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Arrest of Bitcoin's Shrem Occurs Amidst Levels of Injustice
January 28, 2014
As what we call the Internet Reformation expands in terms of its impact, the rationale for many kinds of Western law enforcement diminishes. This bitcoin arrest is a case in point. Charlie Shrem was arrested for facilitating the sale of drugs but there is no ev ...
Blair Uses Religious Extremism to Promote Directed History?
January 28, 2014
On Saturday, Tony Blair – former UK Prime Minister – wrote an extraordinary editorial that appeared in the UK Guardian and argued that religious extremism is the globe's main source of conflict. In our analysis here we've utilized the text of a follow-up ar ...
HSBC Cash Restrictions Show New Kind of Internet Messaging
January 27, 2014
The government wants you to know that if you try to take out too much cash, there will be trouble. And you thought banking regulations were there for your benefit! Now you understand the truth. These banking regulations can be used to send powerful messages. In ...
Economist Mag Shock: Is China Over?
January 24, 2014
Why on Earth would The Economist, among China's biggest cheerleaders, become a boo-bird? We'll answer, but first let us point out that this Economist article – "leader" – is predated by numerous articles that we have written over the past years. These artic ...
Important Reuters Article on the Middle East
January 24, 2014
This article, written by Mark Leonard, co-founder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, seems to explain – if you read between the lines – what is really going on in the Middle East and environs. The conclusion is as follows: The politi ...
Davos Unburdening as Memes Begin to Fail
January 23, 2014
You can tell certain memes are failing when elite bagmen begin to broadcast their doubts. From this article, we determine that even top elites are beginning to worry about upcoming EU difficulties. Axel Weber says what is not to be spoken, for instance, though ...
A Trend to Note: Over One-Third of Adults Unemployed
January 23, 2014
David John Marotta is not afraid to say what most of the mainstream media will not whisper: That the US is in a depression not a recession. What else would you call nearly 40 percent of adults unemployed? And if these are the statistics, then what are the YOUTH ...
The IMF's Meaningless Words
January 22, 2014
When did IMF utterances start to command the front page? These unelected and for the most part faceless bureaucrats have just decided the world will be in a lot better shape in 2014. We don't believe it for a minute. Starvation is not going away and neither is ...
All that Glitters Shouldn't Be Fixed
January 22, 2014
Sometimes we meme-watchers get lucky. We find an article that can only be described as an exquisitely calibrated elite promotion. This is one such. Everything about this article creates a pastiche of misleading information that would give one the impression tha ...
How Obamacare Could Lead to Single Payer Sooner Than You Think
January 21, 2014
Reading this article, we realized how the ol' switcheroo could take place that would shove Obamacare into a kind of "single payer" mode. It's not so hard to project – and it could happen sooner than any of us think, apparently. Of course, such analysis could ...
The Sudden Legalization of Marijuana Is Profoundly Immoral
January 21, 2014
We take our cue from on this one. We sometimes read Reddit despite the often irritatingly socialist tone of its commentators. In this case, we've noticed that numerous articles on the growing trend toward marijuana decriminalization are accompanied b ...
Meme Adjustment: Climate Change Descends as Dollar Debasement Rises?
January 20, 2014
Long ago, we figured out that a lot of opinion polling simply provided promotional feedback. In other words, the elites that launch dominant social themes into the world compulsively poll to find out if their propaganda is successful. In the case of global warm ...
Gold Spins Out of Control?
January 20, 2014
In the other article in this issue we discuss global warming and the idea that maybe the top elites are taking a kind of "step back" when it comes to that promotion. Global warming simply isn't going well, from a warmist standpoint, and we wonder if the meme of ...
Shock: Reuters Compares Madoff Scam to Street Practices
January 17, 2014
This article comes right out and expresses the position that what Madoff did illegally is similar to what Wall Street – specifically the hedge fund portion of it – does every day. While this point has often been made in the alternative media, to see it plai ...
Cameron, While Trying to Ban Internet, Praises Lapdog Press
January 17, 2014
This is a fairly obvious dominant social theme – that the freedom of the press in the West is unparalleled and even welcomed in the halls of power. In fact, what we call the Internet Reformation has shown us exactly the opposite. Throughout the West, the vaun ...
WikiLeaks Releases Entire TPP Draft – Still, We Have Our Suspicions
January 16, 2014
We don't believe WikiLeaks to be the purveyor of information that the mainstream media and elites are trying to cover up. We believe WikiLeaks is likely in the "limited hangout" business. That is, it's been put in place by the same globalist community that has ...
Party On! Dems Plan Mainstream Warmist Coverage to Boost IPO Channel?
January 16, 2014
From the standpoint of a dominant social theme, there are a few ways of analyzing this move by the Democrats. First, and most simply, one can take it at face value. Democrats, the natural constituency in the US for the warmist meme, are distressed that it is no ...
What Price Inflation? … Ask Wall Street Party Organizers
January 15, 2014
We've been analyzing the Wall Street Party for a long time and showing how things are falling into place to drive the stock market much higher. This article is just one more sign of what's in store. We've explained how the JOBS Act is filling the pipeline with ...
Goldman Predicts More Gold Manipulation?
January 15, 2014
In our lead article, this issue, we briefly discuss some of the manipulations supporting the ongoing and presumably expanding Wall Street Party. But the potential manipulation of gold stands out as one of the most brazen. We are not alone in believing that the ...
Having Crushed Their Own Currency, the Swiss Consider China's
January 14, 2014
We are supposed to forget that the Swiss had one of the great currencies in the world. Instead, we can see from this article that the Swiss seek the validation of the Chinese renminbi. Once, the Swiss franc was linked to gold but the Swiss destroyed that link w ...
One Day Phony Regulatory Investigations Will Not Be Enough
January 14, 2014
Another ridiculous investigation. The more what we call the Internet Reformation makes a difference in people's lives, the more the very largest entities among us churn and thrash in an effort to impress us with the system's ultimate fairness. The last thing th ...
Bullish on Yellen: A Very Good Article From Forbes
January 13, 2014
Malcolm Forbes used to call for a return to the gold standard, but he never wrote anything like this article – which was recently posted at Forbes and gives us a good idea of how times have changed. We often write about the Internet Reformation, but this arti ...
Kerala India Group Wants Wedding Gold Limits
January 13, 2014
This is blatant manipulation. For anyone who doesn't believe that the globalist power structure wants to discourage gold-holding, these moves in India should be a revelation. The boldness is what's so shocking. K.C. Rosakutty is a leading Indian feminist activi ...
Predictable Rise of Populism
January 10, 2014
One reason we fought so hard against the Occupy Wall Street movement was because we clearly grasped it was populism. Populism is a horrible political perversion and always leads to a worse "ism," eventually. All around the world, banking elites have installed t ...
The Green Meme Collapses in Europe?
January 10, 2014
Surprise, surprise. Just as in the 1970s, technocratic efforts to change the West's energy mix via government force are proving to be a disaster. You wouldn't know it from the mainstream press that is filled with hosannas welcoming alternative energy. But, as t ...
Yellen to Take the Green Path to Major Douglas Phony Social Credit
January 09, 2014
We told you so. This Huffington Post article is a virtual twofer. First, suggest that Janet Yellen save the planet by becoming a Green activist. Second, suggest she use the phony social credit scam developed by Major Douglas back in the 1930s. Douglas believed ...
'Net Reformation Damages Chris Christie
January 09, 2014
Yes, it will. The global warming movement never recovered from leaked emails several years back that seemed to show the entire scam was orchestrated by a few "scientists" who only published articles favorable to their promotional goals. Chris Christie and his s ...
Janet Yellen, Most Powerful Sacrifice in the World?
January 08, 2014
Actually, while the mainstream media has indeed made a big deal about Yellen's gender, it is surprising how little power she will really have. She can continue the policies that have been set by Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan before him. The last person that r ...
Perversity of Modern White-Collar Criminal Remedies
January 08, 2014
Washington's Blog has provided us with an aggressive follow-up to the just-announced JP Morgan settlement with the SEC. Washington's Blog along with some others has kept up the heavy pressure for what would seem to be new Pecora Hearings in Washington DC. Washi ...
North American Union … And So It Begins
January 07, 2014
Let us begin this analysis with a fragment of one of our favorite poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley: On the pedestal these words appear: "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!" Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of tha ...
Two Tier Travel Becoming a Reality in the US?
January 07, 2014
It is our perspective that within the next few years, certainly inside a decade, it will be difficult to travel outside the United States or move money outside. This may go for other countries in the West, also. We've written about this before but we try to ret ...
Russia Versus the West: A Tale of Serial Promotions
January 06, 2014
We have noticed that this is becoming a more prevalent elite meme. There is no doubt Russia is under sustained attack from the West and in the elite's top publications, especially Reuters, Russia is regularly damned as a corrupt, failed state. Of course, just b ...
Regulating Bad Behavior on Wall Street: Who's at Fault?
January 06, 2014
FINRA has not been getting very good press. And thus this regulatory entity, a conglomeration of the NYSE and NASD's financial regulatory efforts, is apparently going to try to make brokerage safer for the average "investor." It was the Securities and Exchange ...
Economist: Europe's Politicians Need to Tame the 'Net Reformation
January 03, 2014
Ten years ago, when we wrote about the rise of the libertarian sociopolitical center, our message wasn't exactly popular but, as we can see today in this Economist article, we were relatively accurate. First came Ron Paul and the Tea Party in the US and now non ...
IMF's World Tax Is a Puzzling Ploy
January 03, 2014
The UK Telegraph has discovered that the IMF wants to inflict radically higher taxes on the world. The article quotes a report by the International Monetary Fund saying "debt burdens in developed nations have become extreme by any historical measure and will re ...
Now Mainstream Notes an Upcoming Wall Street Party
January 02, 2014
Here's a meme often repeated: The free market is under attack in the 21st century. In truth, markets generally have been under increasing attack for the past two or three centuries, or from whenever the modern globalist conspiracy took root. Some date it to the ...
Edward Snowden: Dialectic Piñata
January 02, 2014
This is unfortunately a kind of dominant social theme. We wish it were not so, as it is a quite repugnant one. We also think it is deliberate, for we do not believe in this Snowden episode, even though we would like to. A caveat as well: We have no direct evide ...
Economist: Democracy's Unraveling to Proceed
December 31, 2013
In truth, democracy cannot be improved. It seems to work a bit when constrained in size to those who can fit into, say, a town square. This is how the demos was pursued in Greece and more recently in Switzerland. But the idea of mass democracy is simply a mirag ...
Warmists Stuck in a Sea of Denial
December 31, 2013
So a number of prominent warmists set sail on an icebreaker ship to check on the thinning of the Antarctic ice cap. What they discovered was that the ice was actually thicker than expected. And then they got stuck. If these warmists were in search of the perfec ...
Price of Gold Part of a Larger 'Party' Pattern?
December 30, 2013
There is no denying gold has fallen and hasn't yet gotten up. But the reasons for its failure and eventual resurgence remain intensely interesting. Surely no logical person can doubt that the world's securities markets are manipulated. Would that it were not so ...
Audacity of Optimism and the Limning of the Lie
December 30, 2013
This is a great Reuters editorial by the "Edgy Optimist," because it takes aim at a central issue of our time – the ability of our top elites to continue to control the Western sociopolitical and economic narrative. Of course, we have long predicted that this ...
Jobless Jokes
December 27, 2013
More absurdity from Reuters: The writers and editors want to lead with an upbeat jobs report but then a few grafs later they're admitting "the holiday season has made recent claims data so volatile it has been difficult to interpret." Twenty years ago we didn't ...
Directed History of Modern Debtors' Prisons?
December 27, 2013
We wrote about this over a year and a half ago, but are not amazed to see Fox presenting it. After all, what is the use of a meme if it is not blasted through the airwaves? If people are not intimidated, then those involved in the propagation of these dominant ...
Now China … Reasons for Printing Money Abound
December 26, 2013
Every central bank of note in the world is printing money faster and faster. We don't think this is any coincidence. The world's top bankers seem to want a huge stock market explosion that will make current averages look fairly tame. What comes after the punch ...
Post Office Funding Is Not About Preserving Mail
December 26, 2013
Why does the US government cling to a government facility that is not needed and loses a lot of money on a regular basis? The funding given to the US Post Office and mentioned above – amounting to six percent – is startling because it begins to reveal a rat ...
Directed History of the Swiss Tax Settlement
December 24, 2013
More to the point ... what a mess this is. The Swiss Banks are making a desperate effort to fulfill US mandates when it comes to cooperating with US taxing authorities. But the vast effort being made shows clearly how difficult those demands actually are. Proba ...
UnMerry Elite Holidays as Technological Cycles Decrease
December 24, 2013
The printed metal gun referred to in the above article excerpt is an illustration of what we might call the Law of Internet Reformation. Or we might call it karma: For every action there is a reaction. The information/technology revolution that so dispirits man ...
Economist Mag Defends Fed With an Ode to the Dead
December 23, 2013
The funniest thing about this article – and there are many portions that are at least incongruous – is the short excerpt that was selected as the article's title, above, "Age Shall Not Weary Her." It comes from the "Ode of Remembrance," by English poet Laur ...
Reuters Makes the Rational Case for a Surveillance State
December 23, 2013
We have long predicted that the outcome of the Edward Snowden "revelations" would be a rationalizing of the current global surveillance infrastructure. The problem of those who built the current infrastructure is that not enough people knew about it. These are ...
Fed's 'Elixir' Is Surely a Temporary One
December 20, 2013
Once again we are exposed to a triumphant article about the eventual infallibility of the Fed. Yes, Ben Bernanke did initially have trouble initiating a "taper" but now he's found the right recipe. The Fed has found the "elixir." It can disentangle itself from ...
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