule of La ...
Yes, Mr. Johnson, Something Is Changing
July 05, 2013
But we don't. We live in a world increasingly afflicted by determined globalism and wanton lawlessness, in part generated by regulatory democracy itself. "The more laws, the more criminals," the Japanese tell us. And the West has long since departed from the gr ...
US's Man ElBaradei May Head Egypt
July 04, 2013
So perhaps it will be ElBaradei after all ... He's been waiting in the wings and the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood's regime may now bring him to the fore. Here is what we wrote about ElBaradei way back in 2011 in an article entitled "Middle East Dreamtime": ...
What's Happening in Egypt?
July 04, 2013
What the hell is going on? Mohamed Morsi's removal constitutes one of the greatest reversals of US diplomacy and intelligence operations in the modern era? Wasn't Morsi Washington's man? We've stayed away from commenting because there are no "elves" on the grou ...
Historical Opportunity for 21st Century Economics
July 04, 2013
So we can see from this article provided by the AP to the Wall Street Journal that influential economists are apparently all of a socialist strain. Here's the list: 2013 1. Paul Krugman 2. Joseph Stiglitz 3. Bill Gates 4. Michael Porter 5. Thomas Friedman 6. Er ...
Ascension of Central Banker Carney Continues to Instruct Us
July 04, 2013
We've been chronicling the arrival of the "most powerful" central banker of his era, the new head of the Bank of England, Mark Carney ... and this latest news squib is certainly worthy of mention. It provides yet one more example of how those involved with cent ...
Genius of Carney, Deterioration of a Meme
July 04, 2013
We've learned a lot about Mark Carney's style, but there is a good deal of substance to the newest and most important central banker of them all. Or so the Guardian tells us. There has been much talk in the UK about the recovery being strong enough for the Bank ...
'World War Z' and the Blessings of the Internet
July 04, 2013
We were struck by this commentary about "World War Z" over at top libertarian website because it parallels some commentary that appeared in these pages a while back. Here's what Anthony Wile wrote in an opinion piece on December 12, 2012: A movi ...
Will Tightening Cure as Carney Takes Over in Britain?
July 03, 2013
Now comes the test! Will Carney vote for more monetary debasement or less? Will the price-fixing of money be compounded by hyperactivity or will it be slightly lessened? The proposition is equivalent to asking someone if he has ceased to beat his wife so often. ...
Ship of Fools? July 4th Protest Sets Sail
July 03, 2013
PCWorld is owned by IDG, a huge conglomerate that solicits advertising from the entire spectrum of Silicon Valley tech companies. These companies have been cooperating intimately with US intel for a decade or more. We are supposed to believe that these same com ...
Why the Beeb Fails to Care …
July 03, 2013
There are a variety of problems with the public administration of private funds, and this article mentions the latest outbreak of Anglo-American difficulties centering on the BBC. Apparently, the BBC had been paying off disgruntled managers with huge cash settl ...
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