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Corporations vs. Capitalism
May 06, 2015
In theory, profit-seeking colleges ought to deliver better service at a lower price than state-run institutions. Some probably do, but a tangled web of political influence and regulatory interference makes it hard to know. The Corinthian College's bankruptcy fi ...
Fiat Currencies Are All Funny Money
May 05, 2015
If you've been dying to know whether the Chinese yuan was at fair value, you can finally rest easy. The IMF says it's almost there. This leaves another question, though. By what authority does the International Monetary Fund decide a currency's value is "fair" ...
American Cops are Upgraded Slave Patrols
May 04, 2015
Ask a traditional small-government conservative to define government's appropriate role, and most will list police as a necessary function. We need them to maintain order and stop evildoers. Yet history shows that societies around the globe managed to maintain ...
Market is Solving Climate Change
May 01, 2015
Politicians like Al Gore have made millions whipping crowds into a frenzy over "Climate Change," the newer term for what they once called "Global Warming." Whether or not one believes the world is in peril, fossil fuels are certainly not pleasant. No one enjoys ...
Sunset is Coming for NSA Dragnet
April 30, 2015
The program described in this article is one of the less-intrusive dragnets Edward Snowden exposed, but it is nonetheless unacceptable. Supposedly, it does not give the government the content of phone calls, only the "metadata" such as date, time, location, num ...
If You Encrypt Your Cellphone the Terrorists Win
April 30, 2015
If you value privacy and want to encrypt your cellphone to keep hackers and other snoops from rifling through your personal business then you are aiding terrorists. At least that's what the top prosecutor in New York City said recently when discussing new encry ...
A Tale of Two Borders
April 29, 2015
Publishers like nothing more than to attack censorship. They are right to do so; government attempts to suppress knowledge are always repugnant. Too often, however, the resistance turns into self-righteousness. The NYT leans in that direction when it reports th ...
John Deere's Weird Idea of 'Ownership'
April 28, 2015
Property rights are the cornerstone of a free society. They were already under attack long before John Deere started computerizing farm tractors. Usually the attackers are from some level of government, but large corporations are joining the fun. It's official: ...
Drugs, Sex and Law Enforcement
April 27, 2015
We have to agree with Mr. Adler on one point. Replacing Administrator Leonhart with an animated Canadian Mountie would be a disservice to our country. If we must tolerate agencies like the DEA, they should at least have three dimensional, American management. I ...
Kansas Bureaucrats Kidnap Child After He Speaks About Medical Marijuana
April 27, 2015
A mother who uses medical marijuana to treat a chronic illness had her son taken from her recently after the child spoke up at his school about the health benefits of cannabis. On April 13, respected investigative journalist Ben Swann broke the heartbreaking st ...
News Flash: Citigroup Hates Cash
April 24, 2015
Fractional reserve bankers love money. They don't love cash, in part because it reduces their ability to pyramid loan on top of loan and create new money from which they can extract interest. They have always had to tolerate its existence. Now, with the growing ...
The Free Market is Solving the GMO Problem
April 23, 2015
Monsanto and the other genetically modified seed companies insist their products are safe. A substantial number of consumers have their doubts. The number is large enough to have enticed GMO-free food companies to step up their offerings. Alternatives are often ...
Police Imposing Death Sentence Without Trial
April 22, 2015
In our last commentary on police shootings (see Police Deserve No Sympathy Until the Blue Line Breaks), we said police officers are not different from ordinary citizens. This may not be true in Tulsa. At least one deputy sheriff there cannot hear gunshots fired ...
Trans-Pacific Partnership: Not About Free Trade
April 21, 2015
Frederic Bastiat supposedly said, "When goods don't cross borders, soldiers will." The quote is certainly true. Free trade between nation-states generally helps both sides prosper. It also reduces the chance of armed conflict. This is why libertarians like free ...
'Free-Range' Kids and the Kidnapping Nanny State
April 21, 2015
Parents around the United States are rallying in support of the mother and father of the so-called "free-range" kids, the ten-year-old and six-year-old brother and sister, who were dragged into the national spotlight this year due to the harassment the family h ...
Obama, 'The Wire' and the War on Drugs
April 20, 2015
For once, at least, President Obama put his finger on the serious consequences of an ill-conceived government policy. Just look what he told David Simon. The war on drugs is creating "harder criminals" who are unemployable and often offend again. "What we're do ...
Uncle Sam Wants Your Keys, Says 'Trust Me'
April 17, 2015
Edward Snowden and other privacy advocates urge all citizens to encrypt all communications routinely. This, they say, will force the National Security Agency to abandon its "collect it all" practice. We don't know if that is true or not. We do know that Apple's ...
Police Deserve No Sympathy Until the Blue Line Breaks
April 16, 2015
TIME invited several top police officials to weigh in on the "lesson" in the recent incident in South Carolina in which a police officer, who has since been charged with murder and is facing life in prison, shot an unarmed, 50-year-old man who was running away ...
Rand Paul's Hat in the Ring
April 15, 2015
And so it begins. Rand Paul is a "sideshow" whose "crankiness" suggests he is "still getting a handle" on running for the White House. NYT writes as if these are problems. The opposite is closer to the truth. Dr. Paul the Younger faces an uphill battle if he ho ...
The Myth of Scientific Neutrality
April 14, 2015
Science, according to scientists, is about facts and evidence. These brave truth seekers prove their hypotheses with rigorous experimentation, and then share the newfound knowledge to make the world better. That's the theory. Reality is different. Scientists ar ...
We're All Welfare Queens Now
April 13, 2015
Limited government advocates may find a certain emotional satisfaction in proposals like that of Rep. Brattin. If we must have programs like food stamps, let's at least attach some reasonable restrictions. Taxpayers shouldn't have to shower luxury items on thos ...
Immigration at the Dinner Table
April 10, 2015
Immigration is one of those subjects you hope to avoid at holiday family gatherings. Most everyone has an opinion, many feel strongly about their opinion and few will even consider they might be wrong. Emotional and cultural baggage further complicate the subje ...
A Simple Solution to the Same-Sex Marriage War
April 09, 2015
The argument over same-sex marriage overlooks a key question: Why does the State define who can and can't marry? Marriage was originally a religious concept in Western culture, during a time when the modern concept of Church and State as separate spheres was fu ...
Iceland vs Banksters
April 08, 2015
Tiny Iceland, best known for its volcanos, seafood and tongue-twisting language, is thinking big. The government is apparently taking seriously a proposal that could shake the global banking system to its core. Daily Bell readers will quickly see the flaw in th ...
Netanyahu Is Either Lying or Incompetent
April 07, 2015
Both the U.S. and Israel conduct all manner of intelligence operations under a "plausible denial" doctrine. That means they will feign ignorance of the operation should it be exposed somehow. In other words, they will lie. American citizens would likely be alar ...
'Tokyo, We Have a Problem.' Bitcoin's Fatal Flaw?
April 06, 2015
Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency allegedly invented by one "Satoshi Nakamoto," is starting to gain some traction. Some top online merchants now accept bitcoin as payment, banks are learning how to process payments and the Winklevoss twins plan to launch a fully lice ...
States' Rights and Frankenfood
April 03, 2015
Any time you read the phrase "a bipartisan bill...," hide your guns and children. Partisan gridlock is the only thing that saves us from Washington's antics. We are in maximum danger when they start singing about "bipartisanship." To hear some members talk, all ...
Renewed Efforts Target US Surveillance State with Legislative Roll Backs
April 02, 2015
If the US public were polled in depth about the loss of privacy that has taken place since 9/11, chances are there would be a significant percentage of people that would resist the trade-off. Likewise, if people were polled in depth about the globalized warfare ...
Real Reason for Rising Military Suicides?
April 02, 2015
There are powerful forces in the US and abroad that will resist any consensus that links military service to depression and suicide. This study published yesterday in JAMA Psychiatry states bluntly suicide does not seem to be much enhanced by deployment in Afgh ...
Mr. Bernanke's Blog: Setting the Record Straight His Way
April 01, 2015
Ben Bernanke was once among the most powerful men on the planet because of the monetary control he exercised as chairman of the Federal Reserve. Now he is not quite so powerful, but apparently he is prepared to be a good deal more informative. He has started a ...
Is the IRS Inevitable?
April 01, 2015
What if you could get rid of the IRS? There are so many alternative forms of taxation that are likely preferable and simpler, one is certainly justified in asking: Why the IRS and its administration of progressive taxation? Certainly it is well known that initi ...
War on Terror's Economic and Mortality Costs Have Yet to Be Tallied
March 31, 2015
It is important to keep track of the war on terror and its damages. A big war creates immense antipathy among those subject to its destruction ... Trade suffers; blowback occurs. And for the US, such a war can be economically draining far beyond what is now bei ...
Freedom Train Rolls? Legitimate 'Color' Revolution in Brazil …
March 31, 2015
A big mainstream media meme is that when economic conditions worsen, people respond by seeking out Hitler-esque leaders who will express the frustration of the "people" via genocide, incipient warfare and the creation of a police state. Regardless of whether th ...
Singapore's 'Success' Provides Yet Another Opportunity for Media Misdirection
March 30, 2015
Predictably, the death of Lee Kuan Yew has generated many positive comments in the mainstream media about his "leadership" of Singapore. The main thrust of the comments has to do with his ability to run an authoritarian regime that produced a kind of capitalist ...
Kofi Anan: Drug Users Need Help Not Punishment
March 30, 2015
Leaders in high places around the world are making it clear that the drug war is in a sense "over" – and all that is left to do is wind it down. Of course, if you ask the millions who have suffered from the drug war and their families, the "war" is an all-too ...
Bloomberg: More Flaws in Piketty's Book; Why Henry George's Tax May Be Best
March 28, 2015
This article from Bloomberg further deconstructs the conclusions of "Capital in the Twenty-First Century." It is incredible that this book was named the Financial Times Business Book of the Year. The book has already been singled out for mathematical mistakes t ...
Real Tragedy of 'Science': Public Faith Declines as Fakery Grows
March 28, 2015
The breadth of this scandal (see excerpt above) is extraordinary and comes not long after a top executive at Monsanto issued a plaintive tweet lamenting the West's eroding faith in "science." You can see our Monsanto analysis here: "Monsanto Laments Dwindling F ...
New York Post Expose: Stock Market Rigging Hits the Mainstream
March 27, 2015
The stock market has moved down hard these past few days and perhaps there is more to come. The moves allowed the New York Post's John Crudele to readdress a favorite topic of his, which is market-rigging in the US and abroad. His most recent article seems to h ...
Furor Over Clarkson's Firing Suggests a Deeper Dissatisfaction
March 27, 2015
The furor over "Top Gear" clearly expresses the sickness at the heart of British society. As in many authoritarian countries, people's resentments and grievances are often not recognized or properly expressed until triggered by an event too important to be igno ...
A Lack of Freedom Is Destroying the Middle Class, Not Chinese Competition
March 26, 2015
Once more this weary meme is dredged up. We suspect it will be regularly trotted out within the context of "robots stealing our jobs." Imagine you were on a farm and robots were taking over all the menial tasks. The average economically illiterate person would ...
Indonesia Welcomes Smart Cities, Though It Shouldn't
March 26, 2015
We've tracked this emergent meme a number of times. You can see one of our articles here: Smart City or Dumb Idea? An excerpt: Gradually you realize that by keeping the definition amorphous the concept [of the Smart City] becomes a weapon that can be used again ...
Europe's Real Anti-EU Revolution May Be an Individual One
March 25, 2015
Is Grexit really so grave? The adversarial stance taken by the two parties is likely partially for public consumption. Following the political adage of never letting a good crisis "go to waste," the entire affair has been in a sense orchestrated. At least the l ...
A Tale of Two Memes – and How Our VESTS Analysis Anticipates Them
March 25, 2015
What we call "memes," the mainstream media might term "trends."There are two examples in this analysis: self-driving cars and water shortages. We've identified both as having elements involving government and corporate control. In other words, these are not mer ...
ABCs of the Coming Credit Crunch?
March 24, 2015
This is a good analysis of what could go wrong with world markets (especially Western and US ones) and why ... It touches on a number of memes: Sort through them to better understand what's taking place, or what could take place – and could not. More: "Maybe ...
Yemen's Chaos … Continued
March 24, 2015
We've written articles in the past pointing out that Yemen is perhaps the most important country in the Middle East. It's not widely regarded as so in the West because of the lack of reporting on the country within a comprehensible socio-political context. But ...
World Bank Economist Shares His View on Economic Success
March 23, 2015
Now that we understand the reality of economic growth, we have a real problem with books – and analysis – like this. One model for prosperity (which we are partial to) holds that the less force used in creating an economy, the better. People ought to have t ...
Capturing the Illogic of the 'War on Terror'
March 23, 2015
This is one of those articles that deserves a wide audience because it captures the essential illogical nature of the "war on terror" in a single incident and provides us clarity about its destructive aftermath. Certainly, it may be argued that the article is i ...
Brazil's False Choices May Not Stand
March 21, 2015
This article is an almost perfect example of false choices. The editorial staff is counseling Dilma Rousseff to get out of the way so that a man who knows better than she how to wield the power of the state can exercise it. The implication – stated outright a ...
Panic of Elon Musk: Cars Will Drive Themselves This Summer
March 21, 2015
We just covered Elon Musk's latest statements regarding self-driving cars and his prediction that in the not-too-distant future driving would be banned. Cars would drive themselves without human input. See here: "Tesla's Musk Continues to Restyle Himself as a T ...
Paul Tudor Jones Advances the 'Income Inequality' Meme and Warns of Violence to Come
March 20, 2015
This Ted Talk by Paul Tudor Jones has been getting a lot of attention, perhaps because it amplifies the "social justice" meme that we've written about before. The idea here is that societies benefit from social justice and that only government activism can keep ...
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