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How Economic Disinformation Works: A Modest Case Study
January 21, 2016
Fears grow of repeat of 2008 financial crash as investors run for cover… As leaders gathered in Davos, FTSE 100 was gripped by panic selling and entered bear market with Dow Jones also plunging. – UK Guardian ...
Laws Do Not Make Us Free and Neither Do Whistleblowers
January 21, 2016
Cruz shifts on Edward Snowden … Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz … said National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is a “traitor” who should be “tried for treason,” shifting away from the praise he expressed for S ...
Independence Matters?
January 20, 2016
Why Central Bank Independence Matters … In India, the independence of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and its respected governor, Professor Raghuram Rajan, was recently perceived to be under threat when the Indian government proposed through its Ministry ...
Comes an ‘Ethical Fish’
January 20, 2016
Oceans running out of fish as undeclared catches add a third to official figures … The global catch of fish and seafood is falling at three times the rate reported by the United Nations and urgently needs to be slowed to avoid a crash, reports Christopher ...
Annals of Disaster: Will Congress Print and Spend Directly?
January 19, 2016
Our old friend Ellen Brown has just released a triumphant article, excerpted above, that celebrates Congress's decision to extract funds directly from the Federal Reserve and its member banks. Readers familiar with The Daily Bell will know that we have tracked ...
Reconciling Oneself With the Direction of the US
January 19, 2016
GOP warmongering is increasingly a problem from a civil society standpoint. With Ron Paul out of the race and officially retired, lofting the banner of military non-interference abroad fell to his son, Rand Paul. Rand has done his best, though he has difference ...
Did the Good Times Even Exist?
January 18, 2016
There's a difference between being optimistic and unrealistic. This article, above, seems a tad unrealistic. However, we have to consider the source. The Wall Street Journal is not apt to be overly negative about Wall Street or its main business of stock tradin ...
Celebrity Versus Literacy – You Decide
January 18, 2016
We do not wish to speak ill of the dead but David Bowie's passing does allow us an opportunity to pause and examine popular culture. This UK Telegraph article does what most journalism does, which is accept the values of popular culture at face value. From the ...
Stagflation Cometh: Gold, Too?
January 15, 2016
This article raises an important point, though in order to follow through on the ramifications we present another article farther down. The point this article makes is that even if price inflation becomes more prevalent, Yellen and the Fed may choose to forego ...
Rise of Constitutional Realities
January 15, 2016
Much has been made of President Barack Obama's speech in early January on gun control. The mainstream media consensus is that the president probably connected in this speech in a way that he hasn't in previous speeches. In fact, the Washington Post carried an A ...
Cash Confiscation, Wave of the Future
January 14, 2016
The federal government is at it again, demanding that private industry compromise the privacy of clients because the state is wary of possibility of criminal acts. Here's how the Financial Times puts it: "The Treasury issued orders on Wednesday requiring US tit ...
The Afghan War's Biggest Divide
January 14, 2016
This is an article of the sort that the British mainstream media is peculiarly skilled at producing. These sorts of articles tie together a "just war" with progress being made in various sociopolitical and economic spheres. The BBC is perhaps the most skilled o ...
Audit the Fed Legislation Sinks: Plan Accordingly
January 13, 2016
Audit the Fed, in which so many had invested so much hope, is no more, at least for now. Rand Paul and Ron Paul, the dynamic duo of anti-Fed forces, invested a lot of time and money trying to get that legislation passed. But even if it reached Barack Obama's de ...
Saudi Arabia: The Meme Expands
January 13, 2016
If you have followed The Daily Bell regularly, you are perhaps asking yourself again, how did they know? That's because you are aware of articles in these pages for perhaps the past year or more maintaining that London and DC wanted to dump the House of Saud. A ...
Delusions of Welfare
January 12, 2016
There are numerous delusions associated with state welfare. Here, we will discuss two of the main ones. Our thanks to economist Gary North for a recent article that clarified our understanding. Begin with this letter to the editor. It makes certain perfectly lo ...
Hillarygate: The Empire Strikes Back
January 12, 2016
We sense history in the making here. The Clintons have been a virtually unstoppable force for so long that it is difficult to believe Hillary will end up anywhere but in the White House. But there are increasing reasons to believe that she will not. These reaso ...
Fed: Belittled But Brave
January 11, 2016
This article from the Irish Independent is upbeat about the US economy and the Fed's role as well. What comes across clearly is that the Fed has gambled and won, raising interest rates at a time when the US economy is clearly resurgent. Here's more: "With the F ...
Obama Presidency: Sputtering Light on a Hill?
January 11, 2016
This is an extraordinary article, comprehensive and ambitious. It seems to leave no part of Obama's public life unexamined. But one doesn't have to read the whole article to find out US News's verdict: Obama was NOT a transformational president. However, the ar ...
Why Have No Bankers Gone to Jail?
January 08, 2016
One long-running financial meme of the mainstream media poses the question, why haven't bankers gone to jail for helping to create the subprime crisis and subsequent Great Recession? Back in 2013, it looked like that question would be answered by action when Be ...
The China Syndrome
January 07, 2016
Oh, don't look, don't look at all! Just close your eyes and tap your heels together three times … That's what some of the coverage of China's market failures reminds us of. Magical thinking. We've been reporting on the hollowness of the Chinese Miracle for ye ...
The Truth Has Consequences When Elites Lose Control
January 07, 2016
This article by a man who is the Telegraph's chief military correspondent, and thus makes a living warmongering, runs counter to the world's increasing disgust with the bloody Saud regime. This disgust has further manifested itself since the latest House of Sau ...
Whither the Market in an Era of Rate Hikes?
January 06, 2016
The Baltic Dry Index has received a lot of coverage because it tracks shipping activity worldwide – and it has never been lower. Nobody is shipping much of anything, it seems. For this reason, Tavares's analysis of US rail transportation may have received mor ...
Real Reason for Gun Control
January 06, 2016
The story is all over the news. More gun control. This time, Barack Obama is initiating it via executive orders. Let's examine reasons this argument in the US over gun control is continually evolving amidst a good deal of vitriol and media noise. Then let's sug ...
The Cross Border Meme
January 05, 2016
A borderless Europe is no more, we learn from AP. Of course, there is a solution to this as well – and three clues give us a sense of what that is. But let us examine the article first, as it builds a logical argument. It is "terrorism" that has killed Open E ...
Further Evidence of Saudi Strategic Difficulties
January 05, 2016
For several years now, we've suggested that those who steer the world's monetary system are gradually attempting to remove the dollar reserve. The idea is to humble king dollar in order to create a basket of dominant currencies that can serve as the foundation ...
Preparing for the Great Unwind
January 04, 2016
The great debate has started and will continue to keep us focused on the Fed until the next move. We will be reminded over and over again of the phony importance of one or two "power players" in determining the fate of the largest economy in the world. The pote ...
Ron Paul: Begin With Uncompromising Purity
January 04, 2016
TIME magazine informs us that a certain level of civilized moderation is necessary to promote and maintain civil society. On the other hand, we are probably not supposed to ask why the West is in such lousy shape when its leaders are winning so many "Teddy Awar ...
January 01, 2016
In this analysis we'll cover a predictable stock market meme and then provide an alternative media examination that makes more sense to us. We'll draw a conclusion from it – a famous one. Begin, however, with this CNN article. What could be more predictable i ...
The West's Long War
January 01, 2016
The meme of the long war is in full swing. In fact, the idea is not to mention the length of the war, only the steps taken to ameliorate it. The BBC is doing its best to advance this perspective. This strategy and that strategy certainly provide indications of ...
Dueling Predictions: Patrick Buchanan Versus the Mirror
December 31, 2015
We are sure over the next few days that the media will be filled with clamorous predictions of doom and gloom. But like this Mirror article, we will also be exposed to solutions, mostly featuring the very largest technocratic efforts. All the paraphernalia of t ...
Understand the Message and Don't Wait for Others
December 31, 2015
In the other article in today's issue, we pointed out that the alternative media continues to effectively erode the mainstream media narrative. In this article, however, we will remind viewers that such victories are never clear cut. We'll use the above New Yor ...
Crisis of Misinformation, Differing Solutions
December 30, 2015
Our position has always been that the Internet Reformation (our term) was unstoppable in the short- and medium-term. We expected when exposed regarding perfervid implementations of directed history that the elites in some sense would take a "step back." Instead ...
Anonymous Nonsense
December 30, 2015
Do we believe it? Do we really believe that a group of adolescents have formed themselves into a quasi-military worldwide unit to do the "dirty work" Uncle Sam doesn't have the competence or willingness to do? What warriors these kids must be. Stubbled with acn ...
Changing the Fed
December 29, 2015
This endless article, excerpted above, is a perfect expression of a favorite establishment meme: The Fed as an innocuous intellectual muddle. For thousands of words, the article describes the ins and outs of various Fed attempts to salvage the US economy beginn ...
Conspiracies – What Do You Believe?
December 29, 2015
This is an article that argues against conspiratorial thinking based on a new book, Suspicious Minds. The book is written by Rob Brotherton, and the UK Guardian has devoted a fairly long article to Brotherton's thesis. And what is that? Well ... basically, the ...
Cashless Societies: How Realistic?
December 28, 2015
Sweden is being touted as the wave of the future as regards money, but perhaps not. When something is profiled in The New York Times, as the "new" cashless Sweden just was, we need to consider whether the trend is subject to change or is not so powerful as we a ...
Simon Black: Failing Yahoo Is a Metaphor for the US
December 28, 2015
Marissa Mayer was the subject of optimistic media profiles when she joined Yahoo in 2012 as its young and fashionable CEO. A brilliant "techie" and manager with Google, her knowledge of the industry was never in doubt for most in the mainstream media. Her ascen ...
Don't Wait for the Fed to Change
December 22, 2015
We missed this recent Reuters article about a "confident and clear" Janet Yellen. This was the kind of article mainstream media types used to write in the 20th century before so much was known about central banks and the serial idiocy of their various protocols ...
Beware the West's Wars
December 22, 2015
This article appeared in The Guardian almost exactly a year ago. As you can see, it makes a case for renaming various Middle East terrorist groups "Daesh." The name apparently did not catch on right away because there has been a flurry of articles in the past f ...
A Tale of Two Feds
December 21, 2015
The main meme of the media these days when it comes to the Fed has to do with "successful caution." Yellen is to be portrayed as a successful commander who leads with an abundance of care. The idea is she waited until she was absolutely sure of the economy's ga ...
Shkreli's Hounding Is Part of Troublesome, Structural Issue
December 21, 2015
This ZeroHedge article reports the facts and is competent so far as it goes. But an article by libertarian publisher Simon Black provides us with a deeper perspective. More on Black and his article in a moment. ZeroHedge on Shkreli: "While Shkreli is known for ...
Fed Results? Social Polarization and Economic Debasement
December 18, 2015
The good news is that the economy is recovering, according to this article. The bad news is that the Fed has started the clock running on the business cycle once again. As rates go up, economic activity gradually slows. Aware of this as she must be, Janet Yelle ...
US Electoral Mess a Sign of the Times
December 18, 2015
History is funny and perhaps Hillary Clinton will win the presidency because at a Republican special committee on the Benghazi State Department tragedy she testified for 11 hours. The Committee is run by Trey Gowdy, seemingly one of Congress's more ethical and ...
Rand Paul: Is the Fed a Politburo?
December 17, 2015
Reuters samples lots of opinions in this post-rate hike article. First it sets up the sampling with a brief introduction. Then it begins to provide reactions. The first one is Mike Materasso, Senior Vice President & Co-Chair Fixed Income Policy Committee, Frank ...
Ramifications of Citizenship in the Age of Empire
December 17, 2015
New York Magazine's news and politics section provides us with this excerpt as part of a larger hagiography regarding Barack Obama and his address in the National Archives to new American citizens. The idea for Obama was to push back against the narrative that ...
Another Sorry Chapter in the Fed's Sad Saga
December 16, 2015
Perhaps we ought to feel sorry for Fed officials, especially Ms. Yellen. We've read a lot about Janet Yellen's reluctant move toward a rate hike and she is certainly being cast as the Hamlet of Fed leaders, someone who is indecisive because she knows how much c ...
Trump Is No Aberration
December 16, 2015
The New Yorker was a lot better when it published 50,000-word articles on wheat. This article, filled with adjectives about the mystifying appeal of Donald Trump and his loutish followers, is a kind of new low. It is so predictable that it kind of writes itself ...
Simon Black Explains the Confusing US Economy
December 15, 2015
This transcript from NPR features host David Greene interviewing David Wessel, director of the Hutchins Center at the Brookings Institution and a contributing correspondent to The Wall Street Journal. Wessel is fairly sanguine about the US economy. But in this ...
In a New Terrorist Era, Vigilance Is Required
December 15, 2015
This Washington Post article provides us with a calm analysis of what's going on in French politics within the context of the French terror attacks. Written in a matter-of-fact style, it evaluates the electoral mood in France and provides us with a sober look a ...
Ron Paul: Activist Government Cannot Provide Liberty
December 14, 2015
As more and more incidents of terrorism afflict the West, we will probably see more articles like this one from Larry Kudlow, renouncing previous positions on immigration and calling for more severe actions. Fortunately, Ron Paul has just published a column tha ...
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