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West Must Help China Build 'New World Order'?
March 20, 2015
It used to be those who used the phrase "New World Order" were derided as conspiracy theorists. So what do we call Bloomberg now that its lead editorial for Friday trumpets the term? The editorial – penned by Bloomberg's editorial board – makes the point th ...
Autonomy Has Nothing to Do With It
March 19, 2015
Several news items on the central banking front. As we can see from the above news excerpt, Cyprus is making threatening noises regarding its monetary nexus. President Nicos Anastasiades is, in fact, in the process of removing Governor Chrystalla Georghadji. He ...
Droughts in the News: Time for Another Scarcity Meme?
March 19, 2015
Here comes Reuters, right on time. With California and Brazil suffering from horrible droughts – or so the mainstream media tells us – this article pounds the drum for water scarcity. Of course, as followers of the Daily Bell/VESTS model, the reality of a w ...
Real Reason for the Asian Investment Bank – and Western Participation
March 18, 2015
High finance and international politics are subtle affairs. On its surface, the effort to create an Asian-oriented "world bank" is straightforward. But beneath the surface, currents swirl. The putative reason for such a bank is that the current World Bank is of ...
Tesla's Musk Continues to Restyle Himself as a Tech Visionary. But Why?
March 18, 2015
Elon Musk is not your normal car company executive. Perhaps he's interested in the fundamentals of his auto enterprise but he's also given to making big pronouncements, ones that are increasingly futuristic. We recall he had ideas about building a "hyperloop" m ...
Construction of a Meme: The Fed Loses 'Patience'
March 17, 2015
This AP article is a good example of a mainstream media promotion. The promotion – theme – involves central banking. The positioning of the article attempts to make the meme credible and the "news" believable. Knowing what we now know about operations of ce ...
NAU at Work? Canadian, Mexican Border Agents Can Now Work Within US, Carry Firearms
March 17, 2015
We last wrote about the nascent NAU in late January, in an article entitled, "Shock: CNN Editorial Calls for a North American Union." Now, once more, these three large states seem to have taken another step toward unity. … Now we can update our speculation ...
Shock: Germany Mulls Cyprus Solution to Solve Grexit?
March 16, 2015
Now the Cyprus episode begins to become clearer. What the EU needed was a precedent, and apparently Cyprus sufficed. We've written about Cyprus before, some two years ago when the Cyprus default was ongoing. In an article entitled, "Yes, Cyprus Was Aimed at Sin ...
World Economy Grows While Carbon Emissions Don't – Are We Sure?
March 16, 2015
We are supposed to be relieved that there is economic growth without an increase in carbon. In fact, we can't remember a more useless evolution – if the statistics are even accurate. Of course, if you believe in global warming, and that carbon dioxide is the ...
Limited Hangout Campaigns Probably Won't Answer Fed Critics
March 14, 2015
This is another one of a series of articles in Bloomberg that seem to comprise a "limited-hangout" campaign supporting the Fed. This one makes a feint toward supporting a rules-based Fed program but then seems to settle for a more generic potential solution: "T ...
Intellectual Property? Be Careful What You Wish For …
March 14, 2015
We try not to utilize two of the same outlets in the same edition but this second editorial from Bloomberg dovetails with our first article quite nicely. It is putatively about the recent decision to give the Gaye family a victory in a much-discussed plagiarism ...
Latest Mystery: Why Consumers Aren't Spending
March 13, 2015
Is it really a mystery why people aren't spending? The numbers that the mainstream media uses are "cooked" and thus the conclusions that can be drawn from those numbers are faulty as well. For Bloomberg editorialists the idea that their data is faulty never see ...
Mainstream Reporting Evaporates
March 13, 2015
What is analogous to debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Reporting for a mainstream Western publication, especially in the US. Most modern mainstream reporting is inaccurate: yet excessive pains are taken to ensure the "objectivity" and "ac ...
The Endless Hopelessness of a Crushing Debt Contraction – and What to Do About It
March 12, 2015
This is another one of those hopeless articles that the mainstream media specializes in. There's nothing about it that provides any action points. You can understand what is going to happen but you can't do anything about it. This is a specialty of the so-calle ...
Confidence In Government Is Getting Worse
March 12, 2015
Those who believe in social salvation by government cannot be pleased with these polls. Maybe that's why they are polling the same issue over and over. It seems something like a compulsion. Ask enough times and maybe you'll get the right answer. Only, no ... so ...
Questionable Narratives: Gold Versus Stocks
March 11, 2015
We track dominant social themes and this is a consistent one: Don't invest in gold. Gold traveled up against the dollar to nearly US$2000 an ounce, but you wouldn't know it from the mainstream media. Most of the coverage gold received was negative and took plac ...
Senate Bill Introduced to Legalize Medicinal Cannabis: Ride the Wave
March 11, 2015
Believe us now? Meme watching is a skill. As soon as we detected the first "green shoots" of cannabis legalization we knew change was afoot. Change from the top down. It's important to re-emphasize. We use VESTS to discern what the internationalist power struct ...
Central Banking is a Technocratic Art Form
March 10, 2015
Our ongoing effort to analyze the arguments against an "audit" of the Fed has been helped immeasurably by Bloomberg View, which regularly advances arguments why the Fed should be left alone. These editorials have become more frequent now that the Fed and other ...
Is McDonald's Part of a Bigger Problem?
March 10, 2015
In the 1950s, the burger was surely considered "America's food." But today, the US consuming public has apparently grown wary of such staples, and McDonald's is bearing the brunt of the damage. What remains McDonald's great selling point is its price. People wh ...
India, the Next China?
March 09, 2015
China, Brazil and now India. Among the BRICs, only Russia and South Africa receive a measure of bad press. Russia a great deal of it, to be sure. But this is surely another meme in the making, one brought to us by the miracle of central banking that has lifted ...
Juncker: Ukraine Confrontation Justifies EU Army
March 09, 2015
The current Ukraine is the gift that keeps on giving from the standpoint of the expansion of state power. As Russia is considerably demonized, the vast military-industrial complex of the West – including NATO and various standing armies – is invigorated. NA ...
German Recovery? Don't Bet on It
March 07, 2015
For those impatient to proclaim a Western recovery, this Reuters article is for you. It tries to make the case that the numbers are finally turning favorable for Germany and perhaps for parts of Europe as well. We can't help recall the talks of green shoots som ...
Ferguson's Problem Is not Police Racism But a Broken Justice System
March 07, 2015
The Department of Justice report on Ferguson is startling. The statistic that jumps out is not one that this article in The Atlantic makes the lead – but it IS the lead or should be. Here is the horrible statistic in context as the article relates it toward t ...
Chinese Trap
March 06, 2015
We wrote about the China property crash recently, but this follow-up article in the UK Telegraph is noteworthy because it seems to reveal some serious economic dilemmas. Interestingly, our initial article analyzed an editorial in Bloomberg not long ago that had ...
The Growing Divide Between Western Rhetoric and Economic Reality
March 06, 2015
This article provides us with a logical sequence of events showing quite clearly why central planning ought to work – even though it doesn't. In fact, the entire article is an exercise in cognitive dissonance. It makes logical, if inaccurate, assumptions and ...
More Central Bank Transparency Is Inevitable
March 05, 2015
Bloomberg has been running a series of editorials defending the Federal Reserve and criticizing those who are supporting various congressional bills to pry it open. This article is a little different because it takes the position that some additional sunlight c ...
After Win Against Bank of Canada, Populists on Track to Ban Debt-Based Money?
March 05, 2015
For us this is one of the most important elite memes of all. It is really an ongoing danger when there are so many other positive, freedom-oriented trends to support. More: "On Dec. 12 of 2011, COMER filed suit to try and legally restore the former arrangement ...
Why Logic Doesn't Follow Markets Anymore
March 04, 2015
This is one of those articles that focuses on a rational approach to an irrational market. And the market IS irrational, in our view. Or at least it is responding to stimuli much different than what is often reported. This market is the product of a great deal ...
Vaccine Denial: A Modest Proposal to Reduce the Controversy
March 04, 2015
These days we are noticing a number of articles in defense of vaccines. That can only mean one thing: The vaccine rate in the West and particularly in the US is likely continuing to fall. Blame it on the Internet. This digital Gutenberg Press has revealed other ...
Obama Builds a New Country One Immigrant at a Time?
March 03, 2015
This article in the Independent Sentinel was apparently developed from an interview that top conservative radio host Mark Levin conducted with broadcaster Susan Payne. Levin is a kind of conservative neocon from what we can tell and the Independent Sentinel see ...
Like 'One Hundred Flowers,' Protests Bloom
March 03, 2015
There have been anti-central bank demos in Germany, anti-EU demos across Europe and now there are anti-Monsanto demos in both South America and Europe, including Poland. The South American demos and protests have been going on for a while. But this protest in P ...
Defund the BBC?
March 02, 2015
Once one understands how much of the information band British media promotions occupy, it is difficult to watch the BBC for any length of time. Watch the Beeb for a day and be educated about how to believe and what to say. The Beeb is a prime exponent of domina ...
Cannabis Legalization: From Trickle to Torrent
March 02, 2015
We were among the first alternative media websites to announce the so-called war on drugs was ending and High Alert acted soon after that to pursue elements of what could reasonably be expected to coalesce into the "cannabis industry." At the same time, or near ...
Monsanto Laments Dwindling Faith in Science
February 28, 2015
We've noticed an uptick in this meme over time. In various feedbacks, we've noted commentators being questioned regarding their educational background. For instance, someone may make a comment on the 'Net regarding the lack of believability of global warming. A ...
Bloomberg: China's Property Problem?
February 28, 2015
China's property problems have turned from a demand-side issue to a supply-side one. A few years ago, as we and others in the alternative media have pointed out at length, Chinese construction was booming even though demand was lacking. This is partially how Ch ...
Bloomberg: The Fed Is a Good Deal More Responsible Than Congress
February 27, 2015
We've been covering central banking closely this past week because of the controversy over Rand Paul's Audit the Fed legislation. This article posted at Bloomberg is yet another in a series of articles that takes a pro-Fed position. Bloomberg has been steadily ...
Is Chaos a Goal in Ukraine?
February 27, 2015
The pressure on Putin and Russia keeps rising. But one needs to ask whether the end-game from a Western point of view is realistic or another gambit likely to fail. The West has been successful in removing Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, bu ...
Bank of England Bitcoin Revolution – Who Benefits?
February 26, 2015
We don't see how central banks can issue bitcoin-style cryptocurrencies without compromising most or all of the features that make it attractive. Bitcoin is neither issued nor backed by one central authority, as modern fiat is. Bitcoin is anonymous in an era wh ...
Blundering Down Socialist Road Toward Health Care Dysfunction
February 26, 2015
Every couple of months we read something surprising about the British National Health Care System. Call it the BBC of health care – and that's no compliment. Canada's socialist system pays private doctors to perform medicine. In Britain, everyone seems to be ...
Has Public Sentiment Turned Against Central Banking?
February 25, 2015
Bloomberg seems to be uncomfortable with Rand Paul's Audit the Fed bill. This editorial repeats many of the points of a previous one, published earlier this month. We analyzed that editorial, "Bashing Central Banks – Does Rand Paul Know What He's Talking Abou ...
The Obvious Yet Surprising Challenge that Organic Offers Big Ag
February 25, 2015
We've struggled with the exact nature of the organic meme because it is a shifting target. As "organic" becomes more popular, regulatory authorities continue to expand definitions of what it is and who is able to utilize the word for what purposes. As these reg ...
In Considering a Washington DC Embassy, Is California Looking in the Wrong Direction?
February 24, 2015
California's officials are mulling this idea ... and Florida has already done it. "Florida has had a similar office in a 124-year-old Victorian home on Capitol Hill since 1973," the article informs us. The move is treated merely as another news item to report o ...
Shock Poll: Many Germans Want a Revolution?
February 24, 2015
In the other article in this issue, we pointed out that in the US, feelings of alienation toward the country and its federal government were a good deal more prevalent than ordinarily discussed. A Reuters analysis of a poll on the issue discovered almost a quar ...
Even If Current Talks Are Successful, Grave Greek Problems Remain
February 23, 2015
As expected, Greece's strong words have not been matched by action. The top men of Greece spoke boldly, but when we examined their pedigrees, they matched up with those on the other side of the table. The negotiations were thus never those of Greeks versus Germ ...
Big Tobacco Will Bring Big Profits to Cannabis Entrepreneurs Positioned Now
February 23, 2015
For the most part, the alternative media has led the way when it comes to defining the parameters of the cannabis industry and its potential profits. As decriminalization and legalization have evolved, however, we've seen more articles like this one posted at B ...
Argentina – and Cristina – Sink into Crisis
February 21, 2015
In this article, the BBC does what it often does, which is provide a "balanced" narrative regarding semi-authoritarian rulers and their bad behavior. This article pays little attention to Kirchner's truly outrageous behavior and instead "profiles" her in a fair ...
Does New Canadian Terrorism Bill Have Public Support?
February 21, 2015
This new Canadian bill is that the bill is exceptionally popular in Canada we learn from Canada's Globe and Mail. It calls for "tough new measures" that will further compromise Canadians' natural right to privacy, while giving the government invasive new powers ...
Holder's Last Stand: A Final Push to Catch Wall Street Crooks
February 20, 2015
Predatory lending is a big meme these days. During the sub-prime postmortems it was brought up a lot. Apparently, if someone offers you money and you take it, you may have participated in a crime. You're not at fault, of course. It's the fellow who gave you the ...
Attacking Payday Predators Misses the Point
February 20, 2015
In the other article in this issue, we've discussed Eric Holder's final attempt to bring accountability to Wall Street's bankers. What Holder claims he wants to accomplish on Wall Street – to clean it up – the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to d ...
GAO and The Goldilocks Option: Audit the Fed but Don't Make It Sweat
February 19, 2015
Just in time to join this larger debate comes the reasonable GAO alternative: Let's make the Fed more accountable but not TOO accountable. Call this the Goldilocks option. We did some research and found a version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears that took the ...
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